Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I bench pressed 60lbs

Remember when I complained about 20lbs?

Mind you I was into the 3rd rep when I asked how much the weight was. This was my third set of bench presses the first two were 50lbs, so being able to squeek out 10 with 60lbs was a major victory.

Let me start with the workout.
Regular warm up.

Alternate the following pairs 3 times.
Deadlifts - do 10, do 8, do 6 - 80lbs
Push ups- as many as you can to exhaustion - 3 times

Chin Ups - do 21, do 15, do 9
Dumbell Thruster - 35lbs - do 21, do 15, do 9

Dumbell swings - 20lbs - do 21, do 15, do 9
Squats- do 21, do 15, do 9

Sit Ups
Box Jumps same amount as above

Then we did the Tabata workout - as many as you can in 30 seconds, 10 second rest

Skull Crushers - 18lbs
Sit Ups (new style)
Bicep curls - 18lbs

After workout I went a picked up my new H2O mop. OMG this thing is awesome. I mopped my kitchen floor in mere minutes and the bottom of the pad was gross. I grabbed a lysol wipe and wiped it down the middle of the floor just to see if it picked up everything. The wipe was clear.

Taking care of the neighbours dog and we just did a very fast paced 30min walk. She's now snoozing beside me.

Discovered today that there some serious drama/politics at work and my plan is to go in do my job and go home. I inadvertly got sucked right in the middle of it today, never again I say.

A rumored 5 more centimetres of snow is on it's way, so far nothing. Hopefully it pass us by. Fingers are crossed my friends.

Alright have a groovy evening.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here we go again

Snow, snow and more snow.
I don't mind snow but this is getting a wee bit ridiculous with 20cm being dumped every weekend. Mind you if you've planted tulips, but the snow on your flower beds and you'll have awesome huge tulips. I did not plant tulips this autumn, mind you I should wind up with amazing lilacs and super green grass.

Running around in that snow meant no gym and no grocery shopping today so instead I shovelled snow, cleaned my house and did laundry. The city was warning people not to travel on the roads. (Wet, very slippery snow not so good).

Ran over to the neighbours to get the lowdown on the dog as the dog and I will be hanging out for 3 days while the family goes away for a few days.

I'm excited the dog and I get along really well and this will be a nice vacation for her too. Plus there will be plenty of walks in between gym days so a benefit for both of us.

Food will be interesting I got breakfasts covered but lunches might need to be purchased before I can hit a grocery store. So I'll have to choose wisely.

Looking forward to seeing Trainer and the girls tomorrow.

Alright that's all I got for today so toon in tomorrow for rundown of the workout.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm back

Hello, hello,
Can't believe it's been a few days since I've posted as blogging seems to be a regular hobby for me.

Where I left off, I was off to Fort McMurray with 4 dozen mini cupcakes. Boy did a lot of people want to be my friend at the airport. The little suckers survived the crazy bus ride home and the plane. Obliterated by 2pm. My FMM team will never forget me know.

On the way back the plane was delayed for half an hour so that meant I was up at 3:30am and didn't see my house until 9pm. I must remember to bring a book next time. All I had was my ipod and I was draining the battery with games.

Friday flew by with work stuff and I was still pretty tired from Thursday so I was in bed early.

Today I was planning to hit the gym and I was reminded on Friday that I had volunteered to help out on Saturday. What I absolutely love about my company is it's dedication to the community. Any two employees (one has to me an employee more than a year) can ask for money to support a community effort.

So today we bought brand new kitchen supplies for an organization that helps people with brain injuries. Another company donated a brand new kitchen, so we got a whack of stuff to fill it like plates, cutlery, serving dishes, appliances, towels, oven mitts and a bizillion other items. We were meeting at 10am and I had thought o.k a few hours. I got home at 4:30pm. It's all good and the organization is excited so it just warms your heart.

I'll hit the gym tomorrow but probably focus on Cardio as I have trainer on Monday. I also need to get groceries and clean my house so it will be a busy day tomorrow.

Alright hope all of you are well and I'll talk to you later,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I stand corrected

I placed an order for 4 dozen mini cupcakes from Bliss and Co. today as I'm taking them to Fort Mac as a treat for my team. As far as I know there are no specialty cup cake places in Fort Mac, where as Calgary is being run over by them. I asked them if they used shortening or butter in their buttercream. The answer is butter. What threw me is they whip up their icing into mousse like texture so the consistency seemed different to me. Super nice people by the way as opposed to the grumpy people at Crave.

The gym in my building is having some introductory classes before the official opening date and tomorrow is a 45min Ashtanga yoga class. I'm taking my mat to work tomorrow and I'll check it out.

So I'm thinking tonight maybe I'll look for an Ashtanga class on myyogaonline.com as I'm only familiar with Hatha yoga. There are similarities for sure but I'm curious to see if there's a difference. I read somewhere that if you're thinking of your shopping list while doing yoga, you're not doing the right yoga for you. I don't usually think of my shopping list while doing hatha yoga but I have to admit when I go to the community centre class I sometimes do. I think that has more to do with the lengthy description of the poses and not really creating a flow.

Looking forward to Biggest Loser tonight. Who will hit the first 100lbs lost on the ranch for a woman. I have to admit I'm rooting for Tara, I admire her dedication. Yes, she's a bit intense but man she works hard.

I forwarded through the guide on my tv and it looks like next week will be hosted by Michelle and Ali, as I'm guessing this is when Allison has her baby. That will be interesting to see as there in front of them will be two former winners.

