Friday, December 29, 2006


My success at avoiding getting sick finally failed...oh well bring on the cold meds.
I hadn't planned anything for New Year's anyway so if this makes me stay in my pjs so be it.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and may we all complete our goals in 2007.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho - Oh Oh Oh

Hello All,
Well my Christmas festivities involved food and not the world's greatest choices by any sense of the imagination. Even when I got back to the city my decent into madness continued. Attempted to curtail it yesterday and did better but still not on plan. However today is a new day and I will be on plan.

I was inspired by Totegirl to come up with a few of my own plans and resolutions.

Since I've already declared I will hit goal this year this what I plan to do to get there.

1) Follow the plan as it's attended, no tweaks, no gimmicks. Stick to my points, use my flex and AP in accordance. Just not the tracking of the good, the bad and the ugly, I need to follow the entire water, fruits, veggie, oils.

2) To create an exercise/training plan. I'll probably train with my friend for the Vancouver Half Marathon again, not so sure I'll go but I'll train. I'm also going to incorporate more strength training and keep myself interested by incorporating different types of cardio as well. Just ordered some new Ripped Dvds and the Biggest Loser 2. Quit the gym because it bored me to tears, plus I want to save some cash.

3) Embrace fish, I don't mind it but have to admit generally avoid it. I also want to create more menus I so get into ruts with food where it's the same thing time and time again.

4) Track my progress beyond the scale. I don't take my measurements very often and that can be a huge motivator when the scale isn't moving. Establish mini goals and rewards. Work on better self talk and track trends by journalling more often.

Do all the above with a positive mind set and remind myself I'm doing this for life and to not set unrealistic goals. If I see a gain this Saturday, then I'll suck it up and go on.

I will be the Biggest Loser!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Hair is better

So stylist phoned and said she'd have to charge me to fix it. I was like WHAT! She promised me copper highlights and they were mahogany, fire engine red. I told her any other stylist in this city would fix it for free. She said it's the company policy. Fine, I will never set foot in that salon again and I'll make sure everyone I know will know not to set foot in that place.

So Belle Colour #65 to the rescue and it's much better but I'm putting another box on just to seal the deal. The highlights now look a little burgundy but more brown.

Enough about hair drama.

I will for sure see a loss on Saturday which makes me quite happy, today I have to race home and clean it from top to bottom, well I have to finish my Christmas shopping first :) Only one gift so not so bad.

The blogs will probably be quiet over the next while but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy 2007.

Here's to success for all in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ronald McDonald

Well that's what I thought I looked like this morning.
On a total whim last night I stopped in at this little salon in my local mall that's been there for 30 years. People are always going in and out so I thought I'll just see if they'll take a walk in for a cut because my hair has been driving me bonkers. Well I got the cut and highlights that the stylist described as a coppery red.'s red, to me- fire engine red. I didn't know what to think in the salon but everyone around was ooing and ahhing so I thought o.k I'll sleep on it. Well all of last night and this morning I had a continuous dialogue in my head of "I hate it". I thought everyone was looking at my head on my way to work. I get to work and everyone says "I love it", one collegue said it's sexy. Our receptionist who was at one time a stylist says it's awesome. To me it's way to bright. Everyone assured me that it will calm down, it's red afterall and that fades.

I did wash it the moment I got home because I thought it was way to0 bright so perhaps in a few days I'll feel better about it. I think another major hang up is that I'm seeing my Dad this weekend (provided my sniffles are gone by then - he's 84 I don't want to pass on a cold or anything) and he's a bit conservative. So as long as it looks good, I don't think I'll freak him out but I need to get over being freaked out first. I'm meeting TP tonight for coffee and she'll give me an honest opinion. I did call the salon and left a message for the stylist and when I told the person on the phone that I wasn't crazy about it and they said they'd have to charge me. I asked why since I was technically told they were copper highlights. She said then the stylist would have to absorb the cost. Oh well we'll see what she says when she calls me back tomorrow. Receptionist has now recommended an over the counter shade to tone it down if the stylist thing doesn't work out.

Weight wise I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 171 which is a bit miraculous since when I got home from Hawaii I stepped on the scale and it said 179. Just goes to show what an impact going back on plan can have. Of course today we have our Christmas potluck at work but I saved 16pts for that - well dinner needs to come out of that too and I have 12 flex points left for the week. I'm not planning on using all of those flex points today but if I use 16 on the potluck I'll need 2 flex for vegetable soup for supper.

I went up 1pt with the new plan to 23pts of course when I get back into the 160's that goes back to 22. I've abandoned the wendie plan for now and I'm going back to the traditional program and see how that goes. I like the new format of ww stuff but I think the 3mth journal needs to have more lines.

In Hawaii we picked up some WW goods that we didn't have in Canada at the time (not sure if new stuff has been launched). We got the individual serving drink crystals sweetened with splenda in Raspberry and Lemonade. I bought a few boxes of 2pt bars - Lemon Dream, milk chocalate chip, mint chocolate cookie. TP also bought the vanilla smoothie mix which we both agree isn't all that great - you're probably better off with making your own. Even the people in the meeting said you had to make it with milk and add fruit to make it palatable. I haven't tried the crystals or the bars yet but I'll report in when I do. Who knows Canada might have them.

DDD- I did tape BL but I'm not sure if I taped over it. I'll double check and get back to you.

Off to potluck might report back later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

7 Hours and 7 minutes

And I'm damn proud of that. This was the craziest race ever!

First of all arrived in Honolulu and got to condo with no problems whatsoever. Had dinner with training partners family and then TP, her Mom and I headed back to the condo and too bed.
Saturday- Picked up our race packs and toured the expo a bit. GU was there sampling some of their gels. The lime tastes just like key lime pie. Very obvious that out of the 25000 people signed up for this 16000 where Japanese. Their running clubs were well represented.

Mom and TP went off for Vietnamese but because that hadn't been a part of my training I went off on my own. Toured this gigantic mall called Ala Moana Centre. It's 55 sq miles, no Victoria Secret but they had a Sephora where I did a bit of damage. Unfortunately got blisters on my feet from my mary jane crocs...not a great start. Picked up some first aid and went to bed early.

Race day- Up at 2:30am, had breakfast, got dressed, taped the blisters and loaded the hydration packs and packed the fuel gels put the timing chip on runners. Headed out at 4:30am, got to start line and lined up under the 6hrs and over bannner. It was craziness. I took pictures that I'll post in the next few days.

It took 28min to actually cross the start line. At the 3 mile mark there were about 20 Japanese racers lined up at Jack in the Box....not sure why.

We had our best times up to the 20K mark and then we both hit a mall at about 30k. This race was crazy because you spent more time going around people then forward. When you think of it their were 1000 people for every mile. We probably did our slowest 12k ever but we crossed that finish line in one piece. Because the majority didn't speak English saying " on your left" was useless.

It was taxing, it was hot and people were throwing their used cups and sponges into the middle of the road so some areas were pretty slippery. We went up and down Diamond Head twice, first time fantastic, second time rough. There was a guy racing in a Yoda costume complete with rubber mask, one guy in flip flops with the timing chip strapped on. The guy that really got everyone's attention was racing in a Sumo training (diaper?). I saw a naked butt up a head and thought I was imaging things. The very last person crossed the finish line at 15hrs. Huge kudos to that guy.

We passed a load of runners and a lot of people who didn't look like they trained for this at all. I now know why they say don't aim for your best time at this race.

When the race was over it was like an obstacle course to find your finishing t-shirt. Your body is completely exhausted and now you have to navigate around a park trying not to trip on roots because you can't pick up your feet.

We had to take public transit back to the condo which wasn't too bad and then TP and I hit the living room floor and stayed their for 2 hours. I got a few more blisters and thought I had sprained my big toe, she had a swollen ankle and all of the muscles in our bodies ached. We pried off running shoes and ate real food (it will be awhile before I can look at a gel again). We both vowed never again.

The next day at Starbucks which we walked very slowly too and cursed any unlevel sidewalks and stairs (there were lots). Her Mom almost spit out her coffee when TP and I looked at each other and said time. Mom was wicked race support lugging cheese and crackers, chocolate milk and gatorade to the finish line and finding both us in sorry shape. She just rocks.

For the next 5 days we couldn't go far, I'm not kidding it didn't take much to make you hurt again. On the Tuesday we went for massages at the Aveda spa and of course they said they couldn't do deep tissue massage because our bodies were simply not ready. We knew this of course but even a gentle massage helped. It takes 21 days to recover from a Marathon so we're both taking it easy.

We did attend a WW meeting at the YWCA in Honolulu. They have a great leader! We picked up some bars that we don't have or didn't have when we left and we got the new booklets about the tweaked program. I'm still going to try to get a set from my meeting on Saturday to see if US and Canada differ. Oh yeah the weigh in results were very interesting. I was up 6.8 and TP was up 10. We know we were retaining water and of course weighed in at the end of the day. So know the mission is to be back on track.

Suprisingly when we got home we both felt better, probably because neither one of us did much on the home at 2am.

Spent the last two days not doing too much, trying to fend off a flu that TP came down with in the last 3 days of Honolulu. We watched a lot of season 2 of Top Chef :) I have been back on points for the past two days.

This weekend off to visit Dad for Christmas, which will be interesting he was completely opposed to Hawaii and we've had a bit of a rough patch lately. This will be the first time I've laid eyes on him in over 2 months.

Back to work tomorrow of course.

I haven't read anyone's blogs yet but I'm looking forward to catching up.

Sonya- Did you have the baby?

Hugs to all!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

One Sleep!!!!!

Holy Crap! At this time tomorrow I'll be at the airport waiting to board my plane...craziness so much to do before hand. I'm now second guessing myself of do I really need to bring that and that and that?

