Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight - to complement or not to complement

Yesterday I was waiting for the bus to take me to the plane one of my co-workers asked me if I'd lost weight. I said I had lost 25lbs. She told me she noticed in the airport the day before but wasn't sure if she should say anything. She didn't want to sound like she thought I was fat before.

That got me thinking that this is why I really do enjoy WW meetings. No one is shy about announcing how much they've lost or sticking up their hand for a bravo sticker.

I got a comment today from another co-worker that I was looking good. Which I didn't take as she thought I looked bad before. I took it as a complement and it fueled my stay on track mojo.

My bravo of the day was turning down a trip to Starbucks in the late afternoon (a rather weak time as it's long after lunch but almost dinner).

After work myself and my 50lb computer bag went to the downtown grocery store to pick up a few different things that my local grocery store doesn't have like unsweentened chocolate almond milk, lilydale turkey bratwurst and broccoflower. I also got a pack of pre-made crepes (1pt) and some sweet roasted red pepper hummous (1pt). It turned into a proper grocery shop and I took a cab home. I have a four day long weekend so I need to be prepared. I briefly paused in the frozen pizza section and debated a thin crust pepperoni and then thought nah it's not worth it.

Got home had dinner and then I headed out for a walk. This time I took the Garmin FR60 and the distance was a wee off from my Garmin 305 but calories burned were the same. I burned 424 calories today.

I did step on the scale this morning and it was exactly the same from Monday morning so I'm good with that.

Tomorrow my Canada Day will be spent cleaning my house so that I have 3 days of no cleaning. Happy Canada Day to me.

Hope you had a super fabulous Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bipolar eating??

Monday was a complete disaster food wise and it began with the plane. We normally take off at just before 6am on Monday. This did not happen because there was something wrong with the plane. We now had to wait for the 8:30am flight to arrive, de-plane and then we could get going. Fantastic a 2.5 hour wait.

Of course soon food was the massive discussion as there would be no plane snacks and the kitchen would be closed by the time we got to site. Everyone gets there so early no one has breakfast beforehand. So bit by bit at least 40 of us wound up at the closest Tim Horton's. I wanted protein so I got a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and coffee. I didn't realize at the time this was a 14pt breakfast. I did discover later that if you get the bacon egg sandwich on an english muffin it clocks in at 7pts as opposed to the 10pts of the biscuit.

Then my day went down hill. I didn't make stupid choices at lunch but I couldn't settle back into plan mode. I bought Sunchips from the vending machine and had a nanaimo bar at dinner. I also made sure to grab a good chunk of veggies at each meal but by then the damage was done.

I wound up working later because I didn't get my computer plugged in until 10:30am. I got to camp and I was tired. I didn't feel like fighting for a treadmill so I just wound up watching Bachelorette.

Well today I was back on track, as you may know Tuesdays have been rough for me lately due to getting home late and being a little zonked. Well today I finished perfectly on plan. I drank a whack of water as well. On the plane home I tried to sleep when the snack cart came around so I had no snacks on the plane. Came home and had the dinner I had planned in my head. My mental rehearsing I guess.

For the rest of the week the focus is stay on plan and activity. I only work tomorrow and then I have 4 days off but no Canada Day food festivities for me it's all about focus, focus, focus and focus. I'll reconcile with the scale tomorrow morning to see where I'm at.

The important thing for me is I had a bad day and then move on. Do not dwell, do not wallow and do not overthink just move on.

I hope you all had a fabulous few days.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The mantra this week..160

This is my focus this week to get into the 160s, when I feel weak or tempted I will chant 160 in my head.

I was looking over the past 25 weigh ins and I average 1lb loss per week, that's nothing to sneeze at but I'd like to bring up the focus a bit. I've had two - 2lb losses back to back. I'm aiming to make it happen a 3rd week.

On to the plans.

So last week I had a plan and this is how it went:

Sat: Strength - Did the strength workout plus yoga
Sun: Cardio - Went for a 7.6K walk and mowed the lawn
Mon: Strength- Bit of a disaster as I was so sore from Sat but I squeaked out an arm routine
Tue: Yoga - Didn't happen
Wed: Cardio - Went fo a 10K walk
Thur: Strength and Yoga - Tried Zumba for the first time
Fri: Cardio - Step aerobics for 25min and then a 7K walk

All in all not bad but I'm short a yoga session.

This was the food on WW:
Total points available: 189
Activity Points: Earned 28

Ate: 221.5
Over by 4.5 pts for the week

My weightloss efforts are greatly impacted by exercise, the 4.5pts didn't hurt me I think because I had a fair amount of activity leading up to weigh in.

This week:
Sat: Rest day
Sun: Cardio/ Yoga - Did a 7.6K walk this morning and mowed the lawn - 6 activity points
Mon: Strength
Tue: Yoga
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Strength and Yoga
Fri: Cardio

Thursday is Canada day and I'm taking Friday off as well so it's a bit of a different week. This coming weekend I'm sorting out my dryer issues by doing a thorough re-organization of my laundry room, taking the measurements of the dryer/washer I have and then I go shopping.

I hope you all are having a great Sunday.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

25lbs Gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it, 2lbs down today which got me to 25lbs down, well 25.8 actually. I got the 25lb charm which is the circle thing on top of the book.

I am so close to entering the 160's for the second time in my weight loss journey that started many many many moons ago. I've been thinking a lot about 168 (my lowest on the WW band wagon ever) and I'm trying to build my mental toughness to keep it going. Heck I work on my mental toughness every week to focus on the behaviours that will get me a lower weigh in.

This weightloss thing is all about the mental component. We all know what to do and how to do it but it's the sticking with it that is ruled by the brain.

I did make my turkey/sweet potato sheppard's pie which is way closer to a casserole. I tried to make it into 6 servings and I didn't quite have enough mashed sweet potato to cover. I had it for dinner after the concert and it's pretty good. It's got a garlic/ chili powder vibe going - sorry I was in a rush when making it so no pics.

