Monday, March 31, 2008

What the heck?

So yesterday morning I open my curtains and see a whole lot of snow. Not as much snow as many of you east coasters have experienced but unexpected snow. We've been pretty lucky for the past few weeks with plus temperatures. This morning it was -18 with the windchill, it's not for long but it's making an interesting Monday.

I've decided to take it easy on my knee for a week so I did not go the gym this weekend. I'm feeling a difference already so I think it's just a muscle issue of some kind. We shall see.

There's a blah vibe in the office today, I know I didn't want to get up today. Weather definitely impacts my eating. I used more flex this weekend then I did last weekend. I still have 23 for the week but have planned a stick to points day today. I have 8pts for supper and no clue what to do with that. I'll give it a think.

Alright not a whole lot to report today-Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Down 3.2!

Well this challenge is just what I needed. Down 3.2, whoo hoo! With 5 flexpoints remaining.
Next week I'm hoping for down 1.8 :)

I'm very proud of my diligence this week, but you know what I denied myself nothing. I just thought it out. So now I need to repeat it.

Thanks to Sarah for sharing your info on the knee thing, I'm hoping mine works it way out as well. I can stand on it with no issues so I think it's either a nerve or pulled muscle thing. Not much can be done about that other than rest and let it work itself out. I'll keep an eye on it and just nurse it for awhile. I can walk so it's all good.

Off topic a little...
Do you ever wonder if a friendship is getting a little toxic? I've been thinking about this for a few days. On Thursday I went to see my esthitician and one of friends goes to her as well and I actually found about this esthitician through this friend. Well the esthitician is telling me about how my friend really values my friendship and that she thinks very highly of me. I was bit surprised by that. This friend and I don't talk a lot, we've known each other for a long time, and we always can pick up where we left off no matter how much time has past.
Lately it seems this friend just likes to argue with me or say sort of condescending things. This morning at the meeting I was telling her that it seems like I'm doing a whole lot of tracking with the meeting challenge, the work challenge and my tracker. Then she says to me is this the same work challenge that you've all started over 6 times? It was just the way she said it, sort of judgemental. I said no this is a new challenge. This is the same friend who told me I should restart Weight Watchers and re-do my 10%. When I told her that I didn't want to do that, she kept mentioning it. Then I realized she was saying this because she was judging my progress. It's to the point now where I don't want to tell her things because I think she's going to criticize. I don't know, this is the same girl who once told me her degree was better than mine...I never thought it was a competition.
I dunno, it just makes me go "huh?". I'm sure she has issues with me as well, perhaps she believes I'm lazy. I know if anything were to go wrong, she'd be there in a heartbeat. It just makes me think was the esthitican making that "she thinks highly of you" up?

Back to weight loss...
My personal goal for the Spring challenge is to return to the gym 3 times this week. The lifestyle challenge is to drink 4oz of water before every meal and snack. The fitness challenge is 10 sit-ups 3x this week.

Here'a challenge to all you weight loss focused bloggers for this week. I challenge you to think positively of yourself. No negative self -talk. Are you game?


Friday, March 28, 2008

I have a good feeling....

Oy vey I haven't posted since Tuesday.

Not a lot has happened. I got the rough copy of my group project paper in. I've been diligently tracking. Stepped on the scale and I was 182.5 this morning...whoo. That compared to 186 on Saturday morning. This has a lot to do with water loss probably, as I pretty much went to week one so it feels like the very first week of weight watchers.

I'm committed to adding workouts consistently this weekend. Now that I've successfully tracked for a week and am confident I can do that, I need to move my booty.

I'm having a knee issue, hurts when I go up stairs. It doesn't feel wrong when running or walking, just at a certain angle. It's not crazy pain, just a jolt. I really want to get into strength training to keep all these muscles in check.

Sleep has been funky this week. Tuesday night woke up at 2am and laid there what felt like forever. You can't get up, I just willed myself to sleep. Wednesday no issues, slept like baby. Yesterday went to bed at 9pm, and woke up at 11:45pm. Was awake until 2am, then finally fell asleep. Alarm went off at 5:30am. I'm a bit tired today.

Have avoided two temptations today. I did factor in a latte this morning but I didn't fall for a muffin - they looked really good. A coworker just asked if I wanted to buy lunch with them and I declined and am sticking with my salad. I really want to keep it together, maybe I can squeak out a 182 tomorrow morning at home, which could result in a maybe 180 at WI.

