Sunday, May 31, 2009

And another weekend flies by

Visit with Dad was great and the flowers are now planted.
We did a little grocery shopping and then watched game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. I finally understand the octopus thing in Detroit.

This morning I took the neighbours dog for a 5k walk and we worked out even ran a little bit.

It's been a very snackapalooza day and I'm not sure why. I am looking forward to supper I'm going to make a leek/shallot/mushroom egg white omelette.

I've watered the flowers as I'm off to site for two days. While I was standing there I saw the neighbours son and friend go off to play and a few minutes later the dog comes walking along. I looked and saw that their gate was open. Lucky I was standing there or the dog could have gone far before anyone realized she was gone. I sent them a quick email just as an fyi. It wasn't the son it was the friend.

I did get my order from at just before 7pm on Friday. If that's the regular delivery time that works really well for me.

So the above omelette will contain some of the things I got. I got bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, grapefruit, leek, broccoli, shallots, cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, crimini mushrooms and Almond Breeze vanilla milk.

My dessert will be an impromtu banana/strawberry maybe blueberry fruit salad.

I definitely don't see ordering every week as I live alone but I think I'll set up a bi-weekly order. So now the pressures on to eat all those fruits and veggies.

I've never tried almond milk before so I put a little in a glass and sipped with my eyes closed. You see I despise soy milk so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. I kept reading about it on all your blogs so I decided to try it. I like it and think it will be great in cereal and oatmeal.

I'm intrigued by some of their breads but they clock in at around $6 a loaf. It's funny I pay $4-5 for Squirrelly bread without even thinking about it but for some reason $6 made me go whoa a little.

Training sesssion looms large on Thursday as I've done none of the homework trainer gave me. So I'm going to focus on cardio this week with a pop into the company gym on Wednesday.

It's funny my birthday is on Wednesday and I remember saying last year I wanted to be at my goal weight this birthday. Well that didn't happen but that's o.k last year at this time I was in a job I hated, no trainer and going pretty much nowhere.

This year I'm in a job I love and I love working out with my trainer. I now know I can train like an athlete and am capable of far more than I ever thought I was.

So the goal weight goal is still there but I strongly believe everything happens for a reason.

So never give up my friends, sometimes there are lessons to be learned before goals can be reached.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Running around and practice safe sun

I did get up early and got my errand done back home by 8:30am. Slapped on sunscreen and waited 30min (if you just slap and go it won't protect you as well).

Then I headed outside and worked on my flower beds, pulling out all the dead stuff plus the weeds that had already invaded.

Next I turned all the soil over with a shovel and I have big flower beds. A mosquite was after me so I quickly ran in grabbed the OFF and headed back out again.

It was getting pretty hot and heading close to 11am (I try not to venture outside from 11-3 when the UV index is high and it is today) so I decided to set the sprinkler super close to the beds so it could do the watering. Luckily the flower beds are in a shaddy spot.

Then after I felt it had watered enough I raked over the beds to makes sure the big dry chunks of dirt were soft and the soil was even.

I've tidied up the house but I still need to vacuum and I still need to mow the lawn. I think I'll do the lawn around 4pm and between now and then and afterwards focus on the house stuff.

It's now almost 2pm and still no delivery from I double checked their website and it says they deliver between 9am and 9pm. I'm really hoping it's not 9pm because after all the stuff I've been doing today I suspect I'll be falling asleep by then.

I am looking forward to having gorgeous flowers to look at.

Enjoy your day


Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more planes for this week

Oy vey it's been a rough week food wise. Planes and 10-12hr days totally play havoc with your system.

I didn't plan it well and the scale showed that just now. It's a war not a battle so no biggy it just means I have to be better prepared for glitches in the plan.

So starting with planning snacks into my day at site so I'm not crazy hungry when mealtimes roll around. It means skipping the lemon poppy side loaf on the plane in favour of a better quality breakfast I can get arriving on site. Maybe a banana in the morning to get the metabolism going.

It means having some Smart Ones in the freezer so when I get home there's a somewhat healthy fast option.

I'm kind of excited about my organic veggie/fruit delivery that's coming tomorrow I'm sure that will be inspirational.

I also realized it's a lot easier to track what you're eating when the variables are simple like veggie, fruit, protein, starch as opposed to options like baked cheesy pasta.