Starwars in Concert was really good. There were loads of people from kids to couples to friends and some you knew were dragged to this by the significant other. Anthony Daniels (CP3O) was there and he narrated. They took all 6 movies and kind of combined them into themes i.e A fateful love or a jedi is trained and then orchestra played the score going with that theme. I've always known music was a big part of Star Wars but I don't think I appreciated it as much until today while watching a live orchestra perform it. It's all those components the violins, the tuba, the french horn combined that make such an amazing thing.

I made a quick exit and didn't stay for the encore as I was hungry. I didn't have a single snack at this thing even though everyone walked by with me with snacks. There was buttery popcorn, candy floss, nachos and mini donuts - this is my all time favourite treat at Stampede. I told myself I can have some mini donuts at Stampede only.

No activity today apart from walking to weigh in. That will start off tomorrow and I think I'll write my week in room tomorrow as today is all about I'm down 25lbs!!!

My plan for tomorrow is to go out early for a walk/ run. I had to run for the bus tonight and it felt good. I also need to mow and water the lawn plus make a dent in this online class I've been avoiding. It's an open format which I'm not used to. I think I like due dates better.

I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Operation Hottie means not giving up

I dragged myself through today and I'm not sure why. It's warm, I've been busy and I just want to sleep in. Alas that won't happen till Sunday.

Got home from work being chased by a thundershower. It was raining downtown when I left and then this big ominous black cloud was hanging in the sky emitting a rumble now and then. The wind was picking up and I thought my plans for a walk outside when out the window.

I got home changed into workout clothes, dragged out the step and attempted step aerobics. I lasted 25 minutes and 157 calories burned with a HR of 154-124. I just wasn't into it tonight. Then I looked outside and the dark cloud was gone, so I switched my gear and headed out for my walk.

1:00:27/ 7.03K/ 352 calories burned/ pace 8:36-8:01/ HR 130-143

So combined that nets me 5 activity appointments tonight. I have no idea what the scale will say tomorrow but I'm really really really hoping it's at least a pound.

I'll do my week in review tomorrow but I have realized I'm getting good at the morning snack now I need to get my head around the afternoon snack. Lucky for me I just have to go to the end of the hall and M and T each have a drawer filled with 100 cal or relatively WW friendly snacks. I can't depend on them as I need to be in control of my food intake.

Tomorrow I'm making sheppard's pie with ground turkey and sweet potato mash. If I remember I'll take pictures. Tomorrow I also bring out my inner geek as I'm going to Star Wars in Concert.

Hope you had a groovy Friday.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I Zumba-ed

At one point on this blog I talked about diversifying my exercise. I've been wanting to try Zumba but was a little self conscious to go to a class. I took this hip hop class once and felt like a hippo in a ballet which haunts me so I decided to try the Zumba dvd version before embracing a class. It arrived yesterday but I tried it today.

I started with the instructional dvd that breaks down the moves. I'll admit I don't completely get all of them but I figure I'll learn as I go. Little did I realize it was a one hour instructional dvd.

I decided to move on to the 20min workout dvd and it was fun. I got a sweat on even though I wasn't quite doing all the moves. It's quite difficult to slide while wearing runners on carpet. I had thought to try the Winsor pilates afterwards but now it's too close to bed time

There's a Zumba class tomorrow at Spa Lady that I might investigate. After the dvd I realized there has to be some other people who don't know what they're doing. Have any of you Zumba-ed, what has your experience been?

Had a full day of meetings so went for lunch with the group to Taco Del Mar, I didn't have time to research the NI before going. I thought I made a healthier selection but when I went home and found the NI it wasn't so fabulous. Don't you hate it when that happens?

I weighed myself when I got home and saw a lower number than this morning which I thought was strange but decided to eat a little light tonight to compensate for lunch.

I tell you one thing I'm looking forward to Saturday in terms of re-setting my week. I just need to get through tomorrow.

Hope your Thursday was fun.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My own Walk It Challenge

I got my wires crossed today, way back when I signed up for the WW Walk It challenge I didn't realize my friends had signed up for a different location. Instead of waiting downtown for 2 hours to walk 5k by myself I went home and did my own walk it challenge.

1:29:33/ 10.49km/ 542 calories burned/ pace 8:33- 5:31/ HR 135-166

I was in the hole for the week by 9.5 points so I wanted to erase that by earning some serious activity points. I'm definitely in damage control mode due to yesterday.

Today's food smack on plan. I added a morning snack today which worked well. As I was on the way home on the bus my stomach was grumbling so I had a baby bell cheese before I headed out for the walk.

I tried to add running twice today and on the 2nd section my right knee felt funny so I just walked the rest.

Got a whack of inspiring magazines in the mail today i.e. Shape and Self so that will help put me in the right mind set again.

Hope you all had a super fabulous Wednesday.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is the lesson ever truly learned?

For some reason I sleep really well at camp that is until the alarm clock in the room went off at 4:30am. In all the times I've spent in a camp room the alarm clock has never gone off as I'm usually in a guest room so no one bothers to set it.

For lunch today I opted to go with the egg salad sandwich (thin layer of egg salad) on an onion bun. The other sandwiches looked a little sad. I rarely have onion buns, I love them but at 4pts it has to be worth it. I had a low point breakfast of cream of wheat so I thought I was in a good place.

Then the cramps kicked in, don't you just love TOM. I went in search of a diet coke to team up with an advil to deal with that. I went to the pop machine downstairs and everything was sold out. Instead I moved to the machine next to it and bought a chocolate bar....yeah I don't know what made me choose that idea.

That's alright I could plan around it and I chose not to have a granola bar on the plane. We took off from site and had a very bumpy flight to Fort Mac where we sat for 30min because of air flow control in Calgary. Then the pilot tells us that Calgary has thunderstorms and some funnel clouds have been spotted. So we're taking on extra fuel so we have some options.

