Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 22 - I'm going to do it

I'm going to do it - the half marathon in May that is. Thanks for the encouragement by the way. I just need to get this test done and do my other side of the country trip and upon my return I will start with the C25k and then build from there. I'd rather not start the C25K until I get back home just to be consistent. These are some long days on this trip. I'll bring one of the training books with me on the trip to sort a training schedule (6hr flights are good for that).

I'll share this journey, because now that I've shared this with you all I feel a bit accountable.

Today I took part in a United Way fundraiser that consisted of a 3k walk, there was also a 5k run. On the way to work I was standing at the bus stop and then realized I had left my bag of stuff (runners, workout clothes) next to the front door so I ran home grabbed it and then ran back. Oh yeah I have work to do if I'm going to run/walk this 21km. I was winded by the time I got back but it was definitely a sprint more than a run to get back in time to make the bus.

After the walk today I heard my good friend and coworker telling another coworker that she and I are trying to lose 30lbs by Christmas. I knew she was doing that I don't remember setting that goal but heck why not try.

The Rachel Ray "fried" chicken is awesome out of the oven, not so great heated up in the microwave...soggy. So for the next two day I'll probably buy lunch (Sunterra Salad or Wendy's small chili & side salad).

I got me a goal....whoa


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 20- Should I?

First off a congratulations to all the Melissa Road Race people, kudos on your 20km. Especially to H, C and D - I heard it was rough and you guys are truly heroes.

I met up with D and her husband (here from Ontario) for lunch today, it's been about a year since I've seen her and it was great to catch up. She told me she'd be back for the Calgary Half Marathon in May 2010. Then she said you should do it, when I shook my head she countered with - you've done a marathon. This has been percolating in my brain since then...should I? The last one I did I was not a happy camper, I was disappointed in myself and I hurt. Mind you the training for that race was greatly lacking. Then I thought about the marathon in Hawaii, that was by far the most physically and mentally difficult thing I've ever done. I pushed myself farther than I ever thought I could.

So I've walked two half marathons and one marathon. What if my goal was to run/walk a half marathon? I do better with a goal in mind. I've got time to seriously think about it. Serious training would have to start a minimum 16 weeks before hand. So that would be February, with Oct - January to actually learn to run. I have something to prove to myself. I have until January to sign up for the race at the cheapest rate. Goodness know I have all the gear already. This has the wheels turning my friends.

I felt a twang walking past the new Sport Chek downtown at all the training gear...

Stepped on the scale this morning and I was 2lbs down from yesterday...dang it. Why don't I weigh in on Sundays?

No biggy but this coming week all my spare time is dedicated to preparing for the test. So the focus on food is huge this week. In the oven right now is Rachel Ray's "fried" chicken (chicken, mustard, bread crumbs baking) and that will teamed with peas or beans for work lunch. I'm debating on tossing in some brown rice into that so I might but the rice cooker on in a minute.

The studying has been off and on this weekend, I've had a hard time focusing. So far practice questions are going well but I still need review time. Walking will be outside this week as every minute counts this week.

I'm definitely packing my running shoes for the trip next week, what better way to explore these new cities then go for a walk.

That's all I got for tonight, until tomorrow.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 19 - Up .6 WTF?

I was not happy when I weighed in this morning as the last thing I was expecting was a gain after a pretty awesome week. Of course I knew what was causing the gain....the dreaded TOM. I felt like I was retaining water when I woke up and had a general feeling of ickiness. The good news is I'm normally up about 2lbs at this time so .6 is not so bad. I just need to keep taking it day by day and I'm sure next weigh in my work will be rewarded.

Today I'm sticking close to home to practice test questions. I might need to swing by the local store to grab milk as that might not be able to wait until grocery shopping.

I'm planning to do the grocery shopping tomorrow morning. I have friends here from Ontario and we're going for lunch tomorrow. I have no clue on timing just yet as they're running the Melissa Road Race today so we'll wait and see. I need to plan the grocery list as I'm gone the following week so I don't need a fridge full of food.

I also need to start a pack list so I don't forget anything for my across Canada trip that starts next Sunday. It's one thing when you're packing for vacation, a whole different ball game when you're packing for work.