It means making workouts a priority. Trainer returns next Thursday and I'm thrilled about that.

It means remembering to pack my water bottle because if it's not in front of me I'm definitely not drinking enough.

Tomorrow will be filled with tons of activity as I have yard work and house work to do before my dad arrives with flowers on Saturday.

I need to zip downtown in the morning to pick something up so I'm heading out early. Yes, it's a day off and I'll be setting the alarm.

So this is the dusting myself off part...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home again

It's good to be home I must say. My plan to go to bed early on Sunday didn't quite happen as I got caught up in True Blood. There is one episode remaining on the disk and it's a miracle I didn't stay up even later to watch it. I think I'll save it for tomorrow because now all I want to do is watch season 2.

If you're a fan of the tv series the books are different. For one thing Tara has a far bigger role in the series, Jason never kidnaps a vampire nor dates anyone named Ami, nor gets hooked on V.
I can't say I care for the Tara character as I find her a bit much. Lafayette has a far bigger role in the series too. So don't be worried that the books will wreck your appreciation of the series. I find them different.

Now I kind of want to re-read the series.

Now I've got two long days behind me and I'm tired.

Work was good but I've got a busy two days ahead of me, which is fine but will mean I'm counting down to Friday.

I didn't track yesterday or today as I found it super difficult when you can't control your own food. I did come up with a plan though and the next time I head to site I'm bringing figure friendly snacks to store in my desk there. You see they have very set meal times and if you wait to eat until your crazy hungry the decisions are not wise. I just kept in mind to have a hearty serving of vegetables.

I've kind of moved into a desk that isn't technically mine, the office belongs to someone else but there's an extra desk. We get along super well so they're going along with my plan including the healthy snack plan.

Alright that's all I got for tonight my friends.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to a good start

So yesterday was a bit of treat day for me. I had the kid's combo at the movie theater and then later a Tim Horton's Ice Capp and a donut. I did track everything on Daily Plate and clocked in about 350 calories over what I was supposed to eat.

That means today we go right back on track. I just took the neighbours dog for a 5km walk. I punched in my breakfast beforehand and just now put in my activity and I'm at a -4 calories so far today.

You see on daily plate I've set my activity to light as I do work a desk job so it calculates my daily calories on little movement. When I do exercise it recommends I eat what I've burned. If I set myself to higher activity level it increases the number of calories per day to compensate.

So I have a full day of calories to eat today. I was planning on going a little lower due to treat day yesterday.

The sprinkler is now on and I've got laundry in the dryer. The rest of my activity today will be housework related.

I've been watching the True Blood series and it's different than imagined from reading the books. Some of the parts are the same but some are entirely different. Not sure how I feel about that but I'm only on episode 3.

I'm back to my normal flying schedule so it will be a very early morning tomorrow. The goal to have everything organized and in bed early.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another post

I really enjoyed Star Trek and it's true when they say you don't need to know anything about it to enjoy it. I am a Sci-Fi geek so I know the Star Trek back history fairly well and I still enjoyed it.

When I got home I decided to research online organic delivery in Calgary and I found So delivery for my area is on Fridays and I have the day off on Friday so I decided to try it out and see. Prices weren't bad, after all anything organic is more expensive. I'll test it out this week and if it's decent I might set up a standing order. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Apparently you don't need to be home to receive delivery either as they pack everything to be good for 8 hours with delivery at 8am.

Off to find something for dinner.


Well well well

Since I began tracking at and using Daily Plate a week ago I've dropped 4lbs.
Nice, I must say.

Maybe a different way of tracking is what I was waiting for?

The trick is to keep it at it of course. I've yet to hit the gym since the last training session and my primary activity has been just generally racing around as I've been busy.

So this week the focus will be getting some planned workouts in. The weather will be super nice this weekend so that will probably take place outside.

Had a great day at work. It talked to my boss and she told me she was getting all this positive feedback about me. One of my hiring managers (who I didn't think liked me very much) wrote this really nice email about my dedication to their group. That was so nice.

I went to pick up my package yesterday and it was from Amazon. As I was standing there showing the woman my i.d, the delivery guy says is that slip from today. I told him no, it was from yesterday. Then he tells me that he was at my house today and to wait a second. So he disappears into the back and comes back with the box from The Body Shop.