Well hard core packing will be tonight. I'm hoping I can pre call a cab for the morning. Apparently we have a cab shortage thanks to a short employee market and Christmas party season. I don't think it will be a problem at 6:30am, coming home on the 16th just after midnight might be.

Called the condo people yesterday and apparently I call them when I get to the airport and they'll meet we there with the key. My training partner is already in Hawaii so she'll have to do the same thing. I'm really hoping there's two keys and that I don't have to wait for her when I get there. If there's only one key this will not be fun. I'm kind of hoping to be there first. Just because I'm a worst case scenario thinker, I checked into hotels, not one room is available until the Monday. Oy vey, I'm hoping not to be homeless in Hawaii.

I'm going to try these no jet lag things that my dear friend Glitterati recommended, it's got great testimonials and will hopefully keep my energy level up. I'm so used to just getting off the plane and going to the hotel not this coordinating business.

Weighed in this morning at 7:15am, yes I was up at 5am. Was up 0.2 but I'm not worried about it. I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow after all. I will be at my meeting on the day I get back because I don't want to miss a beat. Toronto in June!

If anyone is up around 8am MST time on Sunday - send me speedy thoughts!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2 Sleeps

1. Yourself: Myself
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): Nada
3. Your hair: Undecided
4. Your mother: Deceased
5. Your father: Stubborn
6. Your Favorite Item: MP3
7. Your dream last night: Hawaii
8. Your Favorite drink: Bailey's
9. Your Dream Car: BMW
10. The room you are in: Office
11. Your Ex: Moron
12. Your fear: Poverty
13. What you want to be in 10 years? Me
14. Who you hung out with last night? Me
15. What You're Not? Patient
16. Muffins: Lemon_Poppyseed?
17. One of Your Wish List Items: Car
18. Time: Early
19. The Last Thing You Did: Typed
20. What You Are Wearing: Clothes
21. Your Favorite Weather: Fall
22. Your Favorite Book: Many
23. The Last Thing You Ate: Waffles
24. Your Life: Busy
25. Your Mood: Hopeful
26. Your best friend: Plural
27. What are you thinking about right now? Packing
28. Your car: Nada
29. What are you doing at the moment? Typing
30. Your summer: Short
31. Your relationship status: Single
32. What is on your TV? Off
33. What is the weather like? Chinook!
34. When is the last time you laughed? Today

Thanks to Sonya for that list, quite fun to do.
Not much to report today, weigh in is tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

3 Sleeps

Thanks so much to Glitterati for answering my questions - The garmin is smaller than an Ipod Nano for you to file in your head of phenomenal information.

I actually sat down and made a list of all the things I need to get done before I leave, time will fly I know it. Started using the hint of tanner lotions yesterday so hopefully I won't the colour of snow when I get there. Looked for yoga/track pants last night and nothing really worked. I'm either flying in a sort of faded pair I have now, fleece pants or I can hit a Sport Chek before I leave. I'm probably going to check sport chek.

Going out to a client lunch today at a fairly shwanky restaurant. I might go for the buffet because then I can control what's on the plate. I have 14pts for the remainder of the day so I know I can make that work. I'll definitly be careful, stepped on the scale this am and it said 170.5, which would be a pound less at WI, so I'm not rocking the boat.

I'll have to wait until I come back to find out about the new plan. I'm intrigued as to how WW will change it.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Has anyone flown internationaly lately or Canada-USA or reverse?

I want to be clear on all this new hullabaloo that you have to go through. So I get the liquids under 100ml only in carry on and they must be in a resealable plastic bag no bigger than 1L. Should I put my prescription in the same bag (I'm only taking BC pills and my name and all the doctor info is on the package)? Since they'll probably want to know that.

I'm also thinking of putting all my electronics (MP3, camera, garmin, cell phone) in one bag in my carry on so it's easy to pull out and put in the tray. I want to make everything easily searchable so I can speed the process along. I'm taking my backpack as carry on and I can zip that thing open all the way along the front so I'll be their dream traveller. I was going to wear jeans on the plane, now I'm thinking track pants or yoga pants.

Do you lock your suitcase or not? Normally I lock but with all the searching going on maybe I should leave it unlocked and pray to the divinities of transport that no one takes anything. The last time I flew through the U.S I had to wait for my bag to screen because it was locked, it it wasn't locked you could just walk away. Now I think they just cut the lock off.

I'm trying to be as organized as humanly possible - 4 sleeps until I'm on a plane...eek! Yeah so I'm obsessing about it but that's my thing I need to be prepared. It's already freaking me out that I'm staying in a Condo that I had nothing to do with. I get to call a couple of days ahead and find out how to get in. I have no idea when my friend and her mom will be there. I'm definitely thinking of this as a solo trip with roommates.

So far I have 76 songs on the mp3 and I'm listening to it on my travels to and from work so I can weed out the not so get up and go songs and perfect my list. I'll be adding more so I only have to listen to the loop twice then I'll know I'm half way done.

I'm so happy I finally figured out the plug n'play problem. I downloaded all the info off my garmin too and it's pretty neat.

Didn't really go for a walk yesterday (got a paper) I was just zipping around the house doing chores. It's supposed to be pretty warm on Thursday and I'm taking the afternoon off so I'll think I'll do an easy 10k and test the hydration pack plus it will be daylight. Tonight I think step aerobics (it's walking ish).

Food wise the goal is 24pts today so far:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel Spray-0
Light Aunt J Syrop - 1
Source yogurt-1
Burger and Fries at Pub - 13

Which would take me down to nothing, so a workout is definitely in order tonight. I should eat pasta for dinner because one is supposed to carb load for a week ahead not just the day ahead. By carb load I don't mean gobs of pasta just pay attention to the ratios.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer and it not being able to read my new mp3 player. Plug n' play wasn't enabled...oy vey for months I've been trying to upload photos using the dock, the camera, a scan thingy and tada I got it done today. Plus I loaded a whack of songs on to my Sansung Mp. (that's red and has a Canadian flag on it). I only have it half loaded simply because I need to rip more songs. Well I have a few days to think of more tunes.

Let me ask all of you...I need fast paced, go go go songs for my marathon...any suggestions?

I stayed exactly the same at weigh in, which in itself is a bit of a miracle. This week I have to weigh in either bright and early (7:30am) or late in the day (6:30pm) on Thursday. I'm going to get up earlier and go to the early one. I'm leaving work at 1pm that day so I can pack and get sorted for leaving the next day.

Training partner left today and is probably about half way there by now. I'm really hoping it doesn't rain during the race. I raced in rain for my half marathon and it's not fun. This time it's double the distance so I really don't want to be a drowned rat by the end with water gushing out of the shoelace holes on your runners.

Yesterday was treat day food wise, today is 22pts and so far so good. Yesterday I walked everywhere to run errands so that was good exercise.

Just a quick post today, must do laundry and I should go for a walk today since the weather isn't so bad.


Friday, December 01, 2006

New week in 24 hours

My training partner is off to Hawaii on Sunday and I must admit I'm a bit jealous. I know that I'll now be there in not time whatsoever but there's something magical about leaving snow covered terrain for ocean and palm trees.

Supper was interesting yesterday, I didn't feel like cooking so I cut up a tomatoe, a bit of red onion, a bit of cheddar cheese and topped it with balsamic vinegar. It was alright, a bit odd but alright. I also whipped the cream for the cheesecake and topped it with crushed candy canes and grated white chocolate. Everyone loved it.

The supper thing got me thinking how there's no cookbooks geared at single people. Everything either serves 2 or more. The kraft canada website has a neat feature of one week menus and you can print off a shopping list. Most of the recipes aren't too ww friendly but all of them serve 4. But imagine if it were WW friendly and you could choose how many servings. I should copyright this idea.

I'm happy it's Friday and a new week is about to start. I need a clean start.

I'm also going to start getting organized for Hawaii, start packing what I don't need now so the day before I leave won't be chaotic. Tomorrow I'm grabbing the bulk of what I need (fuel gels and such) so the running around is limited. Not

The Food:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel Spray - 0
Wee bit of light syrup- 1
Sukiyaki Beef (with rice and sprouts)-7
Small piece of my fabulous cheesecake - 5

Yeah, well supper will probably be soup and I'll bediligently trying to distract myself from eating anything else while drinking lots of water.

Water: 1/3L

Exercise: Trying on all my summer clothes to see what fits, including the bathing suit...eek!

A.M Scale: 172

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day one not so good - Day two not so great either

Alas I failed to stay within in 22pts yesterday. As I said in my post script I think it has do to with a lack of protein and lack of time management.

I got a ride to the mall after work yesterday and it took longer than if I had taken the bus. My stomach started to grumble at 4pm, got to the mall just before 6. Went to Walmart and it was insane. 3 Cashiers open and an average of 8 carts in each line. I thought forget it and went to Safeway instead. Picked up what I needed for the cheesecake, plus hummous and pita so I could have a fast supper. Turkey bites were on sale which made me happy. Next bus came at just before 7pm so I stopped at Starbucks for a peppermint mocha, got it with skim but said yes to whip cream.

Turns out the 6:30 bus was running late, came at 6:45 and saved me from waiting for an extra 15min.

Got home ate the pita and hummous then made the cheescake and to stop me from eating batter I had the after eights. It's a White Chocoalate Peppermint cheesecake.

It could have been worse I suppose, but I am a bit disappointed in myself.