That's all I got for now, enjoy your Saturday!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 18 - running out of steam a bit

This week I brought my lunch 4 times, I hit the gym 3 times. 2 trips short on the gym visit goal of the week but I'm still happy I actually went.

Lunch was out with the team today, well to the food court in my building I had a Montreal smoked meat panini, this is one thing I'm going to track down when I'm in Montreal as I'm always told it's just not the same unless you have it there.

Yesterday's seminar was good and I was exhausted. Being up at 5am does not lead to a energized person by 10pm that's for sure. I met up with my friends at Milestone's. I did look at the online menu beforehand and picked out a salad but when I got there the last thing I wanted was a salad. The veggies were intense this week and I got meatloaf instead. It came with garlic mashed potatoes but I ate a smidgen of those and stuck to the side veggies.

So of course I peaked at the scale this morning. Wednesday morning I was super happy as it was heading in the right direction, this morning not as fantastic so it's water, water and more water today.

This weekend will be grocery shopping at some point and a whole lot of practice test questions as the big test is next Saturday. Not exiting but necessary.

That's all I got for tonight but I hope you all had fantastic weeks.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 16 - OMG I brought lunch 3 days in a row

That is a record my friends. I'm going to finish off the week and that will be the first week since probably high school (I'm not kidding) that I've packed a lunch for a solid week.

Jamie - thanks for the comment and Halifax bloggers if you're available I'll be in Halifax by late afternoon on Wednesday (Oct 7) and I'm leaving Saturday morning (Oct 10). I have no idea what my schedule is like on the Thurday or Friday. I'm sure I can swing a dinner on Wednesday or Friday if you're up to it. It would be fantastic to get meet some of you face to face.

I'm totally psyched about seeing the Atlantic ocean. I'm such a geek :)

Hit the gym after work and did 40min on the treadmill playing around with incline i.e 2min at 3, 2min at 4, 2min at 5 sort of thing but it felt good and I had no hamstring issues at all.

At 2pm I had a mega snacking urge (snackapalooza week) but I resisted and stuck to my Kashi granola bar instead. It was a tough battle but I'm happy I won.

It was a blistering 33 degrees in Calgary today so for dinner I just nuked scrambled eggs and had a piece of toast. I didn't want to turn on any ovens.

Tomorrow night I'm heading to a positivity seminar so I doubt I'll be posting but I'll fill you in on any aha moments.

That's all I got for today my friends, until tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 15 - Going East

I'm psyched! The week before Thanksgiving (CDN) I get to go to Montreal and Halifax. I've never been further east than Toronto. It's a work trip as I'm covering for someone else, but I'm still looking forward to it.

I love travel and being single with no kids it's no real problem for me.

In Montreal I'm so getting to a bookstore to pick up french books. I need to keep my language skills up and some of them are getting a wee bit fuzzy. Refreshing my french is a priority as I can also use that at work. German and Russian are the next projects.

I'll be happy when my NPPA test is done as then I can focus a bit more on that.

Food wise doing well today and on plan. I packed a gym bag but came home instead thinking the weather is so nice and then I wilted on the bus home. OMG it's hot out there and plus 30 is expected for tomorrow. So yoga it is tonight, return to an air conditioned treadmill tomorrow.

First I'm going to watch Biggest Loser (I heart Canadian time shifting).


Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 15 - water, water, water

Water was the go to drink today as I was trying very hard not to go off plan and stick to my packed lunch. I made a vow to buy no food item today and I did it. But man I must have zipped off to the bathroom 10 times today. Don't you love when you fall off the water wagon and then get back on it takes awhile for your body to adjust.

I brought a salad with chickpeas, spinach, yellow pepper, snap peas, grape tomatoes, red onion and Kraft Fig Balsamic dressing...it was awesome. I definitely eat with my eyes and all the colours were fantastic.

Snack was baby carrots and hummous. Not bad, it has never been my go to thing to combine carrots with hummous but it was really good.