Now I start to wonder when the heck I'm going to get home. A few weeks back a flight was diverted to Edmonton due to Calgary weather. I had the granola bar on the plane as I was hungry by 6pm. Everyone around me ate chips - the injustice. We landed with no incident as the storms had moved off. Murphy's Law for sure.

Then I got home and grazed my way through the kitchen - there was a handful of multigrain fish crackers, some Breyer's smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream with my cooked rhubard and then I polished of the last of the walnuts. It all happened in a short period time, kind of like a cyclone.

What was I thinking, this type of behaviour is not going to get me to down 25lbs.

Yes it was hormone fueled with perhaps a wee self sabotage due to having a weight goal in sight. I do that. However I have yet to really have a good plan for when I get home on Tuesdays. I remember writing about having frozen entrees for this type of scenario. Home late and hungry with no plan = potential disaster.

It's only Tuesday, three days to weigh in. The damage can be contained and mega activity can occur.

This is almost a repeat of last week but with lower fat ice cream this time. I need to put my Tuesday night plan into action. Of course no workout happened either. Instead I'll be folding the laundry that air dried while I was away.

Tomorrow I take part in the Walk It Challenge so that's a 5K walk, I might go for another one when I get home. Yoga will definitely happen tomorrow as it didn't happen tonight.

This is the part where I dust myself off and refocus, one bad night will not derail the rest of the week.

I hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.


Monday, June 21, 2010

A bit of a goofy day

The mission was to be good today as yesterday ended in a wee bit of mindless snacking thanks to my dryer. I'm not freaked about buying a new one, more a wee stressed about all that needs to be done about it. I consulted the all knowing Dad and I need to call a plumber to uninstall my old dryer and install the new dryer. I think I'll go to Sears on the weekend as they tend to have sales on weekends. Before I start flipping through the yellow pages ask them if they a deal or one on retainer. By putting it off a few days will give me an opportunity to clean the laundry room. I'll pick up a second drying rack as I suspect I'll have another round of air drying before this is sorted out. I always like to have a back up plan.

It's been awhile since I did a strength workout and I forgot that 48 hours hurts way more than 24 hours. Yesterday I felt it in my legs but not my abs. Today it's all about the abs and the legs.

I kind of willed myself down the stairs of the plane this morning. Everytime I sit for awhile my muscles get angry when I get up and everytime I had to get up from a chair today was a bit of an adventure. I felt like I was walking around like some wounded animal.

I discovered a way to make a fabulous sandwich at camp. All the sandwiches are pre made - bread, meat or filling, cheese or no cheese. There's absolutely no condiments on it so you can add what you want. I normally get the whole wheat ham and cheese, I take off half the ham (there's a wee too much on there)  and then add mustard. Today I found a rye bread version, and I grabbed some sliced onion and tomato off the salad bar. At lunch I assembled the sandwich and the tomato/ onion took it to another level.

I hit the gym after work and there was another girl in there on the one treadmill so I warmed up on the spawn of the devil (aka the ellipitical trainer). I don't care for this machine but it served it's purpose. Then I proceeded to get ready for sit ups and I couldn't peel myself off the floor. It just felt too sore, I tried plank and lasted 2 seconds.

I then picked up a few handweights (10lbs) and did chest presses, bicep curls and suicide dips - 3 sets, 15 repititions. I then hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes. In total 180 calories burned. Sort of a wimpy workout for me but I tried. I had no alternative plan to do instead of the same workout I did on Saturday so I made it up as I went along.

Note to self - write a few workouts in my little notebook so I have options.

Dinner was some over cooked veggie spaghetti, mashed potatoes (my other option was brussel sprouts or french fries). I have yet to have decently cooked brussel sprouts here since the fabulous chefs left. I thought a wee bit of mashed potatoes was better than french fries. There was sheppard's pie but after my last experience I was leery. Though I did hear comments that it was good tonight. I am now feeling unsatisfied with my dinner and am fitting the urge to go the convenience window and buy a bag of chips.

My Bachelorette buddy isn't here today so I'm watching it in my room. At some point I'll grab a shower and put food out of my head. My room has the air conditioning going full blast (no way to adjust it) and it's a wee chilly. Lucky for me I prefer cool over hot.

Hope you guys are having a specatcular Monday, talk to you tomorrow when I get home.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

It had a good life

My gas dryer just died, it had a good life I think it's older than I am. I don't need to worry about it today as I now have clothes hanging everywhere but it's alright I'm gone for two days.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm o.k with buying a new one but I don't know if I need to call someone to uninstall the old one before I buy a new one?

I plan to go to Sears for the new one and I know they'll deliver and for a fee take the old one away. I'm not sure if they'll hook up the new one?

Any ideas, advice or previous experience with this?

My prediction came true

Yesterday I said I thought I might be uber sore today well I was right. Not so much when I first got up but definitely as the day progressed.

This morning I had a quick breakfast of a WW English Muffin with 2 tbsp of organic peanut butter and a glass of skim milk and then I headed out for a mega walk. I wanted to do it early so one it got done and two when it was cooler. It's supposed to be 23 today.

1:11:42/ 456 calories burned/ 7.67K/ Pace 9:21-5:39/ HR 76%-70%
I decided to walk as I do enjoy my mega walks it gives me more time to reflect as I'm not counting or staring at my watch for intervals.

Got home had a morning snack of a Strawberry Activia yogurt with some cut up strawberries. Had an interesting time getting up as my muscles were sore. I then put the Polar heart rate monitor on and headed out to mow the lawn.

52:35/ 316 calories burned/ HR 147-124

Then made a so so lunch. Now thinking of what to make for dinner.

Now I'm doing laundry so I can pack for my regular two day trip to Northern Alberta.

I did yoga last night and netted 8 activity points for the day. I want to do it again a little later on and if I do it will be day 2 of 8 Aps earned as I'm sitting at 7 right now.

