Saturday, June 27, 2009

And it begins

Since Saturdays will be by weigh in day for the challenge and my first recorded weigh in will be next Saturday, I thought I better get started know.

So tracking begins in earnest today. I'm already planning in my head. I'm going to go see UP today with a friend and plan to stop off and pick up these well talked about Larabars. I plan to have one of those as my movie snack as opposed to movie popcorn with a bottle of water. That's also technically lunch today due to the timing of the movie.

Before that I'm taking care of "hang to dry" laundry and watering my flowers.

When I get home the plan is to write that paper that was causing me stress on Wednesday. I've read over the marking grid a few times and it's not so bad. I'm looking forward to having that done.

Tomorrow bright and early I'll go grocery shopping. C is coming over for dinner and I'm thinking of a spaghetti squash, turkey meat ball, tomato dish.

Alright I might be back with a movie review.


UP is cute and I never looked at my watch once, that's rare for me in movies.
Before the movie I picked up the Larabars - the oh so talked about Coconut Cream Pie, one Cherry Pie and a chocolate coconut one.

I didn't get to try one as when I got to Eau Claire I was starving and opted for Subway instead and got a 6" Roasted Chicken Breast.

At the movies I got a pack of twizzlers, ate a a few and then put down the package.

Got home and tracked everything and I have 180cal for supper which means no Larabar. I will definitely try one tomorrow though.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good bye to bad habits

I've been treating the past few days as an opportunity to not be so careful with food choices. It's like a mental good bye to bad habits.

I'm taking this upcoming challenge rather seriously, not so much as a challenge but a good run at creating a habit. I'm also treating it like a clean slate. No more thoughts of what I should or could have done. I've decided to declare saturday mornings my weigh in day.

I'm looking forward to getting my weight loss mojo back. I realize I don't need a challenge to do that but it's nice to think that I won't be alone in this.

Pretty quiet day at work but a good opportunity to get organized as next week will only be a two day week. Stampede is in the air and I approach that with a wee bit of dread. I'm not crazy about dressing western and all those pancakes everywhere you go - I will be strong.

Had a great lunch with H and it was so nice to see her. I got back to my desk and there was an email from C. She's home for a visit from T.O, I'm so looking forward to seeing her.

Got my organic food order today and I was a bit surprised to find one tomato in the bin. I ordered a lb of roma tomatoes not one. I left there customer service a message, I don't thinks it fair for me to pay just under $4 for one tomato. I got the organic ground beef and it looks pretty grissly in the package. We'll see how that goes. Right now I have ground turkey defrosting in the fridge. I plan to make meatballs out of that - easy to portion and easy to heat up is my thinking.

I'm actually excited about grocery shopping as I'm gung ho to healthy meal plan.

My sore throat from yesterday is gone but felt a wee bit stuffed up today. I'm hoping good sleep takes care of everything.

Alright that's it for today.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from Fort Mac

I don't need to get on another plane for 3 days. Whew! I have to admit my alarm going off at 3:30am this morning wasn't that fabulous. Plus woke up with a wee bit of a sore throat. I'm nipping that in the bud, had a shot of vitamin C. It will be in bed at a decent hour too.

Fort Mac was fine and I enjoyed seeing the group. Got indirectly told that I may be the lead on a huge project which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

Got home and turned on the news. OMG Farah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson died. Whoa...I was surprised at the MJ news. My first thought was what happens to his kids.

15 Week Challenge starts Monday which means this weekend is all about getting sorted. Stocking up on healthy and that means bringing healthy options to site too. Plus it means coming up with a workout plan that I can stick too. I'm dead serious about this challenge. I taped a PBS special of Wayne Dyer presenting Excuses Begone. I need to sit down and watch that. I'll picking up the book in the future.

When I was at site the other day, I had an interesting conversation with co-worker. She too is trying to get healthy. She often has meetings with the Sr. VP (super busy guy). So she says to me if he can fit in exericise what the heck is our excuse.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What am I thinking?

I joined the 15 Week Challenge today. I have a love/hate relationship with challenges. I get really excited at the beginning and then at about the half way mark I become disillusioned and give up. I vow this time will be different.
Check out Amy's challenge here

Today I felt fat, it wasn't a pleasant feeling but I just felt uncomfortable. On the bus home I'm looking out the window at cute clothing stores that were always the reward I thought of for when I hit goal. This morning I was admiring a dress my coworker wore and she got it at Macy's. I love Macy's. Enough, I need a kickstart and hopefully this challenge will help.
This evening for supper I had my first Green Monster. I had meant to do it the other day but it didn't happen. It's yummy. It looks awful but it's yummy. I used Almond Milk, spinach, banana, strawberries and a few blueberries. I now totally get what you guys have been talking about it.