Alright that's it for today.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Crap

Major news at work that caused a bit of a freak out all round. By 11am I was calm and filled with positivity and surprisingly stuck to my packed lunch. I didn't snack outside my planned day and when I got home I was not eating the fridge either....bizarre. Mergers are always stressfull but there's nothing you can control so there's not point in freaking out.

Killer workout tonight. We did so much that I'm not sure I can explain it but here's a go:

Warm Up - 10 situps, back extensions, toe touches and samson stretches - 3 rounds

500m rowing machine
Shoulder presses (10lbs in each hand)
Proper squats -involving standing with legs wider apart and pressing up using your thigh muscles .....oy vey
Sumo something something - wavy bar 20lbs, hold bar right in the middle with thumbs touching. Start in squat position and stand up holding bar lift to chin

Repeat above 3 times, as many reps as you can in 2minutes, with exception of rower - had to do 500m

Spin bike - 2min
chest press - 40lbs - last round was 50lbs......50lbs people remember when I thought 20lbs was hard.
reverse lat pull down - 27.5lbs

Repeat above 3 times as many reps as you can in 2min.

Then we did "proper" sit ups. Lay down with a towel as support under your lower back (fold towel accordingly), place feet sole to sole so legs are bent, now do a sit up. Apparenlty this works your lower belly and boy does it. Combined with this were dumbell swings.

21 of each, then 15 of each and then 10 of each.

OMG sweat was dripping off me. My back was not happy especially with the rower. Trainer just finished "Crossfit training" need to google that and he called us athletes today and he was our coach.

I'm going to miss him on Thursday, tomorrow I'm going to focus on yoga. Wednesday I need to be in bed early as my flight is damn early on Thursday. I'll hit the gym again on Friday and this weekend.

I got my yogitoes today (pictured above and I got purple) and so far I'm so impressed. I got the full mat one and the hand one. I tried the hand one tonight with just a few poses but my hands did not slide during downward dog...awesome. I think in the summer when it's warm the full mat one will be incredible. Stops your mat from getting sweaty and improves grip. I can't wait to do a yoga practice tomorrow.
Hope all is well with you, hugs!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Workout in the snow

OMG I shovelled the snow and it's closer to 20cm than 12cm. Super wet and heavy snow at that and I could feel it in my arms.

Thanks to Boxer for commenting on my post the other day about cupcakes. I will definitely have to try the Bliss and Co. cupcakes again. I will say that the cake part definitely superior to Crave. My plan is go in to Bliss and just ask them if they use shortening or butter. I just didn't taste any butter. There are alot of buttercream recipes that use half shortening and half butter also. I might pick a few up on Friday and try to figure it out.

Feedback is good people on my quest to make the perfect cupcake.

My next cupcake experiment will be after Easter and I found another recipe that adds whip cream into the ingredients. So if you're in Sunlife and you see a person carrying a cupcake carrier with two or three trays of cupcakes that'd be me.

Thanks for the comments on the tracking question I posed yesterday. I am going to focus on eating what's good for me and not tracking and see what happens this week.

On the goal front:
Water - 6/7 days
Cardio - 1/2 days
Weights - 2/2 days
Yoga - 1/2 days
Tracking - 3/7 days

On Thursday I'm in Fort Mac and there's no opportunities for workouts that day as it's go go go from 3:30am to 8pm. So it up to me to get in a 2nd weight workout as I'll only see trainer once this week.

So the goals remain the same for next week with the exception of tracking, we'll take that off and see what happens.



Yesterday, there was hardly any snow left and water was running down the street. This morning when I woke up and opened the curtains this is what I saw. I'm thinking it's about 12cm right now and it's still snowing.
What sucks about this is the last 3 days have been true spring weather. Now that spring has arrived it snows. Murphy's law for sure.
So I made pancakes for breakfast and once I finish my coffee I'll head out there and shovel. I'm thinking there will be muliple shovelling opportunities today.
Going to the grocery store is out today because roads will be crap on foot or by vehicle. No worries I'll get creative with the pantry and I'm thinking it will be half a can of Chunky Soup with added veg for work lunch (3pts) and I'll investigate the freezer.
So today will be yoga and chores, and clearing off the dvr.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy day

I woke up at 10am today, I must have been tired because I don't usually sleep in like that.

My first mission of the day was to go buy milk so I opted to walk down to Walmart and pick up a few other odds and sodds and then walk home. Planning a trip to Safeway tomorrow to pick up the fresh stuff but apparently we're getting snow. I heard 10cm, my Dad phoned me to tell me he heard Calgary would get 30cm. If we get 30cm of snow I'm not walking to the grocery store and may just live out of the pantry for the week. I really really hope it's not a lot of snow.

This morning when I left at 11:30 it was plus 10 by 3pm it was 0, that's a fast drop my friends.

I also picked up a Fit Yoga magazine while at Walmart and it had a weigh loss article in it. One tidbit of advice that caught my eye was don't count calories and that the best food to eat is the food that's good for you. Sounds simple doesn't it? This article says the counting keeps you so much in your head that you don't pay attention to what's going on in your body. It also says some diets are filled with chemicals and the first thing taken away is protein. Protein is good for muscles.

This got me thinking a little. On WW we focus on points which is tracking. Do you obsess about points or calories where you look at the numerical value vs. the nutritional value? I know there's been times where I've thought it's only 2pts - the mini Jos Louis cake for example.

