Sunday, January 31, 2010

Destroyed in seconds

No not the show, it was my manicure. Got that today with my friend T and then I got home and decided to resurrect my wii. I managed to mangle 3 nails in the removing of the backing to the batteries on the remote (this was hours after the manicure). I haven't used the wii in ages and thought I should play. Well when I don't use it, I don't leave it plugged in (saving energy people) and the cables hook in the front of my tv so I unplug those to.

Well it was on Friday I decided to play and I couldn't figure out why there was sound but no picture. Today I went online to find the wii manual and it turns out I had the red, white and yellow plug ins in the wrong order. Yeesh. So today I played a little volleyball.

Afterwards I re-did the nails with some nail envy and clear top coat. They still look fabulous.

I'm thinking of picking of the EA active as I've heard so much about it on the blogs. I think it might be a good addition to the workout regime.

My favourite games are sport related so I was also looking at the Mario and Sonic winter olympic one as well.

Plugged my WW weight in to the National X-Weighted challenge today as I've completely flipped my decision to treat the weigh ins seperately. It would just be more special when I hit goal at WW combined with x-weighted.

Got a nice little "Oops" announcement as I'm averaging 1.7lbs per week on the x-weighted challenge and I'm supposed to be averaging 1.8lbs - really? You're going to give me flack over .1 lbs?

Just looked up the town closest to site and it's -35 with windchill. I'll be packing the long johns that's for sure. The lovely thing is it's supposed to be 0 in Calgary on Wednesday.

Doing great on the points and water today and I'll be doing yoga shortly. The runners are coming to camp so I can hit the treadmill again. On track to day 9 in a row of being OP.

Took the measurements this morning and I lost 1.5in off of bust, 1.5in off of abs, 2in off of hips, 1in off of right bicep, and just shy of an inch of right thigh. I'm taking these measurements every month so this is after 1 month of recommitting to WW.

Alright my friends slightly random post but that's all I got for today.
I hope all of you are having a fabulous Sunday.


Saturday, January 30, 2010


So you know I was hoping for 188 today, well I hit 187.8 instead. Shazaam!!!!

That's 5lbs down from last week so I've eliminated the 1.6 gain and am still on track for 2lbs a week. I am 1.6 away from hitting 10lbs and my first 5% goal. If I can do it next week that will be exactly 2lbs per week since I rejoined WW.

Next weekend I also retake the measurements.

Happy dance time!

I think this loss is due to my accidental Wendi week. Coming off of Edmonton which were higher point days I went straight into OP days. Midweek resulted in using some flexpoints therefore a higher day and then smack into OP days for the rest of the week. Plus the last few days I was very very conscious of salt intake. Water was fantastic and I made the treadmill workouts a bit more difficult by adding higher inclines.

Zipped into Safeway to grab milk and some organic roasted garlic tomato sauce, my Safeway has finally installed the self service tills so I zipped through there.

I was on a mission to get home fast as I had planned to see Avatar today. I left the WW meeting 10min early. Well I got home and re-checked the movie times. There's no matinee today at this theatre and the only showing is 9:25pm. My friend checked the times last week, they change on Saturdays. I phoned her and told her the news. No other movie really interested us so we've put that plan on hold for now.

That's cool with me as I'd rather not spend $13 on a movie I didn't really want to see.

I have household chores to do anyway and I'd prefer to get that done today. Tomorrow I see my friend T and we're getting our nails done and of course I leave for site super early the following day.

A thing that struck me in the meeting today was this "If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer".

The topic today was emotional hunger vs. physical hunger. I'm definitely a boredome eater. Lately I've created a meal schedule and a food cut off time for myself to avoid the snacking and I've pretty good at sticking with it.

This week I'm sticking to the same plan of cardio and yoga, however I do drop a point in my daily points so I'll have to keep that in mind in the food plans.

If you weigh in today I hope it went well and I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Stick to schedule

I decided to stick to my Saturday morning weigh in after all.

Today was meant to be a day off, so it's a day off. I'm just relaxing and reading then yoga.

Water is on track, food is on track and I saw 188.6 on the scale at home so I'm hoping for 188 on the nose tomorrow.


Switch it up?

I woke up at my own by 6:30am today, so I just decided to get up. Then I thought I should weigh in today.

My thinking swayed by it's supposed to be -1 today and tomorrow morning it will be closer to -10 and snowing. I'm meeting a friend tomorrow at noonish to finally check out Avatar so a little sleep in on Saturday wouldn't be so bad.

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a super decent number. There is a meeting today at my local WW at noon. I also thought opportunity to check out a different leader. Decisions I tell ya.

I decided to eat a little breakfast and about an hour before I'd have to leave for today's meeting I'll step on the scale again and see. You know the mission is 188 so I'm not sure if one more day will make a difference or just aid in next week's weigh in. Plus if I weigh in today the grocery store is across the street so I could take care of that today.

Yesteray I received the Germany Lululemon hoody. This is the size smaller one. I managed to get it zipped up but it's very gurdle like. I think it will just about perfect when I hit my 10%

Last night after work I headed over to the Body Shop in search of lightening touch - my favourite under eye concealor. I've been checking since the re-opened downtown just before Christmas. They still didn't have it. Well enough is enough I'm moving on. I headed over to Shopper's Drug Mart and started checking out some make-up lines. The salesperson asked if I needed help and I told her what I was looking for. She suggested Benefit Erase Paste. This has the same light refracting effect as Lightening Touch but it's in a jar. I'm reading the instructions and you can use it not just on eyes. I will be testing this out and report my findings.

I'm in love with the Ultra Cleanser from Kiehl's - this is definitely a keeper. I like the Ultra Moisturizer and it's holding up alright to some wicked cold weather.

I also wandered over to Origins and picked up a jar of Starting Over, I'm pushing 40 and while I occasional poll people to guess how old I am they still say 28, I'm very conscious of getting older. While I embrace that I become more confident as I get older I am fighting the signs every step of the way. Look for a review on that as well.

Alright might be back later, hugs!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long weekend...ahhhh

I worked late tonight to give myself tomorrow off and I'm so looking forward to sleeping in. I've been running on empty the past few days with being busy and thinking of the mounting work a head of me. Two people are under the weather at work and I'm not taking any chances.

Tomorrow will be sleeping late and working out.

