Sunday, November 29, 2009

8.2K today

I went grocery shopping and left with only what I needed which is a major victory this time of year. Safeway has almond tarts at Christmas and I love, love, love these. A few weeks ago I came home with a pack it’s bad news.

I will have them at Christmas (in moderation) and not before. I want complete focus until Christmas, partake in only my absolute favourites (the list is short) and then back on plan. My favourites include those tarts, chocolate covered marzipan and that’s about it. My family doesn’t do turkey and my baking goes out the door to neighbours and the office.

I came home with a few Smart Ones frozen meals as emergency dinners. My favourite is the fettuccine with broccoli, but I picked up a few new ones the quesadilla and the Florentine lasagne.

I walked a total of 8.2K today, 3.7k to and from grocery store and the 4.5k walk around the hood this afternoon. This earned 5 activity points today that will stay banked.

All food today is in the tracker and I’m on goal to hit my target points again no flex. I don’t want to eat anything after 6pm as bedtime will be 8pm as I have to catch the Monday plane in the wee hours of the morning.

I’m saving all the flex points for site in case I need them.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday.


Not one flex point for the first time…ever?

My mission yesterday was to stay focused and I happily report I did. I stuck to points, I tracked everything and I drank just over 2L of water. I didn’t use a single flex point which is my normal (we’re talking years) habit.

I weighed myself this morning and it said down a 1lb, definitely in the right direction but the true test is Saturday.

I did feel snacky last night and my witching hour is usually after supper. So when I felt the urge I distracted myself with a facial. I exfoliated, used a mask, a serum and moisturized. I also painted my toe nails.

Now I can’t give myself a facial every day but I thought it was a good start. I can change my nail colour frequently though.

I’m just passed the introduction of the Beck philosophy in the book, I think I hit my first activity today.

Writing this Windows Live Writer today, I keep hearing about it so I thought I’d try it. Which means I’ll have to add more pictures as apparently it’s way easier using live writer.

The Nike sensor and I will be calibrating it on our way to the grocery store and then I’ll head out for a longer walk later. It’s supposed to be 10 degrees today. I must enjoy it while it lasts.

Might be back later.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

No more peanut butter/ chocolate for me

Alas I was up .2 this morning. I had an altercation with some mini reese's cups last night brought on by a "last meal" kind of vibe. The reason I bought these things is they're 1pt each that's great if it wasn't a trigger food. I tossed the remaining ones and no more for me.

There are definitely some foods that need to be off limits for me. The everything in moderation is not working in those areas.

I seriously debated mentioning this at all on this blog but to not admit it to you means I'm not being honest with myself. Plus so many of you are so honest with your efforts that it would disrespectful to you to not do it myself.

New week starts today and breakfast is in the online tracker. I had wanted to test out the nike sensor today but a sheet of ice has fallen over my city and sidewalks/roads are treacherous. The gym is a 15min walk or a 4 block walk to the bus stop. I'll see how the day progresses as I expect once the sun warms up that will melt. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm so if all else fails I'll go out then. If I'm stuck inside today I'll break out the yoga/pilates.

Today the focus is also on water. I've completely sucked at that lately. I have a litre sitting right beside me right now.

My amazon order arrived yesterday afternoon with "The Beck Diet solution" book. I'll be cracking that open today, what I like is it's based on cognitive therapy. I definitely believe the mind is a positive tool. I'll definitely share my experiences with this book.

Shaking off the negative and focusing on the positive.


Friday, November 27, 2009

2 in one day!

Yes I felt compelled to blog again.

The renew passport option that the Canadian government now offers is awesome. I had to get passport photos so I just went to the place next door to the passport office. Didn't need the pictures to be signed by anyone because you don't have to for a renewal. Waltzed into the passport office with my old passport and the form I downloaded and shazaam my new passport should be in my mailbox by Dec. 12th.

Then I decided to go the mall to pick up a new journal. I also picked up a new book - Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. The front of the book had a shout out from Charlaine Harris (who writes the beloved Sookie Stackhouse novels) so I couldn't resist. The mall is under mega renovation but you can see a glimmer of what it will be when done.

I walked from one of downtown to the other.