As I was in Walmart I noticed they carry some the Biggest Loser products like whey protein powder and a protein drink crystal. Not exactly wholesome ingredients. Ever read the ingredient list on WW foods...a wee bit scary.

Of course if only it was that simple. I'm not so sure my internal dialogue would lead me to the healthiest of options as I have a strong instinct for not so healthy i.e chocolate. It is something to think about. Do I obsess from the numbers and ignore what my body is telling me? Perhaps that will be an experiment for the coming week.

Alright that's it for today.


Friday, March 20, 2009

It's the frakin' end

I refer to Battlestar Gallactica of course. Watched the series finale tonight and I enjoyed it. Best part for me the cylon on cylon fight. New cylon vs. 1980 cylon. Plus the original theme song as the ships sailed into the sun.

Shed some tears at moments and totally enraptured in others. I'm going to miss this show.

Other than that rather uneventful day today, however I think I'm proving my efficiency to the upper echelons as today I got a phone call from a higher ranking individual asking for my help. That's was neat.

On Sunday I'll wrap up my goals for the week, which I'll admit now have not been going well. I've got no excuses and will just start over on a new week.

Found a sticker from UPS on my steps saying that this was their 2nd attempt to deliver a package, interesting there was no notice about the first package.

Alright that's all I got today, hopefully more entertaining things will happen tomorrow.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm on to you guys

Four other people on my side of the floor go to the gym I go to. Two work with trainers also. Both of these people go to the gym during the day while I prefer to go after work.
Today when they came back from their training sessions they talked about having to do "Turkish thrusters", the spin bike and the rowing machine. They use different trainers yet were doing similar exercises.

So I show up for my training session and guess what it was Turkish thrusters, rowing machine and spin bike. What a surprise, so now I wonder about these trainers...

One of my co-workers and I were talking and she asked me if I was going to continue after the sessions were finished. I'm thinking that's a definitive no. I need to learn to do this on my own. If I do wind up on a fly in/ fly out schedule I'll be training myself anyway.

There was five of us today so we're split into two groups. I was put into a group of 3 and this is how it went:
Traditional warm up - which I've described a bizillion times.

Turkish thrusters - 8 times - 4 each side and then 10 pushups - repeat cycle 3 times.
The turkish thruster involves laying on the floor holding a 10lb weight in one hand straight up 90 degree angle to the rest of your body.

Now manoever your way to standing positing holding the weight straight up at all times, opposite leg of hand holding weight is bent. Your supposed sit up, put your elbow of the arm not holding the weight on the floor to support you, then your hand, then scoop a leg under another let to get upright, then do a backwards lunge with the leg opposite to the one holding the weight, down to kneeling position, scoop another leg so that you're laying back down - this counts as one.
Oh my goodness, I was a wreck at these I was getting up somehow but legs weren't scooping where they were supposed to be. I was sweating buckets after this.

Do 21 reps of each, then 15 reps and then 9 reps:
Dumbell squats/ thruster - 30lbs
Dumbell swing - 10lbs

Row 500m
Spin bike - sitting as fast as you can 15 seconds, stand up steady pace 15 seconds do this for a total of 2 mins.
Farmers Walk overhead 35lbs
Repeat 3 times - though my 2nd and 3rd Farmer's walk was done with 25lbs

Then this thing trainer like called Tabada - 40 seconds as many reps as you can, 10 second reps, 8 rounds of each individual exercise

Bicep Curls - 19lb padded bar
Skull Crushers - same bar
Sit Ups

I was sweating buckets by round two of the first set of exercises. Tonight was the first time he incorporated cardio in between the weights.

By the last sit up I was willing myself upwards. I did not feel so great today probably due to birthday cake (chocolate ganache cake and as dense as chocolate bar).
Later in the afternoon co-workers discovered a new bakery across the street that sells cupcakes. Bliss and Co. it's called and apparently they do more than cupcakes. So of course I had try one as I'm on a mission to make the best cupcake ever. They definitely use shortening and not butter so I've scooped them there. Apparently they make caramel apple pie...dangerous.

Yippee to tomorrow being Friday and getting to wear jeans to work. I have a parcel to pick up and it's either amazon or the long awaited Yogatoes. I'll pick it up on the way home from work.

Alright off to a hot bath...see ya tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gobbled up

Every last cupcake was eaten before 3pm, mind you I shared them with the whole floor. I almost had people follow me off the elevator thanks to those cupcakes.
I promised them more cupcakes after Easter as I have yet to make the perfect icing. My mission is to make a better cupcake than Crave here in Calgary. Their cupcakes are good but not perfect and quite frankly their service sucks.

Yesterday was long but class was good. Today the plan was to hit the gym for cardio but a wicked headache that struck this afternoon curtailed that plan. I opted instead to go home to peace and quiet. The good news I don't need to lug my gym bag to work as I left it there today.

I have training session tomorrow that will undoubtly be similar to Monday with stations. On Monday there was 6 of us so I'm kind of hoping there's less tomorrow. I'm liking the training as a group though.

I'm on way to having 3 gym memberships....yes crazy I know. It sounds ridiculously decadent and I was thinking I now have no excuse on getting skinny. My company has installed a gym in our building. Today a few of us went to go look at it. It's nice and rumour has it yoga will be offered 3 days a week. Good selection of equipment and about 8 treadmills plus they're top of the line treadmills. There is a fee, but it's super low and my company has this habit of grandfathering people. Meaning you get in early and if the cost changes they honour when you joined. So I'll sign up. It's less than I spend on coffee in a month so if I start bringing coffee from home no impact on my wallet at all. Did I mention the change room is gorgeous and they've got a bizillion towels. World Health that I have a one year membership with has towel issues as in they never have them.