The gym bag did not go to work with me today as I knew that I'd bringing my work computer home for site on Monday. The stuff I need to cart around weighs a ton. I realized I'd be staying later to get a few things done.

I'm supposed to do yoga tonight but now that I've had dinner I'm not feeling it.

This just means tomorrow I need a cardio workout and a yoga practice, super manageable I must say.

Completely on plan today so food is in check. I've taken my vitamins and flossed every single day since I re-started my journey on Jan. 2. This is day 6 of staying OP.

I really wanting to see 188 on the scale on Saturday so that will keep me in check tomorrow.

Hope you had an awesome Thursday!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gym buddy

40min of cardio is completed on the treadmill after work. I had my work mate with me and time flew as we chatted. I didn't need my ipod even.

I had intended to more yoga tonight but right now I think my priority is a hot bath. It was a fairly busy day and I'm feeling a wee stressed.

I applied for a new job at work and my current co-workers are super supportive and very encouraging and it's freaking me out. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their positive thoughts but I don't want to get my hopes up to wind up disappointed.

I just want to focus on what's in front of me and whatever happens will happen.

Food wise I dipped into flex today as I was busy with other work mates and they bought me lunch. I didn't where we were going. It was Chinese food, I had zip idea on points so I tried to choose well. I did o.k but some of that stuff counted higher than I thought.

Tomorrow I'm with them again. I think I'll steer them the way of Subway. My gym bag is already packed for another date with the treadmill.

I'm debating taking Friday as a flex day. I think I just might.

Hope you all had a fabulous day.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mind over matter

Hello again my friends,

I'm back home again and the trip home was relatively uneventful with the plane taxing forever to where we get off and the 7 car pile up on the way home in the cab.

Today I packed my lunch in the to go kitchen again assembling my chef salad. This time I scooped the egg yolk out and just ate the white. Then I realized I should have grabbed more eggs. If 3 egg whites are 1pt, that's an awesome way to add the protein to the salad.

When I got home I had to shovel my sidewalk and I do feel pretty zonked when I get off the plane. The plan was yoga tonight and I had to fight myself to do it. I convinced myself to just roll out the mat and change into yoga friendly clothes. Then I thought you can just do one episode of Namaste as opposed to two. I just started and kept going through the 2nd episode. I've done the Exalted Warrior and Sun/Moon episodes 3 times now. Tomorrow I'll do Sun/Moon and the 3rd episode.

A co-worker who's based in Fort Mac is in Calgary for a few days so she's going to come with me to the gym tomorrow. That's handy motivation as I now I have to go. I was planning to any way but that extra influence isn't a bad thing.

On track for day 4 in a row. Yes my counting OP days has restarted since my Edmonton trip.

Alright I'm going to watch BL on the dvr and then to bed for me.

Later, hugs!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snaps for IT guy

Alas all it took was some unclicking of boxes for me to be able to access the world wide web...yeah!!!

Sunday night I did do 40min of yoga after I spent 25 very unlike zen minutes trying to find the DVD. I took it to Edmonton with me, unpacked it and then couldn't find it. After frantically looking it was hiding under a piece of paper. I calmed down enough to have a nice practice and by 7:30pm I was totally zonked.

Went to bed early waking up every couple of hours until shazaam the alarm was going off. I had a kamikaze cab driver to the plane but after that all was good. I snoozed on the plane and stuck to my food plan 100%. -30 with windchill greeted me, yippee...not.

Work went well, despite finding my phone and network cable had gone missing. I had loads to do and everything came together pretty well.

When I got to camp I went straight to the gym and did 40min of a very brisk walk. Discovered the only way I can do treadmill without boring myself to death is to do intervals. Every 5min I changed something like speed or incline, but keeping them short I could totally stay entertained for 5min, add the good tunes and the 5min are even more entertaining.

I had heard a rumour that a nutritionist had been brought to camp to make the food a wee bit healthier. Today I had the cajun meatloaf with veggies. Normally the meatloaf is kind of scooped out so the serving sizes are totally random. Today it was in slices that actually looked like a normal serving (palm of hand size).

Came back to my room, had a shower and now I type to you while half watching the Bachelor. It will be an early night as it's another long day tomorrow.

Yes, camp is nearish to Fort Mac. These are yoga paws.

The goal for tomorrow is to stay OP and do yoga when I get home. The dvd is safely in the dvd player at home.

Hope your day was fantastic.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fictional buses

I had to go in to work today to pick up some papers I need for site tomorrow. I had originally intended to go yesterday but with all the snow I thought I'd put it off until today.

Well there was snow again today but I really had no choice. I looked up the bus that stops close to my house and within a block of where I work. I headed out about 5min before the bus is supposed to be there. There was another woman waiting so I thought well that's a good sign. The bus was supposed to be there by 12:06, well by 12:20 there was still no bus. I gave up and walked to another bus that's about 5 blocks away. I didn't wait long and a bus arrived.

I hadn't gone into this building after hours yet but it was super straightforward. Got what I needed and on the way out thought about stopping at the mall but then I saw a bus so decided to go home. I saved money and temptation as I hadn't had lunch yet.

Just whipped up a super quick lunch consisting of Ikea's Rosti and Meatballs, and some peas. I love the frozen potato pancakes and their 2 for 1pt.

Now the plan is to hit the yoga mat for 40min, pack for site and be in bed early.

I'm taking the runners to site this week as I need to focus on the cardio. The plan is cardio Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm going to do yoga daily if I can, I'm not taking the mat to site on Monday as I've scaled down in bag to make it easier to cart around but the mat won't fit. The mode of transportation to camp and back are school buses. It gets super tight in space as those things are not designed to cart adults in full winter wear carting luggage. I got the Ecotex duffle from Heys in Lilac, I'm hoping it will be way easier to identify in the dark when I get to site too. The majority of bags are black and all look the same in the dark.

I ordered a pair of yoga paws yesterday so I will have a very easy packable option soon.

Stepped on the scale this morning and it said 189. I then checked it 3 times. I'm more determined then ever to keep that going till weigh in. There was a girl at my meeting that hit goal on Saturday and her weight now is my goal weight and I think we're the same height. It was kind of surreal to see what I might just look like.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

I need to call my work IT guy tomorrow to sort out my internet issues with my work computer so if that's fixed I will check in tomorrow from camp. If not, I'll talk to you on Tuesday.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last week the fabulous Enz and Counting Girl gave me this, I'm totally flabbergasted and quite honored. I've never received a blog award before.