OMG the summer work wardrobe has hit the streets of Calgary and some is not pretty. I saw one woman wearing city shorts that were so tight they looked like bike shorts. Another woman was wearing a skirt so short that when she walked the slit at the back showed more than I think she wanted. I'm not a fan of summer work wear, I by far prefer fall for clothes shopping.

I'm really looking forward to next week as I'll have 5 days off in a row. Starting July 1, I'm hoping to use this time to get sorted. Go through my closet, meal plan and that sort of thing.

Well my friends I must go write a paper and I want to be asleep at a decent hour as I have yet another early flight tomorrow. (Just logged into my class and now the paper isn't due until the 30th - whoo hooo- no writing tonight)

Talk to you tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is there an Ark?

My two days at site were interesting, mainly because it rained non stop for two days. This place is mostly dirt but it was fascinating to see parts hold up to the rain really well and then one step landed in a whack of mud. Of course it stopped raining when I got on the plane to come home.

This was a good thing as I think it helped the forest fires of Fort McMurray. I heard there contained but pure rain for two days must have helped.

I'm a pretty easy going person but one of my major pet peeves is wet jeans. Well on Monday my jeans got wet, then dried, then wet, then dried, then really really wet, then dried. I was seriously at the point that I was going to change into my pajama pants at work because that was the only dry pants I had. Note to self - pack a pair of sweat pants. Other note to self - get rubber boots. Oh yeah I also had wet socks. It's different when this happens to you at home as you have all your stuff. I'm at site, I have whatever I packed.

I was sort of prepared I had my Monsoon MEC rain jacket and an umbrella. I gave my umbrella to someone else who only had hoodies and nothing water repellant.

Later I went to where I thought the bus that takes you to camp stops. I was wrong as I watched it turn off way before I was. It just stops where I was at 7pm. I was waiting at 6:30pm. It was totally pouring at this point but I had my umbrella back. I lovely angel of a person stopped his truck and asked if I needed a ride. Now if anyone did this in Calgary I'd say "Hell no" but this is site, a company vehicle and a fellow employee. The man was a life saver as the next shuttle wasn't coming for 30min. I must have looked pretty pathetic.

I got a message today that flowers are waiting for me on my desk. Two gerber daisies to be exact. I have no clue who would give me flowers. The coworker who told me about it said maybe it's a secret admirer. I guffawed out loud and typed back that it is most likely birthday related. I will find out tomorrow.

On tap for tomorrow is picking up a baby gift to bring to Fort Mac. Plus write my final paper. I must plan a fabulous intense workout on Friday or the weekend as tomorrow and Thursday are write offs.

Hope all of you are well - Hugs!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Laying low

Yesterday I couldn't get a hold of neighbour so I took myself for a walk without the dog. I admit it's faster without the dog.

As I was leaving she was in their backyard and saw me. OMG she's so cute and was so happy to see me. I apologized to her that I had to go without her.

When I got back I got ready to go see The Proposal. It was cute and the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Renolds is awesome. The story isn't anything you haven't seen before. I liked the Alaska setting. I would totally recommend it if you want to watch an enjoyable, funny and cute movie.

Today I am supposed to go see UP with another friend but I'm not feeling 100% so I'm hoping to reschedule. I'd rather lay low today do some laundry and organizing before I have to be on a plane very early tomorrow.

For activity today I plan do some yoga. I finally got my Namaste dvds back after lending them to a co worker and I feel like a stretching exercise today. I'm not as sore as last week but there are a few twinges.

The skipping rope is already packed in my bag for site. If there is no treadmill this time I have a back up plan.

However today I will try my first green monster. You all talk about them so much I have to try it. I'll report back on that later.

A lot of you are writing about rejoining WW. I still haven't given Daily Plate a true complete effort but going back to meetings is in the back of my head. I wish all of you great success in your decisions. Whether it's WW or Boot Camp - you will rock.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do you have a preference?

So the other day I was talking to one of my co-workers and she has 5 prepaid training sessions left at the gym that half my floor goes to.