Alright that's all for now.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Challenge, challenge everywhere

I am not only taking part in my meeting's Spring Challenge but also a work Fitness Challenge. It had started a few weeks ago with the focus being on healthy behaviours ie. water, exercise etc.

Everyone was to record their progress on a sheet on the wall and we'd do prizes as we went along. Well it wasn't working, people were dropping off. Someone requested we do it for the whole week as opposed to M-F. I realized we needed a competition.

Well I changed it up. I broke us up into two groups, made everyone weigh in this morning. Created a very simple tracking sheet and declared game on. We will compete against each other. The team with the highest percentage of weight loss (ala Biggest Loser) combined with total points earned for getting in goals (water, exercise & fruits and veggies this week) will win. The team that loses will take the winning team out for something yet to be decided.

We drew names for teams and it wound up being upstairs vs. downstairs (2 floor office). The upstair girls have named themselves Phat Girls Slim. The downstairs crew (my team) have no imagination. We will consult the 15 year old daughter of one team mate for a team name.

On my personal tracking front I have now tracked for 4 days straight. I was uninspired by the food in my house and needing 3 veggies servings so I stopped off at Safeway and got salad ingredients plus some sundried tomatoe turkey. As I was walking to the cash, what appears in the corner of my eye but new ice cream flavours from Beyer. Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream made it's way into my basket. I went home had a salad and grabbed the smallest bowl I own and had some ice cream. Later on I had a bit more and then I checked the NI. 4pt per half cup. So I think I had 10pts of ice cream and I had the flexpoints for it and still have 24 of them to last me until Friday.

I'm not upset about the ice cream, I see the value of not using all those flexpoints on the weekend.

Today I brought a yummy salad for lunch and am planning spaghetti for dinner with a sugar free rice pudding cup for dessert. All within my 24pts.

Tonight I need to put something together for my group project, a rough copy. I want to start cleaning my house before my Dad arrives this weekend. I'm debating on weighing in Thursday evening instead of Saturday morning as when Dad is in town it's off to Superstore first thing in the morning.

I really, really want to watch the Biggest Loser at 6pm mst, so I've printed off all my research for the paper and will write by hand and type tomorrow. Sad I know but I find this show motivates me to focus.

I think that's all for today...


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Always have a back-up plan

For the first time in a long time I didn't treat Saturday like my free for all day. I'm a big supporter of having a treat day as I think it helps you stay sane when evil treats are everywhere. My problem is that I typically track after the free for all and can be quite surprised how many points I used up. Typically anhillating the 35 flex points.

Yesterday I made a conscious decision to stick to points and use a couple of flex points. They wouldn't give them to us if we weren't supposed to use them. Due to my free for all week and my tendency of gaining small amounts I wanted to reel it in. Next Saturday I'll have a treat meal but not a treat day. This week I wanted to re-introduce my body to appropriate calories. I had great food yesterday, all within my points plus 2 flex points. I have 33 flex points left, I'm trying to remember when that last happened.

I also updated my tracker, I debated on that but you know what it's better to throw it all out there.

I've already seen the effect of my efforts on the scale. Yesterday before I went to weigh in I was 186 on my home scale, which but me at 184.8 at weigh in. This morning I was 184 on my home scale. The 186 had a lot to do with eating out twice in one day on Friday. I'm working towards a good solid loss on Saturday. I want to make my spring challenge goal of 8lbs in 10 weeks.

Water is on track for the weekend, which is usually not the case. I have no issues drinking water at work but at home it's always a challenge. I drank 2L yesterday, and I have first litre done so far today and 1L sitting beside me right now.

I have a killer tension like headache today that doesn't seem to want to go away, I might not do the running thing today and do yoga instead. I'll see how it goes but there will still be activity no matter what.

I have my food for today completely planned out and now I need to do the second half of my paper due tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Week 1 - Day 1

So you know how I was saying I was going back to week 1 well I'm going in head first.

Yesterday I had a lovely day being the official make-up artist of my friend H and her mom. Those bazillion years spent doing make-overs at The Body Shop are still in my head as I tell H "No purple for you". I still love seeing the expression of someone when you revamp their look and highlight the beauty they didn't know they had. This day also resulted in eating out for lunch and for supper. H and Mom treated me to supper which I thought was super awesome of them. I had the most amazing dessert at Earl's called Coconut Cream Pie. The Earl's Tin Palace is a test restaurant but we greatly encouraged them to launch it all Earl's as it is worth every darn point.