I discovered a Betsey Johnson store smack on 8th ave. That's very new for Calgary and it's a bit odd to see Betsey on one side of the street and homeless people on the other. It's this new complex across from the Bay called fashion central. It looks like quite a few new stores are moving in as construction was a booming.

On the way home it started to snow, the sky is gray and I think it's a good day to chill with the book. Right now I'm actually watching the Biggest Loser - where are they now. What better inspiration to get myself refocused.

More importantly I've tracked everything damn thing I've eaten today. My new week starts tomorrow but why wait a day to get back on the wagon. I wanted to start right away.

Stay warm my friends.


If it was easy everyone would be doing it

Sorry I've been MIA, been a bit busy and plagued with a headache as the weather is changing.

While at site I did attempt the first day of C25K, wowsers that was hard I didn't get all 9 reps in but kept walking. I realize my fitness level has suffered with no regular exercise but this doesn't make me want to give up it makes me want to beat it.

Since then I've had a crazy week. Today is a flexday and the major plan is drop off my passport renewal form and maybe head down to the Body Shop as they have some sort of 3 for $30 deal going on today. I'm obsessed with the lightening touch as an undereye concealor. I've never found anything that comes close to it.

I got the Nike + sensor the other day and now I just need to callibrate it. While I love my garmin I can't use mine on a treadmill and as the weather gets colder and sidewalks get more treacherous I need something to use indoors.

Food this week has been so so and if anything inconsistent. The cookies have started to show up in the office and they live right behind my desk. Happily I'm only there 3 days a week and we're moving soon so hopefully the cookies will live somewhere else. I haven't been totally bad and really don't think I'll see a gain this week but I'm fairly positive I won't see a fabulous loss either.

I use to have fantastic focus on weightloss and then I lost it and it's a been an ongoing challenge trying to get it back. I hate being fat so what the heck is stopping me.

Maybe I do need the accountability of someone else weighing me in as opposed to just me and the bathroom scale. I almost went to a meeting on Wednesday but then told myself you haven't truly embraced online.

I ordered the Beck Diet book after reading about it on other blogs. I know I need to get my focus and emotions in check. I know what to do I just need to get myself to do it. From what I've been hearing about this book I think it helps you figure that out.

My attitude is not defeatist, I'm just a bit frustrated.

I do have absolute faith that I'll figure this out - I just want that sooner rather than later.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yummy spaghetti sauce

Ran to Safeway this morning to grab all the fixin's for the Chocolate Raspberry trifle and I realized I had my days mixed up. The potluck is on Thursday so that buys me some time. I think I'll bake the cake part today as it can sit in the fridge until Wednesday night assembly.

When I got home I browned up some ground turkey added half a red onion and some organic roasted garlic spaghetti sauce. I let it simmer for an hour and it's yummy. That can be a few meal options this week on spaghetti, other type of noodle, spaghetti squash or a WW bagel as a "sloppy joe".

I didn't get to the mega laundry so that's on tap for today.

Point wise I'm aiming for a perfectly on point day. I did walk to the grocery store and back but I think I'll head out again when the clothes are in the dryer.

Then it's packing to get on the plane Monday morning. I have a plan for this trip to stay on plan and get in my exercise but I'm not going to jinx it. I'll report back on that.

I've got all the new Prisoner episodes on the pvr so I'm watching that in the background.

I'm so looking forward to the two Biggest Loser's this week especially the where are they now episode.

Hope your Sunday is going well.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crappy weigh in and mock greek yogurt

Let me start with my mock greek yogurt experience. I took a container of Source Natural Plain yogurt and put into a wire mesh strainer that I had lined with cheesecloth (1st picture). The 2nd picture is the liquid that drained out in 3 days. The final picture is the result. It's super thick and creamy not sure if the picture truly indicates that. This morning for breakfast I had some of this with a smidgen of agave nectar, granola and fresh raspberries. Yummy and no where near the fat as my beloved Liberte medittarean yogurt.
Now onto the crappy weigh in - up 1.7, was so not happy to see that however I know the reasons.

I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert last night and dinner was had a loungeburger , it was fantastic but having a burger and fries the meal before weigh in - not the smartest move. My water intake has not been so great, exercise has been tough this week and add in retaining water = a gain.

