Tuesday, November 21, 2006

High of minus 20

Apparently winter is on it's way with a vengance. Today high of 4 but by Friday a high of -20. Egads, it's not like this is foreign to me but we've had it so easy lately weather wise.

I ordered winter boots from Land's End (They're red) and they arrived yesterday thank goodness.

Got home last night and made the leek soup added loads of fresh leek and asperagus and then I ate it by dipping calabrese bread into it....almost WW friendly. Finished it off with light ice cream. Yup...snack a palooza has arrived.

Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up 4lbs...I'm definitely retaining water and boy was that motivation to get into gear. Brought snacks with me (apple and grape tomatoes) have the day planned to the point. Must run errands tonight (want to do it before -20). Depending on energy level will squeeze in a workout.

Got roped in to go fish shopping later, my co-worker wants to buy a replacement to sit on her desk. The last one apparently lived for 3 years (a tetra). He met his unfortunate end when she knocked the part of her desk that wasn't attached. Bowl hit the floor and their were 4 of us looking for poor Peewee until we discovered him under my coworkers shoe. Yes, she stepped on him. At least it was quick.

The closest fish store is on the seedy side of downtown so we get to got today at lunch, I could say no but the store is tucked away and she's never been there before so I feel obliged to go with her. Oy what a day!

Looking forward to Gilmour Girls tonight.


Sonya said...

Your soup sounded yummy! Perfect for a blustery day.

Have fun fish shopping. I don't say that too often!

duenneschen said...

Ugh...TOM is beyotch!

Keep up the great work though!