Sunday, February 28, 2010

Organization Sunday

Alright now that I've tearfully sung Oh Cananda along with the rest of the country after that hockey game, I can now type with a clear head.

Dad left early this morning and I was on a schedule. Immediately started laundry, when that was done headed out for a 6.4K walk. My target today was 400 calories burned as opposed to distance. I then had a Money's mushroom burger for lunch and then settled on the couch to watch the hockey game. Called the cab company between the 2nd and 3rd period to arrange my pick up tomorrow morning.

Had a bubble bath, made dinner (spaghetti squash, organic tomato sauce plus extra vegg), have my site bag 85% packed and now the closing ceremonies start in roughly 15minutes.

Been a wee bit snacky today probably due to parking my patootie in front of a very tense hockey game.

My goal for next weigh in is 184.4 and I am focused on that.

Alright may or may not check in from site tomorrow but I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada takes Gold in Men's Hockey!!!!!!! OMG what a game, tied in the last few seconds of the 3rd period. I practically ate the blanket on my couch as I never took my eyes off the screen.

That's 14 Gold for Canada an Olympic record!!!!!! Thank the lord above for Sid the Kid.

Valiant effort by the USA hockey team, they fought hard.

I need to soak this in, be back later.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

5% off

As in 5% off of my body, it was 186.2 at weigh in so down exactly 10lbs since I restarted WW in January and down 18lbs from my original start weight when I joined WW for the very first time. Kind of fitting that Canada had a golden day with 3 golds and a bronze added to the medal tally

When I weighed myself at home I saw 185.4 so have to admit a wee disapointed that it didn't line up with WW's scale at weigh in. It took me a while to get to 10lbs but I think I'm gaining momentum now.

I didn't get my 5% sticker today as I didn't have time to wait for the leader so I'll save it for next week. Plus this is added motivation to ensure I keep going in the right direction.

I have 5 weigh ins until my annual skin check with my dermatologist and I think I can get back into the 170s by then perhaps 179ish. That's my new goal at any rate. Nothing like standing stark naked in an exam room to get you motivated. I had originally planned to also have my annual physical then but that didn't happen due to having to schedule those almost a year in advance (I'm not kidding).

While I'm still aiming for the x-weighted goal to hit goal weight in July. I have another very superficial goal as well. I'm heading to Las Vegas in August to celebrate my very good friend's birthday. I want to be a hottie by then, so I've dubbed it "operation hottie". This not only includes hitting goal but also learning to walk in 4" heels (just for the nice dinner's out not wearing all the time). Don't get me wrong I think I'm sort of cute but I've never had the confidence to pull off hottie. By hottie I mean fit, confident and fierce. I just think Vegas would be appropriate to unveil my fierce new self.

The shoes pictured above are on their way to my house. I saw these Kenneth Cole 925 technology shoes on Rachel Ray and heard they're super comfortable. I can't find them anywhere in Calgary so I ordered them online and they were on sale. I also picture myself in super cute Vegas dress. Fierceness - here I come.

There is generally a foodapalooza when Dad is in town but today I kept myself in check and while I did use flexpoints I'm cool with that and planned for it. I need to tackle one day at a time and one week at a time.

Tomorrow I have a mega walk planned for around the hood to test out my super expanded route.

Alright I'm wiped and off to bed.


Drive by post

Hello my friends,
The men's hockey game of Canada vs Slovakia was uber stressful to watch. I went to bed after the 2nd period and watched the highlights this morning while practically biting my finger nails. Now its Canada and USA in the gold medal game. Thank goodness it starts a noonish pacific time as I'm on a plane again in the wee hours of Monday morning. A late Sunday game would have made one very tired Cowgirl Warrior.

O.k on to business, stepped on my home scale this morning and saw a very decent number but now the true test is when I weigh in at WW this morning in about 90min. My Dad's in town this weekend so I won't be staying for the meeting (feel free to recap your blogs if you go to WW) :).

I had 13.5 activity points this week, mind you all at the beginning of the week.

Now I wait and see what kind of discrepancy I see between my scale and their scale.

I will be back later to share.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chicks with sticks rule the world!!!

Whoo hoo to the Canadian Women's hockey team who took the gold medal tonight. Now hopefully the men will follow suit.