I'm sure you've seen these a lot lately and of course the rules are to state 7 things about yourself that others may not know about you and nominate 7 other bloggers.

For the first part:
1. I'm the only person in family born in Canada, 98.9% are born in Germany.
2. I speak 4 languages - English, French, German and Russian
3. I've been told I'm a good singer but the only time I do it is if I'm fairly certain no one else is around.
4. I had a skin cancer scare a few years back, melanoma the deadliest of the bunch. Caught in time but I'm now a mega promoter of sunscreen and practicing safe sun.
5. I have an addiction to kitchen appliances i.e Cusinart griddler, Kitchen Air mixer, blender and immersion blender. I almost bought a quesadilla maker but talked myself out of it.
6. I'm a science fiction geek. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica.
7. I dance at the bus stop in the morning, of course if no one is around. I'm not sure if any neighbours have seen it as I am there at 6am and the moment I think I'm spotted I stop.

Now for the 7 bloggers, the thing is the ones that pop into my head have already received this award. So I'm thinking we should find the unsung blogs that other might not know about. I will nominate one and that's Carol. I admire how she never gives up when her body is fighting her.

If you know someone that we're all missing out on please leave it in my comments and I'll add it to the roll on the side of my blog so others might link to it.

Oh yes the weigh in - Up 1.6, I love Clare (my leader) as she congratulated me on a controlled gain. Oh yes it could have been much worse with the food and the alcohol so I didn't throw the whole plan out the window. I swear that will be lost plus a bit more by next Saturday. I walked to and from the meeting in sideways flying snow.

I hit the grocery store after weigh in and my fridge is stocked with healthy and savoury. I'm ready to start my on plan routine again. I made it 18 days last time, now I'll beat that.

I purchased a little extra motivation last night as I got an email from Lululemon with their "Cheer them on" stuff. I bought the Remix hoody Germany (I own multiple hoodies with Canada on them) pictured above. I normally wear a size 12 in their hoody but that was sold out so I went with a size 10. The plan is to be in it shortly.

Have a groovy Saturday my friends.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back and the blip

I had mega computer issues while in Edmonton which resulted in not being able to access the internet, hence no blogging. I missed you guys.

I hit my first blip since re-committing to WW. I wasn't good all the time and I wasn't bad all the time. I made healthy decisions and unhealthy decisions.

The treadmill at the gym was broken and the hotel gym was pretty sad.

Activity was pretty much non existent as the days were long, tracking was abandoned, water was pretty good, flossing and vitamines were on target.

I am totally expecting a gain at weigh in tomorrow and that's o.k. This is a blip not a train wreck. I'm a mega back on track immediately.

I'm not beating myself up about this. I had a pretty enjoyable time being stuck in a hotel for 3 days.

This Monday we start a fitness challenge at work. Every 30min of exercise count as a point. If you get 8 pts in a week you get your name in a draw for a prize. Plus there's a prize for the highest number of pts during the challenge. I'm so in.

All right my friends I'm now off to catch up on your blogs.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Time just flew

My day went pretty fast today, I was busy and all of a sudden it was 11am and then it was 3pm. I was just trying to get organized before heading off to Edmonton and man that sucks up a lot time.

Actually packed my lunch today and stuck to my pre-planned day really well. I bought a box of the WW 1pt bars Chocolate Caramel on Saturday. I had one in my lunch bag and when I got the 9am munchies (I have breakfast at 5am) it totally hit the spot and I was fine till lunch.

Came home and immediately went to the yoga mat. I tried the new dvd yesterday and I really enjoyed the warm up portion and then it got wicked fast. I guess that's why they call it power yoga. The dvd is definitely a keeper but I think I need to work my way up to it. Tonight I went back to the Namaste dvds.

A long time ago I went to a yoga retreat given by Kate Potter, she's the one who created the Namaste series. I had off and on tried yoga up until then. I adore her work and felt the need to brush up if I was going to do 2 days of yoga. So I kind of crammed yoga. I would do the warm up and the main part of one episode followed by the warm up, main part and savasana of the 2nd episode. I would do this twice then I would start with 2nd episode and add it to the 3rd episode, repeat and so on. I learned to really love it and didn't make a total fool of myself at the retreat either.

I'm doing this again and starting at the beginning. It works out to 40min of yoga and sort of easing myself back in to it. I've lost a lot of flexibility and it feels fantastic to stretch out those muscles. My shoulder is getting better a little every day. It doesn't hurt it's just lost a bit of range. The dvd is coming to Edmonton as I want to do this daily. The runners are coming as well so I can take advantage of the hotel gym. According to WW online 40min of yoga is 2 Activity pts - that's neat.

I'm also introducing flexpoints into my week, just a couple so far as I do want them as security when eating out.

What will be difficult for me is I'm a daily weigher, I stand on that scale every morning to track my progress. There will be no scale until I get home Friday evening. I've only seen a scale in the hotel I stayed at while in Montreal. That will an interesting experiment on my part.

Alright my friends, I never did that pack list on the weekend so need to go do that so I'm somewhat organized tomorrow.

Hope your day was fantastic.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday surprises

I was puttering away just about to do load two of laundry - bed sheets when my friend T phoned. She was on her way to a pedicure and asked if I wanted to come along. I thought why not.

Got the pedicure and then zipped into Walmart. She had shopping to do and I picked up some stuff as well. I got a jar of popcorn kernels, T's suggestion. I forgot that 3 cups air popped is one point. I can't even remember that last time I air popped popcorn. This was today's afternoon snack after I searched my basement for my airpopper. I'll a bring some to work tomorrow as well as a good low point snack.

I also picked up a box of frozen Prime stuffed chicken breast with prosciutto and swiss (4pts per breast), I thought it's a good quick protein, the box was $10 for 3 breasts but I still thought that's not bad as chicken is expensive. I also got a pack of Skinny Cow sundae cups - cookie dough flavour - 2pts per cup. I'll review when I have a chance to try them.

At the meeting yesterday I bought one of the new points calculators, of course I didn't have it with me while shopping so I've now put that into my bag.

I recently started my regular post grocery shopping routine which involves calculating the points and writing them with a sharpie on the container before putting the groceries away.

I opted not to go for a walk as I wanted to enjoy my beautifully soft tootsies for a day but yoga is definitely on the schedule as soon as laundry is done.