Workout#2 of the week was 30min on the super fancy treadmill in my company's gym. This thing is funky and had a personal fan (loved that). I had meant to go a little longer but all day today I could feel my right hamstring and from previous experience I know to tread lightly when that acts up. Plus I knew there would be more walking from the bus stop to home. I kept a super good pace and on a 1% incline but opted not to add any running.

Was pretty darn hungry when I got home so I made a fast quesadilla with 2 WW tortilla and a 1/3c of Tex Mex 2% shredded cheese, with a good bit of salsa on the side.

Tomorrow I'm debating on walking around the hood (5k) route or go back to the treadmill at the gym. I'm thinking hood to enjoy the weather before snow falls.

I caught the tail end of Rachel Ray on the treadmill tv and so want to make the "fried" chicken dish. She took chicken breast, slathered it with mustard (eliminating the egg, milk combo) and then coated it with self seasoned bread crumbs. She baked it on a cooling rack within a baking sheet so the hot air circulates the chicken. It looked amazing and protein is an area I need to improve in. I'm not so good and making sure protein is represented in my diet.

I find my cooking mojo to be kicking back in, it's been dormant for awhile and I've stuck to the same stuff day in day out. I'm writing ideas down as they come to me so I don't forget them on grocery day.

Alright must go study now...hugs!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 14 -- the rain won't stop me

First of all let me clear about my last post, the focus is still very much on food and tracking. I'm categorizing that like brushing your teeth = mandatory. The goal this week for exercise is more a tracking on the calendar with stickers sort of thing.

Speaking of exercise, I didn't let the rain stop me and went outside for a 5k walk around my neighbourhood. I put on the Garmin to track my progress. My pace was an average of 9:41km, not bad but no as good as it used to be. I didn't look at the Garmin while walking instead I just walked. Discovered at my first step out the door my ipod was dead but that did not stop me. I always hit a bit of a zone when I walk outside. My mind goes empty and I just focus on moving and the surroundings.

Got home and had lunch, which was soup. My co-worker introduced me to Spoon Fed Soups here in Calgary, it's an online organic soup delivery service. Every week there are 3 new soups. I ordered "Richard" which is an organic lentil, lime and roasted garlic and "Uhleen" a corn & potatoe chowder with bacon. I hate making soup -way too much prep work for me. So I thought I'd check this out. Richard was for lunch and it was really good, at first I thought it was kind of cilantro-ey (I despise cilantro) but I think it was the lime I was tasting. There was also plenty of carrots, celery, tomato and red pepper in the soup. Had a piece of ryvitta with a triangle of light laughing cow cheese - yummy. The soups come in mason jars and you get a credit for returning the empties. New soups are listed on Tuesdays and I'm looking forward to see what's coming up. All the ingredients they use are organic by the way. All the soups are named after people and they've got a list of about 50 types on their website. Totally intrigued as to which 3 will be featured this coming week.

There's something about the onset of fall that brings out the soup craving.

I don't know if I told you guys that I cancelled my organic grocery delivery as I just found it hard when the majority of products I was buying could be found at my supermarket. There is something about picking out your produce yourself.

Just wanted to stop in and report that workout #1 is done.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

One step at a time

I can't even tell you what I've done since Wednesday, it's all a blur. I had Friday off which was dedicated to yard work and house cleaning. My Dad came in and we cleaned eavestroughs (it's truly a wonder how much gunk gets in there) and fixed the board that the meter guy busted.

Dad is now on his way home and my head is swirling. You see yesterday afternoon I watched an episode of Dr. Oz. I've seen this guy on Oprah before and I have all the books, but the format of the books kind of bugs me so I've never got all the way through one. Yesterday there was episode focusing on a 60 day challenge to get healthier and improve their "Real Age".

The part where he showed the healthy liver and the fatty liver was totally disgusting but drove home a point. When Bob Harper came out and said most people give up because they take on too much i.e. I must eat healthy, all my fruits and veggies, do yoga and exercise 7 days a week, instead of focusing on one step at a time. This happens to me all the time hence the swirling head.

I know I've used the excuse of tracking diligently as my first step multiple times and that one goes in circles. I realized I need a different focus for first step and that's consistent exercise. So my goal for this week is 30min for 5 days this week. This doesn't mean that tracking is falling to the side, no no it's just I want to use exercise as the goal.