Left for work early again today but this time with my pass. As I passed my neighbour's house at 5:40am they were grabbing their paper and I think wondered where the heck I was going.

Boy, you can get a lot done when the office is quiet and no one else is around.

Was in meetings from 7:30am to 2pm. These long days are leading to some self sabotage. Went to Subway for lunch and got the Chipotle steak and cheese sub. It looked good and the last thing I wanted was turkey or ham. It was really really good.

I am keeping my goal in sight even though I wavered a little. Tomorrow my mission is to be out of the office by noon and focus focus focus on a good weigh in on Saturday.

Alright my friends I hope your Thursday was fabulous.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With trepidation

I watched the Canada/Russia hockey game tonight...we won!!!!! I get way too emotionally involved with these games so I have to sort of watch something else and the flip back every so often. Sometimes the every so often turns into every 20 seconds like when I watched the Canada/US game.

Now it looks like we'll medal in women's bobsled Gold and Silver...whoo hoo. Go Canada Go!

It was funny when I got off the plane yesterday there was a tv where we pick up our bags and the Canada/Germany game was on. Everyone forgot about their bags and gravitated to the tv. The only conversation you heard was people relaying the score to new people approaching the group.

Today I left for work earlier than normal as I had a whack to do and I forgot my access badge...duh. Luckily fabulous co-worker is also in early and rescued me from the lobby. Sort of defeats the purpose of being early when you can't get to your desk. When I got home today I was exhausted. Days on site are long and then followed by another long today, I feel like I'm running on fumes. No walking for me tonight.

It will early to bed for me tonight as I think I'll head in early tomorrow as well. I still have a whack to do. I was hoping to take Friday off but not sure if that can happen. It seems like everytime I think I'm sorted another pile of stuff lands on me.

I did find Virtue/Moir's original dance on CTV. I do have a pvr and checked shaw on demand. I'm not sure I want to watch all 2.5 hrs on a work night. I tried to fast forward through it and it was taking forever. I'll find the other two performances. Thanks so much to Carol and Charm73 for the suggestions.

I took out my garbag and recycling this morning and my recycling bin was practically full with boxes that I didn't put in there. I'm happy whoever is doing this believes in recycling but a wee bit annoying since they most likely have their own bin.

Saw 186.5 on the scale this morning with two more days until weigh in. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

That's all I got for tonight.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ladies first

That's how they boarded the plane home today. It was full and a smallish plane (50 seats) so they boarded women first and the boys had to sit at the back of the plane. Quite funny to see the boys faces and how they couldn't sit in the first 4 rows for there quick exits.

Food went well at site and I did a very fast 36min on the treadmill Monday afterwork.

Couldn't watch The Bachelor -women tell all - just couldn't take it.

Trying to find video of Virtue and Moir's performances at the Olympics as I managed to miss every single one.

Plan to come straight home from work tomorrow so I can walk outside while it's still light out.

Alright that's all I got, I'm wiped.
Talk to you tomorrow.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

8km around the hood

I tried the route I had in my head this afternoon and it's 8k exactly, I also hatched plans to make it longer - crazy I know. Burned 500 calories - booyah. Changed the front of my garmin to show calories rather than pace. I don't really care about my pace I'm shooting for calories burned aka activity points.

Food is mapped out for the day and I've started to plan tomorrow.

Good idea on the half a PB sandwich, that appeals to me.

I'm hell bent on 186 or better at the next weigh in.


In the groove - sort of

I did head out for a walk yesterday afternoon and it was 7.12km with 456 calories burned.

Unfortunately I also had a whacky food day but that's what flexpoints are for plus I earned 6.5 Activity Points so all in all not a terrible day. I need to bring some type of breakfast to weigh in. I always bring my Starbucks Latte but waiting till I get home to eat is too late. Then my meal planning goes out the window. I've tried granola bars in the past but I'm trying to think of better options that appeal to me.

Today I'm paying very close attention to the points and I'm planning another walk. Breakfast was my go to Oatbran as I won't have it again until Wednesday. I'm thinking of going a bit further than yesterday and I have a route planned in my head.

Laundry has begun and I think today's lunch will involve turkey taco in some way. Not sure if I want to go the salad route or actually have turkey tacos. The salad route would be less points of course.