Looking forward to not having to get up insanely early tomorrow as I'm staying in town the next two days as I'll be away for the rest of the week. The computer is coming with me so I hope to still blog.

Oh yes on target to be tracking and being OP for day 15. They say it takes 4 weeks to make or break a habit. I'm half way to creating some very healthy habits.

Hope your weekend was fabulous.


Lazy Sunday - not exactly

I had an unplanned 2.5 hour nap yesterday, right after lunch I felt a little zonked so thought I'd lay down. Yeah, that kind of killed all my chore plans for yesterday so that's now all been moved to today. Apparently I needed the rest.

So on top of house cleaning, laundry and making a packing list for my trip I also want to head outside for a walk as it should be about zero celsius at 1pm plus I want to try the new yoga DVD I got from Lululemon. It's called "power yoga for happiness 2 with Eoin Finn - surf edition". This is the dvd I walked in on when I was at site that week and thought the gym was empty till I saw the girl on the floor. I'm not a surfer but the blurb on the back of the dvd also says it's good for "landlubbers".

I watched the last 10 min of it as she was on the floor and I was on the treadmill. The ocean was in the background and that's one thing I'd love to do one day - yoga on the beach. It's 2 Dvds with 6.5 hours of yoga with one long routine broken into 7 routines ranging from 85min (full routine) to 34min. Apparently also good for all levels as well. I also enjoy that the instructor is Canadian or maybe just lives in Canada.

Since I've been back to meetings I haven't really been using much of the 35 flexpoints, the max so far was 6 in one week. I've always believed they are there to be eaten but now I'm a little scared to go there. I know that's stupid as I had great losses before when I used them. I'm debating to I use them on purpose or use them for emergencies..have to give that a think.

Alright I better get laundry started, might be back later but if not have a fabulous Sunday.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Down 1.8 - 5lb sticker!!!

Had no idea what the WW scale would say today, when I stepped on my scale this morning I got readings that said 189 in pajamas and 191 in my nike sweatpants and t-shirt.

I walked to weigh in and when I stood on the scale it was 191.2, down 1.8. For a brief nanosecond I was disappointed as I was kind of hoping for 189. Then I realized the following things:

*Down 1.8 is exactly what I need to be on track to be at goal by July 10
*I would normally be up a couple of pounds this week thanks to the hormone fueled snackapalooza.
*That's 5lbs in two weeks on program. That's half way to 5% off of my body.

Heck I should be doing a happy dance. When Clare handed out the 5lb stars my hand was the first one up to say I get one.

This was a rough week. I was crazy busy all week and a wee bit (some days not so wee bit) stressed. Water was not fantastic and neither was exercise. In all honesty I thought I was hanging on to program by the seat of my pants. Yesterday there was cake in the kitchen, chocolate mocha cake. I shaved off a sliver of that cake and savoured it - then I wrote in my tracker.

The week in review:
Tracking 7/7
Flossing 7/7
Vitamins 7/7
Cardio 3/7
Yoga 1/7
Water - Technically 7/7 but my goal is 2L per day and I got 6 cups.

At the start of today's meeting we had a bit of guest speaker. Darlene who is another WW leader lost 160lbs in 2 years. She told us some tips that kept her on track. This included tracking, making it a priority and moving more.

What really struck me was when she said the key was attitude. I totally believe that. A positive attitude has been my focus for the past few weeks. I have to 100% believe I can do this. This means letting absolutely nothing get in my way.

On Friday as I was leaving a couple of co-workers where saying that Friday is pizza night in their houses. Of course their both skinny but I thought no pizza the day before weigh in. I thought I can have pizza on Saturday.

Today I got some Yves soy pepperoni, a pillsbury pizza crust and I'll make my own pizza tonight and way less points then ordering one. The other thing we talked about in the meeting was staying satisfied.

I'm still focused and I will rock Edmonton this week as well.

I'm wondering how the x-weighted weigh ins will work. The site still says week one. On the show you never see their first week weigh in. There's nothing on the site explaining the weigh in either. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Alright my friends, I'm going to go fill my water bottle. Enjoy your Saturday!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oy vey what a week this has been

My new 3 month tracker is now completely up to date and it did go into a ziploc bag on the trip to work this morning.

As I was watching Biggest Loser last night I was thinking how I'm not rooting for anyone. There are no personalities that appeal to me and I started wondering if people are now being picked for how heavy they are. This is the biggest cast they've had. Normally in the finale you some amazing transformations. I get the feeling the finale this round will only be the first step like it was for Shae.

I could not sleep last night, I tossed and turned forever. At one point I looked at my alarm and it was 1:30am - not a good time to get up. I finally did fall a sleep and woke up thinking I wonder what time it is now. It was the time I'd normally be standing at the bus stop. Aaack my alarm did not go off. I jumped out of bed and then forced myself to stop and think. I grabbed a glass of milk and took my vitamins. I grabbed a granola bar and tossed into my bag. Then I got dressed and called a cab.

Where a granola bar is not a fantastic breakfast I didn't want to run out the door and hit the food court for breakfast. I was in a super time crunch as I had a meeting first thing this morning as well. I did go to Opa for lunch with some work mates without knowing the points and was a wee surprised when I looked it up and it was a whopping 13pts. I didn't eat the entire thing but I'm counting it at the full points. The good news I had the room in my day due to my low point lunch. I will still finish today on track despite my not so great start to the day.

I did buy a new alarm clock on the way home as this morning's snafu has happened a few times now. One more day till weigh in - the first weigh in of the challenge as well.

I'm hanging in there.

Hope you are too :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This was my reaction this morning when I went to retrieve my 3 month tracker from my work bag. It was wet. Apparently I didn't close my water bottle properly and my tracker acted as the sponge. Of course everything else in the bag was dry. Before breakfast I was ripping paper towel to place between the pages.

At lunch I decided to go buy a new tracker as I really want this thing to be a nice record of the next 3 months. I popped into the meeting downtown to get it. I didn't have my weigh in book but I told them my membership number, where I weighed in and my leaders name and they finally agreed to sell one to me. I did find out that you don't have to prove membership to buy the food products. My friend who does WW online was with me so that's cool news for her.

This morning I wrote out my day on a piece of scrap paper. Tonight I'll copy all the info from the old tracker into the new tracker and from now on that thing is going into a ziploc bag and then into whatever purse or bag I'm carrying around.