Alas at weigh in I knew those two meals would result in a gain, oh well it's my easter dinner so I'll suck it up. As I sat waiting for the meeting to start I overheard the left group (a group of highly entertaining friends that sit together on the left side of the room who I unabashedly eavesdrop on) discussing a new Spring Challenge. The creator has made a form to filled out weekly and you check off things like the 8 healthy guidelines, activity, water, tracking, a weekly group challenge (5 push ups a day for this week) and a personal challenge. It's a point based system and everyone picks a weight goal to be attained in the next 10 weeks. Each person puts $10 in the pot and there will be 3 prizes at the end. There are 24 people taking part all who are in my meeting. It was meant to be my friends, I jumped and joined. Now I don't have a printer so I'll fill out my stuff from the weekend when I get to work on Monday. I'll post more details on the challenge when I have form in front of me. Apparently the creator got the inspiration from the boards.

Today I wrote a rough copy of part one of the assignment due on Monday. This was the hardest part so I'm comfortable with attacking part two tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will head out for my first run/walk in ages. Thanks to Fatimah for the running partner offer, unfortunately I don't live anywhere near you however your support means a lot.

I'm doing yoga before I go to bed tonight. I purchased lovely colours of dry erase markers to put the 4 month calender I once used for school to now see my activity at a glance.

My personal goal for this week is to have some sort of activity every day so that's either a pre-planned workout or getting off the bus a few stops early.

I will beat last year's time at the HSBC half marathon in July.

A very Happy Easter to everyone!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

What the heck?

This week has been a disaster food wise, despite my original best intentions of tracking, I've fallen off the wagon. I know this is not a disaster and all it needs is my getting off my patootie and focussing.

I'm feeling unsure about this pending half marathon. You see the past races I've taken part in have been walking. I usually trained with others. This time I'm on my own. My previous training partners are all runners now. I'm not 100% sure I'm designed to be a runner. I haven't given it enough of a go to totally decide that yet but I'm starting to think that a half marathon might be a bit ambitious. You see, I hated this race last year. I felt slow and useless - mind you I didn't prepare as I should have either.

As I waited for my dentist appointment this morning I noticed a run training program in the paper. They are recommending a goal of 5K in 8 weeks for people who are venturing off the couch. This is definitely the area I am coming from after not resuming any workouts since my 6 weeks flu, so that's about 2 months and a bit of doing nothing outside of my normal walking about for necessity.

Enough is enough, I've said this so many times on this blog and now is the time to walk the talk. If I seriously want to attain my goals I need to focus. I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me to get my patootie in gear.

The half marathon is still 3 months and change away. A lot can happen in 3 months.

What I need to do is go back to basics so once again I am returning to week 1.

I have excuses, this part of the country has been lucky weather wise with +9 forecasted for the weekend. My gym membership is good until September. I'm about to buy new coupons for WW, so no more charity I'm going to make this moolah work for me.

Week 1 officially begins this Saturday, however pre-season begins now.

Here I go.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

The beat goes on to an Irish tune

Up 0.6 on Saturday, not too bad as that was water retention week. My jaw has fully recovered from the temp crown procedure. I don't feel it at all. I'm just happy the soreness is away so I can once again use those muscles on Thursday.

I had the root canal on that tooth quites some time ago and remember almost falling asleep during the procedure. So far so good with dental procedures in general.

On Saturday I got my hair cut and it's way different. Way way way shorter than previously and when I left the salon the stylist had put two handfuls of mousse in. I hated it. I hate q-tip hair, so I promptly put my toque on and headed home. After rinsing out all the goup I liked it. It's very sassy. I'll try to post a before and after pic.

It was Shamrock shake day in the office in honour of ST. Patrick's day. I haven't had one of these in ages. It was good. I will probably have tomatoes for supper.

Week 2 of office challenge begins today. The goal to get 15min of exercise everyday. Why 15min? To make it a habit. Fitting in 15min per day doesn't seem quite as daunting as 60min to people who have never really had a workout schedule before.

Watched a new show on the weekend. Meet the Newlyweds - it's cute and there wasn't anything else on. I pvr'd "I can make you thin", I watched the last 10min. The host doesn't seem all that engaging and the audience looked bored. I'll wait until I watch the whole thing.

That's all I have for today.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My kingdom for a crown

The long dreaded crown dentist appointment happened yesterday. I had happily put it out of my mind until it arrived. My biggest beef is the cost of course, my insurance will cover half, and I'm always a bit nervose about a procedue I've never experienced before.