Her original trainer (male) is no longer there so they were trying to connect her with another trainer (female). She asked if me if my trainer (male) had any open spots in his group sessions.

She told me she preferred a male trainer and seems to get more out of it in terms of workout and motivation.

This got me thinking. You see I always read my two friends blogs H and C (well C I know we don't know each other that well but you're fun so I like to think of you as a friend). They are currently doing a boot camp and loving it (judging by what they post) and working with a male trainer.

I tried to do this boot camp a while back and absolutely hated it. The trainer was female. The fact that is was lead by woman wasn't the reason I hated it but I didn't really connect with her style.

After the boot camp experinece I joined the gym and got a personal trainer. This was the first time I've ever worked with a male trainer. I heart my trainer and his group sessions are very boot camp in that it's go go go, push push push and focuses on exercises that use your whole body not static weights. I love the group sessions, it helps me push harder and inspires me do so too. What I adore about him is he pushes me to do things I didn't I think I could do. The entire group is women but he talks like we're his athletes and is very likely to high five or pound fist with you on an achievement.

I have to admit I think prefer a male trainer too. I get more oomph from working with a guy and I don't know what is. Gender alone isn't going to make you heart your trainer it's all about the connection you have. I look around the gym and see the other trainers I know that if mine were to leave I'd be switching to one of the boys. I see all the trainers with their clients and I like the styles of the guys better than the girls. I know this is crazty. I know there are absolutely amazing female trainers i.e. Jillian. You know when I compare Jillian's style to the guy trainers in my gym there are similarities.

I'm wondering do you have a preference?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back in the saddle

So after a full day of sitting down in a work training session I was actually looking forward to getting my patootie kicked.

As I walked into the gym I ran into one of my group members that I haven't seen in awhile. She said to me "nice to see you back". That took me back a little because even before my brief 3 week hiatus (2 weeks not my fault) I haven't seen her in at least 2 months. I swear she was looking me over evaluating my fitness level. Doesn't matter, I like her and she's funny. Her fitness level is similar to mine so I like that we challenge each other a little.

When I arrived at the gym my trainer was finishing his workout. My goodness I didn't recognize him. One he was covered in sweat, two he was wearing gym clothes and not his uniform. He's a skinny thing that I never noticed before.

We were in charge of our own warm ups and could do the classic situp, lunges bit but I asked if I could skip instead. This time I shortened the skipping rope a little and it went much better. I did 200 jumps (stopping in between to untangle myself - I'm not superwoman) and then did 40 sit ups.

The workout began with dumbell press ups, but this time we used the big boy dumbell - the one on the rack by itself. The bar alone weighed a lot.
We did:
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank
5 presses bar plus 10lbs
45 secs plank
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank
5 presses bar plus 10lbs
45 secs plank
10 presses bar only
45 secs plank.

400m on treadmill (he wanted running - I ran as much as I could but couldn't do it all running)
21 sumo deadlifts with a kettle bell (25lbs)
21 walking lunges holding a 20lb weight
21 dumbell swing - 20lbs
21 push ups
21 sit ups
400m on treadmill
15 sumo deadlifts same weight
15 walking lunges same weight
15 dumbell swings same weight
15 push ups
15 sit ups
400m on treadmill
9 sumo deadlifts same weight
9 walking lunges same weight
9 dumbell swings same weight
9 push ups
9 sit ups

My goodness I was wiped but at one point trainer said it looks like I was doing the homework (I haven't) but that means I rebounded in fitness level. I told him I had to miss next Thursday due to being in Fort Mac but I'm bound and determined to do the homework because I love the feeling of accomplishment. I'm really liking skipping - strange I know. I had a bit of lightbulb moment though. I can take my skipping rope with me to site. There's enough room in the rooms I usually have and that's a killer cardio workout.

So I've joined the twitter band wagon and you can find me on there under Cowgirl Warrior too. I find it really funny when I get notifications that people are following me. I have no clue how they find me based on a 140 character post. There so random, it's all very odd.

Alright I've had my hot bath to hopefully ease any muscle soreness but I'm heading to bed soon as I'm tired.

Until tomorrow - Hugs!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kind of makes you go huh

This morning as I was waiting for my bus I see this homeless guy riding along on his bike holding two big black garbage bags. Today was garbage/recycling day in my hood and for a moment I thought he might be taking people's garbage. Then I saw him turn down an alley way and open the first blue recycling box (we all have them). He then pulls out any plastic milk jug and puts it into his garbage bag. He just went along checking every bin.