On the top of each page of my tracker I've written OH and the day out of 61. For example today says OH 9/61 and then what type of workout I need to do that day - today it says Cardio. For those of you who don't know the OH is Operation Hottie and it's my countdown to my friend P's birthday in Vegas. Day 61 is my last weigh in before Vegas. When I do the workout I put a little check mark next to the word.

I'm hoping it will act a bit of an anchor to keep on point. I want to hit to at least 25lbs down next week.

I hope all the Dad's out there are having a lovely Father's Day, I hope everyone else has a fantastic Sunday.

Not sure if I'll be blogging this trip but I'll be wishing you all healthy thoughts. Hugs!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Down 2.6!!!

Holy Guacamole, I surprised myself (Tuesday was the 18pts of Ben&Jerry's incident)  but I did work hard this week (despite the B&J incident) and the results showed on the scale. This puts me 1.2lb from 25lbs down. That's the goal for next week. This was the week before TOM which is usually difficult for me but I think my focus on activity negated the water gain.

I have two weigh ins left in this booklet and I'd love to hit 168 (my lowest weight on my WW journey since the very beginning) by then.

The week in review:

Ate: 203.5pts
Base pts: 189 (22x7+35)
Earned 25 activity pts this week. I didn't eat 10.5 of them.

Workout wise:

The day - The plan - Actuality
Sat - Cardio - Cardio (Run/Walk)
Sun - Strength/flex- Yoga/Lawn
Mon - Cardio - Cardio (Run/Walk)
Tue - Flex - Did nothing
Wed - Cardio - Cardio (Run/Walk)
Thur - Strength/Flex - Taebo
Fri - Cardio- Cardio (walking)

I didn't exaclty follow the activity plan this week but in the end I'm not worried about it.

This week is going to be a bit different.

Sat: Strength
Sun: Cardio
Mon: Strength
Tue: Flex
Wed: Cardio
Thur: Strength/ Flex
Fri: Cardio

I'm pretty good at getting cardio in so I need to focus on the strength and that means free weights.

Today I walked to weigh in and back with groceries which burned 231 calories. I then came home put the groceries away had lunch plus a wee rest and then went to Spa Lady which is across the street from my WW meeting.
I started my heart rate monitor at my door as walking to Spa Lady was the warm up and walking home was the cool down (2K each way).
It's been ages since I've been to SL as I do have a habit of treating gym memberships like charitable donations i.e. pay the money and don't go. The good thing about SL and the corporate gym is that combined they're still ridiculously cheaper than any of the other gyms around town.

The workout:
5 sets of:
15 sit ups
15 push ups
15 dumbell squats (with 2 - 10lb weights)
15 dumbell swings - 15lbs

My legs felt a little like jello when I finished that and it was tough. It's amazing how fast you lose the strength when you don't use it.

In total it was 1:14:17/ 511 calories burned/ heart rate 172-133. I have a feeling I'm going to be uber sore tomorrow so cardio might be a mega walk as opposed to a run/walk.

I might still do some Namaste yoga to stretch the muscles today, I probably will and then have 3 flex/ 3 strength and 3 cardio this week.

I hope you have a spectacular Saturday. Hugs!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Saw A-Team today and I really enjoyed it. The story was put together in a way that kept your attention and they captured just enough of the original series to satisfy old fans while explaining the story to new fans. If you're looking for an action adventure with some comedy I highly recommend it.

I had no snacks during the movie just a bottle of water. We were going to hit the food court for lunch so I already planned on a A&W baby burger and side salad. I stuck to the plan and then discovered the burger had cheese. I didn't ask for cheese. I had planned on a grande light coffee frappucino but I had downgraded to tall so it still worked out. I had the almonds with me but opted not to eat them.

I also managed to escape the mall without buying anything. I had thought of stopping by Lululemon but decided against it. Today I wore the Germany Lulu hoody that when I first bought it felt like I imagine a girdle to feel like. Today it fit fine..whoo hoo.

Lately I have had a hard time with the 22pts a day and trying to stick that. It seems like in no time at all they're gone. Today I had to think of ways to get to that. Strange.

Technically it should be a run day today. I walked a few kms to the bus stop and back from the bus stop plus back and forth across the mall. Got home and was debating on if I should do it today or do it tomorrow to give the knees a bit of a break when the sky opened up and it poored, and for a minute looked like hail. Mother nature made the decision for me.

Instead I'll peruse the new WW magazine that was in my mailbox and clear some stuff off the pvr. Food and drink cut off at 6pm to prepare for weigh in tomorrow.

I hopped on the scale when I got home from the movie and I saw an amazingly good number. Let's hope it stays for tomorrow.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The archives

Even though it's still raining I decided to go the post office and pick up my parcel. Life can not stop because of the weather. The wee bit irritating part was the wind and it's attempt to wrestle my umbrella. I eventually put the umbrella away and just embraced the weather.

I got off the bus one stop earlier than necessary so I'd have to hike across the parking lot with my 40lb computer back pack. It's heavy and made a bit of a workout. The package was the Mari Windsor Slimming Pilates. The box wasn't so light and rather awkward to carry. I stopped in at Safeway to buy a bus pass and then decided to take the bus home instead of walking due to the blechy weather.

I waited for the bus forever and then decided to take the one that's a few blocks away from my house as opposed to a few doors away. All in all I guestimated about 20 min of walking netting me 133 calories burned.

Then I got home and wasn't in the mood to "make" dinner so I had what I call the antipasto dinner - baby bell cheese, turkey bit, edamame.

I knew I should do another workout but was not sure what to do. I didn't want to embrace the pilates until I've gone through all the stuff so I headed to the basement to check out my archive of workout dvds. My goodness there's a few. I decided on Tae Bo. It's been forever and a day since I've done this dvd. There were some moves I just couldn't get so I did jumping jacks. All in all it resulted in a 40min workout with 214 calories burned.