It's now for sure I'm going to Edmonton next week. I'll be home Mon leave Tuesday night and come back Friday night. Eek that's almost 4 solid days of eating out. I will make wise choices and ask for things done my way. I will be hitting that hotel gym every night I'm there. I'm staying near the airport so I'm doubting food options will be abundant. I just need to make it work. My room isn't confirmed yet but I think it may have a mini fridge. I can use that to my advantage.

I'm perfectly on plan for day 12 and even thought I left work late I still hit the gym for 40min on the treadmill. I was so not feeling like it but I sucked it up.

Just finished dinner and watching Biggest Loser on the pvr. Then it's a hot bath.

Hope your day went well my friends.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The call of the snackapalooza

Hope everyone is having a great week. Just got home and I love landing in the dark in Calgary. All the lights are so pretty and they go on forever.

My two days at site went well. Didn't touch a french fry, used 6 flex points on Monday but that's it and I'm under 2pts today (I'm trying not eat 2hrs before bedtime) though I may have a glass of milk. That's 6/35 on day 4 of WW week.

I was sitting at my desk today and I actually felt the snackapalooza vibe kick in. I felt a little different and then there was the instinct to go find food. Well I had a bag of celery sticks next to me so I ate a couple of those and wrote "Discipline above Desire" on the bottom of my tracking page. I'm watching that closely and will be viligent. Day 11 of tracking dang it and I want to make it to Day 14. This has to be the first time I've recognized the urge before actually inhaling something like a chocolate bar.

Water was a little tricky on Monday but I got the 6 glasses in - I normally shoot for 8. Today I'm on target.

I made up a 30min yoga practice to do on Monday as my computer couldn't get an internet connection for me to log in to

I was on the plane thinking do I really want to lug my computer and my gym bag to work tomorrow. I then thought don't be an idiot, you can handle lugging your computer and gym bag to work tomorrow and you haven't done Cardio since Sunday.

If you're interested in the recipes I pictured the other day, I did put the links on the posting the day before or go to and you'll see it.

Alright my friends I now need to take out the garbage and unpack.

Until tomorrow...hugs!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Alright I'm back. Meals are completed and safely stored in the freezer as individual servings. I had the Mac n'Cheeseburger Casserole for lunch (the round dish), it was yummy. The Chicken/Broccoli casserole looks pretty good and that will be lunch one day this week.

Got a 54min walk in just a wee over 5km. I had to stop and give someone directions which caused a wee delay. Dishes are washed and cab is booked for tomorrow morning, so now all I need to do is have supper, but my clothes away, pack and roll out the yoga mat.

I'm bringing my travel mat to site this week. I'm thinking I'll have to work later tomorrow as I've got loads to do but I'll bring the mat even if all I do is 20min of legs up the wall.

I'm totally on plan for Day 9 in row so far and I'm planning to repeat what I did last week at site.

I made mulitple attempts at a before photo and none turned out well, curious light angles (windows), only getting half of myself, a bit blurry. I'll probably try again next weekend.

Hopefully my camp room's internet connections works this week so I can post tomorrow (couldn't last week) but at any rate I'm sending you all positive vibes.

Take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you later.


Sunday morning

A plus temperature day once again in the city of Calgary, which makes me want to go for a walk outside rather than go to the gym. A warm Chinook needs to be embraced in the month of January especially after the uber cold weeks we've had so far. Nike+ and I will be spending sometime together today.

I figured out what I'll do as my fitness challenge from home. While I was working out with the trainer months back there was a routine called the Filthy Fifties. It was a set of 6 exercises you had to do 50 times. I'm going to take that and combine with the x-weighted one. Today I'll do 20 lunges (each side), 20 squats and 20 lay down stand ups. It looks like the one they posted online is different than the one they did at all the challenge locations so I think I can create my own.

I'm going to wait a little while till I tackle that and I'm going to go for a long walk outside, yoga might be thrown in there as well. I need to start with the recipes I'm making today and first up is to pre-cook the chicken so I'm going to take care of that now. Plus my before pictures will be posted today as well.

So I'll be back.

16 people are part of the group Bloggers Unite on x-weighted thus far. OMG I'm so happy and so excited to see what we're all going to accomplish.

I'm heading into my snackapalooza week but I'm arming myself against it. I've been on track for 8 days in a row I'm not going to throw that away and I'm armed with mantras to make me stop and think:
Will this get me goal?
Discpline above desire
Sabotage is not an option

As I said I'll be back later...hugs!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

More musings

Well I got as far as laundry and the cooking will have to wait until tomorrow. After I posted earlier I had a nap as that walk in the wind was exhausting and then straightened up the house.

I didn't do the fitness test of the x-weighted challenge yet and I plan to do it tomorrow at the gym. Thankfully there's a stopwatch on my ipod. I'm not 100% sure I'll follow it exactly as I have a knee that will not appreciate the jumping lunges, normal lunges are fine so I might do walking lunges instead as there is speed involved with how fast you can get up and down. I got the activity pamphlet at WW today and I had to smile that the runner on the cover is the one I wear - Mizuno Wave Alchemy. I'm taking that as a sign.

I want to post my before pictures as well, so many of you have bravo! I just need to find my little camera stand to get a better angle. I used my measurements from last week when I took them. I didn't think there would be a signficant difference in one week. I'm going to take them again in February just to see. I did the math so to hit 145 by July 10th that's 1.8lbs a week so doable. I tried to log in to figure my way around all the stuff on the site but it looks like more and more people are entering. This is totally awesome, I hope they tabulate the number of lbs lost as a nation at the end of this.

Speaking of doable - totally on plan for the 8th day in a row. The only thing left to do is floss.

I have to sometimes laugh at the plethora of weight loss related things in January. Today I walked into Walmart and their seasonal section was all weight loss related. I was half expecting Valentine's Day.

I tried the Kiehl's last night and so far pretty impressed but I'm going to give it a bit before I post a review. The weather has improved a great deal but it held up in wind really well. It looks up North is warming up to as it's supposed to be -6 to -12 next week - that means no long johns - yippee.

Hope your Saturday went well, later.


X-Weighted challenge begins and week 2 WW weigh in

First of all I started a group on the X-Weighted Challenge called Bloggers Unite, if you're taking part in the challenge check it out and feel free to join. I'm Cowgirlwarrior on there as well. I figured we support each other here so why not in the actual challenge as well. A whack of the challenges are all location focused so I thought I'd open it up a little. There is strength in numbers me thinks. Don't forget to sign up today or tomorrow.