I drank 3L of water at work, I haven't done that since I started this job. Of course I lost count of the number of times I had to go to the washroom. Hey it got me moving right?

Alright tales of the trainer for you tomorrow.
I'm going to bed early tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009

cupcakes and oh my god we worked out today

Tada...my St. Patrick's Day cupcakes that are heading to work tomorrow. The icing turned out way sweeter than I remembered (Wilton's recipe but with butter not shortening). However the cupcakes are devil food chocolate and not sweet. So hopefully the combo will be pleasing to people. The icing kind of tastes like those mint candies that aren't very strong mint.

Oh my goodness the workout tonight kicked my patootie and it turns out I have 14 sessions left. I got trainer to actually count as he keeps throwing out these other numbers.

So 6 stations, 2 exercises and you have to 4 sets of each station. (so in other words each station 4 times before moving to the next station)

Bench press 35lbs - 15 Reps
Chin ups - 10 Reps(assisted but I got to do it with 10lbs less than normal and boy could I feel it)

Tricep Pull Ups 30lbs - 15 Reps
Squats - 25 Reps

Lunges - 30
Ball Drop 11lbs- 20 Reps (which is pounding a medicine ball 11lbs into the floor as hard as you can, catch it and repeat)

Deadlift 80lbs - 8 Reps
Push Ups on the floor - 15 Reps

Dumbell Thruster 30lbs - 15 Reps
Sit Ups - 25 Reps

Dumbell Swing 17.5lbs - 20 Reps
Back Extensions - 15 Reps

The above was my last station and oh my goodness I never thought a back extension could be hard I spent a lot of time hanging upside down as I could squeeze out 3 at a time.

Then I got home and made icing. Oy vey not good following a recipe when you're tired, I'm exhausted and suspect I'll sleep really really well.

School is tomorrow and this is tough night. Work 9 hours and then 3 hours of school. I'll need to stop by Starbucks on the way to the university tomorrow. Last in person class Tim Horton's was closed and I don't want to risk not having caffeine. Right now I have absolute no desire to read the chapter I need to read for tomorrow. Thank goodness for lunch hours and being off work 2 hrs before class starts.

Food went well today and this afternoon when I felt the desire to snack I grabbed a piece of gum. Hey they talk about it all the time on Biggest Loser and I have to admit it worked. Having the peppermint taste in my mouth was like freshly brused teeth and the desire to eat was gone.

I most likely won't blog tomorrow as it's the day from hell tomorrow so take care my friends.

I'll be back on Wednesday with tales of cardio at the gym all by myself.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day one - back on the wagon

So far so good. I've tracked breakfast and lunch and thus far have had no desire for a snack. I have 10pts for supper.

Yoga planned for later.

I went grocery shopping today and I made sure to go in with a plan. I'm sick and tired of All Bran so I got a box of Cheerios as a break. 5g of fibre not too shabby, it's not as high as All Bran but that's alright. I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and I think I'll do that again tomorrow. The cheerios will be dinner after the gym sort of thing. I usually eat cereal far more often for supper than breakfast.

I decided on salad for work lunch, but I'm jazzing it up a bit. I got this fantastic marinade that Safeway makes it's a Cuban lime combo. I've got chicken marinating in that and then I'll bake it. I got some snap peas, radishes to make lettuce more interesting.

I picked up the blackberry Liberte yogurt after Angie's glowing review. It's 6pts for 175g, so yeah this ain't a low fat yogurt. If you remember my reasons for buying this as opposed to lower fat is that this one uses real ingeredients. I figured 100g would be around 4pts which would still be a decent serving and not so crazy point like.

They had this new type of tomatoe called Russo, stupidly expensive at $5/pd. There about the size of a Roma but round so I bought two to try it out. I had one with my lunch and it's got a slightly tougher skin and less acidic taste. My cashier said they're great for salsa but really expensive.

I only ventured into aisles if necessary other than that I stuck to the parameter of the grocery store.

Walked to the grocery store, I was going to walk back but I underestimated what I was buying and had a backpack full plus 4 bags. So took the bus part of the way. I was walking the 4 blocks home and I realized I was doing the gym's farmer's walk to certain extent.

I'm sure trainer would be proud :)
Alright tomorrow I bring you yet another workout with trainer.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last Meal

When you first joined Weight Watchers did you have a "last meal".

I remember the night before I joined it was just after Christmas and my work had given me a small Bernard Callebaut log. This is a log made out of chocolate filled with individual chocolates. I ate the whole damn thing.

Yesterday was kind of my 2nd last meal. While I'm getting better a weight workouts and recovering faster the scale isn't showing any indication of my efforts as that's because my eating has been crap. So yesterday I ordered pizza and had my last meal before I buckle down and focus on being on track.

All my workouts are working the muscles but my efforts won't show unless I do something about the fat on top of the muscles and that means focused eating and adding sufficient cardio.

So today I reset my weight on ww online and I start over.

I'm really good at writing down all the workouts on this blog but no so much in the journal so today I back tracked through the blog and wrote down all the workouts as their are 6 sessions left with trainer so that's 3-4 weeks. Next week Thursday I'm in Fort Mac so I can't make it twice that week.

My schedule will totally depend on if I continue with trainer and I'll have to really evaluate the cost. I'm getting prepared to do this on my own should I have to.