I'm shaking it off and focusing on a new day. l

The Food:
5:45 am
Oatmeal - 2
Brown Sugar- 1
10:00 am
Yogurt - 2
Perogies (weird perogies made with a samosa type dough) - 5(?)
Farmer's sausage -4(?)
Fried onion-2(?)
Sour Cream-3
Tomaote - 0
2 Turkey Bites- 2
Cheddar Cheese - 2
Red onion- 0
So far : 29/22

Apparently I'm seriously into carb loading. I couldn't resist...I love perogies. This week is going to H, E , Double hockey sticks in a hand basket. Right now I can have tomatoes for supper or do as I intend and do the workout and have 2pt soup for supper. That's if I guessed the points right, it could be higher.

I will not let this day fall apart

Water: 2/3L
Need to stay focused on this. On my way to fill my 1l water bottle up again.

Exercise: DVD-Biggest Loser

A.M Scale: 173 (EEK!)

I will do well today!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why wait

First weather news- Warming up today to a high of -15, that's a 25 degree difference from this morning...craziness.

I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday about how I wanted to start being accountable after my marathon and then I thought...why wait.

Points wise has been a disaster this week so far including yesterday. My goal for the remainder of this week is to stick to 22pts per day. Saturday will be a new week.

I also came to the realization of how many workout dvds I own this weekend. As I was setting up my Christmas stuff I put them all together. Wowsers - I should technically be ripped if I actually did all these things.

So enough is enough. My goal is to be at goal no later than my Birthday (June 3). That gives me 6 months to lose the 30lbs for WW and maybe an extra 10lb for my own personal goal. I'm really not basing that on any thing other than a BMI chart. I'll get to the 30lbs and then see.
So after Honolulu I'll add a tracker for June 3rd. My reward will be a trip to Toronto do some shopping.

So here we go: I'm tracking the food, the water, the exercise and because I'm a daily weigher, my morning weigh in.

The Food:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel spray-0
Light sour cherry jam 1tbsp - 1
1% Milk - 2
Jeuness Yogurt-2
Apple - 1
Lentil Soup - 3
Jeunesse Yogurt- 2
Bag of pretzels-2 (Got point from Dottie's will double check when I get home)
Fruit Salad -1
Tall Mocha with Whip - 6
2 whole wheat pitas - 4
Hummous - 3
After Eights- 2
Results 32/22

Water: 1.5/3L

Exercise: NADA

A.M Scale: 172

I will come back during the day to update this list so that I can have a record of what I've accomplished.

Onwards and downwards :)

P.S What went wrong: One-serious lack of protein yesterday, I was hungry again by 4pm and then hit the mall to buy ingredients for a cheescake. Had to make the cheesecake that took until 8pm and then watched America's Next Top Model.
Major Achievement- While watching Biggest Loser I almost grabbed a pudding snack and then asked myself why I needed it and then put it back.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chill continues

Apparently it gets warmer after today so that's good news.
Last night it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get home, normally 40min tops. Buses were just not showing up, traffic was bumper to bumper. Amazingly enough I was relatively calm about it but when I got home I was an eating machine.

I don't know if it was because I hadn't eaten anything since noon or if it was the extended amount of time in the freezing temperature but it was ridiculous. It was continuous snacking. Of course by the time I got home I was tired and hungry so no workout happened. Though I did get a semi decent (30min) walk in via the indoor pedestrian walk ways during the day.

Today I'm going to space out my food a bit and make sure I get an afternoon snack in case it's the same adventure getting home tonight.

This weekend I need to get semi sorted for Hawaii, I don't want to leave everything to last minute so that means picking up fuel gels and anything else I can think of.

I also need to focus on water, I haven't been getting enough lately.

I have a confession to make - I'm addicted to tracking things. I adore spreadsheets and data. Because of this I have a notebook dedicated to tracking my WW details like total pounds, total pounds lost, weekly points, weekly activity points. I was adding new dates to this tracking sheet where I realized that's I've lost about 2lbs in the last 4 months. I'm not discouraged by this but it does make me realize that I'm probably not following the program to the best of my ability.

I am a slow loser but this is ridiculous. I get absorbed by the weekly plus and minuses that I don't look at the bigger picture. I'm proud of my accomplishments so far but I want to get to goal.

When I get back from my marathon I'm going change the focus of my blog a bit and highlight the goals of the program. Be accountable for my water, my fruits & veggies, my milk intake and my activity. Take my tracking obsession on to the blog to find out what works and doesn't work so I can finally get to goal.

Monday, November 27, 2006

-40 with windchill

I love my city, really I do. I love how we can have +35 in the summer and -35 in the winter. It makes us a strong people and the owners of mutliple jackets and layers.

I wore a light pair of long johns under my dress pants and I could still feel the wind. If it's like this tomorrow I'm wearing the thermal tights.

I walked to weight watchers in -37 on Saturday and I swore I should have lost 2lbs by the time I got there. I had layers on and I was trucking fast. In the end I was up 0.2, which is a victory since I should have been up around 2lbs.

Activity continues to be a challenge due to the weather conditions, can't go outside. Not crazy about going to the gym in this weather either. Buses are typically unreliable and I don't want to be stuck downtown in -40. So I'll head directly home and I will plunk in a dvd!

This means that marathon training has been seriously off kilter for the last week so I need to do something this week. I'm tapering know any way but tapering does not mean doing nada. So I can use dvds for 30min-50min trainings. I couldn't really simulate the 16km this Sunday so I put up my tree and went up and down stairs multiple times by carrying only one thing at a time and doing laundry so that was at least 8 trips, still doesn't equal 16k but better than nothing.

Points wise - tough weekend just due to boredom. There was nothing on tv and too cold to go to the video store. I tried to keep busy but I could have controlled the snacking.

I can't believe I'll be in Honolulu soon, time is going so fast. My training partner heads over in less than a week. I started my pack list yesterday. I also need to find someway to test my hydration pack, it's supposed to get warmer over the next few days but if it doesn't I might just wear it around the house.

I'm still need to ask my neighbour if they'll shovel my sidewalk while I'm away.

My home computer is being stupid, it refuses to recognize anything I plug into a usb port so camera dock, scan disk and Sansung Mp3 player are doing nada. It still recognizes my rio MP3 so it looks like that one will be going to the marathon if I can't get the other to work. Less play time on it but I can always have an extra AAA battery on me.

Well that's my news for today - Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!
If you're in Alberta - Bundle up!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


And loads of it. It's nice fluffy snow that wasn't a total pain to shovel very early this morning. However it's causing massive problems on the roads, as it usually does.

My MEC stuff is finally in (of course on one of the coldest days so far). I might head over at lunch to pick it up or a little after. Not sure when I'll have an opportunity to try the hydration pack outside, it definitely won't be in -20 windchill.

Food wise was slightly better last night and the weird part is I'm now down 2lbs from what I weighed at the beginning of this week, but exercise continues to be non existent.

My big plan to go the gym on Saturday is quickly dimishing. Expected day time high -23 and buses not going peak. I'll be walking to WI anyway and then probably take a cab home with groceries. I think I might do a massive cleaning of my house including shampooing the carpets. So that will involve moving furniture and probably take the same amount of time as walking 16k.

I only shovelled my walk this morning but last night I also did my neighbours and tonight when I get home I might shovel for some other neighbours. It's good activity and strength training.

A bit disapointed that Biggest Loser wasn't on last night. It's interesting that one of the twins went home on ANTM.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Very random thoughts today...prepare yourselves :)

Fish shopping went well, my co-worker now has 3 new members of a family for the fish bowl. Some small orange fish, another fish that I think has tiger in it's name and a snail. The snail cleans the algae and apparently can escape from the bowl...don't know how I feel about that part. The tiger fish continues to hide under pebbles, the occasional swish of a tail makes it appear he's still with us.

Dropped by the gym today to pick up an access card so I can make an appearance on Saturday. I haven't been there in months due to marathon training and being outside for the most part. Well the -20 windchill forecasted for today encouraged me to re-familiarize myself with their location. Also got a letter in the mail saying if I sign up for another two years it's $49/mth which makes that one heck of a deal for the downtown core. They're not a fancy gym, no pool...but they have the basics and it's a more corporate environment so no hard body gung ho type people. I'm supposed to do 16k on Sunday but with an estimated daily high of -22 (that's without wind chill) it's not happening outside. So I thought I'd hit the treadmill on Saturday at the gym and continue my training days there until or if the weather gets better. That means loading up some serious tunes on the MP3 because that's a long time on the treadmill. Put the tv on the food network and go!

Saw a bit of clip from the music awards last night. It was of Britney Spears, so she's at the podium and smacking gum...that totally bugged me. You're on camera being seen by millions upon millions of people and you're chewing gum...oy vey.

Gilmour Girls was alright, I have a feeling it will just be alright until the series ends.

Looking forward to ANTM and Biggest Loser tonight.

The scale showed a pound less today...bizarre since exercise continues to be a struggle and eating was alright. We shall see. I'm hoping to burn off energy going to weigh in on Saturday dressed like the abominable snowman :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

High of minus 20

Apparently winter is on it's way with a vengance. Today high of 4 but by Friday a high of -20. Egads, it's not like this is foreign to me but we've had it so easy lately weather wise.

I ordered winter boots from Land's End (They're red) and they arrived yesterday thank goodness.

Got home last night and made the leek soup added loads of fresh leek and asperagus and then I ate it by dipping calabrese bread into it....almost WW friendly. Finished it off with light ice cream. Yup...snack a palooza has arrived.

Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up 4lbs...I'm definitely retaining water and boy was that motivation to get into gear. Brought snacks with me (apple and grape tomatoes) have the day planned to the point. Must run errands tonight (want to do it before -20). Depending on energy level will squeeze in a workout.

Got roped in to go fish shopping later, my co-worker wants to buy a replacement to sit on her desk. The last one apparently lived for 3 years (a tetra). He met his unfortunate end when she knocked the part of her desk that wasn't attached. Bowl hit the floor and their were 4 of us looking for poor Peewee until we discovered him under my coworkers shoe. Yes, she stepped on him. At least it was quick.