Heading back to site on Monday so it will be early to bed tonight. The indoor runners are in my bag already. I'm thanking the stars above that the Canada vs. USA hockey game isn't the later one.

Alright I will most likely be back to report today's workout.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Go Canada Go!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to the start

Well back to my lowest weight since rejoining WW in January. 187.8 stared back at me on the scale at the meeting. I'm cool with that. In fact a loss surprised me a bit.

I've been coasting for the past few weeks. Failing to plan, therefore planning to fail sort of thing. The weigh in lady did say good job to me on my 0.8 loss as apparently quite a few people in my meeting saw gains today. I know I've had my eyes glued to the olympics so sacrificing workouts which I find a wee ironic.

Yes I find the olympics inspiring but so far it's inspired me to sit on my couch.

When I headed out to the meeting this morning it was a wee chilly at about -14 and then I checked the short term weather and saw that it was pretty much going to stay around that all day. I then had the thought well I might not do my 6K neigbourhood walk today.....what!!!! I immediately mentally slapped myself upside the head. What kind of loser excuse is that.

-14, no snow and sunny is not a realistic reason to not go outside for a walk. I walked to and from the meeting (4.6K) and I will head out for my 6K neighbourhood loop today. I need to get my butt off the couch if I want to get back to decent loses.

I am still dedicated to getting to the 170s before my weigh in coupons run out. I should buy more next week as there on sale.

I might report back later because if the walk is going well I may aim for a bit further than 6K. I was feeling the groove when I walked home from weigh in.

Hope your Saturday is super fabulous.


Friday, February 19, 2010

I am Canadian

I was watching the Canadian broadcaster for the Olympic games and caught a story on how everywhere you go in Vancouver there's a maple leaf on someone.

Today at work it was casual Friday and every 3rd person was wearing something that said Canada. There was a quote from American speed skater Shauni Davis saying he didn't know we were that patriotic.

I love it!!! I have always been proud to be Canadian. We have a reputation of being nice and we're a country made of cousins - when I've travelled outside Canada I've had so many people tell me they have a cousin in Canada. We're the 2nd largest country in the world - land wise and still have stretches of land were you won't see a soul. We embrace new technology but are proud of our roots.

I own 4 hoodies that say Canada on them in different stages of wear (one is designated to mowing the lawn or painting as it's old and tired). My newest I wear everday as an extra layer in the chilly air.

Today my office was cold so I had it on for most of the day and all I got were smiles.

I love this country - Go Canada Go

Got an invite to a coffee with one of the directors to discuss my career goals. I'm trying to figure it out if there just being nice to me. You see my work disappointment involved them and I do a great deal of work for them but don't report to them. In all honesty they handled the whole thing not so great. I think they don't want me to be stop being fantastic so we'll see what happens. Have a scheduling conflict with the time suggested so we'll see if they reschedule.

Have no idea what weigh in will bring tomorrow as I've had a hard time resisting ice cream this week (mistakenly purchased Ben&Jerry's on sale) - could it be all of the winter olympics watching?

Makes no differance I'm gung ho for next week and have been working on my visualization. I'm picturing wearing the Tiffany's key when I hit goal. That's my personal gold medal.

Hope you all had a fabulous day - hugs!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy day

Hello my friends,

Woke up to snow - yeah! - not. It was wet snow which makes everything slippery and is deceptivley heavy to shovel but I was out there at 5:45am shovelling my sidewalk.

When the bus showed up it sort of slid into the sidewalk. I was glad I didn't move until the bus came to a complete stop.

Got to work and it was go, go, go all day and into the night as I needed to get things done. I've just felt like I'm getting wee bit more behind as each day passes so I had to break the tide.

Food was super low all day by accident. Oatbran is my go to breakfast lately at 1pt per serving. I add one tblsp of Brown Sugar and one tblsp of half & half to make it extra yummy and 3pts total. That keeps full for awhile.

I've been on a veggie sushi kick for the last two days so had that for lunch. I picked up a 6in ham sub at Subway with cheese and mustard as dinner to eat at my desk. So when I got home I treated myself a little Ben & Jerry's as I had 7 pts remaining for the day. Mind you dipping a little low wouldn't be a terrible idea as I've been less than perfect but 7 is a lot.

