Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seriously looking forward to days off

It was a weird week my friends, the whole disruption in my schedule of working Monday in the city and then getting to site combined with cold hanging on a bit especially the stuffed nose then add the dreaded time of the month.

I sort of tried to track one day. I haven't set foot in a gym this week and yet I feel optimistic.

My new love is twitter. At first I didn't get it. Now I thoroughly enjoy the randomness of it all. I love tweetdeck to help me keep track of the people I follow plus the people who message me and not to mention the ability to have columns were I can keep track of #weightwatchers, #bl11 (Biggest Loser 11) and #propoints. There's a lot of positivity on there and I just ignore the haters.

I added a new search column recently and it's #7daychip  in a nutshell it's a group of people committing to 7 days of focusing on healthy behaviour. You set whatever goal you want. There's also a 30 day and 100 day version. I'm more doing it to just focus for 7 days and I'll tweet about it. Baby steps maybe 30 and 100 are to follow.

My 7 day chip starting tomorrow is no sweets so that's no cookies, no jello, no pudding, no FF cool whip. I tweeted this today. They have been common occurences this week. I'm going to add another one here though and that's tracking. I was super good before I left for Vegas and then coming home with a cold that all kind of slid so it's coming back.

I'm not waiting for weigh in on Saturday. Oh and I'm going to weigh in on Saturday no matter what my home scale says. I have to kick this in gear.

On the plane home I started reading the The 17 Day Diet and I stopped a few chapters in. The basic thoughts behind it super similar to WW. I know WW works so I'm not going to mess with it. However the focus will be on lean protein, veggies, healthy carbs sort of thing.

I'm returning to the gym tomorrow and I will be there on Saturday and Sunday as well. Next week my schedule is as per usual but the following week it's shaken up again so the commitment focus is now.

Alright off to bed, hope your week was fantastic!!!!!


Not dead

Blog post coming tonight been busy but I haven't forgotten you.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brilliant thought from Jillian Michael via Twitter

"Most people sabotage themselves because they aren't mindful in the moment. Let your daily actions be governed by your goals & dreams. Whenever you are making an important decision first ask if it gets you closer to your goals or farther away. If the answer is closer, pull the trigger. If it's farther away make a different choice. Conscious choice making is a critical step in making your dreams a reality."

This will be my focus for each day and each moment going forward.


In a funk

I have to admit I've been in a bit of funk since returning from Vegas. I had been looking forward to that trip for a long time and then it came and went. Now I face my normal existence until futher notice. It's not that my normal existence is so bad, in fact I should feel completely blessed.

I've now had two Vegas trips where I thought I could be at goal and it didn't happen either time. I watched all these fit women in cute sexy dresses and I want to do that at least once. Mind you I was comparing myself to 20 year olds which wasn't all that realistic. I still want to rock a sexy dress and not feel like a snuffleupagus. My friend posted the pictures from this trip on Facebook and I look at myself and see a chubby snuffleupagus. I know this is a battle with myself and really the answer is to keep going and be focused on my goals. I did hit my lowest weight to date within .2lbs. I have being making better choices food wise and doing pretty well with activity. I have to recognize where I've come from and know I can get where I'm going.

I will be going to Vegas again maybe even this September or if not definitely next summer. I will have my sexy dress moment damn it.

It didn't help that I've felt icky either because that doesn't exactly make me feel positive. It also doesn't help that we're know a week into spring and there's a lot of snow out there. I'm officially tired of winter.

However today I got dressed and headed outside. I walked to Walmart and went to Safeway. I just bought food for today and tomorrow morning. I've been eating out of the pantry for far too long. The walk there and back was a challenge as the snow felt like sand. The good part is was a bit of a workout.  When I was heading home I put the itunes on and the first song to come up was Pink's Fuckin' Perfect and this line stuck with me:

You're so mean, when you talk, about yourself you were wrong.
Change the voices, in your head, make them like you instead.
So complicated, look happy, you'll make it!