Down 3.2lbs today..whoo hoo! I weighed myself on my scale this morning and I was 192 so I was a wee disappointed that at WW it was 193 but a loss is a loss. I walked the 15 blocks to Starbucks and then the 3 to weigh in plus I walked home with 20lbs of groceries on my back and into 33km winds. Many sidewalks were treacherous so I give myself extra points for remaining upright the whole way there and back. That was one heck of a workout I tell ya. I'm starting my $20/pound jar to save up for the new wardrobe plus it may help stay more accountable knowing moolah is on the line.

My X-Weighted goal is 145lbs which lines up with WW goal weight perfectly. I think this may be a match made in heaven my friends. I'm using my WW weigh in as the record for the challenge as well.

So my week in review:

Tracked 7/7 days - 178/175 pts - 3/35 Flex points (I ate under a few days so that reduced the flexpoints used - not on purpose just wasn't hungry)
Water Goal 7/7 days
Cardio 4/7 days - Earned 8 activity points
Yoga 3/7 days
Vitamins 7/7 days
Flossed 7/7 days

My shoulder is getting better but not quite there yet so I'll stick to yoga and cardio this coming week but I'm adding a hill workout to the cardio that I'll post more about later.

All in all I'd say one heck of a good week.

I decided to go with making two recipes this week as opposed to 3 and I remembered I had a turkey chili in the freeze. I browsed through all my WW cook books and just wasn't inspired so I decided to look on Cook With Campbell's. I decided to make the Mac n' Cheeseburger Casserole (7pts per serving) and the Easy Chicken and Broccoli Divan (5 pts per serving) - got to love when they actually include the nutritional info. I have a short attention span with recipes and if there is a long list of ingredients I lose interest. These are all fairly straight forward. I picked up all the ingredients and I'll make these later - photos to follow I promise.

Great quote on the board at the meeting today: "Trackers represent a record of what we've eaten, not a record of when we're perfect". I loved this as in the past it was not uncommon for me not to write something down because I didn't want to admit it.

I need to rustle up some lunch, start laundry and start prepping those two recipes. Will probably be back later as I feel I'm forgetting something.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Well that's an idea

Happy Friday my friends, it was a bit funny today as everyone at work was tired and very much looking forward to the weekend. Then we all realized it's only the first week after the Christmas break. The way we were acting you'd think it was months since we had a break.

As I was leaving today I asked my co-worker/friend T to wish me a good weigh in at which point she said "You know what you should do". She suggested that I reward myself with $20 for every pound I lose as the Jenny Craig's, Dr. Bernstein and Herbal Magic plans with all the extras often cost the person an average of $20 per pound (she used to be a consultant for Herbal Magic). Then a little light bulb when off in my head, I could use that as a way to save up for the new fabulous wardrobe that I'll require. After I weigh in I go to the mall and right past my bank - there could be something to this.

I did go to Kiehl's and they did not have the trial kit but I left with a few things that I'll be testing out:

Ultra Facial Cream (travel size)- "light textured hydrator leaves skin comfortable and visibly well balanced, particularly in harsh weather conditions"

Ultra Facial Cleanser - "cleanse skin and remove make-up, without over drying"

Cucumber Herbal Alcohol Free toner - I use this now but bought a smaller bottle to pack

I'm going to try it all tonight and see how it feels.

Completely on plan for day 7 in a row and I've now hit the water cut off and no food will be eaten until after I weigh in tomorrow. Now I'm going through my WW recipe books in search of 3 recipes that I'll make over the weekend and freeze in individual servings. This is to make bringing lunch and handling the "I don't have a clue of what to have for dinner" scenario for a few weeks. I'm on a planning binge so why not add meal prep.

I'm looking forward to weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping that will inspire my efforts for next week. Tomorrow I'll post my results for the goals of the week and post new ones. The 25 degree warm up we had today is starting to make sidewalks a wee dangerous so I might be taking the bus to weigh in and only have to deal with a few sidewalks.

Only a few hours until the X-Weighted Challenge begins...I went to check if there was a new blog entry and the site is down. Hmmm I hope they're preparing for the whack of people signing up tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...hugs!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kidnapped by aliens?

Day 6 and still completely on plan, I'm starting to think I was kidnapped by aliens and had some sort of mind meddling. Typically by today I'd be out of flexpoints, probably over points for the day and now planning a super low Friday.

I've been on plan for 6 days in a row, I still have 30 flex points and no plans to use them as it's too close to weigh in. Plus today I had issues which would normally give me justification to sabotage myself. This morning my bus never showed up resulting in me having to take a cab to work. I had a pretty busy day with a conference call that made no sense. The gym bag made it to work today and I hit the treadmill for 45min after work.

I forgot my tracker at home with my pre-planned day which had me worried for a second. I've taken that thing with me everywhere this week and put it on my desk open to the days page. I didn't stray from the plan at all.

Got home, had dinner and then a lovely bath with the Body Shop's coconut bubble bath and now I'm good until bed time.

My true test will be when snackapalooza hormone fueled week hits. It looks like I might be in Edmonton that week for work which adds a challenge. I've already been thinking that the hotel will most likely have a gym.

I don't if I told you all about the $250 dollar bonus I got this summer for all the work I put in. I was allowed to expense something worth $250 and at first I depated something practical like grocery gift cards but then I settled on a lululemon gift card. That's part of my goal. I don't want to use it now I want to go in their fitter and show off my hard work.

Speaking of Lulu, I checked out the website yesterday and discovered they carry the yoga dvd that I interrupted at site on Monday. I ordered it as I like the style and it reminded me a bit of the Namaste series.

Tomorrow I'll come home after work and do yoga, first I need to stop off at Kiehl's and investigate some skin care options. The cold weather is drying me out like crazy and what I have is sufficient for Calgary but not for Northern Alberta. I normally use Origins or Body Shop and I'm finding just not quite moisturzing enough. Kiehl's has a line specifically for cold weather and apparently a trial kit.

2 sleeps till the x-weighted challenge....are you getting excited?

Hope you all had a fantastic day!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Still going strong

Day 5 of this week and I'm still on track. Food wise completely OP today. Drank 2L of water by 3pm too.

