Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why wait

First weather news- Warming up today to a high of -15, that's a 25 degree difference from this morning...craziness.

I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday about how I wanted to start being accountable after my marathon and then I thought...why wait.

Points wise has been a disaster this week so far including yesterday. My goal for the remainder of this week is to stick to 22pts per day. Saturday will be a new week.

I also came to the realization of how many workout dvds I own this weekend. As I was setting up my Christmas stuff I put them all together. Wowsers - I should technically be ripped if I actually did all these things.

So enough is enough. My goal is to be at goal no later than my Birthday (June 3). That gives me 6 months to lose the 30lbs for WW and maybe an extra 10lb for my own personal goal. I'm really not basing that on any thing other than a BMI chart. I'll get to the 30lbs and then see.
So after Honolulu I'll add a tracker for June 3rd. My reward will be a trip to Toronto do some shopping.

So here we go: I'm tracking the food, the water, the exercise and because I'm a daily weigher, my morning weigh in.

The Food:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel spray-0
Light sour cherry jam 1tbsp - 1
1% Milk - 2
Jeuness Yogurt-2
Apple - 1
Lentil Soup - 3
Jeunesse Yogurt- 2
Bag of pretzels-2 (Got point from Dottie's will double check when I get home)
Fruit Salad -1
Tall Mocha with Whip - 6
2 whole wheat pitas - 4
Hummous - 3
After Eights- 2
Results 32/22

Water: 1.5/3L

Exercise: NADA

A.M Scale: 172

I will come back during the day to update this list so that I can have a record of what I've accomplished.

Onwards and downwards :)

P.S What went wrong: One-serious lack of protein yesterday, I was hungry again by 4pm and then hit the mall to buy ingredients for a cheescake. Had to make the cheesecake that took until 8pm and then watched America's Next Top Model.
Major Achievement- While watching Biggest Loser I almost grabbed a pudding snack and then asked myself why I needed it and then put it back.


Sonya said...

You're going to make your goal in June - without uncertainty!

And if your reward truly is a shopping trip in Toronto, I am SO there with you!!!! By then, I should be halfway towards my goal, so I'll need some new clothes too.:-)

Downwards is right!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

You're on, see you in Toronto sometime in June :)

Plus you always need that second opinion on clothes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you on doing the marathon. That is very impressive. I'm sure you are very excited about getting out of the Calgary weather and into the tropical sun.

duenneschen said...

hey...i could meet you guys in Toronto as's only a 4 hr car ride from DEEEEEE-TROIT!

Love the tude!

We can do this!!!!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Sounds like a get together in Toronto in June is in order :)