Ahhh, plastic milk jugs now have a deposit fee as of June 1st. Instead of bottles and cans this guy is going after milk jugs. Good thinking on his part as many people haven't realized they're paying an extra fee on their milk. I still felt it was a little like stealing as these people were recycling not throwing them out in the garbage. I just hope he's using the money for something that helps him.

Caught a bit of Wipeout tonight and oh my goodness that show makes me laugh. I keep seeing ads for the new "Superstars" show, based on the old "Battle of the Network Stars". I remember that show as a kid and it was kind of fun to watch actors I knew compete in challenges. Thus far I've yet to recognize one person on this new show.

I'm now watching "I survived a Japanese game show". I watched it last year and it was strangely fascinating. Majide!

I'm a bit of a pop culture junky so I can recognize relatively random people.

Tomorrow is a full day of work training followed by trainer. Caffeine will be a high priority.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Thursday night workout brought to you trainer.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I do enjoy working at site but I also enjoy coming home.
Last night they had air conditioning at full blast (centralized) and it was freezing. I tried to block all the vents but no difference. I wound up sleeping in my hoody and added socks to my normal pjs. Of course everytime it turned on I woke up. Alas I will sleep well tonight.

My attempt to go the gym was foiled by no available equipment. They need a bigger gym.

Apart from that is was fantastic. On the plane home I came toe to toe with a mosquito. Now this was surely a buffet for him but I was not partaking and made multiple attempts at squashing his life. He gave up on me and went a row up. I had to wonder if it would be conscious of leaving the middle of nowhere and arriving in a huge metropolis. If he survived of course.

I will hit a treadmill tomorrow after work. Thursday I have a full day of work training and then meeting up with trainer. Friday will be another cardio day.

Next week is a schmozzle. Originally I'd be at site Mon and Tue, I have to be in Fort Mac on Thur. Then I'd thought I also had to be in Fort Mac on Wed. Now I might need to be in Fort Mac on Tues. That would be Tue and Thurs. My original plan was to stay in Northern Alberta Mon-Thurs. Now I'm not sure what to do but plans need to be made that's for sure.

Alright my friends I'm off to bed soon. Talk to you later.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where does the time go?

My day thus far:
Woke up and sorted laundry so got that going
Printed stuff for my friend who's printer is being stupid. Ran into issues when one document wouldn't print but fixed that.
Then headed outside and mowed jungle lawn, I was sweating by the end I tell ya. This was followed by more yard work.
Came inside had lunch and then started tidying up

It's now 3pm and the gym is closed. Oh well I think I got a real life workout in and there still may be yoga. I have to be up at 3:30am tomorrow so I am planning an early night.

Tracked everything thus far on Daily Plate. What I love about this program is that you can see everything like the percentage of carbs, protein and fat you've had in a day. You can also add new foods by plunking in the nutritional information.

I was thinking about rejoining a ww meeting but I think I'll give a very conscious effort to tracking on this and see how it goes. It's free which is the major motivator. It's not like WW will be far from my mind.

I'm packing gym clothes for site as I must get in a workout to keep the momentum going, then it will be a cardio workout on Wednesday and trainer on Thursday. I'm also bringing a little notebook to write down everything I eat. So far a challenge has been tracking while at site and that's two whole days of my week.

The following Thursday I can't make it to training as I'll be in Fort Mac. Thankfully I have a whole bunch of homework workouts that trainer has supplied so I just need to pick one.

Alright my friends that's it for me today.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's my own fault

So my uber soreness is slightly better today. I do find it funny that when you're sleeping you can toss around without feeling any twinges but when you get up - oy vey.

This is all my fault, I was at a point that it no longer ached after workouts, I was still challenged but not ridiculously sore.

Had a rude awakening today as I tried to put on a pair of capris from last summer that wouldn't do up this morning. Fun time over my friends I need to get serious.

I'm a bit disgusted with myself really. I often say no worries just get back on the wagon or I know this is a journey. Well right now I feel like I'm in a hamster wheel and I need to break out.

On to other things...

I find to be reasonably priced with most things. I discovered today that I can get organic milk from Safeway for a buck cheaper, but has far more variety and is really reasonable on prices of most things. There is no difference then any other grocery store that they may not always have the best deal. The convenience is awesome as is the selection. If you're intrigued just check out their site and see the product list.