I'm moving on, next week will be fantastic. I promised to report the good, the bad and the ugly.
The concert was good. I honestly think Kelly. C is probably the most talented singer American Idol has ever put out. Her voice is fantastic.
Today my friend hooked me up with friends and family coupon at Roots plus we went to the discount store so I got a shwack of hoodies and t-shirts for fantastic prices. I have an addiction to hoodies.

I also zipped by the running room and got a new pair of my Mizuno Wave Alchemy and now I have an outdoor pair and an indoor pair. I got tired of picking out the mini rocks when I was taking my shoes to the gym. Last night I ordered the Nike + sensor. While at running room I also picked up the clip to use the sensor on non Nike runners.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the nike + mini on this blog - if anyone knows please share.
My work's Christmas potluck that was originally Dec. 4th is now Nov. 26th. Eek...I've got to whip something together the night I get home from site. I get home around 7:45pm.
I think I'm going to go ahead with the chocolate raspberry trifle as I can bake the cake part tomorrow and then just need to make pudding and whip cream plus assemble Tuesday night.
I think I have an idea for my secret santa that I'll have to pull together quickly as well.
Now it's off to mega laundry...hope you're enjoying your Saturday.

Friday, November 20, 2009

And the beat goes on

Yesterday I decided to have a low point day to combat the pour hormone fueled eating patterns. I think this week's challenge was a wee bit of stress combined with PMS. The day went well even with an unplanned dinner invite and my friend T's house. She kindly invited me along for grocery shopping as well which is awesome. I don't have a car so my grocery shopping is revolved around what I can carry.

I also got to meet her adorable dogs. As you know from reading this blog I love dogs. So thanks T and I hope your chat went well today.

So I have the day off today and am planning a lowish point day as well as I think I'm going out for dinner. That has yet to confirmed so we'll see what happens. I'm also focusing on the water before weigh in tomorrow.

I do need to swing by Walmart and I'll do that after lunch today. Plus pick up a few things that the grocery store didn't have yesterday like ground turkey. Of course I'll walk there and back.

Tomorrow I've been invited to a Roots friend and family event which is awesome because I need new t-shirts and hope to find a pair of jeans. I also want to do some cooking this weekend and get some premade meals frozen and ready for reheating on the nights I have no desire to cook -which is most nights to be totally honest. I love cooking but not so much after a long day.

Alright my friends that's all I have for now, I might be back later. I took pictures of my greek yogurt experiment and I might post those today.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't think of a catchy title

Not to say my titles are normally catchy, but I honestly couldn't think of a relevant one.
First of all a measure up bowl is a snazzy invention that has the measurements i.e. 1 cup, 1/2 cup engraved on the inside of the bowl. I've seen it featured on other blogs and thought it was genius. Now if you're Canadian and ordering I paid $20 to ship not including the price of the bowls. I got the two bowl set. The bigger bowl goes to 2 cups and the smaller bowl goes to 3/4 cup. I think it was totally worth it. I do hope the creator finds a vendor in Canada though.
True I could be better prepared at site. The challenge for me is I have no permanent home at site so I move from trailer to trailer some are equipped with microwaves and fridges others not so much. A cooler is a great idea but you're talking to the person who has issues packing lunch. The eating together part in the main kitchens does help me create the relationships with the groups I support there. The whole point of going is to spend time with the group. This doesn't mean I couldn't make better choices or have a partial meal with the group i.e. side salad and have a lean cuisine afterwards back at my desk. These are things I need to sort out. This time I brought healthy snacks so I wasn't crazy hungry by the time meal times came around. I felt that was a step in the right direction. Next week I'll add something new to create a WW plan for site.
Today after work my co-workers took me out for a few glasses of wine to celebrate my one year anniversary which was super nice.
I got partially organized today but have more to do tomorrow. I have a whack of afterwork commitments this week which aren't typical for me.
Now catching up on Biggest Loser, I love Rebecca's hair. Danny losing double digits for 6 weeks in a row - craziness. Rudy with a 16lb loss. Amanda losing 9lbs, I think that's one of her best weigh ins ever. While I did find Rebecca a wee bit irritating at times I liked her spunk but wow it looks like she's doing great at home.
Alright that's all I got for today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home again

Hi ya,
Plane ride home was alright, day went fast/slow. I had a ton to do that sort of showed up unexpectedly then I got slightly overwhelmed. Tomorrow will be dedicated to getting it all straightened out.