Spring will come, I will continue to rock the program and cranky pants has been given notice.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zen Day

I didn't set an alarm this morning and just let my body decide when it was time to wake up. This morning that was 10am. So no weigh in as I even slept through the second meeting. I'm o.k with that my number one mission was to make sure I shook the cold.

I had thought to do some grocery shopping but decided to stay home with another day of rest. I feel way better and am now just dealing with the remnants of a stuffy nose. No cough has developped which is awesome. This should mean I'll be 100% by Monday.

I started reading The Hunger Games - the first book in the series yesterday and just a few hours ago finished off the 3rd book. The series is aimed at young adults but I found it riveting. It's been a long time since I just curled up with a book for the bulk of the day.

I love my Kobo reader. For one thing it's way more comfortable to hold than a paperback book and the ease of downloading is super awesome. I downloaded a few yesterday so that will keep me happily distracted while waiting for planes or on them. I went to the chapters website in search of a different cover but their sold out of everything. The next time I'm downtown I'll pick up the book light that clips on.

Now catching up on stuff saved on the pvr. Currently I have Shedding for the Wedding on. I still have no favourites on this show.

I finished watching BL when I got home on Thursday. I think Kaylee should have gone home, it's all very nice that her dad convinced her to stay but I don't think she wants that. I loved it when Ali said this is not a prison and you can walk off the show whenever you want. I think that caused everyone to think. In this case two other people attempted to throw the weigh in to help Kaylee. I saw a bit of an uproar on twitter about this but it wouldn't have mattered if she left as they still would have had a vote. I love that Justin has continued inspiring people at home. I like the "called out" mantra. Sometimes we get caught up in our world and our own thoughts and need a little call out. It's up to each individual if they choose to answer it.

Alright that's all I got. Tomorrow I must run a couple of errands and I keep forgetting I work in Calgary on Monday and don't need to be up in the wee hours of the morning.

Hope your Saturday was awesome.


Friday, March 25, 2011

I miss being able to breath through my nose

It's very common for me to come down with a cold when I return from Vegas. Often it's because of the extreme temperatures hot to cold with all the air conditioning. This time it wasn't that so much but probably the high volume of people with a high volume of germs and on the plane there were some cold sufferers.

Tuesday late afternoon the sore throat started and soon progressed to stuffed nose. I started with the Buckley caplets immediately and Emergen -C orange fizzy stuff. I actually started that in Vegas as I suspected this would happen.

Went to work and came home last night. Tuesday night I was in bed by 7pm, did the same thing on Wednesday. When I got home last night I went to bed close to 9pm but slept for 13 hours. I so needed that. I'm still stuffed up but feel a bit better. I'm doing everything in my power to be 100% by Monday.

Not sure about weigh in tomorrow might declare a sick day and focus on rest. I don't want this to turn into coughing for months as it so often does.

I want to be healthy to kick activity into high gear and get back in the game to goal.

I'm still in my pjs and I feel a nap coming on.

Hope you are all feeling well. I'll be back to my energizer bunny self very soon.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home from Vegas and had a fantastic time

I had so much fun with T, C and S in Vegas. I admit I had reservations about sharing a hotel room with 3 other women but it was a blast and many good times were had.

On the first day I wound up with massive blisters on both feet right below my toes. I should have known better I had on on new birkenstocks. Never wear new shoes when you're walking mile after mile after mile. That was alright I was in flip flops the rest of the time.

The weather was alright, Friday was beautiful and the rest of the time a little cloudy and a whole lot of windy.

When we arrived T and I waited at the airport fo S who was flying in from Toronto. T gambled a bit and I learned some tips. The attendant was looking at me funny and then asked if I was over 21. I almost hugged her and then told her I would be 39 on my next birthday. The great thing about bangs is they hide wrinkles on the forehead. We grabbed S and headed to In and Out Burger. None of us had ever tried this and it was by far the best burger I've ever had and that included comparing to restaurants. Now I understand why people love this place and I'm pretty happy they aren't in Canada or that could be a problem staying on track wise.