Tomorrow I'm just going to focus on getting organized as I've got a lot of little things that have been ganging up on me. Perhaps I've been a little off kilter due to chaos. Normally I find a little chaos good to keep you on your toes but I feel the need to be in control this week.

Hope you had a groovy day!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming to peace

First of all a whoo hoo to Canada's 2nd gold medal, way to go Maƫlle Ricker. I'm super happy to see a girl get the gold as well, no offense Alex Bilodeau - I don't think a nicer guy could have won Canada's first gold on home soil. Go Canada Go!

Last night after I posted about my finishing the End of Overeating I started to have a debate
with myself about the mini Reese's Cups sitting in my fridge (I only like them cold) and they were my Valentine's present to myself. They're 5 for 5pts and I had one. Then I wanted to have a couple more so I sat down and thought about it and then decided I would and I'd use flexpoints for them. I didn't feel bad and I didn't feel disappointed in myself all I did was accept that it was my decision.

I want to be a peace with food and I think I took the first step last night. By making a conscious decision it felt differently. I also made a conscious decision to focus on being on plan.

On the way home today I swung by Shopper's Drug Mart in search of popchips. They were on sale so I grabbed a few flavours bbq, salt and pepper, and salt & vinegar. I openend the bbq when I got home and tried a few. I'm impressed the bbq ones have a ton of flavour and they kind of sorta remind me of Cracklins but they're definiely sliced potatoes and they're crispy. Not super kettle chip crispy but satisfying. I think they're a keeper as a snack. These are the bigger bags so the other flavours will have to wait and due to the abundance of flavour I'm quite content by eating only a few at a time and not the 27 chip serving.

Completely off topic - I'm on the hunt for the Canada hoody in red, black and white. I see it everywhere on Olympic coverage and I want it. Wandered into the Bay downtown today and they only had kid sizes. I will not give up.

Alright my friends I should go make dinner.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Interesting but the message is familiar

I finished The End of Overeating and overall found the book to be very interesting. The cure to combat urges and cravings is really not all that different from other books or to what WeightWatchers teaches you about dealing with difficult situations, however I feel the book gives you more information to truly understand your response and motivation towards food. Heck I know the WW mantra and that still doesn't necessarily stop me so I need to learn the lesson in whatever way I can.

This is also probably a good book to start with before reading The Beck Diet Solution as it gives you more background and Beck gives you a systematic manner to find a solution.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the science behind what was going on in terms of why you crave and how there are factors working against us. The author is adamant in saying don't call it a diet as it implies short term. I totally believe that, I don't want to be on a diet my entire life I want to learn a new lifestyle. The book also says that you can stop yourself from going off plan but you have to act quickly and by the time you get to "Should I or shouldn't I" it's probably too late.

The major thing I got from this book is the power is within me and it's not about will power. If you rely on will power alone it will be a long struggle. According the book the keys are:
Figure out your triggers - of course emotions are huge and the reaching for food as the answer is probably deeply rooted in your behaviour and even your family so this can take work.
Refuse what you can't control - for me that's ignoring all the snacks in the office
Have an alternative plan - for example if walking past the bakery makes you want to eat, don't walk past the bakery. You know you get the munchies at 3pm - be prepared.
Limit your exposure i.e. social occasion, not sure how do that other than walk out or don't go.
Remember the stakes - this is big for me, I need to remember the goal before I reach for the cookie.
Direct your attention elsewhere - I've done this, I just don't do it consistently like the time I painted my nails to stop myself from snacking. I do find that if I'm reading I'm far less likely to snack then if I'm watching tv. One thing I'll try this week is to pick up a book if my mind starts to head towards snacking when I'm at home
Learn active resistance - this one is interesting and more geared to reacting to the food ads and gimmicks to get your attention. View them as hostile instead of warm and welcoming. That is how I feel about that commercial for triple decker burger - that's just gross.

Another really interesting thing he talks about is "Thought stopping". A term created while one of the sources was working with drug addicts. You can stop the thought a.k.a change the channel if you do it quickly. It's a definitive decision to not respond to the pull of whatever your reward is i.e. cookies. Once gain to be successful it has to happen fast.

What I take from this book is to stop and think before I reach for food and ask myself am I hungry. I would highly recommend it.

