Friday, November 17, 2006

The weekend is here

And boy will I be busy.
Saturday - serious running around all over the city. I live in the west end must go to the far east end to get to a Superstore. There is one closer but it will take 3 buses to get there, I'm going all the way east because it's one bus and one train...way faster. Then it's all the back to the north so I can hit the German deli and stock up on Mozart chocolates..not necessarily wise but only available at Christmas. Then I must do laundry and any activity in my house that involves moving because then it's Sunday.

Sunday- 32K day..I'm freaking out a bit. The hydration pack I ordered still isn't here, I'm not sure what route to take and I'm really hoping I can move afterwards.

Last night I had dinner with my training partner and another friend of ours who did the half marathon with us. She asked us if we were looking forward to it and we both said it was more nervous.

Dinner was good not exactly points friendly. Started with Edamame (first time trying it), Sante Fe Chicken Salad dressing on the side, and then a Espresso Gelato cake....yummy.

Today it's been water, water, water and no snacking today as a result of last nights dinner.

Wish me luck at weigh in :)

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