I've come to the conclusion staying within points at site is hard. Without nutritional info one must make best guesses or compare to something known. For example it was Chili Con Carne for lunch today. WW says 8pts per cup with beans. There were some beans but not a lot of beans. So I'm thinking I should now save my flexpoints for the days I'm at site.

This will be an adjustment as I'm used to saving them for the weekend. If I want to be a success, sacrifices must be made.

Today was my one year anniversary at my job, it's crazy to think a year has passed. I continue to love what I do so I hope it's many years to come.

A meeting invite went out today in honour of my one year anniversary for wine after work tomorrow. Then I have a concert to go to on Friday. It's a crazy week.

I got the Measure Up Bowls in the mail today. This is was a tricky thing being Canadian as you can't do the quick order option on their website, but if you go to their website and do the contact us option. They will respond and take your order via email. For some reason I wasn't expecting ceramic dishes but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm testing it out tomorrow with cereal.

Alright I'm zonked but I hope everyone had a fantastic day.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming from site and buying inspiration

Hi ya,

So I'm back in my camp room and computer came with me again. Had a good day tracking everything and stuck to water. Normally I'm drawn by the chocolate milk. The plan was good until dinnertime.

Well at dinner they had meatloaf, I ate half of the portion they gave me. I ate half of the rice and ate all the cauliflower. Then I passed the dessert section and I caved at a small nanaimo bar and a peanut butter cookie. I'm tired but I tracked everything. Still withing points just need to be careful. It's all good as it's early in the week and I've got 5 days to weigh in. A lot can be done in 5 days. Tonight my plan is a shower and bedtime. The 3:30am wake up is seriously wearing on me now. It wasn't super cold today but there was a chill I couldn't shake. So I'm super happy I brought the winter jacket this time.

Tomorrow is easier be good at breakfast and lunch, by the time I get home I have cereal for dinner.

The treadmills were full (there are 3) so workout plans got derailed but Wednesday I'll hit the city gym and a plethora of treadmills.

OMG you guys you've got me on a Christmas shopping for myself kick. First the laptop lunch box, then Shirls talked about the RUME bags (on their way) and Angie impressed me with the smart cafe milk frother (tracking it down). Seriously you're doing all the fact finding for me, it's fantastic.

Plan for tomorrow is track everything as I did today.

Hugs from a spitting distance from Santa a.ka. the far Alberta north.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maybe this will encourage me to pack lunch

Yesterday I bought one of these online, it's the laptop lunch bento box. I've been looking for a bento box type lunch container for awhile but always find the original stack on top of each other type that looks awkward. As I was checking out all the new blogs I found this. Thank you Allie for posting about it. I got a periwinkly one.

I need serious lunch inspiration as it's been a losing prospect for some time. I love the individual compartments, friendly plastic and safely microwaveable. I'm hoping it will make lunch fun again.

Today I went to a Silpada Jewellery party bought myself some nice Christmas presents - that was my justification. Plus I'm a lousy accesorizer, I need to put more effort into my style. Oh yes, the cupcakes I made went over really really well. I got many compliments and statements that mine are the best they've tried. Happily I gave them all away so none came home with me.

Tonight I need to straighten up a bit and pack for site. The running shoes are definitely coming as this show needs to get on the road. I'm debating on picking up a Nike + as I believe it tracks on treadmills too. If any of you know, let me know.

Heard a radio ad for the Actifry and I'm totally intrigued. It's a deep fryer that can make fresh french fries (fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside) out of raw potatoes with one tablespoon of oil. Apparently it's hitting many a best idea list as you can make a lot of stuff with signficantly less oil. If it speeds of meal preparation and makes it more healthy, I'm in.

I'm mentally prepared to tackle site food again and my computer will coming to camp with me again so I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how that goes.

Hope you had a fabulous Sunday and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching Up

So after my morning weigh in post I got myself together and headed down to the grocery store. I have this idea of creating healthier versions of the foods I love a.k.a foods that blow my points.