Today I walked to the grocery store and back (4.6km) and have made some good protein choices for the week. I made turkey burgers and picked up a pack of sirloin that was cut for shish kabob, I grilled the beef instead as a smaller portion option and easier to portion control.

Yoga on tap for a little later and the gym bag will be packed for a visit after work tomorrow. It is a bit weird not being at site this week as I have to plan all my food for the whole week.

Check out Jamie's blog for a savoury giveaway, I'm intrigued by these Popchips.

Hope you enjoyed your Family Day or President's Day.

Talk to you tomorrow, hugs!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a jungle out there

The End of Overeating arrived yesterday from and I've had my nose in it ever since. I'm about half way through and it's quite interesting. So far a lot about the brains response to food and how the food industry is doing everything they can to make us want what they're offering. That's putting it almost too simply as the author has done some pretty impressive research. Also on how much food has changed over the years and the science that goes into making fake things taste real.

How things are modified to be more palatable and even easier to swallow or require less chewing. Making us feel good and work less at eating it.

It all comes down to sugar, fat and salt and how sneakily it's put into the food we eat to make us a want it so our pleasure seeking brains will seek it out. Interesting information on how our brains react and why it's hard to stop from eating half the bag of oreos for example.

I haven't hit the part on how to deal with that all yet but it's definitely encouraging me to be super wary of any processed food and restaurant meals.

I've always been rather suspect of things like non fat sour cream and the 100 calorie this and that - don't even get me started on the WW snack cakes. You read the ingredient list and it's all chemicals. In the book he talks about some of the science behind the creation of food items to deliver the ultimate amount of sugar, fat and salt that makes our brains so very happy.

I'm sort of glad I didn't go grocery shopping today as I feel a wee more savvy about food than yesterday. We all know the dangers of processed food but the extent is worse than I thought.

I went for a 6km walk today, netting roughly 400 calories burned. It was treacherous and there was much slipping and slidding thanks to frost falling off trees on top of ice therefore making it difficult to see. There were about 4 times where all muscles engaged to stop me from falling - does that count as strength training?

Right now I'm trying Prime Stuffed Chicken breast for supper - yes processed but until I finish the book I'm not going cold turkey either. There are some things I can justify and convenience is definitely a draw.

I'm going to keep reading and will probably have more to say, so far I'd recommend it.

I was thinking about doing some yoga tonight as well but right now I'm making dinner and I can't do yoga on a full stomach so we'll see if that happens today. It will definitely happen tomorrow.

So far day 2 of being totally on plan. I want to get into the 170s in the next 6 weeks.

Alright that's all I got.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the games begin..

I do love the Olympics as I find it an inspiring time and a great opportunity to see sports that you might not be familiar with.

I'm fiercly proud to be Canadian and beyond excited that Vancouver is hosting the games. I'll admit when they first announced it I wondered if Vancouver's normally mild winter weather might cause problems.

It's so sad about the Georgian luge competitor who died in a training accident at a mere 21yrs old. My heart goes out to his family, his teammates and all the competitors in that competition.

Last night we had our Olympic shindig and I watched the opening ceremonies with a critical eye. I'm watching this as an opportunity to show the world what Canada is about. When Calgary hosted the Winter Games in 1988 it was awesome.

My overall thoughts were...meh. There were parts that were spectacular and then there were parts that made we wonder "what were they thinking?".

Nikki Yanofsky's singing of the national anthem gave me goose bumps.

Measha Brueggergosman was phenomenal singing the Olympic anthem and that girl got toned since the last time I saw her on Project Runway Canada.

Loved the choices for the Olympic flag bearers. Betty Fox (mother of Terry Fox) was a particularly nice choice.

Loved the Native People portion and those whales going across the floor of the stadium. I love Haida art.

I realize blue is an Olympic colour but couldn't Nelly Furtado be wearing a red dress and maybe a wee bit shorter heels as she seemed to teeter a little. Despite the fairly obvious lip synching going on I thought she and Brian did a good job. I loved the native dancers especially the hoop dancers as that's pretty cool what they can do with those hoops.

Then there were parts that I thought were a bit off like the "what seemed like forever" Sand portion. The boy had skills on those wires but I thought it was boring.