I was so happy, one trip for me.

Little disappointed with Body Shop as one of the items I ordered is missing so I emailed them and send either send it or refund my money. I did get the Aloe Skin Care travel kit. I've tried the moisturizers before and really like them. The kit came with the cleanser and toner as well. Tried them last night and I quite liked it. I've got stuff to use up before I'd need to restock on cleanser and toner but it's got me thinking.

I started reading Jillian Micheal's Master Your Metabolism last night. I think this will be an insightful read for sure.

Off to finally see Star Trek today so I'm excited about that.

Alright I might be back later.

Have a fantastic Saturday.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

That was quite the landing

Back in the city from two days at camp and I'm happy to be home.
I like going to site but I also very much enjoy returning to the creature comforts of home.
Tracking got off track a little but I'll punch it in to keep on track.

Impressed people on the way to site this morning with the Classic app on my Itouch.

So the plane landed in Edmonton first before continuing on to Calgary and holy mackeral that was quite the landing. It was very much a kerplunk type of landing. Many people were sleeping and woke up with a start.

The landing in Calgary went slightly better but not up to their usual performance.

My two workshops went well but man I was crazy busy today. Tomorrow will be my catch up day.

Then it's back to site on Monday. Next week I'm taking Friday off so the week will fly by.

This weekend I'm finally going to see Star Trek and I should also play sprinkler olympics (move sprinkler without turning it off while avoiding get drenched).

A package has arrived that I need to pick up tomorrow. I'm thinking it's either Body Shop or Amazon.

We shall see.

Alright kids, I'm grabbing something to eat and then it's an early night for me. I'm knackered.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flurry of a weekend

Alright so yesterday resulted in being inside all day due to crappy weather and trying to write a paper. Yeah it didn't go well. I finished it tonight and it's submitted we'll see what happens.

For 4 days in a row I've tracked my calories on Daily Plate, that's a record lately my friends and I've lost 4lbs so far. Weird I know but what I like is I update my weight and it adjusts my calories. The crappy part the database only works if you're tapped into the internet.

I head off to site for two days where no wireless internet can be found. Well now it's up to me to track and punch it in on my return. I think I have a calorie book somewhere that I might bring a long. What I love about the website is it tells me the percentage of my recommended carbs, protein, fat and you name it. I think this site has made tracking fun for me again. It's not that I don't love the WW but really it's all about tracking too.

I'm in a state of bliss thanks to new reality programming. Of course the Bachelorette started last night and I'm particularly interested in this season because it's a Canadian girl. Go Jillian!! What I'm disappointed in is that none of the boys are Canadian. There are plenty of interesting characters.

Make me a Supermodel finally airs in Canada, I've been avoiding recaps like the plague.

Canada's Next Top Model starts next week. I adore Mr. Jay as a host.

Hitched or Ditched intrigues me.

The newleywed show is back too. Yes I have a problem, TV is my family afterall so don't knock it. Mainly I was fearing a summer filled with re runs so I'll take new reality any day.

I have to be up at 3:30am tomorrow and I don't really want to go to bed just yet. I could sleep on the plane...

Alright I'll be back to chat on Friday.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Work

I hate yard work but I like having a yard so I just suck it up.

Bright and early this morning I went grocery shopping and I tested out my shopping cart for the first time. It did well and it was a joy not to be carrying those groceries on my back.

Then I headed outside and did some raking. I have spruce trees on my lawn and there are about a bizillion pine cones on my lawn. There's no way I can get them all of the lawn but I got a few. I then mowed the lawn as the edges were getting crazy high. I then tackled trimming my lilac tree. I debated putting fertilizer on my lawn but I don't really want to run my sprinkler if it's going to rain/snow tomorrow.

If it snows I'm flinging the fertilizer on the snow.

Now that this is all done I want a nap. I should still do laundry but I can have a rest.

So my workout today was walking to and from the grocery store and about 3 hrs of yard work.

Still pretty impressed with the Daily Plate tracking. I had bite size Cheemo perogies for lunch and it was in there. I was surprised. It even has Squirrely Bread.

Tomorrow I'll write the paper that's due on Tuesday.