The closest fish store is on the seedy side of downtown so we get to got today at lunch, I could say no but the store is tucked away and she's never been there before so I feel obliged to go with her. Oy what a day!

Looking forward to Gilmour Girls tonight.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Get up and go, got up and went

A whole lot of people dragging themselves around today, it's like no one has any energy myself included.
I'm a bit sore from yesterday and realized this morning that this will be the week of snack a palooza if I'm not careful. Good start today grabbed a 1/2 rice cripsy bar and 1/2 puffed wheat square doo hickey and chocolate milk as my afternoon snack...that's not the good part. Good news is it's leek soup for supper so I'll still finish within points.

Should work out when I get home, not sure what to do. I find the walking in the dark alone in the evening kind of freaky, in the morning I don't have a problem.

It might be a dvd of some sort this evening then, cardio pumping Biggest Loser workout I'm thinking. Love those jumping jacks.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not too bad

Up .4 at weigh in, I don't think that's too bad after two weeks of no accountability.

I attemped the 32K today and topped out at 22k, the winds were horrendous and after getting smacked in the face with leaves and watching my pace time diminish as I headed straight into the wind I called it a day. I haven't exactly been keeping up with the training over the last 10 days and I felt it today. 0 to 32k is not terribly wise. I will stick to the training plan like glue up until the race however.

Called training partner and said "What the heck am I doing", she said relax - walking by yourself on the streets of Calgary and walking with 25000 other people all hyped up about the marathon are two different things. Ain't adrenaline grand?

Friday, November 17, 2006

The weekend is here

And boy will I be busy.
Saturday - serious running around all over the city. I live in the west end must go to the far east end to get to a Superstore. There is one closer but it will take 3 buses to get there, I'm going all the way east because it's one bus and one train...way faster. Then it's all the back to the north so I can hit the German deli and stock up on Mozart chocolates..not necessarily wise but only available at Christmas. Then I must do laundry and any activity in my house that involves moving because then it's Sunday.

Sunday- 32K day..I'm freaking out a bit. The hydration pack I ordered still isn't here, I'm not sure what route to take and I'm really hoping I can move afterwards.

Last night I had dinner with my training partner and another friend of ours who did the half marathon with us. She asked us if we were looking forward to it and we both said it was more nervous.

Dinner was good not exactly points friendly. Started with Edamame (first time trying it), Sante Fe Chicken Salad dressing on the side, and then a Espresso Gelato cake....yummy.

Today it's been water, water, water and no snacking today as a result of last nights dinner.

Wish me luck at weigh in :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More upbeat post today

I just re-read what I wrote yesterday and I didn't mean for it to be so somber...sorry about that.
I did talk to my Dad last night and now the theory of the banging is air in the water pipes.

OMG I watched Biggest Loser last night and I was so impressed by Marty's progress. I always thought he was a cutey patootey but wowza he looks totally different in the after shot. It always amazes me how people look younger after losing weight.

Adrian's little tantrum completely irritated me. Though I've never really rooted for Kai, I thought her efforts through the challenge was amazing.

I always get such a renewed inspiration after watching that show. There's only two episodes left and I think it's anybody's game as to who will win.

Must know go figure out the points of Earl's offerings, going out to dinner with a friend tonight.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Bang

Got woken up by a banging sound this morning at 4am, well actually two bangs exactly. Sounded like something falling into the tub or metal expanding. Checked all over the house this morning and could find no evidence of what caused the banging. I suppose it could have been the vent from the furnace as it went from cold to warm overnight. It didn't sound like anything breaking or exploding thankfully.

Everytime I hear a noise like that in the house it makes me think of what my father has told me in the past. Everytime a close relative passed away he would hear 3 destinct knocks in his house or more like a popping sound. One on the west side, one in the middle and one on the east side and they he knew someone had come to say good-bye. Sure enough, immediately after that he would get an announcement in the mail or a phone call. Now of course that has me thinking that when he passes he will bang on my house. When I heard those noises last night I immediately thought of that and then realized there were only two and coming from the same spot. Of course I'm scheduled to talk to Dad tonight and you can bet I'll be a bit nervous until he actually picks up the phone. I think I'd know if something happened to him, the day my Mother passed I woke up that day and knew. A psychic once told me I was intuitive...too bad it wasn't completely psychic because that would just be neat

I really want to pick up Deepak Chopra's new book "The Burden Of Proof", I think I have death on my mind due to one of my co-workers who just lost their Father and it was quite sudden. It really hits home that you can go at anytime. I don't think we all realize just how precious life is.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cookie Season

I was ambushed this morning by egg nog cookies, you don't understand....egg nog + kryptonite. This brought me to the realization that Christmas is upon us and the sugar binge begins.
At this time of year there has always been a meeting around what your goals are for the Festive season. Typically my leader gives us something you can carry around with you. Last year it was a piece of gift wrap ribbon. Green representing that you want to lose, yellow representing that your goal is to maintain and red represents you'll face the consequences.

I always choose green, in fact that green ribbon is taped to my computer monitor.

That really got me thinking today about what seems to be a lack of will power lately. I don't know if it's weather related, or the fact that I didn't weigh in last week or the Christmas goodies that are popping it up everywhere. One major realization is that it is way too easy to fall into old patterns. The other important thing is to handle any goal on a day to day basis. So I will be choosing green this season.

Last night I got home after having a rather tense day with a coworker and had no desire to work out whatsoever, instead I made a veggie stew with gnocchi (0pts with the exception of the gnocchi). I topped that off with treats, I could have skipped the treats part but there was definitely some emotional eating in there.

I will not let this derail me, but rather make me focus on the here and now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's going to be a quiet day

On my way into work I noticed way less people on the bus, many coffee places closed, dark office buildings. It looks like it's going to be a quiet day.

Well after the points debacle of Saturday, I did keep it together on Sunday. Now I just need to keep it together for the rest of the week. I'm just going to take it day by day. I'm going to do the Biggest Loser Cardio (Low impact) today. We're supposed to get snow and there's still ice out there so walking outside might not be that well advised.

Yesterday I did about 35min of the Core Secrets workout, I didn't finish but went as far as I could. It's not that I couldn't physically do it, I was limited space wise and just got annoyed. I will do some sort of workout every night this week, I really want to see a loss at the scale on Saturday. It will have been two weeks since weighing in.

Do I ever have to be diligent starting now, all the brochures with Christmas goodies are very very tempting. That really made me realize how easy it is to fall into old patterns.

Watched The Biggest Loser on the weekend, ran out and bought the sugar free jello they were pitching. 11 of those suckers add up to one serving on low fat ice cream. Of course I have low fat ice cream in the fridge but now I will have it in a tea cup to get the appropriate serving size.
The new girl irritates me a bit with all her complaining but it did highlight a good point. It's really easy to stick to certain behaviours if they work for you in the short term.

Training partner is working evenings and has made plans with a friend on Wednesday. She leaves on Dec. 3. I'm hoping she has a relaxing week in Hawaii before I get there. She's a bit stressed lately. I really don't know if we'll doing much together in Hawaii, I think she wants to sit on the beach for a week and since I'm only there for a week and having had a melanoma scare, I'm not all that into sitting on the beach for a week. I need to do some shopping.

Sonya-I fly in two days before the marathon and come back 5 days after. To even get on a plane a few days after and have to sit for 7hrs would be horrible on the poor muscles.

I hope everyone has a great day and I'm really inspired by many people's renewed enthusiasm.

Did I say stay diligent? Just got roped into a Tim Horton's Run...egad. Oh well, I can be diligent for the rest of the day. (Did do a pretty speedy walk there and back)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Evil comment invasion

Here I was thinking wow 8 comments on my blog, then I discovered no it was a stupid ad that repeated multiple times. Oh yeah, well now there's word verification...take that you evil ad spammers.

On to other news, so blew the points today. Went to Peter's Drive Inn for lunch and it was good. I'll be back to good tomorrow. I'll get a good walk in as I need to go to the library anyway. I do hope it warms up a bit. Today there was a bitter wind chill.

I picked up a load of veggies today so I'm looking forward to creating something with them. Also went to the German deli and picked up a bit of chocolate that I'll save for Christmas, in addition found a light jam made of sour cherries so that was a step in the right direction. I find north american reduced sugar jams to have no flavour. This one is excellent.

Not much to talk about today.
Tomorrow is day 1 of a new week!

OMG, my tracker is now into days until Hawaii...eek!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Calm before the storm?

So conversation with Dad was quite normal, we talk again tonight. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. He can let things go and then out of nowhere they'll be brought up again. Sometimes he just lets it go and never mentions it again.

Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.

The fates are conspiring against me in terms of weighing in this week. I was going to go Thursday night and then my city was covered in freezing rain and wet snow on top. If you listened closely you could here the "WEEEEE" of people slipping on the ice. I decided to just go straight home after work instead due to the irratic bus service in this type of weather.
I also considered going Thursday at lunch but then had a meeting that went late and I missed it. Then I was going to go today at lunch and forgot my weigh in book at home.
I'll just have to surrender two coupons next Saturday.

The trouble is now that I know I'm not weighing in this week...I really want a danish. I know I could have a danish and adjust my lunch and dinner accordingly but I don't know if this danish will lead me down a dangerous path. The power of pastry I tell ya.

I'm also finding it difficult to workout this week with the verstunken weather. The ice kills the opportunities to walk outside (I don't want to hurt myself before Hawaii). By the time I get home I don't even want to think about it. I think I need to leave workout clothes in the foyer.

