Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Discoveries and still no Turkey

First of all, thank you so much for the positive feedback the other day. You guys are amazing and inspirational in so many ways.

The long weekend was relaxing. On Saturday I really enjoyed the return of Battlestar Galactica and stayed on plan food wise. Saturday is my treat day so I stayed within my planned debauchery.

Sunday did just under 4hrs of training (burned 1663 calories), walked about 23km but that included up and down a cliff and criss crossing around to try to make up the distance. Plus my MP3 player's battery died at the half way point. So the last 10km was challenging with no tunes. The rest of Sunday was a bit of a loss because I was tired! Had a nice protein loaded meal after training so by the time supper rolled around all I wanted was a salad. My pace was slower than normal, I had to keep telling myself "long, slow distance not race pace, build endurance". Still haven't found a carb goo/gel that I'm crazy about so (Cara Mia) I will hunt down this GU Chocolate palooza (or whatever it's called) in the hopes that it really does taste like chocolate pudding.

I slept in Monday (which rarely happens thanks to training) and then went to Ikea and behaved myself, bought only things I really needed like dish brushes. Had a late lunch of meat balls there and then of course didn't feel like supper so just had Ryvitta crackers and some light cream cheese. Didn't do my 1hr walk, did laundry instead. I did attempt a strenght workout but that led to my discoveries. Really I should not have slept in and gone for a walk in the morning but I did enjoy the extra sleep.

The Discoveries
1. I need structure in terms of meals. I have a way easier time during the work week with scheduled times for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Having breakfast at 9:30am on the weekend and lunch at 2pm results in random snacking at dinner.

2. I don't like to do workouts out of a book, I tried to do strength training via a book and I just got bored with keeping track of form and number of reps. I definitely prefer following along with a DVD so Core Secrets and Pilates are the way for me. Weather permitting I might toss in a one hour walk tonight and some pilates since tonight should be strenght training.

3.Sandwich and soup is boring (when brought from home anyway). Today I brought 1 cup Gardennay Buttersquash soup and 1/2 a sandwich pocket (slightly different from a pita) with a couple slices of pastrami. I had to talk myself in to it with a pep talk. That and chanting "Hawaii", as in need every spare dollar for there.

So in my food timing mis-management this weekend I never got to have turkey so that's tonight. I got a Maple Leaf (?) microwave Turkey(3pts), cran sauce (2pts)stove top stuffing (which I might make in FF Chicken Stock and skip the margarine-(1pt without marg?)) and steamed asperagus (0). Then I will have leftovers for a hot lunch tomorrow...the master plan is coming together...mwhahahahahahah!

Have a great day everybody!


duenneschen said...

its a little late, but WWWOOOOHHHHOOOO towards your loss.

I'm so happy for you!

crackmonkee said...

Mmm your turkey dinner sounds good, I love stove top stuffing ... my family doesn't!

I also need structure, I do great food wise during the week while I'm working and then on the weekend it all goes to hell and I rarely get in all 3 meals!

Sonya said...

I find that meal structure is key for me - both timing, and what I eat. I do this on the weekdays - and sometimes it's tiring, but definitely worth it.

Great job on your walk this weekend! And thanks for your comment on my blog.;-)