I have some goals for next week starting tomorrow:
Minimum 2L of water a day
Minimum 2 cardio workouts-Wed and Fri - gym or outside
Minimum 2 yoga sessions - Sunday and Friday (normally Tuesday but I have class this week)
2 weight workouts - seeing trainer Mon and Thurs so those are taken care of.

The mission by end of day next Saturday is to have 7 water stickers and 6 workout stickers on my calendar.

Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and I will only buy work lunch one day next week.

I'm starting a paper food journal while I'll track online with ww, I need to have something with me to keep me accountable when I'm not on a computer. I also need to journal my thoughts when my instinct is to go get a snack that's not planned into the day and to measure my feelings as well. I'm definitely a feeling eater - happy, sad, bored, doesn't matter each could fuel a food event. The major thing that's been hampering my efforts for the past few months is definitely food.

Met H today for lunch as I haven't seen her in months. I'm always amazed at how fast time flies I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen her.

No matter how busy I get I need to make getting healthy a priority, no one else is going to do it for me.

The journey begins again.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I was on my way to Kensington today and instead taking a bus and a train I decided to take the bus then walk. As I was waiting to cross the street a man approached me and asked if I knew the city and I said yes. He then proceeds to tell me how his backpack got stolen at a restaurant on Stephen's Ave, he had no money and no ID but Greyhound said they'd give him a half priced ticket home to Ontario. So he needed $18 and he had reported the loss to the police and they gave him a list of places but they were all drop in shelters.

Call me heartless but I think this was all bull shit. You see this happens a lot in my city. Someone approaches you swears they've lost everything asks for money and they'll pay you back and then disappear. I advised him to got to social services agency located a few blocks away and kept walking. It wasn't a shelter but perhaps someone could help him there. If I was in his shoes, I'd be calling home and getting money wired to me and there are a huge number of services in my city there to help out. I saw him as I approached he wasn't approaching everyone, he was being selective.

It didn't help that he couldn't make eye contact and his account of reporting it to the police didn't add up. I've lost ID and know the process. Also I doubt very much a half priced ticket to Ontario is $18. I pay more than that for a one way to Old which is an hour away. That's pretty generous of Greyhound, funny they won't refund your money. I did my duty and gave him a place to go. I will not give money to anyone on the street. I'll buy coffee and even lunch but I never hand over cash and I donate directly to the shelter or service agency. More often than not that money isn't going to their welfare, it's going to something that will get them into deeper trouble.

I remember one time a guy asked me for money for the bus, so I gave him a bus ticket. You should have seen his face. He didn't want the ticket, he wanted the cash.

Am I jaded, maybe.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mysteries of the bus and thursdays training session

Everyday this week there's been a new bus driver on my route in the morning. This is a little freaky as my bus route is not driver friendly. It goes through about 6 neighbourhoods, weaving among side streets with hidden stops. Add that's it dark and at 6am it's quite normal for the riders of the bus to shout out directions like "turn left here". Good to know we can work together and get to work on time.

My favourite driver so far was Tuesday, I should have known he was trouble when he clipped the sidewalk taking the turn by my stop at record speed. He had this uncanny ability to hit the accelerator just as you were in that one spot at the front of the bus where there's nothing to hang on to and he did it to every person.

I have the day off tomorrow...yippee!!!!! The think I looking forward to the most is just sleeping in then I'm going to pop down to Kensington as I haven't been there in ages.

Alright workout tonight made realize my limitations and road blocks.

Warm Up - 3 rounds
Back Extensions
Toe Touches
Samson Stretch

Then each of these exerices for 40 seconds and as many reps as you can do, back to back. 3 sets, 40 second rest between each set.
1st Group of Exercises: 3 Sets
Skull Crushers using two dumbells (12.5lbs each)
Reverse lunges holding two dumbells (10lbs each)

2nd Group of Exercises- 3 sets
Dumbell Squat two dumbells (10lbs each)
Bicep Curl (long bar 30lbs)
Tricep pull ups (long bar 30lbs, hold bar at waist pull up to your chest like you're rowing as you do that stand on your tippee toes as you release the weight down again flatten your feet)

3rd Group of Exercises - 3 sets
Chin jumps (standing on a step under an unassisted chin up contraption, you jump up and try to hold a chin up for a few seconds do as many as you can)
I was so bad at these that I got switched to reverse lat pull down - 35lbs)
Dumbell Swings (17.5lbs)

4th Group of Exercises - 3 sets
Knee Elbow (Hanging from a chin up contraption bring your knees up and hold for a few seconds do as many as you can)
I was also terrible at these so I got to lie on the floor on my back, hands under butt lift your legs off the floor to a 90 degree angle lower to floor and repeat)
Jump Ups - jumping on to a traditional step with 4 risers under each end.
This was road block, I have an absolute fear of jumping with two feet on to something high especially on to something I consider unstable - I was so freaked by these I got to do step ups instead.
Chest Press - 30lbs laying on a bench

I was so happy each time I got to Chest Press as I can do these.

What this proved to me is there's no excuse not do to the exercise but to find a solution that challenges the same muscles that you feel confident doing.

On the bus home I was holding my Ipod on my lap and I went to lift it up so I could change the volume and my arm protested as the muscle was so fatigued.

I do find the muscle soreness is not so bad anymore. It was a rather miraculous change. Last weekend I could harldy move on Friday and Saturday and then tada Sunday and nothing. This week on Tuesday I felt a little soreness but then fine. Perhaps my body is learning...crazy huh!