Tomorrow it's off to see A-Team instead of Prince of Persia. I loved the tv show as a kid and so does my friend so the switch was made. Unfortunately we must head down to Chinook to see it but on a Friday lunch hour it shouldn't be the mass of humanity it is on a weekend. As it's the day before weigh in I will not be having popcorn but will bring a 2pt pack of almonds and a bottle of water. I've worked hard this week and I'm not going to blow it on a movie.

My plan for the week isn't exactly coming together but I have worked out so far 5 out of 6 days and I did buy lunch for the 2nd time this week as I'm off tomorrow. Saturday will be grocery shopping and lunches will be on the list.

I hope you had a great Thursay.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not myself tonight

Besides being the title of my current favourite song by Christina Aguilera, it was also my behaviour last night. I had cheezies on the plane home. I could probably have chosen not to have a snack or had one that didn't clock in at 6pts as that began a bit of a downfall.

Then I got home and was thinking of having cereal for supper when I saw an ice cream commercial and remembered the Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream sitting in my freezer. My intent was to just have a bit as I ate it out of the container (never a good idea). Well being tired and a little grumpy I went about picking out all the cookie dough bits which also resulted in polishing off the container.

I didn't talk about any of this yesterday because I hadn't tracked it yet and the ice cream happened after I posted the blog.

The good thing is lately I've been a super accurate tracker, I haven't always been. I always considered it a reckoning of sorts when it was pen on paper. Then I realized I'm not helping myself by not tracking or fudging the number so now it's accurate detail.  I documented my side step and got right back on track today.

I hit the gym for run/walk day 4 and I think I accomplished my goal of 2 min walk/ 1 min run. There were times I wasn't sure if I had walked 2 or 3 min. Then I had the thought of next time writing down the times on a post it note so I didn't get lost which will definitely happen when I start aiming for things like 90 seconds. I think I did 10 sets of run/walk. It did feel challenging today which is good so we'll see how it goes next time.

I was tired tonight so I stuck it out for an hour as opposed to my original goal of 8km (on the treadmill not necessarily running).

7.31K/ 1:01:05/439 calories burned/ Pace 8:21-5:45. Heart rate: 154-184

I caught the reflection of my legs in the window while running and I had a moment of "Oh my god I'm running". Two weeks ago I was a non-runner. Tomorrow I have to pick up a package on the way home and I'm hoping it's the pilates stuff.

I took my measurements last week for Operation Hottie and I think I'll do that weekly just for fun. I'm curious to see if there will be any difference from the running.

I have flex day on Friday but the corporate gym is open so depending on if it's still raining that could be an option for run/walk day 5. I'm planning to see Prince of Persia with my friend C so I could either work out before or after. If it's nice out, I'll go outside.

It did stop raining long enough this morning for me take out the garbage but then it started again. I'm starting to think I live in Vancouver and not Calgary.

I hope you had a great Wednesday and stayed dry.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Self perception can be whacked in the head

Home again and to pouring rain...yeah. My plan to take out the garbage when I got home as been moved to tomorrow morning and the hope it's still not pouring.

I'm totally wiped so declaring it a rest day even though the yoga mat mocks me from the floor. I tell you this yoga mat I don't have the energy to do the poses safely - so there. I never said Operation Hottie would be easy but now I blog and then to bed.

I completed run/walk day 3 yesterday on the gym treadmill and wowsers this thing is loud. The faster you go the more high pitched it gets. I felt like I was recovering faster than the 3 minute walk. I was aiming for a 50min workout as I wanted to grab a quick shower before heading to dinner and then off to watch the batchelorette.

My last two run/walk rotations became a 2min walk, 1 min run and it felt good. This was after 9 rounds of walk 3/ run 1 so I technically ran for one minute longer than the previous workout.

Tomorrow I head to the corporate gym and the treadmills I adore for Day 4 of Operation Hottie Run/Walk. I'm going to do walk 2/ run 1 and see how it goes. I can still feel it in my thighs especially but it gets better each time.

Today I helped my co-worker calibrate her Nike +, as I was programming it I showed her the weight on the ipod and asked if this was hers. The weight was 140lbs, the look on her face was like I had just called her fat. Her true weight was 8lbs less. I immediately thought how my goal is to be that 140lbs and to someone else it's a nightmare. To me she's quite skinny, to her she's got more to lose. I wonder what I'll be like when I get to goal. Will I look at myself and say good job or will I look at myself and say nope I need another 5lbs.

Does self perception ever line up with self awareness? Lately people have been referring to me as skinny and I immediately tell them I have 35lbs to go. They almost always say that this is too much. Yet when I stand next to a thin person I don't look all that skinny.

Thinking about it too much makes we whacked in the head.

I hope you all had a fabulous couple of days. Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My plan - one week at a time

I've been thinking a lot about how to approach my plan to be fabulous for Vegas otherwise known as Operation Hottie and otherwise known as giving a mega jump to move this weight loss thing along - 60 days and counting.

I tend to get overwhelmed by challenges and mega planning so I'm going to approach this week by week. This also allows me to assess my fitness level to see if things need to be switched up. I need to keep challenged and I very much want to focus on cross training.

So here's my week:
Sat: Cardio - done
Sun: Strength and yoga - done- ish
Mon: Cardio
Tue: Yoga
Wed: Cardio
Thu: Strength/ yoga
Fri: Cardio

Today I mowed the lawn - 334 calories burned/ 48:08min/ Heart rate: 134-156. My lawn is not even there are hills which gives you a nice sweat fest plus must qualify as some sort of strength exercise - this is the ish next to the done on today's date.

Then I broke out the Namaste yoga dvd and did the warm up and 12 min sequence of Exalted Warrior and Sun-Moon resulting in 41:13min and 138 calories burned. I really enjoyed it as I could feel some tight spots getting a nice bit of stretching.