Vdara was lovely and a bit odd. It's a beautiful hotel but had super limited food options as only their market cafe was open (and incredibly busy) and they have one other restaurant that was closed the whole time we were there. There a few design flaws like limited counter space in the bathroom. Accessing the strip from this hotel is complicated as there is no direct access and the easiest way was to cut through Bellagio. The City Center complex is massive with 4 hotels attached. The thing I did enjoy is it's smoke free. So many people smoke in Vegas plus with no casino it was a very relaxing place to return to. I'd stay there again. There was a scale in the bathroom. The only other time I've seen that in a hotel room was in Montreal.

On Thursday I hit the Premium Outlet mall and scored a pair of Nike Free XT Trainers for $65 compared to over a $100 here. I also got a cute purple/black jacket for a steal. Plus another pair of Nike flip flops - I love these flip flops. They stay on your foot and have super padding - great for unhappy feet. I also got a very cute Michael Kor evening bag that has a chain strap you can were long or short also for a steal. . I was there by myself as T and S went to Grand Canyon and C did her own thing as well.

We went to Thunder from Downunder later on and it was hysterical and a whole lot of fun. It's quite funny and quite tame. The people in the audience were pretty great too. We were there on St. Patrick's day and some of the outfits were inspired. My friend T got pulled up on stage which I think was one of the highlights of the trip. Earlier in the day we also went back to the Premium outlet this time as a group and I picked up a pair of Bose Noise Reduction headphones for a $100 cheaper than at home. Good deals were also found at Kate Spade as the purses were another 40% off the already reduced price.

Celine Dion was incredible on Saturday. I wore my Christmas party dress to this and tried to pull off the sexy shoes but the blisters didn't like that so I wound up with a pair of Celine Dion swarovski crystal (black) flip flops which strangely worked with the whole outfit. I did not expect to burst into tears during the show but I did. It was amazing and I highly recommend it.

Sunday we explored the Miracle Mile mall but after outlet shopping were not all that into it. C flew home this day so T, S and I went to Jean Phillipe Patisserie at the Bellagio. Just the chocolate fountain in this place is worth a look. T and I gambled the night away and we were both highly successful and rolled back to the room at 4am. That is the latest I have ever stayed out - ever not just in Vegas. Loved Aria Casino as we actually got a plethora of free drinks there and it's quite beautiful and a quick walk from Vdara.. Any other casino not so much on the free drinks when gambling.

Food wise - incredible. I decided to just enjoy myself and focus on undoing the damage when I got home. We had Saturday brunch for T's birthday at the Wynn buffet - Incredible. Pricey for sure but worth every single penny. We ate at Wolfgang Puck a few times and never a disappointment. Went to BLT at the Mirage the burger was so-so the milkshake (with Kahlua and something else) was incredible.

Our last day was more or less me killing time before I had to leave for my flight. We had brunch at the Lagos buffet in Caesar's Place. It was good but not as good as the Wynn. We headed back to Premium outlet as T and S wanted to pick up a few things. I was officially done with shopping and gambling.

Had a delayed flight on the way home and I got to get searched by customs. No biggy I had my receipts. I did forget my newly purchased travel pillow there but didn't find it all that comfortable on the plane so no big loss.

Got home and slept really well. Now I'm doing laundry and will venture out to Mac's to get milk soon.

I've been to Vegas multiple time...and I can't wait to go again. It's back to work tomorrow but I think I planned that well. Two days at work, my three days off and then back to the regular schedule.

Alright my friends you are now officially up to date.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vegas - Tomorrow!!!

Whirlwind day as I flew up to site this morning on probably one of the busiest days of the week. Got to my desk at about 8:15am went to meeting after meeting and then was on the bus back to the plane at 1:45pm.

Got home about 15min ago.

Barely ate anything today so I'm ordering pizza for dinner as I don't want to cook but it's veggie on a multigrain thin crust with a side garden salad.

I'm in a better frame of mind today and I know I can be focused, have fun and treat this like a lifestyle as the whole point of WW is it's not a diet.

Still to do tonight, finish packing (which is pretty much put the stuff in the bag that's been collecting on my spare bed), make a list of the items that I need to use tomorrow morning that need to go in the bag.

My good friend the cab driver is already arranged to pick me up tomorrow.