Saw 17 Again for $3 today. It was cute, I miss Matthew Perry. He has not aged particularly well but I always liked his sense of humour.

More importantly spent time with good friends.

Tomorrow is ambitious. I must mow my jungle lawn and go to the gym and walk the neighbours dog probably.

Later - Hugs!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Oh boy am I sore today. It's gotten worse as the day has progressed. It doesn't help that I've been hunched over a lap top in an entirely non - ergonomic way trying to finish my stupid paper.

Paper is now finally submitted and just one to go and this course is finito.

Got my order 2 hours earlier than usual today. The new flavours of Liberte yogurt are dangerously good. I got the plum/walnut and blackcherry - yummy but dangerous. I got the straight up almond milk this time so no vanilla. I found the vanilla one a little too sweet. I've yet to find the unsweetened version but I will be near a normal grocery store tomorrow so I'll check it out.

Thanks to Andrea - I had no clue Ezekiel bread was in the frozen section. I'll have to check there.

I've already requested the organic milk for next week. I have to admit the thing that sucks is you can't see nutritional labels on the website.

So I'm kind of brain dead now. Going to see 17 again with good friends tomorrow. I'll get a good walk in before hand to loosen up the muscles.

I'm thinking doing another weight workout on Sunday will be good idea so I'm working that into my weekend plan as well.

Alright that's all I got...later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You'd make millions

As I was chatting with a co-worker today, telling her that I had a training session tonight. She commented on how dedicated I was. I looked at her said "not really".

It's funny when I'm on I am totally focused. When I'm off I'm so off that it takes awhile to get it together. So I said to her if only I could figure out what makes me fall off the wagon. She said "OMG you'd make millions".

So I walked into the gym in a rush as I left work a little late and when I arrived training had started. I could definitely feel the lack of training for 3 weeks but I'm happy with how much I retained.

We started with skipping rope for 2min
1min rest
2 min skipping rope (it's amazing how easy this is as a kid and not so much as an adult)

Then it was the usual 3 sets - 21 reps, 15 reps and 9 reps
Funky sit ups (soles together, towel under small of back)
Push ups (I was surprised how fast I did these)
Squats (prison style so you had your hands behind your head)

Knee Elbows
Walking lunges - 15lbs in each hand
Dumbell Press Up on the reclined bench

Dumbell Thrusters (15lbs in each hand)
Dumbell Swings (17.5lbs)
Ball drop (14.5lb medicine ball - smack into the ground as hard as you can)

Plank 45 sec, 21 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec
Plank 45 sec, 15 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec
Plank 45 sec, 15 reps Dumbell Press 20lbs, Wall Sit 45 sec

Then: Tabada Sit Ups
20 sec - as many sit ups as you can
10 sec rest
Repeat 8 times

OMG complete abdominal failure after round 4, I could hardly pull myself off the ground.
It did feel like a bit of 0-60 but I did it.

There were 3 of us girls and one guy tonight. I must say we kicked the guys patootie.

As I was doing it I kept thinking these exercises are relatively straight forward and easy to duplicate. I know I'll wake up uber sore tomorrow but I am motivated to keep going.

It was really good to see Trainer again. I have 20 sessions left so that an average of 20 weeks. That's like 5 months. All I have to do is create a few more sessions on my own.

Alright my friends that's all I got for tonight.
I heard a rumor that IGA sells Ezekiel bread so I might head over there tomorrow. I will be walking the neighbours dog again but a gym visit must be squeezed in.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whoa was I knackered

I got home at 6:45pm yesterday and was in bed by 7pm. I slept straight until 3am and then kind of napped until my alarm went off.

OMG I was tired. While my 20min in Saskatoon was very pretty, gorgeous river you people have got I must say. The longer flight home didn't help.

Site was relatively uneventful thought for two days in a row the lunches were weird i.e. liver and onions. I checked out the salad bar. There was iceberg lettuce mixed with red cabbage, tomoatoes cut into quarters and huge pieces of cucumber. The rest were questionnable salads. I say questionnable because the were either shiny (oil) or creamy (bad). Another note to self was maybe bring some cup o' soup.

I was talking to someone and I guess they have the same saying as "Freshman 15" and that when people first get to site they can get a little crazy with food.