I set myself a goal of getting to goal weight in 6 months, that was on Sept 6th. I haven't done much in the last two weeks to get me there so I've got to get my patootie in gear. Happily the work project is winding down and the free food has stopped which is fantastic.

I'm heading to the gym today for workout#1 of this week and I will post what I did.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Year's resolution

Funny conversation with work mates tonight as we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Keg and then we zipped to a second location for drinks. It was a good bye dinner as team mates are returning to their home locations and back to doing what they normally do. I was super stuffed so stuck to water as opposed to drinks.

It was a conversation about how we've all gained weight during this project. The long hours, crazy schedules and free food being tossed at us has been rough.

We're all sort of thinking that the end of this project is like New Year's. The plans to get back to normal eating patterns and back into the gym has begun.

It is interesting how we all think of our body image. One of my co-workers is tiny in my eyes and she was bemoaning the gain of 5lbs on her just over 100lb frame. I did at first look at her with the thought of "You've got to be kidding me, I have 60lbs to lose" but I realized it's not about that.

When I get to goal weight I'm very sure 5lbs would bug me too.

I know I don't like myself now as I feel sluggish and tired. It's all a product of the behaviour I've had since being put on this project. The stress combined with a huge amount of stuff to accomplish resulted in bad decisions with the free food. There is always a turning point where you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the journey. That's the point I'm at. I've had enough and want to be on the right track.

Did you all catch the first episode of Biggest Loser? My favourite is now Abbey, wholly bananas to go through something like that...your family being wiped out by an accident and then being able to simply get up and keep going is pretty damn inspiring.

I'm intrigued by the format of Bob and Jillian working together (awesome) and the teams being strangers (awesome).

I did tell them about this blog and gave them a clue to find me. So if you do find me, know that you are super fabulous people and I am blessed to have met you and having the opportunity to get to know you. For those who are going home, you will be missed but friendships are now formed. To those who are here, I think we have even stronger bonds to face whatever the heck it is we're facing in the future.

Love ya!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 9 - First Saturday off in 8 weeks

I slept till 9am, it was so nice.

I tracked nothing this week but was miraculously down 1.7lbs. Of course, tracking started again today. I got lucky last week as it could have easily been bad.

Since my last post on Wednesday, things have been a little crazy. Work is still a bit nuts and now I'm going to be on this project until October after that it looks like a new project. I have a feeling it will be months before I return to my normal responsibilities.

I'm going to go grocery shopping tomorrow as today I'm going to make a meal plan to get through next week.

I'm also going to create a study schedule as that big NPPA test is in 3 weeks and that will be here in no time at all.

Since I had a late breakfast, I'm just going to let my body decide when the next meal is needed.

Have a fantastic Saturday!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 5 - Edamame...mmmmmm

So the other day when I was grocery shopping I discovered frozen edamame in my store's organic freezer section. Yippee, I love this stuff and it's my hands down favourite appetizer at Earl's. I had that for dinner.

Today went better food wise, however at 10am I was starving and it was too soon to eat lunch so I went down to Second Cup and bought a muffin. I ate half of it and tossed the other half.

What I need to do is master the morning snack so I have some low fat banana muffin mix in my cupboard and I'll make mini muffins with something added to them for some oompff.

I've brought lunch two days in a row, which means I'm buying tomorrow. The mexican potato casserole is getting boring. What do you do to keep work lunches interesting? I've always been terrible at creating interesting lunches.

Things are definitely quieting down at work with the exception of all the little tweaks that everyone wants this very minute and of course their stuff is so much more important than everyone else's stuff.

It hit me today that I'm writing the second test of the CHRP designation in a month and oh my do I need to get my act together on that one.

I've created a 6 month goal for getting to goal weight. Following ala Biggest Loser, of course I won't be working out 6 hours a day but I think it's doable. I'm scheduling my skin check and physical for April so that's added motivation i.e. the being scrutinized while naked and the dreaded weigh in at the doctor's office.