I've spoken before of my love for Liberte Moka yogurt but at 6pts per servings it's dangerous. I was thinking of Angie's experiments in making greek style yogurt from regular yogurt. So I picked up some Source Natural Plain yogurt and I'll attempt to recreate her experiment by letting it drain slowly in the fridge. She uses coffee filters in a mesh strainer. I have cone coffee filters so not quite right, however I own cheesecloth so that might work. Then the next trick will be trying to re-create the moka part. I have some ideas like a bit of chocolate syrup with a little instant coffee...we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Of course I walked to and from the grocery store. I had to get home to make the cupcakes for tomorrow. My house now smells like chocolate as I baked 24 chocolate cupcakes. I'm not sure if I'll make the strawberry buttercream tonight or tomorrow morning. I can't do anything until the cupcakes are cool at any rate.

Then I decided to tweak my blog a bit and start using the "follow" function. Normally I track all my blogs on bloglines but I'm liking the one stop shopping idea of doing it via the blog. I'm totally amazed that 44 people follow me so I decided to share the love. I'm working through my list to follow them and of course that leads me to lists on other blogs. It's an ongoing process I must say. At one point I was following myself - fixed that. I'm finding amazing people out there and it's really mind blowing that we all have so much support.

So many inspiring stories out there and people all with the same mission.

That's all I got, hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


Down 1.1

Whew! I know I said that last week as well but I'm pleased to see a lower number, of course I start thinking "Imagine what the result would be if you were perfect i.e. perfectly on track and consistent exercise" then I mentally slap myself upside the head.

This is a step by step process learning what I need to do to not just lose the weight but keep it off.

Today is new week, a clean slate and I am feeling positive.

Just popped in to record this week's weight. I'll probably be back later.


Friday, November 13, 2009


Today was a bit odd as I haven't worked a Friday in I can't remember how many weeks. I'm trying to use up all my flexdays before the year is up. Having Wednesday off caused guilt about taking Friday off so I worked.

It was a quiet but busy day and I got a lot done. I tried the Twins at A&W for lunch. Yes I know not the world's greatest choice and a warning to you those mini burgers clock in at 6pts each that's 16g of Fat in each. So that's 12pts for 2 mini burgers. Just as point of reference their normal Baby Burger has half the fat and clocks in at 5pts. It was good I must say and about the same size as a slider burger found at every other restaurant but I had to have edamame (1pt) for supper to make sure I didn't go over points. I won't be ordering that again.

Today was kind of a send off to bad behaviours a sort of mental good bye. As you can tell by reading this blog over the last few days I've been in a mixed head space. One thing I know with absolute certainty is that no pounds will be lost unless I focus. I definitely think I need to start a manual food journal as a visual reminder. The first batch of Christmas cookies landed in the office this week. So it begins....

I return to site next week and I'll be armed with healthy snacks. I'll bring some unsweetened applesauce with me and a couple of all bran bars to ward of crazy hunger. The worst day is the Monday as it's such an obnoxious early start to the day (3:30am) that it throws me off. The 2nd day isn't so bad as I get up at a normal hour and will be back in Calgary by supper time.

At site I need to embrace leaving food on my plate. As I mentioned before they give giant servings but there's is no reason to be a garbage disposal and I can leave food on the plate.

Tomorrow I must remember to take measurements. As it's important to not the non-scale victories as well.

I can do this and so can you.

I was checking out the future recordings on my PVR and I found Biggest Loser: Where/Now?. I have Biggest Loser set up to record automatically but this episode gives updates on more than 40 previous contestant from the first seven seasons. Apparently Bob and Jillian surprise people.

As I was watching BL this week I actually had the thought of " I wonder if they'll ever to a where are they now episode" and tada they are. It airs November 25th.

Alright that's all I got for today.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have to learn to rely on me

So after much thought I decided to keep going with WW online, I'm not ruling out never going back to meetings but I need to be accountable to myself as that is what's going to get me through life. Only I can decide how much effort I'm going to put into this. I realized I do have support like the meetings it's all in you - my blogger friends.

This Saturday will by my 2nd weigh in since I started my restart so I have to give myself a little more time before I get too hard on myself. I think I was starting to get a little worried with all the holiday stuff going up everywhere. This is a challenging time going from Halloween smack into Christmas food wise.

Alas I did head outside today as I needed to pick up cupcake ingredients for a Silpada party I'm going to on Sunday. I decided to walk to my local mall and back again. Also picked up a pair of new Nike sweat pants as my old ones are in bad shape. I'm going to roll out the yoga mat in a little while as it's been ages since I've been on the mat.