My friend T has already warned me she's starting to drink at breakfast. Good for her but not my style.

I did buy a data package for my US travel so I might even blog (short ones) from Vegas.

When I get back goal while be my primary focus.

Hope you guys had a great day.


Monday, March 14, 2011

2 sleeps but already acting like I'm on vacation

I've been trying to avoid grocery shopping lately as I'm soon gone for week so I've been eating out of my pantry. My choices and patterns have not been great. It's more like I snack myself through the day.

I know I've said over and over again that I don't want to blow my success so far out the window and here I've already started before I'm even left. It's like I'm on vacation from weight watchers.

I don't know why. I wonder if it's because I know I'm not weighing in again until after I'm back. Could it be the curse of the 168 where I see that number and freak out. I don't know. The good part is I recognize it as not being good and I'm heading down a dangerous path.

I'm so taking advantage of that gym in the hotel and I focus again now.

It was quite weird working in Calgary today as I realize being a site I've avoided a lot of temptations ie. Tim Horton's, Jugo Juice and Starbucks.

I head back tomorrow just for the day and then it's off to Vegas. It will be tough to stay on track but I am not coming back and have to do damage control. I can enjoy myself by still focusing on healthy.

I will do this.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 sleeps to Vegas...

Hello my friends,

Crazy day yesterday but let me start with weigh in. Down 1.2 which took me 168.2.  So close to my all time low on WW but I'll take it.

At the meeting we wound up talking about Simply Filling because one of the group was trying it out. That caused a bit of a discussion because when people heard the "no tracking" part there was some oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Our leader quickly explained that you're focused on power foods and you eat till satisfied. That's when people got a little more wise. Eating till satisfied is an issue for a lot of people as our level of satisfaction can be dependant on our old habits. I know I will have to track forever or audit myself every so often. Our leader actually suggested that to track for a week every so often as everyone's portions can creep up if you're following the simply filling technicque.

I had to leave early to make it across the street to my mani and pedi appointment. I miscalculated how long that took and practically had to run home so I could get to my hair appointment.

I checked my messages when I got home and there was one from the hair salon asking if my appointment could me moved as my stylist had to instruct a class to sub for another stylist. I go to Aveda Acadmeny. I told them that it had to be on Saturday. They're closed on Sunday, I can't pop out on Monday as I'm in a meeting all day. Tuesday I go back to site and then on Wednesday I'm off to Vegas.

Happily I still got in. A student cut my hair as my stylist watched carefully so all is well with the world and it cost me $18 dollars.

My friend K messaged me if I wanted to go to Chinook mall as I had a few hours to kill before dinner so we wandered around the mall for a bit.

We then met our boss at this awesome Italian restaurant. A lot of food and a lot of wine was consumed but loads of laughs as well.

That did give me a little foreshadowing as I need to keep it together in Vegas as it's so easy to get caught up in the moment. I'll follow the 80/20 rule and think of my food in terms of the whole day.

Today I must pack even though now I'm leaving for site on Tuesday, I want to do a prepack today and then cull if necessary on Monday. I need to pop into Walmart today to just get some odds and ends.

I might attempt a run/walk outside today as the weather is nicer...this will be my first attempt outside after mulitple attempts and aborting C25K before. I think what's working for me this time is I'm following my own program.

Might be back later.

Hope you had a great Saturday and a great Sunday so far.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Lucky day with the exception of losing another pair of mittens

Hello my friends,

Wowser was it an adventure getting home yesterday. As we were on our way to the airport we got an email saying our flight was delayed due to mechanical issues. We get there and we're told mechanics are working away. At 6pm (our normal arrival time) we're told we have to wait for the 8pm plan to give our plane a boost. My first thought was "they can do that?". I have never in my life heard of a plane boosting another plane, are there jumper cables for planes?

Alas it had to do with air pressure. Our plan was essentially frozen (it was probably close to -35-40c with the wind) so there was no air pressure for the engines. We had to board the plane before the boosting began as when those engines started we needed to go. So it was 5hrs of waiting to get on the plane. Lucky for us a big wig was on the plane and we think he requested food while we were waiting in the terminal/ trailer. Of course all the boys grabbed 2-3 sandwiches. I manage to grab one and juice box.