Happy Long Weekend.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best laid plans

So my intention today was to head up to Sunridge Mall to go to the Body Shop. I figured Chinook would a zoo and this would be a calmer choice. So I head downtown and go to the 10th st C-train station. It's closed, alright so I walk along to the next station which is 8th St and it's closed. They were telling people to get on shuttle buses.

Great, so I head to a shuttle bus and it's one of the double buses. It's crammed full of people. At that moment I said forget it. The mass of humanity on that bus was not so appealing.

So instead I wandered over to MEC got a black Nike running cap and then went home. I then ordered what I wanted from the Body Shop online. It was worth the $5 shipping.

Yesterday I noticed the station in front of TD Square was gone. I think I'll be avoiding the train until they get themselves sorted out.

Found a new app for my Ipod Touch. It's called Livestrong and it's based on the philosophies of Lance Armstrong. The app tracks your weight, your goal (i.e. how much you want to lose a week), your details (weight and gender) and assigns you calories per day. Then on my ipod I can enter what I eat and Daily Plate tracks my calories. It syncs with the website so it tracks on there too. It also tracks calories burned when you exercise.

I'm impressed so far it was easy to find everything I ate today. I was surprised that I had 500 calories to spare when I thought I was done for the day. This leads me to believe I might be totally maintaining or causing my body to think it needs to hang on the fat. I'm going to keep trying this and see how it goes. Of course my good old WW tracking has not been going well at all. Maybe if all I need to say is what I'm eating and the program inputs the calories it might go better.

I also downloaded the Classics app as I will now never be stuck without something to read while waiting in airports. I'm impressed with the seletions. I was intrigued seeing it in the commercial and it's on sale right now.

Apart from that totally slept in plus had an afternoon nap. I just feel like taking a break today. Watched Bride Wars on shaw on demand. It's alright.

Tomorrow I'll head to the grocery store and do yard work. That might be my workout this week. I'll check the gym hours for Monday to see if they're even open.

On Tuesday I think I'll check out the gym in my work building and try the fancy treadmills.

I was debating ordering pizza when I talked myself out of it. So yeah for me.

Have a great evening.


Friday, May 15, 2009

I love my hair

My trip to the Aveda concept salon was awesome. I love my hair. To be honest I haven't had that kind of reaction in a long time. I'll try to take a picture this weekend, right now my camera needs charging.

I was impressed that they had an entire rack of travel sizes. Handy stuff for me and my multiple flights.

I had to turn on comment moderation because of those irritating people who like to advertise in your comment section. I got one twice from the same person so I'm done.

My work collegues like to joke that I keep this blog anonymous. So they keep threatening in a friendly way to leave comments leaving details. Well guys I guess you can't now :)

Got an email that my package has shipped from Amazon. Can't wait for it to arrive.

I'm thinking of going to a movie tomorrow as I haven't been in a long time. I'm thinking Wolverine as I've promised to see Star Trek with a friend next weekend. I have errands to run so I'll be out anyway.

I emailed trainer for homework. No answer by the time I left work so it's up to me this weekend to come up with one. I'll post it of course. I think I might do something similar to what we did yesterday by combining cardio with the strength portion.

I also need to grocery shop this weekend and dig up a slightly bigger bag to take to site. I'm packing workout clothes next time.

Alright a bit random tonight but that's all I got.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Return of the trainer workout

I have to admit I was a wee nervous heading to training session today as it's been awhile.

Warm up was 800m on the treadmill - I walked at 4.0 miles, incline 1.5%

Then it was the following - 3 sets
32 sit ups
22 push ups
12 dumbell squats with two 20lb dumbells

Back to treadmill for 800m - This time I walked 100m, ran 100m alternating

Then it was the following - 3 sets
32 Squats
22 shoulder lifts - 25lbs - 11 with a straight bar, 11 with two 12.5lb dumbells (the two dumbells were torture)
12 sumo deadlifts but with a kettlebell (40lbs)

I was wiped when we were done that's for sure. I did it without falling over.
I'm kind of proud of myself that I chose to run on the treadmill after the first set of exercises.

They started this stupid sign in procedure. Normally you swipe your card. Now you swipe your card and the reception person has to print a chit that you take back and give to your trainer. This is replacing the sign out in the binder procedure.

Well I arrive and there's no one at the desk so someone finally comes along and lets me scan the card. I go back to trainer and get told about the new procedure. So as I head to the treadmills I stop off at the desk. It took two people to figure out the new procedure. Apparently they're trying to be more efficient...yeah that's really working.

