Monday, September 25, 2006

Scary Day

This morning one of my colleagues went into a diabetic insulin shock, we now suspect it was a diabetic coma. Thank Goodness he's o.k (been to the hospital and now resting at home) and everyone's first aid knowledge kicked in. The people who work on the same floor are all in a bit of shock. Completely understandable after seeing someone so full of life and energy hit the deck, those of us downstairs have just tried to be there for them. Of course everyone is better knowing he's o.k.

Of course anything else I have to say sounds meaningless in comparison to this morning. My afternoon snack was a mini bag of mini oreos...not the best choice but I have the points for it. 60min of hard core walking involving hills is on tap for tonight and it's been a beautiful day so that should be nice.

I made an oppointment with an optometrist...I haven't been in about 4 years so I thought it's time and that's what medical coverage is for. So I'll treat myself to some new specs and maybe some contacts. I think my twitch (which is much better thanks to a full night of sleep) might be partially do to with my vision changing and staring at a computer all day.

I've discovered a horrible tv time conflict...Ugly Betty starts this week at the same time as The Office and I can only tape one. Due to my vow of seeking proper rest this week I really shouldn't stay up and watch. Both Canadian and American stations have Ugly Betty on at the same time, I was hoping to find The Office on maybe a slightly different time on a Canadian network. Nada, in my fair city no Canadian network carries The Office...I'm traumatized. There is one option of salvation. I have a second tv in my basement but it isn't hooked to cable; however it does have a vcr. I'm hoping the Canadian channel has decent reception on the 2nd tv so I'll tape Ugly Betty downstairs and tape The Office upstairs. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow another office birthday is being celebrated...thankfully I don't need to make it this time.

Until Tomorrow

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Sonya said...

I'm lookin for new specks too! I've had my frames for about three years - I figure it's time.

Sorry to hear about your friend's insulin reaction. That is really scary.