We landed at 10:30pm and I got home just before 11:30pm and was hungry again so I had a glass of milk and the rest of my Liberte Moka crack yogurt. A higher point day due to the length so not sure how that will effect weigh in.

However this morning I got up ate breakfast and turned on the news and saw the disaster Japan is experiencing. My heart goes out to them.

I got myself together and headed to the bank. I scored $500US for  $501CDN...awesome I heart a par. I then picked up a another Polar FT7 heart rate monitor as I've decided to just leave my other one at camp. However at some point my toque and mitts went missing. I had them in the bank and put them on the little ledge. When I left they weren't there, I didn't think much of it as my head was now focused on getting to the gym. I was a few feet out of the bank when I realized I didn't have them so I went back and nothing was there. I think the old lady next to me at the teller swiped them.

Oh well, I went to the gym. I had to wait for a treadmill and noticed an interesting sight. There were 3 older ladies walking on their treadmills with their purses. The purse part was odd to me.

I did my run walk of 3 min running and 1.5 min walking. In total it was 18 min of jogging and the walking filled out an hour - I walked fast burning just over 400 calories. The run mojo was not with me. I tried, I pushed but maybe I was still a little zonked from my 18 hour day yesterday

I got home and let my credit card company know I was going to Vegas after my lovely fraud experience a few weeks ago. The customer service person actually said "good girl". I then hooked myself up with some US text msg, long distance and data plan for my iphone so I don't get binged with ridiculous charges.
I then headed downtown to meet my friend P for a coffee. I had a light coffee frappucino. She told me the Body Shop was having their buy a $5 bag and get 50% off whatever you put in it. I wound up getting a free brush kit worth $90 bucks out of the deal as well.

I also bought a Kobo reader. I've been debating this forever. As I didn't know if I should go ipad, kindle or kobo. I decided against the ipad as I have an iphone. A girl next to me has the kindle yesterday and I was then convinced I want this. I decided to go Kobo because I can download library books and it's now wifi which was probably the only con before. I just go the new Mercedes Thompson book for $9.99 as opposed to $25ish for hard cover. I only take a backpack to site and back and space is often at a premium. This is awesome and super light.

I then went to the Bay in search of Vegas night life appropriate outfits and came away empty handed. I think I'm better off looking for that in Vegas.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I have to zip out a little early to make it across the street to my mani and pedi appointment. Then a few hours later I'm off to get my hair cut. I do feel a little like shaggy dog in that department. Then it's off to dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant I've always wanted to try but never got around to it.

I need pack at some point ideally Saturay so on Sunday I can pick up anything I need.

You are now completely in the loop of my day...I hope yours was great.

Oh and 5 sleeps to Vegas.....

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Persistence over perfection

The fabulous Enz mentioned that in a comment today that I'll post tomorrow. That is truly the key to staying on track and focused. Focusing on perfection is an easy way to become frustrated. Persistence is overcoming road blocks.

I declared a rest day today. I had a rather spectacular face plant right at the front doors of camp. I tripped on a step and smack in front of a bus full if witnesses. A bruised knee and bruised pride is all that happened.

I got offered a linebacker position for handling it so well as I just jumped right back up. I told him I prefer defense.

I've set a side what I need to take home tomorrow as there a few things I have at camp that need to come to Vegas. Working a 4 day week makes the countdown to the weekend pretty fast. I have a lot to do this weekend to prepare for my amazing race week next week.

I'm yawning now so it's an early bed time for me.

Hope your Wednesday was awesome.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

8 days to Vegas

I'm afraid rather boring titles for the next little while as my countdown to Vegas continues.

Looked at the weather there today and it looks a little all over the map +20c to +9c but it still sounds good to me compared to the -28 to -13 weather now.