I need to practice yoga more frequently so I'm going back to Kate Potter and will work my way through the dvds then maybe a class. My corporate gym and Spa Lady have yoga classes as well.

Tomorrow I'm at camp so it will be a date with a treadmill and run/walk#3 but I'm also thinking a strength workout with free weights to have a true strength workout. I've written down the very first workout I did with trainer to ease myself back into that. I also recently got sucked in by an infomercial and bought Mari Winsor's Winsorslim pilates set - in the mail. Some don't count pilates as a strength workout I disagree as I know my abs and arms always feel it afterwards.

Tuesday I fly back and depending on when the plane lands it can be a rather long day so I thought yoga would be perfect on it's own. I'm leaving the mat rolled out on my living room floor so it's the first thing I see when I get home. The flight schedule changes in July which will actually get me home about 2hrs earlier than I do now so this day could be open to something more.

The other part of my goals is to drink a minimum of 2L of water a day (this has been so-so), no eating 2hrs before bed, and only buy lunch one day a week. I'm not crazy about making my lunch but it's smart financially and controlling calories. I eat two days a week at site anyway so to make 2 meals out of 3 isn't impossible. My buy day will probably be Wednesday so I can create something afterwork for the rest of the week.

Alright so now I need a book a cab and make dinner. Hope you had a fantastic Sunday...Hugs!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I did it

Quick post just pop into say I did my 2nd day of my version of C25K, the same thing I did on the treadmill the other day but this time outside in 22C. That's pretty warm for me.

I never run outside unless it's for a bus or to make a walk light. There was wind and stuff blowing in my face but I completed 10 sets of 1 min run/ 3 min walk and I once again finished off with more walking.

These are the deets:

8.2K/ 478 calories burned/ 1:05:11/ Pace 7:58-5:30/ Heart rate: 156-185

I just had to share

Well that wasn't so bad - Operation Hottie Day One

I was up .4 today, and incredibly pleased with that. I was expecting more. I'm happy I didn't back slide that much so I can truly see what 61 days of dedication can bring.

Last night I checked the calendar and counted to my last weigh in before leaving for Vegas which is August 11th or in 61 days.

Today I bought a new 3-month journal, I had one week to go on my old one but I felt like starting fresh. I also took the Garmin FR60 with me to weigh in and back to see exaclty what the distance is.

I also brought a Kashi granola bar with me as my first food of the day so I didn't buy some baked good from Starbucks.

All in it was 4.56K as I go a little futher on my way there to stop at Starbucks and the trip home was measured from the grocery store (which is across the street from WW) as I always grocery shop after weigh in. I burned 234 calories.

This morning before I left I took my measurements and did my full scale weigh in i.e body fat, body fat percentage and etc. Up until now I had just been using a general setting to do this, I hadn't programmed my details like height and age. Today I decided to properly set myself up and there was a dramatic difference. From last week to this week it says I lost 11lbs in body fat, which is impossible. This means what I've been tracking for the past few months is bunk.

I did some edits and started with this week's data as my go forward point on a fresh spreadsheet. I moved the previous data to another page. It sucks that half of all that stuff I tracked to this point is garbage but c'est la vie - move on.

My day 2 of C25K will happen later today, now I have chicken marinating and I plan to cook up some of the rhubarb I have in the backyard, do laundry and get cracking on working on the course I signed up for plus create that workout plan which I'll post later or tomorrow.

Have a groovy Saturday...Hugs!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Whatever happens...happens

This is my attitude towards weigh in tomorrow. I've had a rollercoaster week this week and my normal pattern of behaviour would be to try to rescue it today. Well today I don't really care. I'll face the scale tomorrow and then start fresh.

Blowing through all my flexpoints on Saturday was not a great idea as I've felt like I was playing catch up all week. Due to the bulk of my week being out of town my activity and attitude towards activity was not very dedicated. The meeting topic a few weeks back about staying on track on weekends really hit home for me this week. Especially the part about the pressure of overcoming the hole I put myself in.

I got home from a long day at work with a bit of stress headache and thought screw it I'm going to have what I want for dinner. I'm going to have a sundae too. The sundae was light ice cream and not in a soup bowl so that was a more positive change in behaviour. I remember the day before I joined WW for the very first time and my "final" meal was polishing off the Bernard Callebaut chocolates in the gold box.

Today was not quite like that but more like coming to terms with what I need to do to be successful over the next two months. I'm not gunning for goal in 2 months that just totally unrealistic I am gunning for cementing some better behaviour and my lowest weight on this journey so far.

Tomorrow marks 2 months to Vegas so today is my farewell to wishy washy habits. It's game on from now on the other motivational factor is the physical the day after I come home from Vegas.

Tomorrow I'm going to do day 2 of my version of the C25K and create a weight training plan. Yeah I know I've said that before but like I said it's game on now. I will post my plan and goals to becoming a better me.

Operation Hottie is in full effect to be fit, fierce and fabulous. In a way I guess I'm training for Vegas now.

Hope your Friday was fabulous.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changes like blogs and running

I logged into today and noticed the new design feature so I decided to change it up a bit and get rid of the green template I've had since I started this blog 4 years ago. I'm liking the bright and cheery feel.

My picture made it on to Jack Sh*t, gettin' fit today (the one in pjs, using the camera on my computer with unbrushed hair - why I chose to send that one I have no idea) , along with a whack of awesome people sharing "Why They Do This Here" and also a great opportunity to see new blogs and get new inspiration.

Jack is one heck of a genius for coming up with this idea.

The other massive change today is that I ran. I went to the company gym onto a treadmill (I love these treadmills - quiet, built in fan etc) all of a sudden I decided to do a C25K like workout.