Between the taking out the garbage, putting my clothing donation out the door and planning my day in the tracker I left without my gym bag. I'm not phased by it as I'm exhausted and think a rest day may not be so bad today. Besides I'm in first week of WW (again) so the fact that I've tracked everything, stayed OP, taken my vitamins every day, flossed and have logged more workouts in this week then I have in a long time- I'm doing alright.

I've truly surprised myself in how I've switched on this week. I was talking to my friend T about it and she said "It happens". I guess it does, now of course the trick will be to keep at it.

So I came home after work and watched the season premier of The Biggest Loser, wowsers they keep pushing the bar don't they. I'm still somewhat surprised no one has died on that show by taking someone over 500lbs sticking them on an exercise bike and saying O.K bike 26.2 miles on the first day.

I wandered onto the WW boards today and saw a thread where people were taking about the show and comparing it to Taking It Off (the predecessor to X-Weighted). While I'm always in awe of the finale of Biggest Loser the concept of the show can't really be done in real life. Not working for months and spending the entire day in the gym, not exactly feasible for the average person. Taking It Off and X-Weighted focus on people in their everyday life and dealing with fitting the workout into the day to day to life.

Of course I'll still watch BL and be inspired as always. Talk to you later,


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I did it, I really did it

Stayed OP at site anyway, if you're a frequent reader of my blog you know I have a difficult time eating at site with the daily french fries, desserts and all sorts of not so healthy options.

Well this time I did it, I didn't have any snacks on the plane out and when I got there Monday morning I had Special K for breakfast. I did have a lunch meeting and ventured into the main kitchen but I filled half my plate with veggies and had one scoop of beef ravioli. I got veggies to nibble on for the day. I never touched them, not once did I snack. They put a water cooler 4 feet behind my cubicle so water was totally on plan.

My workout didn't quite go according to plan. I was super tired but I changed my clothes and I went to the gym. I saw that it was dark so I walk in and turn on all the lights. Then I see that the tv is on and it's yoga. Then I notice the girl on the floor on her yoga mat doing Savasana. OMG did I feel bad so I quickly turned off the light above her head and then I just stood there. She was smack in front of the weights and the treadmill is noisy so I thought I could just wait her out. She then opened her eyes and told me to go ahead and do whatever I wanted as the noise didn't both her. So I hopped on to the closest thing, that was the treadmill and just started walking. My strength day turned into a cardio day. We did have a great discussion about the various styles of yoga. She was telling me the only workouts she really does is power yoga and her body was fantastic.

For dinner I dipped into the flex points but I haven't been eating any of the activity points I've been collecting and I still have 30 flexpoints left for the week.

I was telling this story to another co-worker and she said to me - why don't you do yoga on Mondays that would probably be better given that your up for 13 hours. Duh, I have a travel mat and there's enough room in my camp room to roll it out on the floor. I think I might try that next week so I might be revising my workout plan. I spoke to soon the other day when I said my shoulder wasn't sore, it's sore.

Next day had Special K for breakfast and packed my lunch in the "to go" kitchen. So I put together a chef salad - vegg plus an egg plus some cheese. I had an apple as an afternoon snack. I did have snacks on the plane home as I knew we'd be delayed so I had a granola bar and a bottle of water. I got home shovelled my sidewalk (workout for today) and had a bowl of cereal for supper. I still have 2 pts remaining but I honestly don't feel like eating anything as I want to go to bed soon.

I've tracked everything for the past 4 days so I'm at the midpoint of this week. If I can stay on track I should have a pretty fantastic first weigh in on Saturday. I'm planning out tomorrow and the gym bag is coming. I'm not to keen on weights with my sore shoulder so I might just stick to cardio and yoga this week.

4 sleeps until the x-weighted challenge and I was trying to think of a fitness goal over the last few days.

Saturday I find out more about this Momentum challenge that my leader briefly mentioned last Saturday.

All right my friends I'm going to continue to ride the positive wave I'm on.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sun, snow and plans are taking shape

Hello my friends, hope your Sunday is going well.

Slept in a bit today and got up at 9am.

I did do some yoga last night and got half an hour in. My right shoulder wasn't so happy during the whole thing. Probably about a month ago I woke up with a sore shoulder from sleeping funny and I now seem to not have quite the same flexibility as before. I'll need to work on that and more yoga should help. I didn't feel any soreness today so I'll keep going.

Today I finished my laundry, got the clothes together that I'm donating and washed the dishes. Then I talked myself into going for a walk as today was a cardio day. The forecast kept saying it would be -7 but everytime I checked it was closer to -16 with -20 windchill. A bit later on it warmed up so at about 12:40pm I headed outside. I figured I'd warm up as I went anyway. I left the Nike + at home as I wasn't concerned about speed. I did my 5K route in the hood and just tuned everything out. I love it when I'm in the zone with my Ipod just singing along in my head and not another thought pops up. So 50 minutes later I was back at my front door. Not my fastest 5K but then again I didn't care about speed my base layer shirt was soaked.

It was a nice walk with some added stability exercises trying to navigate snow packed sidewalks.

I've having a hard time getting the points in today as I slept late and had a pretty low point breakfast. My veggies/fruit have not been so good today yet either so when I finish this I'm going to make a Green Monster but supper might be cheese and crackers. I also have some leftover lasagna but I'm not sure I want a full meal later as I need to be in bed early tonight. My alarm will going off very early tomorrow as I head back to site. I've got 6pts to get rid of and that's not eating any activity points or flex points. Update: Solved by adding two packs of Activia and some agave nectar to the green monster.

I'm going to do some yoga again tonight and pop in the Namaste DVD this time. I'm definitely starting from scratch again as it feels like I lost all the flexibility from months of not doing any yoga.

I've got my strength workout written down for tomorrow. If I head back to camp around 4pm I should have the women's gym (a small room) to myself. So here is the plan for tomorrow:

Warm Up - 15min treadmill brisk walk

5 Rounds each of:
15 Sit ups
15 Push ups
15 Dumbell Squats with two 10lb weights
10 Dumbell Swings with one 10lb weight.

I pulled this from the workouts I did with the trainer way back when. This is from the very beginning also as I do consider myself starting this all from scratch.

In terms of my week of workouts this is what I've figured out so far.

Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Strength/ Yoga
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Strength/ Yoga
Thursday: Cardio/ Yoga
Friday: Cardio/ Yoga

So this Saturday I only had a wee bit of Cardio so that's why I did the 50min walk today. I might alternate Sunday/Saturday depending on what's going on. I would like yoga to be a part of my routine daily and plan do to 30min well closer to 22min if I do single episodes of the Namaste series, maybe a little longer on the weekends and as my flexibility improves. This is the plan for now and I'll plan the specifics as I go. I stopped using coloured dots in my daily journal as the ink messes up the next page so I switched to colour coded check marks instead. Saturday mornings I'll post the tally from the week before to check my progress.

I'm wondering if the X-Weighted site will crash next Saturday with all of us gung ho about this challenge.

Alright my friends not sure if I'll post while at site but I wish you all a fantastic week ahead.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Start

Alas I almost forgot why I was waking up to an alarm this morning and then I remembered - ah yes 1st meeting.

I would normally walk the 14 blocks to the meeting but this morning it was dark, -20 windchill and sketchy sidewalks so I took the bus. I decided to take the one that would get me to the mall at 8am so I could swing by Starbucks and then to sign up. I was thinking get there early as I'm sure it will be crazy.

Well I was early alright in fact had to wait outside for about 10min. Signed up pretty quickly as doing it online ahead of time totally saves time. Weighed in at 196.2 not sure if that's a Christmas gain or the fact that I was wearing more clothes than my traditional bathroom scale weigh in. Rediscovered my weigh in uniform (sweatpants and a t-shirt) which will now be worn every single weigh in to keep that consistent.

The leader Clare actually remembered me and gave me a bravo sticker for returning to meetings. Slightly embarrassing as that happened in front of the group but also heart warming at the same time. Two other women got bravo stickers because when they walked in they were saying they did not want to step on the scale. Recognized a number of faces and the group was not so big. Normally this meeting is full and there maybe 12 of us there. Then I found out that next week starts the no fee registration fee deal for in person paying. The deal I got was online registration. So it's important to be early next week to get a decent seat.

I did walk home though so kudos to me for that.

Of course the meeting topic was resolutions and Clare posted 4 things on the board:

1. To eat smarter I resolve to:
2. To move more I resolve to:
3. To make the most of my meetings I resolve to:
4. To build helpful habits I resolve to:

We discussed making specific, realistic, attainable goals so my commitment to the above is:

1. Track everything for the next 3 months and eat cleaner
2. Plan my workouts ahead of time and actually use my gym membership
3. Go to the meeting, ask questions when it hits and not hope someone else asks it instead
4. Manage my thoughts as they become my actions.

Someone said "Fail to plan, plan to fail" and that struck a chord with me.

I did pick up a memory card and while I can't always take pictures of what I eat (no camera rule at site) I can take pictures of my tracker in my room at site which I may do as an extra step of accountability to keep on track there as I go back Monday.

The pictures above are my plan to stay on track:
The daily journal with the dots - track behaviour and consistency of good behaviours
The paper clips - for my pounds lost visual paper clip chain to put on fridge
The pencil case - to house my 3 month tracker, workout book and journal so it's not destroyed in my luggage
The stickers - are for the wall calendar I used to track activity there and I may do so again or may use them in my journal for stellar achievements like hitting all my goals in a week.
The Red floral-ish coil notebook - this is the workout book so when I get to the gym I have something small that will help me remember what I was going to do as I'll be planning that ahead.
The blue coil notebook - this is my meeting notebook, I write the recipes or some other tidbit of info from the meeting.
The 3 month tracker - which will be my best friend from now on.

In terms of a goal weight I have no clue I know I said before 146 because that's what I need to stop paying. As I've never been skinny I have no clue what to put, I'm curious what the X-Weighted guidance will be on a a goal for 6 months and I'll probably work from that.

As far as today goes I've very on track for OP day and so far I have 30min of walking under my belt. My plan for this evening is a nice yoga practice. I've neglected this and I need it. Oh and I need to take my measurements. When I first joined WW I didn't do this and always regreted it.

Alright that's all I got for today but tomorrow I'll post my workout plan for this week.

Hope your Saturday is fabulous.


Friday, January 01, 2010

It's not a resolution - it's a goal

Happy 2010 my friends,

Hope all your New Year's plans went how you planned. I wound up going to bed early as I was yawning like crazy by 9pm.

Today I've just puttered so far, doing laundry and reading Shape magazine. I have Fitness, Self and Women's Healthy yet to read. Everytime my friend's kid has a fundraising event with magazine subscriptions I take full advantage.

At one point last night I decided to go find my old weigh in books and then I stopped myself. I know what my original starting weight was but I don't need to re-visit that information as this is a fresh start. I did find a whack of journals that I've started in different periods of my life. All mentioned weight loss and then whatever else was going on in my life at the time. It's definitely time for that subject to be laid to rest. It has often been my "resolution" but now it must be more concrete than that and be a goal.

In 2009 I completed the HR Management Certificate, I got the CHRP designation and though I started my current job in 2008 I had my one year anniversary in November - and I still love it and more importantly in these economic times - I still have it. All of these were goals I achieved so now I transfer that energy to getting to goal weight. I realize it won't be easy but neither were any of the goals completed in 2009. I am pretty happy that I've never seen that original starting weight again.

I go back to WW meetings first thing in the morning tomorrow but I've tracked everything today. Why wait was my thinking. I won't stay for the new members part after the main meeting as I don't need it. I'm not a new member just a returning one.

I'm looking forward to it and I'm a wee bit nervous. I remember the first time I joined I had no idea what to expect. I know that it will be nothing but positivity but I'm determined this is the last time I have to "re-join" and that's where the bit of nervousness kicks in. So 2010 is dedicated to getting myself together.

I also sat down and tried to figure out a work out plan for myself. I can work in 3 cardio workouts, 2 strength workouts and 3 yoga workouts per week. The cardio/strength can be combined together and my yoga practice is home based so it's incredibly feasable now it just needs dedication. Cardio can be the gym, going outside or a workout dvd. Strength can be going to the gym or a dvd. I'm not considering yoga to be a workout so much but more as a wellness factor. Don't kid yourselves yoga can be a workout depending on what you do.

I'm going to test it out this week before I post more details. I want to work out any kinks.

All right my friends the focus of this blog is back to getting to goal as it was originally intended.

A toast to 2010 and may we all complete our goals.