Today was kind of a meh day. It wasn't bad and it wasn't fabulous. It was somewhere in between. I did spend a few hours today working on a spreadsheet that decided to disintegrate into the universe and I had to re do it. Annoying but didn't ruin my day. I did use a few flexpoints for an oatmeal cookie but there are still 43 remaining for the week and thus far I've earned 33 Aps so far. I tell you the jogging makes a huge difference. Scale is moving in the right direction. I really have no reason to complain about anything. So a meh day is nothing.

Food went pretty well today to and I did my 3 min run night. I forgot my heart rate monitor today so snazzy information but rather simply I did a 5 min warm up and the combo of 3 min run/jog with 1.5 min walking for 8 times and then a 5 min cool down.

Not sure if I'll make it all the way through Biggest Loser tonight. My pvr is recording it at home. I'm a bit suprised at the twitter universe's anger towards the red team for voting Arthur off. So we'll see what happens tonight. I think you need to remove the cash prize for this not to be a game. Of course that also serves as some pretty powerful motivation. I wonder what I would do if I were in their place.

Loved Village on a Diet yesterday and it actually made me teary. It will be very interesting to see next week when they go back 4 months later. Living in a winter climate can make activity difficult or not quite as easy when the weather is nice.

Alright my friends BL is about to start so I'll talk to you later.


Monday, March 07, 2011

9 days to Vegas

Well my friends today I learned the valuable lesson of getting to the shared laundry at the right time. A random guy put my laundry in the dryer then left it on top of the dryer when it was done. I was late for the washer ending as I was in the gym but I was bang on time for the dryer. I probably missed it by 30 seconds.

Sometimes working in a 99% male environment is a wee annoying.

Next time I'll pay closer attention.

Stayed on track yet again today. Could it be that this is a glimmer of a habit?

Todays workout was walking on the treadmill on the random hills option for 45 min. 299 calories burned.

Totally getting vacation brain as I'm uber excited about this trip to Vegas. I have to remember it's 9 sleeps so still time yet.

Tomorrow is another run day, I hope I get a treadmill.

Just watching Village on a Diet and then it's to bed for me. I barely slept last night so I'm zonked.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

10 day to Vegas

Hello my friends,
I hope you all had a great Sunday.

I took this picture from the plane going home on Thursday. I just thought it was pretty and wanted to share.

I headed out once again to the gym. I got a few doors down and realized I forgot my garmin so I had to back track. This morning had slightly better temperatures (-15c) and it was sunny so it was a pleasant walk to the gym. I hit the treadmill for a run day and today was 5 min warm up and 2.5min jog/run and 2 min walk. I did that 10 times then in my last charge to the cool down I did a 4min jog/run then a 6min cool down. This was the first time the jog/run had more minutes then the walk.

I was on there for one hour today, 7.26km/ 515 calories burned/ 6:57 -8:16 pace/ HR 135-174. Next jog/run/walk day is Tuesday and the goal is 3min jog/run, 1.5 min walk...eeek.

Then I walked home and made lunch which was a really simple grilled cheese sandwich with some snap peas, grape tomatos and mini pickles on the side. I made the Angel food cake mix plus on can of light cherry pie filling cake (mix together bake for 30min at 350). It's so yummy and WW friendly. It's safely in the fridge downstairs right now.

Then I got down to housework and all I have left to do is put laundry away, pack the work bag which includes making a list of what food I'm brining so I don't forget anything.

I've been craving pizza lately so I made a plan to make my own this weekend. This wound up being today's supper. I got the Pillsbury pizza dough and made 6 mini pizza shells. Tonight's pizza was spicy turkey bite, onion and kraft light italiano shredded cheese. Came in at 7 ppts.

I started my Vegas list today as in the things I want to get when I'm there. On the list are things like extra desserts gum, wasabi soy almonds, dark chocolate Bounty bar. Funny how it's all food related...oh and perhaps an another pair of the Nike Free XT to take to site. I was talking to one of friends yesterday and telling her how next weekend I plan the wardrobe and will probably need to buy a few things. She then pointed something out that I was forgetting - why not get stuff there. Duh, the Canadian dollar is doing well so that's a thought.