After watching Biggest Loser last night I'm happy Shay went home. Yes being the largest woman to date she needs help and I truly hope she finds it at home. The crying every single episode was getting irritating. I'm dead curious as to why they didn't show an "after" picture for her and they did for Daniel. It will be interesting to see what happens now as the "old" people greatly out number the "young" people. Amanda and Rebecca's days could be numbered.

Alright my friends that's all I got for today.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WW existential crisis?

I started to wonder if I need to go back to meetings today. While the convenience of online is fun I don't think it's working for me.

I think back to meetings and while yes after awhile it gets super repetitive, I'm wondering if there's something in someone else recording your weight that works for me.

I've been following (I use that term loosely) online for months and I'm going in circles. So I started thinking to back when I went to meetings. Do I need the accountability of weighing in elsewhere? I posted a question on the board today asking if you've tried both online and meetings, which do you prefer. The answers that came back pretty much said you decide for yourself.

So I'm thinking of running an experiment and doing both at once to see if I prefer one over the other. I know this sounds a little crazy and I have yet to totally think it out but it's there.

The gym has yet to happen as I've been busy at work and just had zero motivation to go. It didn't help that I felt super sore today and forgot how many muscles you use walking. I'm not happy with myself about that.

I'm just in a super reflective head space right now.

Tomorrow I have the day off and will head outside again and think it out.

See ya later.



Sunday, November 08, 2009

6.5 km and 411 calories burned


Dad left early as always so after doing one load of laundry I decided to get my little cardio game plan in action. The sun was shining and it was a breezy 0 degrees but I headed out for a walk. I strapped on the Garmin and immediately put the sleeve of my hoody over it. I didn't want to look at it but I wanted to see the end result.

I just walked, I did my normal 5k route and decided to add a few blocks on so I knew I would hit a minimum of 60min. I love fall, the air was crisp not cold and the rustle of leaves provided a nice back drop. It was about 10:15am when I headed out and I ran into very few people so it was just me and the world.

I definitely want to take advantage of the chinook (and not so freezing temperatures) and go outside while I still can. Tomorrow I'll go to the company gym as my motivation has a tendency to die when I get home from a day at work.

I haven't done any formal exercise since I had the flu a few weeks back so I'm impressed that I really enjoyed myself and didn't at any time think "enough I want to go home".

I actually remembered to stretch afterwards and did so on my front porch. After a warm bath I made my turkey burgers for lunch next week. The second load of laundry is now in the drier.

Yesterday I picked up a box of All Bran chewy cereal bars, these ones are Dark Chocolate Chip. They clock in at 2pts which is a reasonable with 6g of Fibre for mid morning snack and I'll test them out tomorrow.

I think Pillar's is sneaky. I found the other turkey bites yesterday in a small more expensive different package with the word lean stamped on it. They are 50 calories as opposed to other version which looks like the old packaging that are 70 calories. I think they got wind of the WW following.

Tomorrow I will attempt day one of the C25K. I've been meaning to forever and then travel and the flu got in the way. I need to get this goal of actually running the half marathon in May on the road.

I downloaded a Women's Health app onto my ipod a little while ago which has a combination of different weight workouts. Again this week is all about the cardio. I need to take this one week at a time. Historically if I make too grand of plans of what I'm going to do, I bail.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, until tomorrow...Hugs!!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Down 1.2 - I'll take it

I stepped on the scale this morning with much trepidation as I thought of my rollercoaster week, alas 1.2 down. I was pleasantly surprised.

Head is reset for a new week. As I'm in town all week this coming week the gym bag will be coming to work with that's for sure.

I caught an episode of The Doctors on Friday and they were talking about the right exercises for your body type. I have to go back and look at this again but it definitely caused a bit of light bulb moment.

Remember when I was seeing the trainer and I described these workouts that were super heavy in weight training and not so much cardio? While my endurance increased my weight nor measurements ever really changed that much.

When I first did the the half marathon walking clinic I saw pounds drop and it was mostly cardio.

I'd probably describe myself as an endomorph, I'm not so much pear or apple shaped, more hourglass (thanking the dna). I tend to hold weight everywhere, not just in my lower or upper half. I like to say I'm evenly fat. I don't fall into any of the other categories i.e. lean, athletic, muscular. At any rate it described low impact cardio as the best type of exerise for endomorphs. I truly believe cardio, weight training and stretching are important to everyone, thinking about all that can get super overwhelming.