Alright I'm off to hot bad to soak these muscles.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is anyone there?

I seriously thought that all of Fort McMurray and site had the day off and no one told me. No one was responding to emails or messages it was darn right eerie. Which made for a challenging afternoon to try to stay focused as everything I needed to do depended on someone giving me the necessary information. However it was our Thursday as tomorrow is our Friday as the real Friday we get off. I so hope tomorrow has more oomph but hey there's always Thursdays training session.

Why do people you hardly know ask you super personal questions? I was talking to a new employee today and he decided to give me advice on mortgages. So I told him I don't have a mortgage. The he says did you have a mortgage buying party, I'm said no I inherited it from my parents. Then he said "What do you do with all your money". That threw me, it's dude we're not friends and I know how much you make and it's far more than I do but I actually said "That's none of your business now let me know how it goes booking the drug and medical testing" in a super duper friendly way. The psychic did say I put up walls, hell yeah.

I successfully convinced my extremely funny co-worker to get new charms for the Pandora bracelets...hee hee. I'll take another picture soon. The drawback to this bracelet is as you add charms it becomes a heavy little sucker and a bit of an adventure to get on and off without contorting your face and wrist into unnatural shapes of concentration. I think I joined some kind of cult by accident. As we were looking at charms another woman came in to do the same thing and the look on her face was like she was sugar addict and she was staring at the last cupcake on earth. I had to wonder do I look like that?

I'm looking forward to my three day weekend as I need time to get sorted. I need to get back on plan and review my WW stuff. I especially need to get excited about tracking.

Alright that's all I got today, tomorrow I bring you another workout with Trainer.


My yoga classes are now done for the next few weeks. I have to miss next session for school and the first session of the spring classes due to the last university class. At the end of March I'll find out if my schedule will be changing, if it does that may mean no more Tuesday yoga.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing with the people you may recognize

Alright for the first time ever I watched Dancing With The Stars last night. I pvr'rd it as I can't bear to watch the whole routine of the not so good dancers.

I think originally everyone thought Shaun Johnson might win but I think Melissa our jilted bachlorette might take it. She danced with two days of instruction and did really really well. I laughed out loud when Lil Kim dedicated her dance to all the women in federal prison.

Isn't it nice to know that So You Think You Can Dance can staff the instructors on DWTS. Dimitri, Lacey and Chelsea...who will be next perhaps Benji as we've not heard much from him after his win.

As per usual the muscle soreness is starting to kick in just before yoga. We did a lot of arm work yesterday and raising my arms up is starting to feel difficult. I'm hoping for no warrior poses tonight. I was kind of hoping it would be cancelled as it's verstunken cold outside and there's nothing like freezing on my there and then freezing on the way home.

However the forecast for tomorrow is a high of -8, that's like a 15 degree warm up.

Must go get ready for yoga but watching BL in the background. I despise wall sits.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Winter should be taken seriously

It was a balmy -30ish when I left for work today and on the way home it was pretty darn cold as well. I always shake my head at the people who don't take winter seriously. For example it's -30 cover your head, a huge percentage of body heat is lost through your head. Wear a proper jacket. One guy got on the bus and he was shaking and very very pink. He was wearing a golf jacket.

I was so hungry on the way home from the gym I almost mugged some guy for his donuts. He had two boxes of Tim's hanging out of the back of his backpack. He was walking kind of slow I could have taken him. At this point we were stopped in front of the DQ as the bus driver probably needed the loo. I did debate running across the parking lot but figured I could wait till I got home.

The workout tonight was again brutal:

Warm Up:
Sit ups
Back Extensions
Toe touches
Samson stretches
Run down a flight of stairs and then back up two steps at a time

4 sets, 4 exercises, 40 seconds each exercise do as many reps as you can with a 40 second rest in between sets:
Bicep curls - 15lbs
Skull Crushers - 20lbs
Chest press - 25lbs

Repeat sets and reps for these exercises:
Wall sit
Wall Ball
Dumbell Thrusters
Sit ups

Repeat sets and reps for these exercises:
Suspended crunches
Reverse lat pull down
Smacking a medicine ball onto the floor over and over again
Push ups

Then 100 L sits (crunches on the floor with legs up)
Then another abdominal exercise where you lie on your back, hands under your bum, legs straight up and lower to the ground and bring back up = brutal

While I was doing the reverse lat pull down, trainer came by and poked my bicep and said "Muscles". For a brief moment I wanted to smack him for breaking my concentration and then I realized "muscles" as in you can see them...whoo hoo.

And I was doing the same weights as the skinny girls....booyah!

Last words from trainer today - I want you to do lots of cardio between now and Thursday.

Yes Sir

Tomorrow is yoga, but I'll hit the treadmill on Wednesday and Friday. I need to kick it up a notch and not just rely on two workouts a week.

On another note I have rough copy done of my paper, I'll review one last time at lunch tomorrow and then submit that baby.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

General musings

So I should have written a rough copy of my paper today but I couldn't get into it. I have it in my head but I can't put it on paper yet. It's due on Tuesday.

How is that Telus can update the time on the Blackberry but it takes 2 days for it show up on the land line?

I have a company designated day off on Friday so it's a short week....yippee.

I did a record time grocery shop today timing my buses down to a science and I even returned library books plus it was -18. Yesterday it was about -2 today -18, so fun...not.

I made an apple pecan cheesecake for a birthday at work today and my house smells like cinnamon.