All the christmas flyers are walking my fingers want to open the wallet. Got the Sephora catalogue yesterday and they had this makeup palette with 64 eyeshadows and etc. The desire to purchase was high, but I know that these things never work. 1-No one needs 64 eyeshadows, 2-the odds of all the colours actually working for you...minimal. I have to keep chanting 4 weeks until Hawaii.

I actually felt Christmas spiritish the other day. Now this is unnatural for me. I spent more than a decade in retail, in a store that did 50% of it's sales during Christmas. Christmas was war for me, get the troops and supplies ready. Get ready to deal with really grumpy people.
Now I've been out of retail for about 3.5 years now and it's just now that I feel Christmas like. Very, very weird especially because it's only the beginning of November. I've always been a strong believer that nothing Christmas like should be in a store until after today. Not the day after Halloween or 3 weeks before Halloween. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rough night

It was rough day, I was super tired all day and have no idea why. I ditched the lunch I brought (no yolk noodles with veggies) in the interest of seeking out protein and had an egg salad on brown bread. (There wasn't a lot of egg salad on it so not so bad) and a C2 coke. After that I had a bit more energy, I'm wondering if it was the protein or the caffeine that got me going.

I did have a cup of coffee in the morning and another around 10:30am and just couldn't shake it, but after lunch I was fine.

The evening was tough, went to Mec and they didn't have what I was looking for, went home, got there just in time for Gilmore Girls. Didn't feel like cooking so I popped in a Ginger Chicken Lean Cuisine, thought it was gross and tossed it. Then had a Lean Cuisine Roasted Veggie Pizza instead, then some peach slices with Source Vanilla Yogurt and then some cheese and then some Pastrami. I just started grazing.

I think I need to revamp my typical menu and start having more protein in the morning. Right now it's one piece of toast (Squirrely Bread 1pt) and Nutella. I also have a glass of milk and coffee but with the cold weather coming I need to arm myself against the comfort snacking phenomena that often hits. I definitely need to keep it together today because I'm weighing in Thursday night.

Made caramel cheesecake bars to bring to the staff meeting today and that went well. I let the staff who don't typically attend the meeting in on the bars and they've told me they're really good. I'm hoping every last one gets eaten so there are no left overs.

Tonight I speak to my father...hmmm let's see if it's a lecture or civil. Of course if it's civil, there could be a lecture when/if he comes into the city this weekend. Why do parents have to be so complicated when you're an adult.

Oh well, I'm focusing on the positive today and will try not to think about it.
Must get started on the water...have a great day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today I'm sore

Very weird weather yesterday, apparently a cold front was coming from the North and a warm front from the South and it split my city right in the middle. The weather guy actually said some can expect a high of 12 and some a high of 0.

My part was definitely zero and interesting ice chips/snow ish flakes in the evening. Today high of 15. We have a saying, if you don't like the weather just wait 10min.

Training partner and I did our 50min yesterday, well actually 45min for the loop we did but it does take a 10min walk to meet up with her. We had good speed too which seemed a little weird after our efforts the day before.

I stayed perfectly on plan yesterday, had enough point for supper to try the Smart Ones Fettucini Alfredo and the Chocolate Cake.

I really enjoyed the Fettucini, though next time I'll add more veggies. It's 6pts which a few of the people in my meeting were complaining about, my theory is that's the same as the Lean Cuisine Roasted Veggie Pizza. Sodium content on the Smart Ones is a bit high so make sure you drink your water.

The chocolate cake got rave reviews in my meeting and I thought it was alright. It's good don't get me wrong I'm just not that much of a chocolate cake fan.

Apparently this week is a 2hr Biggest Loser and of course my TV Guide says it's one hour. So I went to the NBC website to check the times. I did look under Mountain which is my timezone and it says 7pm. It also says 7pm for Central time and 8pm for Pacific. But Pacific is an hour behind Mountain Time. Confusing I tell you. Central is normally an hour ahead of Mountain. So I guess I need to start checking it out by 6pm my time just to make sure I don't miss it.

Heading to MEC after work today to check out hydration packs.

Hope everyone has OP day!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Not to sore

I survived the 29km! I have to admit at about the 26km mark I would have been quite happy to lay down and die on a park bench.
The paths were snow packed in many parts on the way out (great workout for your abs and ankles as you try to stay steady) and on the way back slushy and icy (again great for abs and ankles). That 29km probably turned into more exertion just thanks to the path conditions. As training partner and I kept saying "there won't be snow in Hawaii".
Suprisingly I got up today without too much difficulty but of course the longer I sit the more I can feel it.
Alea- These super long distances are done on Sunday mornings. I never get to sleep in Weigh in on Saturday and training on Sunday.
Next week will be 13km on Sunday and the week after 32km. It appears I have to do the 32 on my own. Training partner has wonky schedule that week. This I need to plan carefully, that would take about 6hrs. So I think I'll try to figure out a 10k loop in my neighbourhood and do it 3 times so that I can stop at my house for bathroom breaks and water refills. I don't want to be on the pathway in the middle of nowhere by myself. I'm o.k with my neighbours thinking I'm crazy as I walk past there house multiple times.

Received a lovely lecture from my father (who has the ability to make me feel 13) on the Hawaii thing. He thinks any trip is a waste of money. He asked what would you do if you lost your job tomorrow. Duh..get another one, not too difficult in my short labour market city plus I'm typically a dream employee (come in early, go above and beyond, stay late). I appreciate that he worries, but sometimes it drives me bonkers when he doesn't realize I'm smarter than that. When we have conversations like that it actually makes me dread talking to him, which is awful I know. I just want him to be proud of me.

Oy vey, not a great way to start the week but I'm setting it aside and focusing on what needs to be focused on.

Day is planned point wise, 50min is the goal tonight for walking.

My meeting is closed this Saturday which causes a few wrinkles into my WI rituals. I know have to WI Thursday night so that means no food after lunch and I'm bringing my WI clothes.

Here's to everyone having a great week!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back on Track

Well I was pleasantly surprised at Weigh in this morning, down 1.6 which is exactly what I was up last week. This past week was rough so I'm quite happy.

Went grocery shopping afterwards and discovered that some Smart One freezer selections are now available at Safeway, I actually discovered that in the meeting as one member described the chocolate cake in very descriptive detail. I also picked up lots of fruits and veggies.

We talked a bit about the importance of tracking everything, that has been tough for me for the past couple of weeks, but today is off to a good start.

I like to use the 12 week journals as opposed to the week ones and apparently there on sale which means only one thing WW is going to change them some how. I hope they change them and not discontinue them. I find them way easier to cart around than the paper ones. I suppose I could flip to a normal little coil notebook but I'm all about brands :)

I can still feel my abs from my adventures with The Biggest Loser DVD. Last night I decided to skip to the high impact aerobic workout....dumb, dumb, dumb. That is one tough workout and I realize that I should probably follow the first 3 weeks as they lay out and not get too big for my britches. However that "last chance workout" is probably why a loss showed on the scale today.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow 29km...I'll have the Epsom salts ready to go when I get home. I am doing laundry today so I don't need to go up and down stairs tomorrow. That will be the longest distance I've done to date, a big indication of my ability. The longest we do in training is 32km which should be 2 weeks from now and then we taper until Hawaii. A marathon is 42km, they're betting on the adrenaline carrying the other 10km and too be honest after having done a half marathon, 10k is nothing. I can do it, I'm not betting on fast but I can do it. For the next 5 weeks I'm going to kick up the strength workouts especially for the core.

To a great week up ahead!

Friday, November 03, 2006

2 days in a row

Did the Strength and Sculpt workout on the DVD yesterday. Oy vey, repitions are evil, pulsing is pure evil, more repitions just plain cruel.
But I did it and have had perfect posture all day because it hurts to slouch. Tonight I'll do the cardio again.
At first I was feeling like I wasn't doing much with only 30min workouts, (I'm getting used to training nights that go for an hour). I had to tell myself that it still counts.

I'm off to do the cardio, have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Love this workout

Alright I did it, I went home put the workout clothes on and did Workout 1 on The Biggest Loser DVD. I remembered how much I despise lunges and squats but I did them. Tonight shall be Workout 2. I really enjoy Bob and I like the fact that the contestants in the dvd represent all shapes and sizes.

My snackapalooza of last week has been hard to curtail, but this morning I opened the hutch in my office and tossed the unhealthy snacks that started to accumulate from visits from the roaming Nut Man. Who stops by every two weeks, the good news is not one bag was near empty. Dug out Week 1 book last night and reviewed the plan.

This week's grocery list will be on plan, mind you next week there won't be a potluck or halloween candy so the temptation part will be easier.

I hoping to maintain on Saturday, I think a loss might be a miracle but I will be completely on plan today and drink my water. Plus I'll definitely have activity over the next two days.
Friday will be the first day back on the pathways since the snow/ice so that will be fun at least Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be plus temperatures so I think I'll shampoo my carpet. Then on Sunday it's a killer distance I think 29km.

I know TOM started my descent into bad behaviours but it was much more difficult to pull myself out this time, weather could certainly have effected it. The first really cold week that just makes you want to stay home in your pajamas and drink hot chocolate...not condusive to weightloss.

All one can do is pick up and move on

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's a Wednesday

Which I originally thought was Thursday and was disapointed for a bit.

Halloween night was alright, only got about 30 kids and nothing after 8pm (it was a school night after all). Brought all of my left over candy to work and literally stuffed this fish bowl type thing that we normally have filled with candy. There are now 3 packages of nibs left, the rest of it has been inhaled by my work mates.

I have layed out the workout clothes at home and put the dvd on the dvd player so when I get home there are no excuses...whatsoever.

Didn't eat the lunch I brought today instead opted for a taco salad. It was staff meeting day, everyone buys lunch on staff meeting day, however this evening I will have a low point supper.