I also need to start a list of what I need to pack as that has to happen next weekend before I go to work for two days then fly home late before heading out the next day. There's little stuff I need to squeeze into next week like going to the bank and getting a mani & pedi.

Alright time to wind down and think about bed as it's an early wake up call tomorrow.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

Day 15 - Weigh in after staying on plan

Down 5.6lbs....Shazaam!!!!!  I practically did a happy dance at the scale.

The last time I lost 5lbs in one weigh in was my very first week on weight watchers when I walked in the door a long time ago. This being the first week I actually followed the propoints is rather poetic.

I used 18 weekly points and earned 39 activity points this week. I tracked every single day without exception and not fudging anything. Remember I'm doing an experiment on how propoints works for me so I also paid really close attention to protein this week while eating in moderation. There was a mini bag of chip and nanaimo bar last week.

If you've been following me for awhile you might remember my Operation Hottie for my August trip to Vegas and my goal was to hit 168. I am 1.4lbs away from 168. I could hit it next Saturday and go to Vegas next Wednesday at 168. I'm going to use my euphoria over this week to motivate me next week.

This makes me really not want to blow it in Vegas and have fun while still being healthy. I also discovered the use of the fitness centre is included in the hotel price so really I have no excuses.

After spending 3 months floating in the 170s I'm encouraged by being tentativley back into the 160s. Now the goal is to get a little deeper in the 160s.

Last night I did go the pub with my friend M and to the movies after. I left 16pts for that. I had a spinach/ strawberrry salad with dressing on the side for dinner. I barely had any dressing as I found the strawberries with the spinach was flavourful enough. It came with a white mini loaf and guinness butter. I wanted to try the guinness butter so I cut of a really thin slice off of the bread - well I cut two pieces actually. It was about half the size of one piece of normal white bread and had less than a teaspoon of butter on each. That's it. I did have a glass of Rickard's Dark and then water afterwards. At the movie I had less than a handful of my friends popcorn and a few strips of red licorice. I did have plenty of water as I had a bottle of water at the movies. I finally pulled off an evening out before weigh in without totally sabotaging myself.  Finished the day with 29pts exactly.

We saw Rango...funny and a little odd.

A major thing I think helped me is my run/walk days as I'm sort of been using a HIIT training mentality by doing the running (well probably closer to jogging as I guess running on a treadmill means you're at 6 and I'm at 5.3)

So my plan this week is to just do the same. Track, eat all my points and exercise.

Today's breakfast was a grande non fat caramel latte and Starbuck's egg white/ turkey bacon muffin. A higher point breakfast but I had to eat something more substantial with the goal to the go the gym.

I hit the gym after weigh in and went to the 1hr Zumba class and then 1hr Iron Reps class. I know a little crazy but I really like the zumba and the iron reps isn't super cardio. Iron Reps is my only true weight training.

I went with beginner weights at the Iron reps class as in my last two attempts I think I'm over doing it and need to build up. I definitely know where I could add a bit more weight after today's class. I also walked to weigh in and back from the gym plus 15min on the treadmill when I was waiting for Zumba to start. I rested between Zumba and Iron Reps. Burned 564 calories in the 15min on the treadmill plus Zumba. Burned 350 calories at Iron Reps.

Tomorrow is a run/walk day and I'm going to stick to the 2.5 run/ 2 min walk. On Tuesday the goal is to increase the run by 30 sec.

The Nike Free XT shoes did great in Zumba and Iron Reps so I think I've found a cross trainer shoe that finally works for me. We'll try them again next Saturday but if all goes well I pick up a 2nd pair in Vegas to take to site for non run days.

I hope you guys have an awesome Saturday!


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 13- Rock Star Day

Mainly because someone called me a rock star today. I have had a fantastic day.

I was productive, helpful and I got kudos from a few people. I felt like I was contributing and making things happen. I haven't felt that in a long time.

I slept through take off on the plane. We were in the air and they were handing out snacks (I didn't have any) and I thought we were still on the tarmac as I had just woken up.

We cruised on to the plane after work and there was no air flow control. I had a new cab driver arranged by my normal cab driver and he decided to go through downtown on the way to my house. I was worried for a minute that traffic would be evil but it wasn't as we sailed through.