I'm sitting here flipping channels and I see this commercial for the Betty Crocker chocolate thingies that you make in the microwave. Why are there only woman eating this in the commercial? More specifically each woman is in their scenario alone. Not eating with a friend or a boyfriend/husband. What is Betty Crocker implying exactly?

I have not weighed myself in two weeks. Strangely I'm kind of proud of myself as I'm typically a chronic weigher. I'm really enjoying the gym workouts but my tracking still sucks. I'm not over eating but I know I'm not getting all my veggies/ water in.

How evil was it that BL had to throw up a "to be continued" before the weigh in was finished.

Today I bought two types of yogurt. One - Liberte Moka and Zero Raspberry. The moka is made of cream, milk, coffee. The zero is made of things I can't pronounce. Which do you think is really better for me?

Stay tuned for tomorrow and group workout #2.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

My reading

Hola Friends,
Yes I do have a fantastic trainer, what breaks my heart is that once these sessions are finished I'm not sure if I can continue with him afterwards from a financial perspective.

It's funny on Thursday we were talking about a company in town that laid off 190 people. He said he's happy he works in a recession proof business. I looked at him and said "Really? You think people will pay for training fees and gym memberships". I know the gym is important to people but I'm thinking things like mortgage and food might rank higher. Once you sign up for these things you're locked in but depending on how long it takes to turn the market around I don't think they'll have an increase in sign ups.

When I first signed up I got a "deal" that works out to about $55/hr. Normally for one on one training it's $85/hr. If I continue with the group training it's $55/hr. So really if I continue with the group sessions for the next 14 sessions I'm not really saving any money but it's not costing me either. But $110 bucks a week could go to other things.

What I was hoping to get out of training sessions for 3 months was to create a habit and to know just how hard I can push myself. Since I'm now absolutely certain they're giving me more sessions than they originally said I'm aiming for second nature.

The psychic was awesome. Super nice, super friendly. She said stuff that made me raise my eyebrows like seeing me in Australia or with an Australian. Other stuff was darn right spooky how bang on it was.

She did ask me questions but it was afterwards almost to confirm something. For example she told me I have a thing about fitting in. Right now I'm in a group of people and I don't think I fit in but the group thinks I fit in. That describes my work environment perfectly. She also said I'm surrounded by worry which also sums up my work environment. She said I didn't need to worry which I knew from a conversation 4 days before this session. Then she asked me what I did.

She described the personalities of my parents perfectly and hadn't asked me about them. She mentioned very specific things about my Dad and Mom (who's passed on) that were very unique and perfectly on.

She had some really good insight on my personality and journey thus far without asking me any questions and very minimal general conversation beforehand.

She saw two relationships in my future, one this summer but it's not "soul mate" more fun and flirty. At one point she looked me straight in the eye and said "you're good on you own aren't you". Which is true, however she did see a soul mate that will come a little later and it will be easy no awkwardness and we'll totally get each other.

I'm happy I have it on tape because we talked a lot and I want to analyze it more.

She told me something that really tossed me for a loop in a positive way that confirms some things that I've often wondered about. I'm not going into detail on that as it will require me to do a some research and I don't want to share it with the world wide web.

It was very interesting to have the palms read, tarot read and tea leaves read.

Today I went downtown for a waxing appointment and hit the mall for a sale. Wowsers that thing has been under construction for awhile but it's getting worse. On their website they show the finished version www.coreshopping.ca and it totally reminds me of the decor of the mega mall in Honolulu. I started working in that mall with my very first job at age 17 so this is very interesting to me. It's been renovated before but this a mega overhaul. My friend told me a two storey H&M is moving in. I've been underwhelmed by the H&M's in the suburban malls but I'm hoping they shake it up for a downtown corporate environment.

It's spring savings time my North American friends so that's an hour back.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Workout Ever?

This is what Trainer told me at the end of todays workout. He said that this was the best workout we had together. I looked at him and said "really?"

It wasn't exactly together as today I tried the small group workout. It was myself and two other women and this is what we did:

Each of the follow exercises were 21 reps, rest, 15 reps, rest, 9 reps.

Dumbell Squats (I had two 12.5lb weights)
Dumbell Lifts - 2x 12.5 weights
Dumbell swings - 12.5lbs
Sit ups
Push ups (on the floor)
Hill Climbers (per leg)

We were each doing the above at the same time, the below were stations so each of us was doing a different exercise but same reps as above.

Wall Ball (squat down holding a medicine ball and fling it high so it bounces off the wall and you catch it)

Then he set up 3 stations:
Reclined chest press (25lbs)
Skull crusher on the floor with your legs off the floor
Staggered bicep curl

We had to each exercise for 8 sets 30 seconds as many reps as you could. 10 seconds rest between each set.

My arms were dying by the end of this. It was a good workout that's for sure. I definitely felt like I was working. Sweat dripping off and I was pretty flushed.

Working with the others did keep me inspired to keep going. Both of the other women were super skinny so I felt a little intimidated at first but he adjusted the weight for each person. I found that when I was ready for a break I'd look over at one of them and just keep going.

So on Monday I'll go at 4:30 again and meet up with the group. What I like about this too is he said I can come Mon, Wed or Thurs at 4:30 and he'd like to see me twice a week. Mon and Thurs were my workout days anyway. But at the end of each month I have to go to Fort McMurray on a Thurs so now atleast I have a standard alternate day.