Woke up with a wicked headache at about 3am, there's a chinook coming for sure. The extreme temperature changes can throw many people for a loop. The weird part is I only get headaches when it goes from cold to warm, not warm to cold.

Wowser wicked bus adventures yesterday, must go now but it's a good story.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I sort of prepared for the tonight this morning since I'll get home mere minutes before the trick or treaters hit the street. Not sure how many there will be tonight. Last year I got 40 kids in total this year it's a lot colder (probably -15 with windchill) and the trend seems to be going away from door to door trick or treating.

Of course we're talking about gobs of candy so I'm sure die hard souls will be outthere. I've armed my house with the 1pt hershey sticks and the sensible solution oreo packs to curtail the damage. Last year I had halloween candy for dinner. Tonight I have chili in the fridge but it might be Gardennay Soup in the microwave since we had a potluck today.

The potluck was excellent and I behaved myself tasting a bit of the things I might like but not overloading my plate and nothing touched each other. I did have a piece of the trifle I made and I got a lot of compliments on it as well.

Apart from that not a whack to report.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Aaagghhh in general

I have new runners and they're pretty (Mizuno Wave Alchemy), which I realize is not the primary importance in a running shoe but I like it. They've got a bit of silver and turquoise, they look speedy and felt fantastic on Friday.

Didn't get to test them out on the longer distance on Sunday because we had blizzard snow. Snow would not normally stop me but this was slushy/slurpee snow so very very slippery as I discovered shoveling my sidewalk in hiking boots. I didn't want to risk injury with running shoes and my lazy neighbours not shoveling their sidewalks. Tonight's training is being adjusted because my Training partner forgot all her gear.

Now the snow is melting in the sunny sections but we still have freezing temperatures and it will get colder as the sun sets so that equals ice. I think I'm going to give the biggest loser DVD a try again. I tried it once got confused and haven't tried it since. I also need to finish a trifle for the potluck tomorrow.

WI was a gain, alas I know it's TOM related but it still doesn't make me happy. Especially because it sends me back into the 170s...aaaaggghhhh. I have 6 weigh ins until Hawaii, I want to be in the 150s by then even if it's 159.8.

The job fair was alright and there might be a handful of good people but the rest I couldn't really help. It was long and tiring and 85% of the questions were as I said the other day...Engineering and IT. The booth next to us had popcorn so that was alright.

The plan for this week is 1) Think positive 2) Follow the healthy guidelines 3) If I can't workout outside, make sure I do it inside.

On to success!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Crazy busy week and TGIF

First of all I started my day with an Almond Roca bar, well actually two. Thanks to our receptionist...not the best move but I have to work a job fair today and tomorrow and I need the sugar.

I despise working job fairs because it's throngs of people I can't necessarily help. (IE. Do you recruite Engineers...ah no, Do you recruit IT...ah no. However our other division might be able to help you.) It's just so random and in a market like in my city the odds of someone with the skills set I need is not very likely to attend a job fair. Of course, I could be surprised and perhaps find a superstar so that's what I'm hoping for. I do hope it's busy so the time goes fast.

Of course because I was distracted by the job fair I forgot my runners this morning. I have all my other walking gear down to the gps but no runners. However I'm open to buying a new pair, I was planning on getting a new pair before Honolulu and I do have to break them in. The pair I have now is actually the older model to the first pair I ever bought (they were on sale). But when I compair Model 4 (the current pair) vs Model 5 (the first pair), Model 5 does feel like there's a bit more support. So why not go for Model 6 for the biggest race of my life.

Food wise, it's been a battle of the snack fest, it's amazing how much effect those hormones have over your rational thought process. I've been up two weeks in a row, not by much .4s and .6s but I really don't want to go if I'm up again. I know it will average out, but even saving an hour this Saturday would be helpful since the bulk of my afternoon will be at the job fair. The snacking hasn't been out of control and I've actually made good nutritional decisions it's just keeping within the points part that isn't so great.

I could pull it out of the flames with water, water and more water paired with keeping it together today. Of course the Almond Roca bars weren't exactly planned.

Oy vey 6 weeks less a day until the Marathon and I'd still want to focus on getting to goal.

My runners are in stock!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aha moment!

An Aha moment hit me last night as I found myself continuously talking myself out of snacking. It's the dreaded week before TOM where all food is fair game and absolutely no morsel satisfies, where I must ask myself "Do I really need this?". I hate this week because the will is weak. Yesterday wasn't too bad and did a fierce 50min walk. Tonight I must disassemble my patio set (Strength training) and make sure to eat a very flavourful dinner. I find the spicier the food the easier it is not to go snack crazy, but if it's blandish it's no good.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're friends with people for a reason or a finite period of time?A few months ago I would have called Training Partner a good friend now it feels more like acquaintences. I'm really, really getting the feeling that Hawaii will be a more solo/be prepared to fend for myself vacation.

We originally bonded over WW and then cooked up this half marathon/marathon business, but now that she's at goal and the marathon is drawing nearer I don't know if there's anything in common anymore. It's been awhile since we've just hung out as friends as opposed to training.
Last night I said to her that after the marathon we should get together for coffee every so often. Her answer to me was that she'll still walk but not really train until we've recovered from the marathon.

I'm getting the definite impression that I'm a training buddy now. She is under a huge amount of stress and life in general has not been particularly fair to her (if it ever is to anyone) but it certainly seems to be crashing in on her lately. So perhaps I'm just feeling her stress, hopefully she knows that I'm there for her when she needs it but I just wonder if my sole purpose in regards to her is to offer support.

Time will tell.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Recipe, answers to questions and general recap

Let me begin by saying, I walked 27Km yesterday in 4 hours. It was long slow distance day and I feel like I should have woken up at goal weight. According to my Garmin I burned 1966 calories in that 4hrs and I celebrated immediately afterwards by having Taco Time. Not the best choice but I was hungry, I wanted something spicy and I wasn't feeling like Subway.

Stress did not work for me, up 0.6 at weigh in on Saturday but considering my lack luster activity I'm not surprised. This week will definitely be better.

GU Chocolate is freaking awesome! Tastes like a cross between chocolate pudding and chocolate frosting but I was not revolted by it at all and quite enjoyed it. I also tried Cliff Shot Blocks in Strawberry, they taste like jello jigglers and don't stick to your teeth like jelly beans. There's two servings in the Blocks pack. So with that, the gu and gatorade and water I actually consumed the appropriate amount of carbs and stay hydrated so when I finished I felt great. I now know that I need some options carb wise I can't just do goo especially because that Marathon will take me at least 7hrs.

Now my next project will be where I can get a unit pack of the GU and the Blocks in Canada because Running Room is ridiculously expensive. I'm hoping Mountain Equipment Co-op carries it.

More on my handy training tool. I use Garmin Forerunner 201, I like it because it's rechargeable. My Training Partner has a 101 and that thing goes through a lot of batteries especially if you're out in colder weather. It tracks my distance, pace time and calories. The 301 and I believe the 305 come with heart rate monitors. My 201 does the math of current weight and pace to come up with calories. I love it because there's a map function so I can mark things like home and pathway entrances that are hidden by bushes. It's about 2 inches long and less than half an inch thick, it's not bothersome to wear and it tracks the history of all my training walks.

The Promised Recipe:

Beef and Noodle Au Gratin (4 servings - 5pts each)

12oz Lean Ground Beef (I used extra lean)
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves of Garlic, minced
1-1/2 cups canned crushed tomatoes
3oz uncooked broad noodles, cooked according to package directions ( I used no yolk)
1 tsp oregano leaves
1/4 tsp each of salt and pepper
1/2c shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350F

In a 3qt saucepan brown beef, onions and garlic on Medium heat until cooked through (8-10min) then remove from heat.

Stir in tomatoes, noodles, oregano and salt+pepper.

Spoon into 1-1/2qt casserole dish, sprinkle with cheese and bake covered until heated through and cheese is melted ( 15-20min)

NI 262cal, 7g Fat, 2.5g Fibre

I added a bit more spice because I find most WW recipes a bit on the bland side.

Alright that's all I can think of at the moment.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Stress works for me

I've been MIA for the past few days just due to being stressed to the gills. The good thing about that is when I'm stressed I don't eat (not good but at least I didn't inhale multiple McCain's cakes) So WI on Saturday should be good, now all I have to do is keep it.

I have this theory about life/stress. I think we have spheres in our lives like life, work, and whatever else. The spheres can intersect or be seperate.

When all the spheres are good all is good, when one sphere is out of whack it's still good, when 2 spheres are out of whack it's getting dicey, when 3 spheres are out of whack it's a panic attack.

My spheres are home, work and training and over the past few days it's felt like all the walls were crumbling around me.

Home:Fight with my Dad, I only have my father as my mother passed away 4 years ago and my other family is in the old country. It's settled now but it was very stressful as he is the single most important person in my life and whose opinion has always mattered above all others.

Work: OMG so busy, 3 new orders a day (I'm a recruiter) plus covering my colleagues desk. My day flies by and I'm not sure what I've completed. Lucky for me that after a moment of panic my super hero organizational skills kick in.

Training: Lack of and Hawaii coming up fast. My training partner did a half marathon recently and kicked ass. Fastest time ever for her and faster than me. Of course I'm happy for her but for a moment I completely doubted my ability to do this. Now I'm in the mind set of I shall go and conquer and the goal is too complete.

Training partner has bailed again today with the shocking news that she had to break up with a boy. I'm thinking...what boy? She has mentioned nothing, nada, zip o la to me about this boy. I guess on Sunday I'll find out more during the 26km.

So that is a speedy recap and now my spheres are balanced and all good.

I promise the dang recipe on Monday.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A wee bit in the wrong direction

So my long weekend did cause we some issues, up 0.8 not too bad really and hopefully I'll lose it by this Saturday.