Now the interesting thing is he's not having any sessions next week and the week after I have to be in Fort McMurray on Thursday so that's two weeks of no trainer workouts.

I asked him to email me homework.

My amazon package should be shipped next week and I'm really looking forward to reading Jillian Micheal's new book.

I was a wee disapointed that Helen won Biggest Loser. Good for her and she did something great but I thought she looked a little gaunt. The majority people accomplished some fantastic things on their own. That's truly inspiring I must say. What was up with the tanning, they were all weirdly bronze.

I'm beyond excited that I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. So off to a hot bath and bed am I.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Todays workout

Got to the gym at just past 11am, thinking they opened at 11 but it turns out they open at 10...good to know.

Did 750m on the rower as I increased the resistance. The foot bands kept loosening and it just got irritating. Note to self - don't use the 2nd rower.

Did my first set of weights on the machines.
21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps
Chest Press 45lbs - I can lift more in free weights but this challenged me today
Lat Pull Down - 60lbs
Tricep Pull - 7.5kg - At first I thought this machine measured in lbs until I tried to 30 and realized that was kg.

2nd set
dumbell swings - 20lbs
Sit ups
modified burpees

Add in walking to and from the gym 30min.

Came home had some lunch and then I'm off to pick up the dog, I'm hoping to do at least 45min with her.

Then it will be finishing laundry, yoga and packing for tomorrow.

By the way Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. As I no longer have one, I don't really celebrate this day but kudos to all the amazing moms out there.


I can't believe I haven't blogged in awhile

It's been a busy week and by the time I get home I've been exhausted.

So my two days at site were fine, super long day Monday. Up at 3:30am, finished work at 6pm and in bed by a quarter to 8. I stayed in a camp directly on site this time and I think I prefer the one that's 20min away. All night I could hear trucks driving by and because this is a 24hr kind of workplace I heard people coming and going. Then I heard rain, and started to think all I had with me were running shoes. There's a lot of dirt on site. Alas it wasn't that muddy.

Food options were so so, not super healthy but on Tuesday I discovered a section of the kitchen were you can pack your own lunch. It was funny when I went for dinner on Monday I kept seeing people walk by me with bags of fruit and I was wondering where they got that from.

The take off, land, take off, land gave me a bit of an upset stomach and then hopping into a cab home didn't help on Tuesday so while I got home by 7pm I skipped yoga as I was totally exhausted.

Wednesday and Thursday I had interviews all day, had an achy tummy all day Thursday (no idea why) and opted not to go see Trainer. I emailed to tell him around lunch time to tell him I wasn't feeling well but I'd see how the day went. By 4pm I wasn't feeling any better. So I went home had some alka seltzer and felt better. I'm starting to think it was a bad idea signing up for more sessions with a crazier schedule. I'll go this coming Thursday but next Thursday I'm on site for 3 days so I won't be here.

By Friday I had a whack of admin stuff to do. I had to go straight home to clean my house as my Dad decided to come in for a visit on Saturday. Which is great, but my house was a disaster.

Today I'm heading to the gym when it opens and picking up some ear plugs to take with me tomorrow. I'm walking the neighbours dog at 2pm and I would like to get a yoga practice in. Laundry is being done as I type. The good thing about cleaning on Friday means my house is now clean so I don't need to do it today.

The scale is not my friend and I can't blame it. It's my own bloody fault, I need to get my act together and really focus on the basics to get back on track. Like tracking, just being conscious of what I eat and when I eat is the focus for the week. The good thing about site is you have to walk everywhere.

So day one begins today, back to basics and one step at a time.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

I like rowing...who knew?

This morning bright and early I went grocery shopping. Walked to the mall and back -30min.
Didn't really buy a lot of food more along the lines of travel sized stuff for my two days in camp.

I didn't really know what to buy now that I won't eat anything at home until probably Thursday with the exception of cereal. So it seemed a waste to buy anything. Maybe the weekend will no longer be my grocery shopping day. I'm having dinner with a friend on Wednesday but I guess that could be my new grocery day as then I'd be home for 5 straight days.

I didn't want to go to the gym, I did laundry and then I gave myself a good talking to and I went to the gym.

