Thursday, September 28, 2006

Uphill Battle

So despite good intentions my supper didn't quite go according to plan. I was out of cooking spray for one thing so had to use oil completely forgetting that I own an olive oil mister doohickey. Then as I watched ANTM I munched on left over Raspberry Loaf that my Dad had bought on the weekend. A bit surreal watching models and eating baked goods. Biggest Loser is safely taped.

Stepped on the scale this a.m and 173 stared back at me so I have a 20pt day planned to shock my metabolism into gear and so far so good, I haven't eaten anything I haven't planned. I have an optometrist appointment after work so maybe I'll pick up a Sub at Subway and either take it home or eat it at the mall. I should definitely pick up cooking spray.

Our phone lines went down at work which put a bit of damper into getting things done. What a great opportunity to blog :)

I also don't have much to say today, perhaps more tomorrow.


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