Today my jaw feels like it's gone a few rounds with a prize fighter and I've been advised to chew on the non-temp crown side. I now have to get a little creative with food. Biting into stuff doesn't appeal to me due to sore jaw. I had Carnation instant breakfast this morning. I'm attempting a not horrendously chunky chili for lunch and itty bitty bites. Thankfully my dentist has put a rush on the permanent crown. My original appointment was the 27th for that but she's moved it up to the 20th.

I don't think I've ever eaten this slow before. On the way home from the dentist I swung by DG for a milkshake as I was still frozen and had pre-planned that. I walk in and all I can smell is hamburgers....cruel how that happens. Next Saturday after the permanent crown I am so getting a burger.

It will be interesting to see how my quasy liquid diet will be effect weigh in on Saturday.

I've read more in the 4 Day Win book by Martha Beck, I really like this book. There are parts that make you laugh out loud. It's really interesting to learn more about the thought patterns behind dealing with weight loss as opposed to just the eat this and do that advice you typically see.

Watched Survivor last night and thought for a heartbeat that Ozzie might be kicked off. Now there's been two injuries. I did find it interesting in the closing credits that the other votes were for Eric..what does that mean?

I have a school focused and food planning weekend ahead and a hair appointment on Saturday.

Hoping for a loss on Saturay.

Happy Friday everybody!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To be continued?

I can't believe Biggest Loser gave us a "to be continued" to find out who gets knocked off. That's so Australian Biggest Loser with their whacky editing. I'm torn as to who I want gone. I really wanted Ali knocked off. I've never really liked her and I'm not sure why. I've always liked Brittany but find her a bit tiresome lately.

After BL I caught Big Brother and thought it was a brilliant move of Ryan to nominate James. I lke James but I didn't like how Josh thought he was running the house.

On the way home yesterday I picked up some frozen entrees for work lunch to see if I can get out of my lunch rut. Normally on Sunday I'll make some sort of meal and divide it into 4 containers for Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri. I always buy lunch on Wed. The problem with that is I get bored after Tuesday. I tried sandwiches but after taking a sandwich every day of my elementary, junior and high school career I have an issue with packed sandwiches. I love them freshly made but not carted around. So to get out of my rut I'll do the frozen entree for lunch and keep sandwiches as an option for dinner.

The work fitness challenge of 2l of water everyday is going well. I'm quite proud of everyone for being so gung ho. I got 2l on Mon and 3l yesterday. Next week we'll continue with water and add 30min of exercise. The plan is to keep adding healthy behaviours.

I've been reading a really interesting book by Martha Beck called the 4 Day Win. She has suggested that if you can do something for 4 days it can become consistent. I really like her writing style is funny/witty not cartoony. The focus of the book is weightloss but looks at modifiying behaviours as opposed to all will power. I'm only a few chapters in but I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Recap

It's been awhile and time has flown. I really have no idea where it went. So allow me to recap from Friday.

Friday was the last day in our office for one of my co-workers who is transferring to another office. So I made the strawberry white chocolate cheesecake - it looks pretty good doesn't it? The entire thing was eaten. On top of that her lunch of choice was McDonalds. I got a kid's meal with apple slices. My colleagues had Big Macs and large fries......and cheesecake.

Saturday - I went on a quest for clothes. Started at one mall and found nothing, then went downtown and found a few tops. All my dress pants still fit fine and soon skirts can be added so I didn't look for bottoms.

Sunday - Did laundry, hemmed pants, grocery shopped and read my textbook - I felt uber productive.

Monday - Fitness challenge started at work. The challenge this week is 2L of water every day. I met my friend after work and we went for dinner to celebrate her belated birthday. We went to Thompsons at the Hyatt. They have the best nachos I've seen in a long time.
Today - Everyone is telling me how much they had to pee due to the first day of the challenge. I have a low point day plus lots of water planned for today thanks to the nachos and lemon sorbet parfait dessert. Oh yeah there's a birthday in the office and I made the birthday girl a strawberry flan cake with a shortbread crust. Thankfully the next birthday is in April.
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cereal for supper - 3 days in a row

What can I say? I like Shreddies and have had zero interest in cooking when I get home from work. I am in a food funk. I have half heartedly tried to menu plan in the past and I realize now it's a priority.

So far this week I've tracked everything, it all hasn't been pretty but it's written down. Exercise has been no existent...again I need to plan it.