I did a 5 min warm up at 6K/hr (3.7 mph)
Then I ran for one minute, walked for 3 minutes - I did this 10 times. I ran for 10min that's insane. I ran between 9.5k/hr (5.9mph) - 10k/hr (6.2mph) I then felt like I was going to fall off the treadmill if I kept running so I just walked but I increased my speed. I discovered today that you can set a distance goal on this treadmill so I set it for 8km.

I chose the 3min walk as I just measured when I felt calmed down enough to run again. I remember reading that tip in a running magazine.  There were numerous times I was hanging on for the last 10 seconds but I just thought of that woman on Jillian Michael's Losing It the other day. If she can do it, I can do it.

I've tried C25K for before and never got beyond running for 2 min. Of course this was my first day. I'll try it again on Saturday but this time outside. I did have the treadmill set at a .5 degree incline so the treadmill wasn't doing anywork for me.

8.74KM/ 1:16:02/ 516 calories burned/ 8.42K - 5.55K/ Heart Rate 152-181

I'm heading into a relaxing bath when I finish this to hopefully ease any muscle aches that I no doubt will feel tomorrow. I have no desire to be a serious runner I just like the boost in calorie burning to make it more of a challenge for me.

That's all I got today, hope your Thursday was spectacular!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back from the North

My work laptop definitely has an issue with wireless that I must look into. I wound up watching Bachelorette with co-worker on Monday so no blogging as I was zonked by the end of that and then my hotel room in Fort McMurray had wireless and my computer wasn't co-operating which is why I haven't blogged in a few days.

So my master plan never happened. Well on Monday I did spend 60 min on the treadmill, Tuesday I did nothing plus I went to A&W for dinner. My other options were Keg, Boston Pizza so I went with A&W thinking not so bad but still bad. I got the Mama burger and fries as by the look of the place I seriously doubted the side salad would be fresh. Of course walking back to the hotel I then saw the subway. Then I bought a ridiculously expensive brownie from the hotel coffee shop. I didn't feel so great after eating that so that was my punishment. I was tired and not using my head.

Today I was in a meeting from 11-3 so that messed up my eating plan. I had breakfast at a normal time and had lunch at 3pm when I got home at 7:45pm I had cereal. Food wise was better today then yesterday but no activity.

This trip I didn't bring a proper outside jacket as I believed the weathernetwork. I did alright up north as the weather was really nice. I came home today and it was drizzling but I got home without getting drenched. Of course 10min a ago it started to absolutely pour so I got lucky.

It's supposed to rain more tomorrow so I should pack the gym bag and go to the company gym. Going outside will probably not be an option. I had originally thought to swing by co-op and pick up a few things for the next 4 days at home.

I'm going to be getting mega busy soon and I really need to make exercise the priority so co-op can wait until Friday when the weather is better and I can go for a mega walk when I get home. So tomorrow it's a date with a treadmill.

I hope you all had a fabulous last few days.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

The workouts

Mega Walk:
1hr/ 7.23K/ 387 calories burned

Step Aerobics:
33min/ 270 calories burned

Mission: 2 workouts today - Done and Dusted

No more funny business

Down .6 at weigh in and while I'm always happy to take a loss I was a wee disappointed in myself as this week was a bit of rollercoaster that I could have handled better.

I had a high point weekend last weekend, did fairly well Mon-Tue and then had high point Wed-Thur followed by a super on plan Friday. I earned 26.5AP and had 6.5 untouched by Friday. Yesterday my Dad did finally make it in and we planted the flowers plus collected all the various branches that have been cut off and loaded on to the truck and then I had a free for all food day. The free for all was something I had planned on as a my birthday celebration. As weigh in is Saturday this is the only day I could get away with it and still have a chance at a decent weigh in. I didn't track it all until last night on Daily Plate and this morning on WW.

It was a drive by weigh in and I didn't stay for the meeting but I've been totalling the "math" of weight loss. The good thing about tracking online with WW and using the database or adding foods to the database based on single serving is that when you double it shows you the true points. When I just tracked on paper I wouldn't really double the NI to determine the true points I just double the single point value. Super easy to sneak in extra points without knowing it that way.

OMG I blew through every single flex point on Saturday, I can't remember the last time I did that. Now it's no more funny business and I must be extremely focused. I have the added challenge this week of travelling from Mon-Wed so focus is key. I also dropped a point to 22 per day thanks to moving into a new age range. Daily Plate also reduced my calories because of that. Workouts might be a wee challenge but I have me a plan.

Today I will get two workouts in. Tomorrow I'll have my treadmill date at site. Tuesday night I go to Fort McMurray instead of coming home. I've already looked up the day rate for the Mac Island fitness centre. When I get to Fort Mac I'll check in and figure out how to get to the fitness centre, according to Google maps it's a 17min walk but I'll check with the front desk if that's a walk friendly trip. The fitness centre is open from 5am to 11pm. So I could also head over first thing Wednesday morning before heading into our Fort Mac office. The other option is just walk outside but my hotel is downtown and while first thing in the morning could work, I'm not so sure about early evening. My co-workers who live there think downtown is sketchy.

Now I'm putting the laundry in the dryer so my track pants can dry and then heading our for the first workout of today which is a mega walk while it's still on the cool side before we hit +19 today.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


Friday, June 04, 2010

You're making that up

Thank you for the birthday wishes, that's super nice.

Slept in until 6:30am today and it was marvellous. I've been sleeping with a sleep mask for the past few weeks as the sun is setting later and I find I sleep better. It's not just the sun but it also stops me from turning and looking at my glow in the dark alarm clock every hour.

After breakfast I checked out my blog lines and saw a new one from Jack Sh*t, gettin' fit. He's been doing this series of WIDTH (Why I do this here) and it's an awesome array of pictures of people holding note cards of why they're focused on losing weight. Great way to find new blogs of people who are on the same journey. So I still in my PJs and hair not brushed took a picture myself and sent it to Jack. I've been on the weight loss journey for a long freakin' time and I want to conquer this for the final time. Well I know it's not final final as it will be a focus for the rest of my life. It's the getting to goal that needs to be conquered.