I didn't have a plan when I got there. So I went with the flow. Spa Lady doesn't necessarily have all the free weight equipment that World Health has so sometimes I have to get creative.

Today I did the following:

1000m rowing - 5min 11 sec (I'm going to try to beat that)

I found the padded bar and if it's the same as WH it's probably around 19lbs.
3 sets - 1st 21 reps, 2nd 15 reps, 3rd 9 reps
Bicep curls - I did more reps as I can do these with 30lbs
Skull Crusher
Lat Pull Down - 60lbs

Then I did 50 sit ups (25 normal, 25 the other way)
50 Squats

All this took me about 45min, and I walked to and from the gym 30min. So that's 105min of exercise today.

Of course I pass KFC and Dairy Queen on the way home and the desire was strong to pick up lunch there but then I thought why let all I did go to waste by blowing it on that. I went straight home and now need to make lunch.

This week is a little off workout wise as Tuesday will be yoga, Wednesday dinner with friend and I'll see trainer on Thursday.

Oh well most likely not be blogging Mon and Tue but I shall tell you all about my site adventures.

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well it's done

I was out the door at 7am today and off to the University to write the test. Ran into a co-worker from Fort Mac who was also writing this test for the 2nd time. We made a pledge to high five each other assuming we both make it to the next test. It was nice to see a familiar face.

As I was sitting there waiting for the test to begin another co-worker sat next to me for a quick chat. I've worked with this guy twice actually but I had no idea he was writing. He took the week off to study. Yeah I did that last time and it didn't help.

The test itself was alright, I took it slow and when I got to the last question I went back and reviewed them one more time. I caught about 8 questions that I decided to change my answer as questions along the way sometimes gave you answers. We all won't know until July 2nd ish if we passed. Fort Mac co-worker said he wanted to be back in October to write the next level test and I want that too. I have no feeling of I aced it or I failed it.

I stopped off at the University food court as I was starving by 11:30. Ate lunch there and headed from home. That is a busy place on the weekend. I saw loads of teenage volleyball players and many in traditional Indian outfits so there were numerous events going on.

Went home and started to write the paper. I just submitted it. I don't feel it's my best work but I'm getting the feeling this class is a little loosy goosy as the instructor emailed today that we could ask for an extension and that he wasn't sticky about assignment due dates. The thing was supposed to be due today. I thought about asking to defer it but then said hell no I'll just do it. I put a picture from my company website (it's allowed) so hopefully my ability to cut and paste will somehow impress this dude.

I do feel relief that the test is out of my head and now feel I can focus on other things like exercise. Next assignment isn't due until the 20th. I want to hit the gym tomorrow. Laundry needs to be done tonight and I must have a shopping list done. It's nice weather today but I'll go grocery shopping early as the gym doesn't open until 11 and by then the grocery store will be nuts.

I bought the newest James Bond movie and haven't watched it yet so I think that's my plan for this evening.

Hugs and hope you all had a nice Saturday.

Friday, May 01, 2009

D-Day tomorrow

Hello hello,
Fort Mac was great and the weather was quite nice, when I returned to Calgary I was practically blown off the steps of the plane by forceful gusts of wind.

I do enjoy visiting my Fort Mac co-workers. Everyone is super nice and I love their cubicles compared to the one I have here. I get a weird sense of a pride everytime I go there as you truly see the vastness of everthing we do.

I was bagged by the time I got home. The flight home is an hour earlier now but still being up at 3:30am causes a mega overtired feeling when you get home by 7:30pm.

Today I slept in until 7:30am and did another practice test better than the last one but not good enough to pass the test. Still not worried. I've reviewed all the questions from those two tests and the questions that were in the book I used last year. I'll do the third practice test after dinner and review those questions. Then it's a nice soak and good sleep.

Then bright and early tomorow I head to the University to write the damn thing.

I then have to come home and write a paper. I was thinking about going to Wolverine but I should write the paper first.

Once all that's done I need to get my head around what I need to take to camp for my 48 hour weekly journey. I have this military operation coordinated so I can still go to yoga on Tuesdays and it involves dropping off my yoga stuff with my neighbour on Sunday and then racing like the wind from the airport directly to yoga. I'm not so sure about wearing my yoga stuff on the plane home but I might be able to stop home change and run.

Until tomorrow...