Yes the trees in Stanley Park are breathtaking but the interpretive dance didn't float my boat.

I love fiddle music but why were they dressed as extras from Pirates of the Caribbean?

The whole snafu during the lighting of the flame, well that was unfortunate. Plus watching Wayne Gretzky on the back of a truck (where the headlights working?) and the longish drive to the second location of the flame.

I just remember watching the Beijing opening ceremonies in complete awe. There just seemed to be a lot of dead space while watching last night.

Now we focus on the games ahead and I wear my red Canada hoody with pride everywhere I go. Go Canada Go!!!

At the shindig they were playing the Winter Olympics Wii game and I think I need to pick that up. I didn't try it but it sure looked fun.

Went to see Avatar today and I enjoyed it but I think the 3-D stuff gave me a rip roaring headache. I'm not fond of Chinook Centre (one of Calgary's bigger malls). Generally when I need to go there I go smack when they open and then I'm out in an hour. Today the mall was packed silly so after the movie I headed home. I could not look around with my head pounding.

Went home, took some advil and then lay down for 40min or so. I feel so much better now.

I am inspired by the Olympics and my goal is to stay completely on plan during the games. Today is going super well. I'm aiming for 186 on Saturday as I want that 5% sticker. I'm halfway through my 12 week journal and the last half to be spectacular.

Hope your Saturday was wonderful, talk to you tomorrow.


Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a loss-I'll take it

I woke up at 9:30am today which is super late for me but it was a fantastic sleep in. After I woke up the internal dialogue debate began.

To weigh in or not to weigh in. This went on for about an hour.

This week started off pretty terrible food wise and it's been a battle to keep it together especially because it's snakapalooza week thanks to hormones combined with a little stress. I seriously thought about skipping this week and just weigh in next Saturday.

I finally decided to go to weigh in as I felt missing it might start a dangerous behaviour of just wanting to weigh in if I was going to be successful.

It was a bit odd walking in there and seeing the usual crew. I've weighed in downtown before and that didn't feel as odd as today at my normal location just at a different time. Each group definitely has their own vibe. I stepped on the scale and I was down .4lbs, not spectacular but far better than a gain.

I decided not to stay for the meeting as the topic was taking time for yourself. As I'm single, no kids plus an only child this is not a problem for me. Instead I went to the mall in search of food as I hadn't eaten yet.

The trick to having a successful week for me is to be on plan at the start of the week and just keep going.

I've dusted the cobwebs out of my brain and I'm sorted. Next Saturday's weigh in will be fabulous. Plus I'm in Calgary all week so totally in control of my own food. I want my mojo back as I was doing so well.

Alright off to celebrate the start of the olympics tonight and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good post title?

I can't think of one for the life of me. Complete blank in that department.

Site was fine this week, food was decent and I managed to squeek in some treadmill time though my runner was rubbing against my ankle the whole time.

Took forever to get home as we circled in the air for what felt like eons.

Tonight had the eye appointment right after work - very little change in that area so that's good. I was too tired to look for new frames plus I want a friend with me as I need a second opinion. After walking around the mall in my snow boots I did something funky to my knee. Hoping that works itself out.

At the eye exam the guy doing my paperwork asked me how old I was so I told him (37) and the woman at the next table didn't believe me. She thought I was way younger. I love her.

I've had a stupid hard time trying to get back into the swing of things weightwatcher's wise. Tracking has been difficult this week and I have no excuses.

I ordered the book "The end to overeating". I can't get into Beck. I've picked it up multiple times and something about the format bores me to tears.

I'm hitting goal this year damn it. Tomorrow is my last day at work for four days. I want to use this time to get back into the swing of things. It's time for another round of meal planning and I need to get my butt to a gym.

Alright my friends that I all I have.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

No use hiding

I was expecting a gain this week as my behaviour last week was not how one should approach a weigh in whatsoever.

I weighed myself at home before leaving for WW and I was up .4 - That's o.k I thought I can handle that. I get to the meeting and I weigh in and it says up 1.2 - what!!!!

Again the gain didn't surprise me, it was the discrepancy between my home WW scale and the meeting's WW scale that did.

No matter, I know what caused it and I know how to fix it.