A little later I headed downtown to have lunch with my friend P. I went a little early so I could go to the running room and get a new doohickey for the Nike + sensor. I got two, one as a spare. Then I hit the mall, it's really coming together after the nightmare renovations. I'm talking to my friend and she tells me it's supposed to rain all weekend. What! You must be making that up. I've looked at the weather network multiple times, and it says chance of showers not rain.

I didn't get home until 2:30pm and I immediately went out and took care of the flower beds. They are cleaned up, dug up, watered and ready for plants tomorrow. My dad will arrive with the flowers as long as it's not pouring tomorrow. Digging was my activity today though I didn't note when I started I know it was at least half an hour.

Now the focus is straightening up the house. Food and drink cut off in half an hour to prepare for weigh in tomorrow.

Hope you had a fabulous Friday!


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I woke up this morning not exactly excited about my birthday. I turned 38 today and while most people would never guess that I was that age (average guess is closer to 28-30) I'm conscious of it.

This morning I was thinking about all the things I haven't accomplished and then I stopped myself and started to think of all the things I have accomplished.

I didn't think it would be an eventful day as I think of myself as a bit of an outsider. I have friends but not gobs them nor do I want gobs of them. The ones I have are fabulous and I'm happy that I'm quite content on my own as well.

When it come right down to it I am extremely blessed.

Well I got birthdays wishes all day from my non-work friends, work friends and site friends. I had planned on having lunch at my desk as I had loads of work to do but I got bullied convinced into going out. My work mates got me the tiramsu cake from Sunterra market and it even had Happy Birthday written on it- kudos to those guys. T gave me a lovely body balm from Benefit - thanks T. The envelope of my birthday card had "The lovely, extrememly beautiful and talented Sylvia" written on it. Thanks T and M as I know you're behind that one.

I felt loved today and I don't often feel that way...thanks guys.

Alas it was a bit of a foodapalooza day as I also treated myself to maple walnut muffin this morning as my stomach was grumbling at 9:30am.

After work I stopped in at Sportchek and got myself a birthday present pictured above. This will be for the non walking exercises as I did officially discover the Garmin FR60 can only measure calories burned if you're using the foot pod. The watch on the Polar FT7 is way lighter and more flexible than the Garmin. I'll test it out in the next few days on step aerobics.When I got home from work I realized I needed some mega activity as I'm not going to toss this week away just because it's my birthday. Yes, I now own 3 heart rate monitors of some type and I also own 3 ipods - I'm an only child, no dependants and single so what.

When I got home I realized I needed some mega activity to off set the damage of the day.

556 calories burned/ 1:28/ 9.59K/ Pace 9:19-5:03 - Heart Rate Max 85%, Avg 76%. This was the 9 loop version of my neighbourhood walk.

I took the day off tomorrow to further celebrate my birthday self as I can sleep in and then I'm meeting my friend P for lunch.

Hope your day was groovy, mine was :)


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jungle lawn is dead

Last night when the cab was dropping me off and I was directing it to my house I told him "the one with the really shaggy lawn". Everytime I've planned to mow it last week it rained or snowed.

I decided to mow it tonight after work and 56min later the back lawn and front lawn are done. According to Daily Plate that burned 340 calories. I needed those 340 calories today.

I had meetings in the morning with some of my favourite co-workers and they always buy lunch.  We went to Subway. I'm kind of tired of the bland turkey, ham combo so I wanted something different. I ordered the Italian BMT, not realizing the points of course. I get back to my desk and plunk it into e-tools and wowsers that thing was 10pts.

It was the 35th anniversary of one of my all-time favourite co-workers P and we had crave cupcakes. One of my work WW buddies wasn't having one as she doesn't care for sweets, I just thought I wish I had that problem. I had one I've never seen before meringue on top, lemon cake part. I also figured that might be the most calorie friendly one as meringue tends to be pretty low in points as opposed to buttercream. I can't walk away from crave cupcakes.

Dinner wound up being 2 roma tomatos with 1 tbsp Fig Balsamic Dressing as I've blown my points, flex points and am now dipping into activity points. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though as I tend to lose well when I eat some of the calories I burned. I have 14.5 uneaten APs so far this week and I'll earn a few more tomorrow and Friday.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I was kind of hoping to stay under the radar at work and well in general. I have not so positive feelings about this birthday. When I walked into today and was told we were having cupcakes today I was also informed they knew it was my birthday and we'd do something different for my birthday tomorrow. I said that we didn't have to do anything for my birthday but I was told flat out no. I was then asked what I wanted and I just said birthday cake. I bake but I don't bake for myself so this is the one time in the year where I would like a baked good for me. I was never asked what kind of birthday cake so I'm intrigued what happens tomorrow. I can manage that as I plan to have veggie sushi for lunch and I will be going for a mega walk even if it's my birthday.

If work mates are reading - I'd like the tirimasu cake from Sunterra Market...just throwing it out there :)

I still need to prep the flower beds before Saturday but I won't be doing that tomorrow. That can be done on Friday.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sometimes fate conspires for you

Did very well food wise at site today, I stuck to my pre packed in the morning lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat and two chocolate chip cookies, plus a whack of raw veggies.

On the plane home is where my resolve gets shaky, we take off and land twice on this trip and for some reason that always makes me tired. Flight attendant comes by with the snacks and I was craving my tomato juice and chips combo. Well there was no tomato juice just orange and apple so I went with water. Then there were no chips and she'd have to get them from up front. I said "no worries" which she took as never mind. I didn't mean it as never mind more as that's not a problem. At any rate I had no chips. So the fates conspired for me by not letting me have any potato chips.

Got home had a bowl of multigrain cheerios with blueberries and 1 tbsp slivered yummy.

Now watching Losing It with Jillian, which I should probably turn my attention to so I can reflect on it tomorrow.

Hope you had a fantastic Tuesday!