I got there early and he told me to hop on a bike, instead I hit the treadmill. These treadmills are fancy shmancy. As you walk/ run it shows a dot going around a track. I noticed you could plus in the cord of your Ipod so I wonder if it charges it. There's a tv on each one too.

Alright kids I'm off to a hot bath and tomorrow it's the psychic.......I'll share I promise :)


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My brain is full

This is the rolling shopping cart I was talking about the other day. Tres Chic...non. It has a shoulder strap on the back that I don't quite get. If you try to sling it over your shoulder (cart folded of course) the cart falls out. Without the cart that's one big awkward bag. I don't foresee using this shoulder strap. However, I do like the pockets and there is another one in the back. It holds 40L that's a fair amount of stuff.

Had a full day of training at work today and my brain is officially full.

Yes the Pandora bracelet was from the jewellery store in Bow Valley Square. I too have passed that poster a bazillion times. Now I find myself thinking of things I want to add to the bracelet.

The soreness from Monday's workout truly hit me at yoga last night. My movement in and out of poses wasn't very yoga like. I think it looked more like I was falling down drunk. Of course she decided to focus on poses that were crunch like. Fantastic I only did 110 sit ups the day before. I swear there are abs of steel under the blubber.

Shout out to "amazing fantastic co-worker" who learned about my blog today and suggested I call her that when I said I don't use names on my blog.

OMG I must talk TV now. What a schmozzle the Bachelor was , I'm not going to talk about that. I am super excited that the next Bachelorette is Canadian!!!!!! I wonder if they'll let more Canadian guys get on her show. May 18 it starts. Jillian - I hope you find looovveee.

I'm intrigued by commercials I've seen for a new series called Kings. I adore Ian McShane.

America's Next Top Model started tonight. I'm watching it now but kind of on and off. I know I want Sandra booted first.

I have officially stopped watching Heroes. It's so blah.

Battlestar Gallactica - I'm torn that a mere handful of episodes are left. Boomer stole the kid...what is all that about?

I'm outta here, I need to go to bed early for the torture Trainer has in store for me tomorrow.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Return of the trainer and stimulating the economy

Today at work I was alone in my row as my two row mates took PTO's today. I kept hearing giggling from the row to my left so I wandered over to find out what was going on.
Pandora charms was going on. I guess a jewellery store near by was having a deal today. Buy $100 worth of charms and get the bracelet for free. I got sucked in. I've heard about these for awhile but I could never justify buying the bracelet and the charms.
So this is my bracelet, photographed on top of my laptop. The charms from left to right are: Smiling Ghost - Pineapple -Hedgehog-Turtle-Angel.
The ghost because I do believe spirits are around us and I like to think the ones around me are friendly. The pineapple because one day I will own a condo in Hawaii, the hedgehog because it makes me think of family, the turtle because slow and steady wins the race and the angel because my guarding angel rocks.
My goodness this is quite the thing 4 of us bought charms today and at one point over lunch we were pouring over the catalogue plotting the next charm. For me they have to represent something not a whilly nilly buying spree.
Alright ready for tonights workout:
Warm Up
3x 20 sit ups
3x 10 toe touches
3x 10 lunges
3x 10 back extensions
3x assisted chin ups
3x assisted tricep dips
3x farmer's walk
50 lunges
50 pushups
50 situps
50 squats
50 lat pulldowns (27.5lbs)
Almost forgot 50 dumbell lifts, stand with knees slightly bent holding a 10lb weight in each hand at shoulder height, when you straighten your legs lift weights above your head - these just about killed me.
5 sets of 5 deadlifts of 60lbs.
By the 2nd set of deadlifts I was feeling nauseous. I finished but the whole way home on the bus (that takes bizillions of corners) it was deep breathing and eyes closed. Got home and had a glass of chocolate milk and then hit a hot bath.
He did say I worked hard tonight, not bad for a week and a half rest. He didn't make me sign for the class I missed either. So I have 16 sessions remaining, which I swear is too many but he's tracking. I see him again on Thursday but this time as part of a group training. I was watching these girls while I did my warm up it looks scary. If I do two sessions a week that's still two months.
I could accomplish a lot in two months especially if I go to the gym in between workouts with trainer and focus on cardio. Hmm tomorrow is yoga but I think I'll head to the gym on Wednesday for some treadmill work.
Alright must go meet the group to finalize the project. Hoping this online thing works tonight.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


The Sephora Train Case empty and then......tada with the gobs of makeup I own. It sort of looks like a professional kit huh. As long as your as fair as I am and have green or hazel eyes I could definitely do your makeup. You see I have the love of the cheap stuff (maybelline) and the not so cheap stuff (smashbox). I weeded out a whack of stuff before I put everything in the kit. Mostly old stuff and some what the hell was I thinking (glittery purple eyeshadow). So now my mantra is nothing new goes in unless something comes out.
I also accomplished laundry today and in a few minutes I'm going to make a casserole for work lunch. I already made the brown rice in the steamer so it will that with some precooked turkey italian sausage and fresh veggies topped with cream of mushroom soup. I hope it turns out.

Today for lunch I tried the V8 Yellow Soup other wise known as corn with chipotle. It's spicy and it's alright but I don't think I'll get it again. It's higher on the point scale coming at 6pts for the box. The tomatoe version is lower in points.

My group was supposed to meet online at noon to finalize our group project but alas we all couldn't log in there was something wrong with the system. So we're trying again at 8pm.

I actually started tracking today and I walked to and from the grocery store. I didn't use my shopping cart today as I didn't need that much stuff so it was just a backpack.

That's all I got for now....later.