Got home around 7pm. Tried on the new Nike Free trainers and they fit well. I then made dinner and made the omelette I had on Sunday - 1 egg, 3 egg whites, spicky turkey bite, chopped onion cook as an omelette and fill with two triangles of light laughing cow. I had a little salsa on the side and it was so yummy.

Now I'm ready for bed. I had planned yoga but I didn't plan a late dinner and I don't like to yoga right after I eat.

I had a fantastic day and stayed on plan as well. I deserve a rest day.

Tomorrow it's to the gym for a run day. I do have to head into the corporate office to pick up a pre-read package for a meeting I have on the 14th. My priority is the gym first thing in the morning. Then it's dinner and a movie with the girls. I'm ready for that and will pre plan as I want a good weigh in on Saturday and I'm not going to blow it now.

Hope you all had a fabulous Thursday!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day 12 - Damn you nanaimo bar

Well it's not the nanaimo bar's fault as I'm the one who chose to eat it. It was an afternoon meeting and I've had a horrible week of sleeping so add those together and the nanaimo bar never had a chance of escape. I woke up with the alarm today as opposed to 15min before and I so wished I could just go back to sleep but alas that couldn't happen. The first order of business on Friday is sleeping in.

On the other side I think I've been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a facsimile of me. I got to camp and I immediately went to my room, changed and headed to the gym. I have now worked out every single day since Saturday. Someone was on the treadmill so I got on the spawn of the devil eliptical trainer. I thought I'd wait the person out and when the treadmill was free get on that. I wound up doing 20min on the eliptical before getting on the treadmill and doing a 40min walk on random hills. The weird part is I wanted to run but told myself no. I can do that tomorrow. I'm embracing this running thing with baby steps and build my stamina.

In my defense at camp the gym is attached so I don't need to go outside. The test will be when I go home tomorrow. I'll get home too late to go the gym tomorrow so I'm going to do yoga instead. Last weekend I left all my yoga dvds at camp. I've already started a little pile of stuff to load into my bag to take home tomorrow.

At lunch today I built a little workout calendar to sort of plan my workouts so I keep a day in between runs and cross train more. Which brings me to the picture above. I got an email from my neighbour that these have arrived - Nike Free XT.  I can't wait to try them out and I think I'll debut them at zumba on Saturday.

Vegas is getting closer and I'm getting excited. I need to figure out evening wear. I didn't do that so well last trip and the crew I'm going with this time have some high expectations. I'll take more pictures this time and post. The more I think of Vegas the more I think that I don't want this to be a foodapalooz or boozapalooza. I'm going to have a pina colada or two but I still want to focus on healthy. I might sneak off and see if I can find a Trader Joe's as I never did that last time.

Alright my friends I should get ready for bed as tomorrow is a long day.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 11- Going strong

Hello my friend,

I had yet another day on plan which I am very happy with.

I have mysterioulsy hit the french option on my keyboard which is odd.

There was a moment with a treat size bag of chips but you know what it managed to fit in my day. I found another WW follower at work as I over heard her talking about points one day.

We talked a bit about the new plan and she mentioned she was having difficulties adjusting. I told her I did to until I realized if I failed to plan I planned to fail. I also realize this is my first week of truly embracing propoints but I find taking it day by day is working. Of course I still have 3 days to go until weigh in on Saturday.

I am still going strong being on my own at work as well.

I am very content.

Activity today was run day 4. I went for dinner first tonight and then as I walked back to my camp room to change I visualized getting a treadmill. Ta da, I got a treadmill.

Tonight I tried 2.5 min running and 2.5 min walking. I got a little confused with my intervals and wound up doing one set of 1.5min walking in between 2 sets of 2.5min running. This completely shocked me. I did 45min tonight and then forgot to turn off my heart rate monitor until I was about to take a shower.

So the numbers are wonky but it says 470 calories burned in 54:45min.

I solved my missing sock mystery. I was obviously pretty tired the last time I did site laundry as I found one white sock and one black sock folded together....funny.

Hope you all had a fabulous day.