I'm in a clothes rut so a shopping expendition must happen and soon.

I've been avoiding any mention of Project Runway as Canada is a few weeks behind. Of course the avoidance could only work for so long.

I was sad to see Bernie sent home on Biggest Loser. I liked him. I want Kelly bumped next, get a back bone woman.

I wound up watching Big Brother last night and why I've not liked this season at all, I love the twist of them playing individually.

I am once again behind in chapters for my course.

So this weekend is all about planning. Planning food, exercise and homework. I need to get it together and get a rhythm going..ya know?

Wheels are starting to turn in my head...victory is near.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Anti climatic

Right after work yesterday I headed down to the polls to vote, then had cereal for supper (didn't feel like cooking) and zipped over to my computer to log in for Oprah's webcast. It started well and it was interesting but then it froze. I have to admit I wasn't suprised. When you have over half a million people logging into the same website at the same time there's bound to be problems. So what was supposed to be 90min wound up being 30min for me. I might download the podcast and just listen to it. My only issue with the first 30min is that it seemed Oprah did most of the talking and I would have preferred the author do more talking.

The 10 pound challenge is getting interesting at work. We have two cheesecakes this week. One for a birthday and one for a last day before transferrring to another division. One of the participants is completely against having any because we're on a diet and telling everyone that they shouldn't have any. I really don't like the diet word. I will have a piece of cheesecake, not a big piece, not a restaurant sized piece because I believe in everything in moderation. I will also plan my day accordingly. It's up to the the individual to decide what they can and can't have.

I'm making a white chocolate strawberrry cheesecake out of Bon Appetit magazine. Which I have to start tonight.

There's no point going through life misreable by denying yourself things, think it through, track it and account for it.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday monday

Oy vey it was hard to roll out of bed this morning. I slept like a log and was very content to stay where I was. Alas a paycheque had to be earned.

When I got to work I knew immediately it was going to be one of those days. Not one person had a smile on their face when I walked in the door. So far I've had two people complain to me about their everyday frustrations. I let them vent and then go do my thing.

Yesterday I signed up for the Oprah webinar on Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. I've been reading it and find it really interesting. It's not a breezy read that's for sure, it's pretty profound. So this webinar is for 10 weeks, I'll report in on what I think. It starts tonight and I have to admit I'm looking forward to it.

It's also voting day in Alberta as we go to the polls to elect a new Premier. I have to admit I'm not overly fond of anyone and quite miffed that many didn't seem to campaign at all. I recognized that it's important to vote so I've made my decision to the best of my ability and will vote on the way home.

Food wise yesterday was good until 8pm and then I got hit by the snack monster. I'm not a big evening snacker usually and I think this was triggered by my lack luster supper. I was missing something and went after it. Today is tracked to the letter and I have some textbook reading to do so that will keep me busy.

Workouts will start tomorrow and I think I'll ease into it with some hip hop ala Shaun T and yoga.

If you're in Alberta, don't forget to vote. It's a priviledge not a right.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Russian Roulette with the scale

Alright, I admit it. I've been playing fast and loose with the scale. Two weeks of wee gains and failing to but on the breaks results in a 1.2 lb gain. Oh yeah, I knew eating lunch out every day was not a good idea. I knew I should drink more water, go for walks and heck even track in my journal.

The silly thing is I was waiting for a fresh start. I know, I know...a fresh start can start anytime - in the next minute, hour, day, week or month. Being knocked over by the super flu that kept me feeling not so great for 3 weeks didn't help. I never quite got back on the wagon, last week I was feeling better the coughing was far far less but I still didn't re-focus. I was actually dreading going to weigh in this morning and contemplated not going at all. Then I thought well that's just stupid. Go face your demons and get your butt back on the wagon. As my leader said in today's meeting - you don't want to make Weight Watchers your favourite charity.

I have 9 weeks left in my current weigh in book and I'm going to make these 9 weeks count.

So today I started the wendi plan and focusing on the basics. Now I'm ready. I want those 5lb stickers and the key for my keychain. I want goal.

I'm focusing on the positive here. No bashing, feeling bad or even for a moment doubting that this can be done.

Thank you so much for your comments about my cake, it is suprisingly easy not to be distracted by the cake or the icing. I never had a single slice of any of the cakes that I made for that class. They were projects to me and after assembling all that needed to be assembled I didn't want to touch it.

To the week ahead, celebrating the moments that make up the journey to a healthier me.