Last week I tracked but I didn't track in real time. What I mean by that is I would track my breakfast and then track lunch and dinner after they'd been eaten. Not smart I must say. My little Oreo incident is a good example, I knew they're 3pts for two in the back of my head but I didn't listen to my head as I ate them. It was later when I tracked them and thought "crap".

As I stepped on the scale at WW I told my leader I had a bad week. She looked at me and said "You've come back recently, it's normal to have rough weeks the important thing is to know what happened". Good point Clare, I know what happened and I'm super fueled to have a kick ass weigh in this week.

I don't want to get in the habit of a fabulous week and then a terrible week but all I can do is take one week at a time.

This week my company is having a Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony shindig on Friday night. I'm taking the day off that day to give myself an extra long weekend. I think I'll weigh in Friday at noon instead of Saturday am. I have a feeling Friday night will be a party and I want to celebrate instead of worrying about the scale the next day.

Acitivity is a priority this week as last week was lackluster. My tracking will be pre-planning this week and to really think about what I'm going to consume. Water wasn't so fantastic either. I always got in a minimum of a litre but not my 2L goal.

So this weeks plan is:
Sunday - 1hr walk outside (it's supposed to be -4 today), 40min yoga
Monday - 45 walk treadmill
Tuesday - 40min yoga
Wednesday - 30min Wii Fit, 40min yoga (I have an eye appointment right after work)
Thursday - 45min walk treadmill
Friday - 40min yoga, plus a walk perhaps as the weather is supposed to be decent.

I'll be day short this week as I'll have 6 days between weigh ins as opposed to 7.
Diligence is a priority.

I didn't stay for the meeting this week as my Dad was coming into town and I was meeting him directly after weigh in. I did see one word on the board that struck home - Resilience - the ability to recover quickly from setbacks.

This is why they call weight loss a battle. I didn't win this week's battle but I will win the war.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

What gym ?

OMG you guys I haven't been to a gym since Monday and haven't done yoga since Sunday. I have fallen off the activity wagon this week. Not sure why exactly.

Tonight I plugged out 30min on Wii Fit but I'm having an altercation with Oreos.

I don't get it. I'm focused but distracted this week. It's like my head is elsewhere perhaps some self evaluation with the journal is necessary. Perhaps I need to get back into the groove of reading the Beck book. I abandoned it awhile ago so it's waiting to be picked up again.

Not a lot to update today but there's always tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Back on the plan

Hello my friends,
Got my hair cut at the Aveda training academy today and I love it, left with a funky product that helps add volume called Pure Abundance hair potion. It comes out of the bottle as a powder but when you touch it turns liquid, combine this with the mousse Phomollient and shazaam. I also picked up a travel size Phomollient that I can refill and I'm trying out their Air control hair spray.

Work was alright today, system issues caused everything to take forrrevvverrrr. Nothing quite like waiting 5 minutes for a page to load.

I needed to hit a grocery store after work as I had no fruit or veggies, it was a sad case.

Meant to do some Wii Fit but my controller is dead and I had zip for fresh batteries so it's charging. I think my Wii board needs new batteries so I'll pick those up on the way home tomorrow.

Other than that not a whole lot to tell you today.

Until tomorrow...hugs!!!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Some lessons take time

Time ran away from me yesterday as I worked a longer day and everything got pushed back from then on.

Did a ton of walking around yesterday which added up to an hour, this included walking across site to a meeting (15min), treadmill in a super hot room (30min) and having to trek up and down a stupid long haul way 3 times because my camp room key didn't work (15min)- while lugging a computer bag and a duffle bag.

Food wise was not so incredibly fantastic and it started to go down hill yesterday night. Probably because I was super tired being up at 4am and awake until 11pm. Though I did sleep super well as my alarm took me by surprise this morning.

Today was not so hot either as I got a little bit of disappointing news and the lunch options kind of sucked today. I did not pack my lunch in the to go kitchen this morning and suffered the consequences.

I have definitely not mastered the emotional eating, however I did have the flexpoints so all is not lost.

Diligence must return so that I can see 186 on the scale on Saturday. I am confident that I'll do it.

Got the yoga paws today and they're neat. I just tried the hand part on and it's cushioned. I'm thinking I'll love this during downward dog as that always kills my hands.

Alright my friends I'm a little zonked so it's early to bed for moi.