Sunday, December 14, 2014

Me vs Me

Yeesh, 5.5 weeks since I last blogged.

Yes I am a horrible blogger.

When I last stopped by I was on my way to the Wine and Dine Half and then Avengers Half on the following weekend. Well I did it survived both.

Of course I intended to write recaps of both races but that now seems silly as it was well a month ago. So instead I'll share a few highlights before I get really deep and more in line with the title today - Me vs Me.

The first run for my Wine & Dine weekend was the Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k, I was in the start area and when I saw Mickey and Minnie I literally skipped over to them.
 It's a fun race through Animal Kingdom, and the weather was perfect.

 The weather was not so perfect for the Wine & Dine Half. Pouring rain through the whole thing. I wore a poncho for the first 8 miles then ditched it as I was 100% soaked anyway.

 I did see some friends, OMG I had so much fun with these two in this photo. Dug was distracted by my Half medal so I said squirrel to him. He then went over to his wagon and pulls out - yes you guessed it a squirrel plush toy.
 I finally went to the Epcot International Food & Wine festival, I skipped the Half after party at Epcot as I have never been that soaked so I returned on a dryer day.
 I always wear my medal home, stepped off the plane and into the washroom before going to customs and bang - the medal fell apart. I was crushed but I called RunDisney and they sent me a replacement. I actually got it last week. I was home to do laundry and then off to Los Angeles and Disneyland.
 I was telling Donald that I liked his outfit as I just left snow.

 This trip at both Disney World and Disneyland I embraced character photos. I typically avoid photos which I'll get to later.
 First run was the Super Hero 5K

 So there was extreme rain at Wine & Dine and crazy winds at Avengers, seriously it was taking out mile markers and people were being attacked by tumbleweeds.

 I can say I did not wear this medal around the parks after my experience with the spinner in the Wine & Dine medal. I did wear it home though.
I love Eyeore

Now I find myself one week away from my Christmas cruise, no runs involved with this one just a straight up vacation.

Let me back up again so shortly after returning from Disneyland I was off to Victoria for a week for a course. Remember how I said I'd track for the whole time away. - I didn't.

While in Victoria I didn't either.

I got home stepped on the scale and saw a number that woke me up. It was awfully close to my start weight and by start weight I mean the very first time I walked into a WW meeting.

That totally shook me. I skipped the meeting last week as my head was in the sand. It took another week but I went yesterday and I'm so happy I did. One of WW friends discovered she's cancer free. How amazingly wonderful is that.

I don't want to me by own enemy anymore.

I'm setting my sights forward, so yes the cruise. Of course cruises are famous for weight gain but I have a strategy. They have a super nice gym - my goal to visit daily.

I am travelling by myself so I set my agenda for the day. The other thing I did is book excursions that involve walking no sitting at a beach.

Oh I will track, why will it be different this time? I have a goal to arrive home lighter then when I left.

Last weeks meeting topic was My Losing List, writing down all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Not stopping at "I want to be healthy", why do you want to be healthy? Well I made my list yesterday and I wrote it down in the front of my 3 month tracker.

I do feel like a switch has been turned on in my head. Now it's just one foot in front of the other.

I also want to blog more, though I hear wifi is stupid expensive on the boat so that may have to wait.

I might drop by before I leave.

I hope all is well with you.


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

You - version 2

Well Hello,

This time I didn't wait months between blog posts…yeah me.

I leave for the Wine & Dine Half in tomorrow and then the following weekend it’s the Avengers Half…and the 5ks for each run on top of that.

I can't say my training has been spectacular. When I signed up for these races I had grand plans. 

Then my world got tilted when I started a new job with crazy hours. It’s not odd for me to put in 9-10hrs per day. The last time I worked those kind of hours I was at site and got Fridays off, this time there’s an added 9-10hrs on the Friday.

I realize this is an excuse as people with far more complicated schedules can maintain training plans. There’s not a lot I can do now other than do the best I can. When I came back from Tower of Terror I had the flu so between that and Vancouver I ran once. Yet I shaved a few minutes off my last half.

The body is a mysterious machine indeed.

What I wanted to talk about today was my last Weight Watchers meeting. The topic was You version 2.

Sort of profound hey?

During the meeting my leader has us visualize during some scenarios as us version 2. What I found interesting is how easily I could visualize the right behaviors yet currently my actions don’t reflect that.

A few weeks ago we celebrated one of our WW family hitting goal. I was so happy for her and at the same time wondering what my issue is.

My Dad’s death hit me super hard so that impacted my whole life. I delayed dealing with my grief until I had a few things sorted. It’s been over a year and while substantially better I feel like about 98% myself.

Me version 2 starts now, I will track while I’m in Disney World and Disneyland – not something I typically do. When I come home I will start strength training so I can be more prepared for Star Wars and plan my food better.

The fact that I could visualize it means I can do it.

My bad habit is acting before thinking, like today I bought the Nanaimo bar at Starbucks. Now after two bites I realized it was kind of yucky and tasted like flour so I tossed it. Yet why did I buy it. I didn't need it and it turns out it wasn't even enjoyable.

I’ve read book after book.  I know what to do and just need to do it. I do have strong motivation in my annual physical in January not to mention the goal to do Dopey 14 months from now.

What I often hear in meetings is people want to get back to how they used to be. For me I've always been chubby from as far back as I can remember. Back when I lost 25lbs on WW then freaked out and gained it back. The freak out was I didn't know who this was, it was foreign and uncomfortable. Well since then I've done more uncomfortable things like going to Japan by myself that I know uncomfortable isn't a bad thing and you actually learn a lot about yourself.

I am worth success, I am worth the effort to be fit and I am worth the work that needs to be put in.

This blog is going to get back to its original intent to document the good, the bad and the ugly of getting to goal.