The Foodfest was awesome but I did not overindulge in a crazy way. There were numerous restaurants offering exotic option and I'm not an adventurous eater so those were easy to avoid. We spent just under 4hrs there and were wandering around the whole time so I'm thinking some sort of AP was earned. I'm hoping anyway since I slept in and didn't do my 13K on Sunday morning

Sunday went to the farmers market and had a little sample of saskatoon pie but didn't buy any. Had a gourmet Hot Dog and a cupcake for lunch so not the wisest choice but I'm not worried. I'm quite pleased with myself for not buying anything to take home.

Today it's right back on track and I have hamburger helper (Salsbury) for lunch with added veggies. Now I'm thinking I could have made my own hamburger stew sort of thing with Club House Gravy and some veggies or maybe a mock sheperd's pie with cauliflower as the mashed potatoe. Of course the creative chef kicks in after my meals for this week have already been planned.

I left the house without the recipe that I was going to post today so if I have time tonight I'll post it if not I'll post it on Tuesday. It's for Beef and Noodle Au Gratin (5pts per serving). So stay tuned for that.

Tonight is 60min of training and I'm hoping the pathways are in good condition. We haves snow falling and it looks like the heavy stuff that likes to stay around. Training partner is on nights this week (poor thing) so we'll see if she's awake enough to go with me. If not I might do a dvd instead.

Woke up to news that Hawaii got a 6.6 Quake, thankfully it sounds like there were just a few injuries and no deaths. That's a pretty big shake-up and Oahu is one of the places that had power knocked out but it appears that it's been restored. Aftershocks are expected for the next week. How this progresses will make me seriously wonder about Hawaii in December. Everything is paid for and I didn't buy cancellation insurance for my flight so if I cancel I lose out. But if it's money vs. self preservation, self preservation will win.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th...insert scary music here

Not a whack to report these days, just going to work, coming home and exercising on occasion.

My co-worker is now on her way to Mexico for 2 weeks and I get to cover her desk...whoo hoo maybe not so much. The good thing is whenever one of my colleagues go on vacation I tend to take care of their stuff better than my own. I'm also babysitting her fish Peewee, he's less than inch long and I get the honour of cleaning his bowl soon. Double whoo hoo...not so much.

This weekend is going to be fantastic and not WW friendly in anyway shape or form and I'm o.k with that. On Saturday it's the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest and then on Sunday the Calgary Farmer's Market. I'm not to worried about Saturday because the portions are small and the quality outstanding, the real trick is the wine - luckily those are also small but in the end it will be like one outstanding dinner. Sunday I'll be more careful, my friend from out of town is in and wants to go to the Market to pick up some pasta and pies so she'll be more inclined to eat at home than out. I can't be picking up pasta and pies, o.k maybe a pie or piece of pie because they're all homemade and incredible. I suggested to her that maybe next time she's in town we investigate cooking classes. She's on a weightloss quest of her own and from what I remember not so into cooking so I'm hoping to encourage her to embrace least that way you know what's going in to it.

As I said not a whole lot to chat about so I wish everyone a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vow to lose 20!

I was reading Rachel's blog today and joined her vow to lose 20lbs by January. I'm not so sure about this week but I guess Saturday will surely tell. My scale is showing a gain and yes I know it's probably due to the weekend and there's still 3 days before weigh in but it's never encouraging to see a gain. It just fuels me to do better.

I did head out for a walk when I got home, a wee bit overdressed for the weather and I was trucking. Went home and had my turkey dinner. Tonight I think dinner will be a small quesadilla (sp?) home made of course with salsa.

I failed at joining the recipe group this monday (I blame the holiday), however I promise to post one this coming Monday.

Apart from a relatively stressful work day, not too much to report.

Looking forward to America's Next Top Model tonight...who should go next?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Discoveries and still no Turkey

First of all, thank you so much for the positive feedback the other day. You guys are amazing and inspirational in so many ways.

The long weekend was relaxing. On Saturday I really enjoyed the return of Battlestar Galactica and stayed on plan food wise. Saturday is my treat day so I stayed within my planned debauchery.

Sunday did just under 4hrs of training (burned 1663 calories), walked about 23km but that included up and down a cliff and criss crossing around to try to make up the distance. Plus my MP3 player's battery died at the half way point. So the last 10km was challenging with no tunes. The rest of Sunday was a bit of a loss because I was tired! Had a nice protein loaded meal after training so by the time supper rolled around all I wanted was a salad. My pace was slower than normal, I had to keep telling myself "long, slow distance not race pace, build endurance". Still haven't found a carb goo/gel that I'm crazy about so (Cara Mia) I will hunt down this GU Chocolate palooza (or whatever it's called) in the hopes that it really does taste like chocolate pudding.

I slept in Monday (which rarely happens thanks to training) and then went to Ikea and behaved myself, bought only things I really needed like dish brushes. Had a late lunch of meat balls there and then of course didn't feel like supper so just had Ryvitta crackers and some light cream cheese. Didn't do my 1hr walk, did laundry instead. I did attempt a strenght workout but that led to my discoveries. Really I should not have slept in and gone for a walk in the morning but I did enjoy the extra sleep.

The Discoveries
1. I need structure in terms of meals. I have a way easier time during the work week with scheduled times for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Having breakfast at 9:30am on the weekend and lunch at 2pm results in random snacking at dinner.

2. I don't like to do workouts out of a book, I tried to do strength training via a book and I just got bored with keeping track of form and number of reps. I definitely prefer following along with a DVD so Core Secrets and Pilates are the way for me. Weather permitting I might toss in a one hour walk tonight and some pilates since tonight should be strenght training.

3.Sandwich and soup is boring (when brought from home anyway). Today I brought 1 cup Gardennay Buttersquash soup and 1/2 a sandwich pocket (slightly different from a pita) with a couple slices of pastrami. I had to talk myself in to it with a pep talk. That and chanting "Hawaii", as in need every spare dollar for there.

So in my food timing mis-management this weekend I never got to have turkey so that's tonight. I got a Maple Leaf (?) microwave Turkey(3pts), cran sauce (2pts)stove top stuffing (which I might make in FF Chicken Stock and skip the margarine-(1pt without marg?)) and steamed asperagus (0). Then I will have leftovers for a hot lunch tomorrow...the master plan is coming together...mwhahahahahahah!

Have a great day everybody!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Down 1.6!

Whoo hoo, officially 168 today only 28lbs until goal....I think I'll just shoot for one pound at a time :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Long Weekend!

For us Canadians anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!

Not too much to report went to the optometrist and forked over moolah for new contact lenses. Restocked on vitamins and a few groceries. Walked home with some heavyish grocery bags.

Now I'm trying to plan my Thanksgiving menu, I'm on my own for that but I really don't mind.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back on Track

I did exactly as I planned when I got home yesterday. Walked in the door, turned on the Garmin to get a signal, changed, grabbed an energy gel (haven't tried them yet), filled a bottle on my fuel belt with water and headed out. I did a little over 10km in an hour and thirty minutes. Providing I could keep that pace up for another 32km I would finish my marathon in 6hr and 30min..ish (which would incredibly decent for a walker and might even beat a few runners). The odds of my keeping that pace are in question :) If I finish under 7, I'll be ecstatic.

The sports nutritionist I saw many months ago suggested 30g of carbs per hour of high endurance activity. I normally take Gatorade with me but it's not an option in Hawaii unless I want to lug it. I really don't think that's a great idea. So I'm venturing into other options ie Gels. I bought a couple last week: 2 from Cliff, a mocha and a cola. 2 from Carb Boom, a vanilla-orange and a banana peach. Last night I tried the cola, the texture was a bit strange plus I had it in the back pocket of my fuel belt so it was warm. Not quite pudding, not quite icing. The cola tasted a bit weird a bit like coca cola candy. It wasn't horrible but I think I'm going to try and find something a bit more appetizing. I'm thinking I'll probably need about 7 sources of 30g carbs for the marathon so hopefully I can find a few flavours. I've tried the energy bars but I'm not a big fan of chewing and walking. Number one rule of long distance training on race day or a few weeks before the race is trying anything new. I'm not even considering trying the sports drink that the Honolulu Marathon is offering (mostly because I can't find it in Canada so I can't start using it now.) I'm thinking of trying Cliff Shot Blocks, apparently easy to chew unlike the bars. Enough about training...

The other thing I did last night is watch America's Next Top Model. I'm so happy Monique is gone. I still don't have a favourite to win. I think my favourite personality is Brooke. I taped Biggest Loser. I'm seriously looking forward to Sunday which is when I watch all of these show.

Have a super on plan day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training plan not exactly going as planned

Where I last left training partner and I were to head out for 60min on Monday. I got a call from Training Partner saying that she did not bring appropriate layers for a very chilly/windy day. So I met her at Good Earth to hand over my share of the Hawaiian Condo money and we had dinner instead.
Yesterday I should have done strength training but had a wicked headache probably due to the weather so I skipped that in favour of trying to get rid of the headache. Eating has been so so for the past few days, I find myself craving comfort food with the chilly weather and the sun setting at 7:30pm. For example, yesterday I was perfectly OP until I talked to my Dad which reminded me of his home made plum jam so of course I had to make some whole wheat toast and have some jam. It could have been worse I could have been craving a blizzard. No matter, I'm still a bit disappointed in myself for that.

In terms of training plan I've now missed 3 days, enough is enough that ends today.