So my focus exercise wise for this week will be low impact cardio i.e. walking, biking, rowing. My goal is a minimum of 30min per day starting tomorrow.

Total goals for this week is to consistently track and the 30min of low impact cardio per day this week. Per day might be a lot but I want to create a habit. Plus I have zero excused not to dedicate a minimum of 30min a day to this.

I picked up a All Bran brand of bar that I'll talk about more tomorrow. It has an impressive amount of fibre but I haven't calculated all the info on it yet.

Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


Friday, November 06, 2009

Have to admit - dreading the scale tomorrow

It's been a bit of a crazy week this week. I have today off but the mission is to clean my house as my Dad is coming in this weekend.

So day 2 at Site was better food wise and I had cereal for supper as I was so darn tired. Wednesdayand Thursday had me dealing with a whack of little things that added up quickly.

My tracking has been less than stellar this week and I know I'm completely at fault for that. Choices have not been so great either. Old patterns die hard. What I love about WW is I will face the scale tomorrow and then it's a new week. Heck it's a new day today. Refocusing can happen with the next meal you don't have to wait for the next weigh in.

I'm in Calgary all next week so I'm in complete control of the week's meals and now that I've re-familiarized myself with what's available at site I can better prepare to return the following week.

I can certainly arm myself with fruit and healthy snacks so I don't make stupid decisions because I'm crazy with hunger.

I promised to share the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll return on the weekend with this week's weigh in and my reflections of what I need to focus on.

Enjoy your Friday, Hugs!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Coming to you from site for the first time!

Hello, hello,

I had to take my computer back to camp with me as I had nowhere to store it and shazaam I can access my blog from here. On the work network it's blocked.

OMG I forgot how hard it is to eat here. There's one cafeteria with very limited options and you can't serve yourself, nor can you ask for things to be prepared a certain way. What's there is all you get.

For lunch there was a choice of chicken nuggets or crispy pork chops, fries and veggies. I got the chicken nuggets as the pork looked super fatty. This is where I went wrong - I chose fries. I did ask for a small amount but I could have skipped that entirely and gone for just vegg. I did have a whack of green beans. Of course only when my plate was clean did I have the light bulb moment.

My eating pattern is so strange here as I'm up at 3:30am and work until 5:30pm.

For supper I got a little wiser I had a very small piece of sheppards pie and then all veggies.

That took me a little off guard today, as did the -10 and a whole whack of snow.

When we got off the plane the pilot warned us that the tarmac was icy and then he said "and it will remain so for the next 6-7 months" We all laughed but that could be for sure.

Met the new group I support, super nice but tough. Felt a little like a job interview in my first meeting. I think I won them over a little. I now sit in a different spot than before and I was a wee lonely this afternoon as I had no peeps around me.

Though I was greeted with enthusiasm all day as I saw people I haven't seen in months.

That will change as I get to know people and my old peeps are still here. I'll see a few tomorrow who weren't here today.

The game plan for tomorrow is to be wiser in the food choices and I'll be home by supper time. That will probably be cereal as I'll be so damn tired.

Hope your Mondays went well.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Always double check

Early post today as I was planning all my meals today and plunking them into my WW online tracker, I came to a realization.

I'm planning my supper to be cheemo bite size perogies, green beans and turkey bites. In the past Turkey Bites have been 1pt each. I bought them yesterday and my routine is the moment I get home I write the points on the container. Yesterday I calculated the Turkey Bites as 2pts. They've changed them and they're now 20 calories more per bite.

Important lesson to never assume things stay the same.

Just a note. My chocolate festivities of yesterday was not me going off plan. It was planned as I prefer to use my flexpoints as many days before weigh in as possible.

Today I'm not going to use any flexpoints, it's straight up plan points.

Tried the Blaster Pancake stuff today and it's good. This is a super fast process. It will serve well for speedy meals but I wouldn't replace my regular Coyote pancake mix for this. The fibre in the blaster pancakes is 1g, not as high as Coyote's 4g in the whole wheat mix.

I now have no excuses for mornings in a rush, it took less than a minute to do this.

That's all I got for now, might back later.