Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vow to lose 20!

I was reading Rachel's blog today and joined her vow to lose 20lbs by January. I'm not so sure about this week but I guess Saturday will surely tell. My scale is showing a gain and yes I know it's probably due to the weekend and there's still 3 days before weigh in but it's never encouraging to see a gain. It just fuels me to do better.

I did head out for a walk when I got home, a wee bit overdressed for the weather and I was trucking. Went home and had my turkey dinner. Tonight I think dinner will be a small quesadilla (sp?) home made of course with salsa.

I failed at joining the recipe group this monday (I blame the holiday), however I promise to post one this coming Monday.

Apart from a relatively stressful work day, not too much to report.

Looking forward to America's Next Top Model tonight...who should go next?


Sonya said...

Cowgirl - you can do anything you put your mind to! 20lbs, a marathon, or even taking over for Stephen Harper!:-)

You go, girl!

crackmonkee said...

I'm in on the vow to lose 20lbs by January 1st too ... we can do this!!

I also saw a gain when I peaked today ... I have a feeling I ate more than I actually thought I did this past weekend!

Living to Feel Good said...

I liked the girl who was sent home. :( She was fun. I think they should have sent the other girl home. Maybe they feel guilty for cutting her hair and want to make it worth it to her a little more, so they are stringing her along. I mean they keep saying she isn't giving them confidence, but they keep her. Come on. You know the twins? They live 10 mins from me. So weird. I've never seen them, but it's still weird to see someone on TV so close to home.

duenneschen said...

hells yeah!!!