Tonight it's supposed to be +14 so my goal is 10km to get up some distance.
Thursday-Core Secrets and Pilates (40min all together)
Friday- I'm supposed to hook up with Training Partner so I'm going to suggest a longer distance or get up earlier on Saturday and do a quick 5km before weigh in.
I would like to get 20km completed before Saturday.
Saturday-rest day and I'm planning a one person Battlestar Galactica party since the new season starts.
Sunday - I'm on my own for 22km so that means new tunes in the mp3
Monday-Probably on my own again since it's Canadian Thanksgiving, but that will be about an hour and my training plan should be back on schedule by then.

The scale is still looking good because my so-so eating hasn't been too bad.
I'll report back tomorrow in regards to progress.

Definitely check out Pink Bunny Foo Foo's thread today, it makes you think and mirrors what I've been thinking for the past few weeks.

On to success!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to 160!

Shocker of shockers on Saturday, I was down 1.4. Plus my friend (training partner) was back at goal. The weightloss gods were smiling down on us.

On Saturday went to a BBQ at my boss's house and I had a burger that was budgeted into my points and it was a pretty good day. On Sunday I also stuck to OP rather well with the exception of water. Made two Splenda Chocolate Mousse pies for a colleagues birthday today. I think this will technically be the healthiest birthday cake we've had. There is whip cream however sweetened with splenda. I got them here relatively unscathed but a bit sloshed around thanks to the bus.
Marathon training wise I was a bit negligent. Didn't do my long distance on Sunday (9.7km) , the weather was blechy and I had so much to do. However, on Saturday I walked home from the grocery store (12 blocks) with 8 bags of groceries. Two bags in each hand and the rest (all the heavy stuff) in my back pack. My shoulders are now sore. I do consider that to be some sort of workout.

I do have my workout layers packed for tonight, the weather is still blechy but it's so much easier to embrace when you know that you're friend is embracing it too. This Sunday my training buddy is off to Kelowna's half marathon...kudos to her. That also means that I have to do 22km by myself on Sunday...must load the mp3 with more upbeat tunes.

Made a WW recipe for lunch this week. Beef and Noodle Au Gratin, it's supposed to be 5pts and 4 servings but I used a bit more ground beef so I upped it to 6pts which is still probably generous. I did use no yolk noodles so I'm hoping that helps. I'll bring this for 4 days and then buy one day.

Apart from that not much to report about this weekend. Today is the work test for the new contacts. Wore them all day Saturday and it was all good with the exception that they're a bit harder to get out of course I was wearing them for 14 hours. Their thinner than my other ones so it's taking a little getting used to.

Have a great day everybody!

Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Friday!

Went to the optometrist yesterday and yes indeed my vision has changes. The guy tells me that I'm barely legal to drive with my current vision. I then asked him then how is it possible for me to read the posters on the wall that are 10ft away. He then corrected his statement and said it might effect night vision...whatever. Of course I hadn't been to the optometrist in quite a few years, well beyond the every 2 years you're supposed to go. I wasn't exactly surprised that it changed.

I was surprised at the cost of lenses and frames. Shopper's Optical no longer includes the price of lenses with the frames and I had a mini heart attack at forking out over $300 for one pair of glasses. I realize that's probably not so bad but I think I'll keep my current frames and just get new lenses.

He also told me that my astigmatism isn't so bad that I could get by wearing normal contact lenses so he gave me a pair of Acuvue Oasys to try out. I popped a pair in at the office and whoa do they feel different from my other ones. Apparently these ones hold moisture better and offer UV protection. They sent me home with a pair in my perscription to try out for a week and then I go back and give my report. If my vision isn't really effected by the non toric then I can go a head with these one, if I notice a dramatic difference then it's back to Toric. I'm going to try them out tomorrow. Handed in my conservative pair of glasses for new lenses and got talked into the more expensive and thinner poly lenses ($184). Yes, vanity reared it's ugly head. When I get those back I'll get the same thing done with my "funky" pair. With Hawaii looming and not any real issues with my current glasses I can't justify new frames.

Went home for supper and opened up a can of Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom, it was disgusting. I think I prefer the low fat version that you add water too. So instead I had graham crackers and pudding cup for supper all within my points. I couldn't think of one thing to make for dinner and it was 7:30.

I really need to give the grocery list some thought tonight. I pulled out a WW hand out that I got ages ago called Today's specials it's got some great ideas in there so I'm hoping it will get me out of my rut of eating pretty much the same thing every week.

Not sure how WI will go tomorrow, I won't be surprised to see a gain just due to what week it is. My mind set is a new week starts tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Uphill Battle

So despite good intentions my supper didn't quite go according to plan. I was out of cooking spray for one thing so had to use oil completely forgetting that I own an olive oil mister doohickey. Then as I watched ANTM I munched on left over Raspberry Loaf that my Dad had bought on the weekend. A bit surreal watching models and eating baked goods. Biggest Loser is safely taped.

Stepped on the scale this a.m and 173 stared back at me so I have a 20pt day planned to shock my metabolism into gear and so far so good, I haven't eaten anything I haven't planned. I have an optometrist appointment after work so maybe I'll pick up a Sub at Subway and either take it home or eat it at the mall. I should definitely pick up cooking spray.

Our phone lines went down at work which put a bit of damper into getting things done. What a great opportunity to blog :)

I also don't have much to say today, perhaps more tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The week of the snack attack

I despise the week before TOM, I despise the fact that my inate urge is to seek out snacks and it always takes me a few days to figure out why. Then even though I know why, it still happens.
Blah, blah and more blah. I need to keep it together for the next 3 days. Stepped on the scale this morning and I was up half a pound...not too bad but as said above...3 days to go.

I was doing well until I watched someone eat Dutch Crunch chips in a meeting. I got Ms Vicky chips...bad but not as bad as normal chips at least I paired it with a Canada Dry Sparkling with lemon - love it and is equal to water no salt, no sugar, no apertame. The really crazy part is right now my stomach is grumbling.

I had Special K for breakfast because the egg on toast I planned didn't turn out so well. I was trying out this new microwave egg poacher. I followed the directions and put it in for the suggested time and it wasn't even close to being done. I put it in for a few more minutes and it looked o.k. Then I put it on my toast and it was super runny. Blah! My plan was to have protein for breakfast so the urge to snack would not be that strong. Special K is useless at keeping one feeling full.

Lunch and morning snack were perfectly OP. Then the least I can modify dinner and did have a good amount of points to play with.

Today is a rest day so I'm happy ANTM is on tonight. If I'm distracted I will not nosh. Have to tape Biggest Loser due to self imposed bed time.

There's a BBQ happening on Saturday so I should focus all my bad eating desires on that day...yeah that's the plan.

Must now go and avoid all things edible until supper (egg white omelette with veggies perhaps).


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tails of the Trail

I got a call from training partner at the end of the day yesterday saying she had to skip last nights workout. I, being a very focused individual at the moment, decided to walk home. I can take the pathway to my hood and then must access Douglas Fir Trail to get up the densely wooded cliff to where the neighbourhoods are. I've noticed for the past few weeks that all accesses to the trail have been closed due to repairs. I've also noticed how people push the barriers aside and use the trail anyway.

I headed off and went on my merry way wearing a shorter sleeved shirt than normal (planning for a workout without a back pack), of course I now had a backpack to lug home. I walked along the path right behind a woman with a Ironman t-shirt on. She was also walking and quite a distance since I was walking the same path but she had no water on her at all and it was warm. I passed her once but then she passed me, oh well I knew what lay ahead.

All of the accesses to the trail had been closed and reinforced. That meant I had to go to Edworthy park and then make my way up the hill. I got there (having now walked for about 7km) and had two options. First option was a very steep hill that had a dirt path and second option was walk along the long curving road that was an incline the whole way. I chose the road and considered it hill training. Wowsers I was winded when I got to the top and still had 6 blocks until my house. The miraculous thing was that pace didn't suffer at all. I thought I was going the speed of a snail up the road.

Thanks to that hike/walk my pack of mini oreos didn't get me off plan.

I made sure to stretch really well afterwards and actually got up today without any difficulty.

So tonight is strength training. I think I'll do the workout in G-Force with my stability ball and if that doesn't take 40min I'll add pilates.

My goal is to follow my training exactly up until the marathon and I'm taking it one day at a time.

To Success!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Scary Day

This morning one of my colleagues went into a diabetic insulin shock, we now suspect it was a diabetic coma. Thank Goodness he's o.k (been to the hospital and now resting at home) and everyone's first aid knowledge kicked in. The people who work on the same floor are all in a bit of shock. Completely understandable after seeing someone so full of life and energy hit the deck, those of us downstairs have just tried to be there for them. Of course everyone is better knowing he's o.k.

Of course anything else I have to say sounds meaningless in comparison to this morning. My afternoon snack was a mini bag of mini oreos...not the best choice but I have the points for it. 60min of hard core walking involving hills is on tap for tonight and it's been a beautiful day so that should be nice.

I made an oppointment with an optometrist...I haven't been in about 4 years so I thought it's time and that's what medical coverage is for. So I'll treat myself to some new specs and maybe some contacts. I think my twitch (which is much better thanks to a full night of sleep) might be partially do to with my vision changing and staring at a computer all day.

I've discovered a horrible tv time conflict...Ugly Betty starts this week at the same time as The Office and I can only tape one. Due to my vow of seeking proper rest this week I really shouldn't stay up and watch. Both Canadian and American stations have Ugly Betty on at the same time, I was hoping to find The Office on maybe a slightly different time on a Canadian network. Nada, in my fair city no Canadian network carries The Office...I'm traumatized. There is one option of salvation. I have a second tv in my basement but it isn't hooked to cable; however it does have a vcr. I'm hoping the Canadian channel has decent reception on the 2nd tv so I'll tape Ugly Betty downstairs and tape The Office upstairs. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow another office birthday is being celebrated...thankfully I don't need to make it this time.

Until Tomorrow