Alright that's all I got for today...hugs!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day 4 - If only there was a pill to fight snacking

I successfully brought and ate my lunch today. I've taken it to work before and then happily went off with people to buy something. Not today I stuck to what I brought.

I was tripped up by some multigrain tortilla chips and a haagen daz ice cream bar. The ice cream wasn't so much a trip up as I went and bought it. Ridiculously stupid move on my part and to be honest I'm not sure what caused it. I kind of mused out loud and then had a buddy to go get one.

Got it together for the rest of the day and had 2pt V8 tomato soup for supper.

Still worked a long day today as what needs to be done never goes away. I did make a huge dent in what I need to do so that was a relief.

The goal for tomorrow is to stick to what I brought without any deviations.

Water wasn't too bad today either, I'm on the road to getting back to drinking enough.

Alright, I'm zonked so that's all I got for today. Until tomorrow....hugs!!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Day 2 - sleeping in messes me up

A second day of getting to wake up on my own and not to the alarm clock. Too bad that's all over tomorrow. Today was spent finishing laundry and making a mexican potato casserole for work lunch.

I normally make the casserole from a weight watchers recipe but I find it fairly bland. So this time I used taco seasoning. It's ground beef, red pepper, tomatoes and potatoes with a bit of part skim tex mex cheese on top. Layered like lasagna with sliced potatoe replacing the noodles. Works out to 6pts per serving.

I also found myself watching the first season of Big Bang Theory, a co-worker lent it to me and I got through the first two discs. Now I'm watching Top Chef - Las Vegas. The Food Network is food porn but it gives you such good ideas for trying stuff you've never tried before.

My trouble with sleeping in is that throws off my eating schedule. Late breakfast turns into late lunch, then late dinner and toss in some snacking in between. I try very hard not to eat anything two hours before bedtime. I did arm myself with some friendly snacks like sugar free jello, sugar free chocolate pudding and unsweetened applesauce.

I need to stop buying Liberte Moka yogurt, this stuff is my kryptonite for sure.

What I am happy about it is I have a plan for tomorrow. Need to pick up a parcel after work and they're only open to 6pm, so no gym tomorrow but definitely on Wednesday.

Back to work tomorrow, hope everyone had a great weekend.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

A fresh start - Day One

I actually have the next two days off...in a row. I haven't had two days off in a row in 7 weeks. On Friday I worked from 6:20am to 9pm and yesterday I worked from 8am to 7pm. I'm tired.

I stepped on the scale last night and saw a super scary number which sort of got me back to reality. I've pretty much been living in auto pilot lately. This project is definitely on it's way to wrapping up, probably only about a week and a half to go. The crazy part wrapped up this weekend from now on it should be smoother sailing and a return to a normal schedule i.e. next weekend off.

On Wednesday I discovered I'm moving within my company. Same job but reporting to a new area and a new boss. That feels a bit weird but an overall opportunity for a fresh start in a sense. That will start when the project finishes.

A refocus on weight loss and getting healthy plus a brand new opportunity at work. It's an overall fresh start.

Today I'm taking it a bit easy as I've had a headache for 3 days (stress related), today I must go grocery shopping and that's about the only thing I have to do today. Plus with Labour Day off to I can spread chores out over two days instead of the frantic pace I've been dealing with for the past couple of months. I also really want to go for a long walk in the hood.

The gym can come back in my life next week as I should actually be finished in work in time to get there. Lately I'm still working when they close. The most important thing I need to start doing again is packing my lunch and snacks.

This is truly a fresh start so I'm starting back at day one. Today the goal is to track everything and stay on plan.

Enjoy your weekend my friends,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Brief visit

I've been away from blogland due to still working crazy hours and when I get home the last thing I want to do is touch a computer. My eating habits are crap and exercise is non-existent. Yes, the stress is starting to get to me. Alas not long until I can return to a normal schedule and once again have focus on a healthier me as opposed just trying to get through the day. Spirits are high though it's just slowing me down.

I'll be back to regular posting about my journey to goal soon.

Those potatoe pancakes I was talking about are only available at Ikea in their food section. They're in the frozen section and I think they're called Rosti, there is only one type.

I'm still reading you all though.