I'm kind of dreading Trainer tomorrow as it's be 3 weeks since I've seen him. Yes...3 weeks I too am amazed at how time flies. I feel like my physical fitness is back to zero, though that's probably not the case. I totally expect to get my patootie kicked. I'm also hoping to be inspired.

On the way home today I decided to try organic dairy even though I kringe at paying $6 for 2L of milk. Alas it's too late to order for Friday but I'll try it one day. I did order some Liberte yogurt flavours that I've never seen before i.e. black cherry and plum walnut.

I will share the gory training details with you tomorrow.


Sunday, June 07, 2009


The weather looked a little more stable today so I checked with the neighbour to see if 10am worked for walking their dog.

When I went to get her she was in their backyard and she was so happy to see me she jumped on the gate and it popped open. The husband was in the yard and said to the dog "Are you going to runaway one day?" and then he looked at me and said "Probably to your house". So far that's twice she's opened the gate just to come running to me. I call myself her Godmother.

We did a good 5K but she had to sniff a lot of bushes as I'm thinking the rain had brought out some new smells.

I've tracked everything diligently on My Daily Plate today and I'm already thinking ahead to tomorrow. Stepped on the scale this morning and it wasn't pretty but that had a lot to do with dinner out yesterday.

There are a lot of unknowns for the next two days food wise as I'm off to site. Right now I'm just focusing on breakfast tomorrow as the options are usually the same.

Lunch and supper are always a surprise. So it's one meal at a time.

So I'll be back on Wednesday maybe Tuesday if I'm not totally bagged.


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Snow, rain, hail

So far I've seen all three today. Woke up to a bit of snow on the lawn, not a lot and there's none there now.

Rain turned into mini hail and then back into rain.

I did head out earlier and went to the post office to pick up my Puma shoes. I thought I'd swing by Walmart afterwards but as I turned the corner all the shoppers were outside and I could here fire alarms. Didn't see any smoke or fire but a fire truck was parked outside the mall entrance. They obviously evacuated everyone in Walmart and the mall. Safeway was unaffected as they have a fire door that seperates them from the rest of the mall but I just went home.

I'm heading downtown in a couple of hours to meet up with a friend and go for dinner. She just found out she's being layed off June 30th. She wants me to check out all the paperwork to explain what she gets. Yesterday I saw a posting for a job that'd be great for her so last night over the phone I walked her through online applications.

My workout today was walking to the post office and back which is around 45min. I'm not sure if I'll head to the gym tomorrow or focus on yoga. I haven't done a practice in ages and I can feel it.

While I'm enjoying the organic food delivery service I do realize that just because it's organic doesn't mean it's good for you. So I'm going to keep it to fruit and veggies only - a bag of kettle chips did get into the order coming this Friday as I needed a couple of bucks to make it to free delivery.

My thoughts are with all my friends taking part in the Underwear Affair tonight. Have fun everyone and wear layers.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Dark and dreary

The weather predictions were correct in regards to rain. It started just as my bus pulled up to it's stop on the way to work and hasn't stopped. No snow....yet.

But that's alright my lawn needs it.

Got home to a note on my door from the gas reading guy saying he broke one of my fence boards as he was trying to scope the meter. The good part it's from the section that holds garbage not the main fence but I was a wee bit irritated.

Lugged home two backpacks and a tote bag today as I had to bring my computer bag and gym bag home.

Getting a new order from that will contain hummous and tzatzkiki (sp?). I can't wait. Plus some cauliflower, potatoes and a couple of other things. This weekend I plan to finish Jillian's book to find out the secret of my metabolism.

Will hit the gym this weekend and I'm planning on Saturday and Sunday.

Did an interview today where the hiring manager was describing her team and how they encourage people to be healthy and that they come up with goals to work on. They are a mighty fit group and she looks like a model. I did feel a little snuffleupagus sitting next to her. I realize that's all in my head but you can't help but to compare.

Of course this afternoon a few of us popped over the chinese bakery in search of coconut custard buns. Yeah...can't be doing that very often.
I've been debating on how to bring a yoga mat to site and then I realized that I could use my full size yogatoes...duh.
Alright that's all I got for now.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Oy vey it's been a long week and it's not over until tomorrow.
On Sunday night I had a tough time sleeping which resulted in being very tired when my alarm went off at 3:30am.
Slept a little on the plane, got to site and went for breakfast. Did find that I was not ravenously hungry by lunch time because I had a proper breakfast as opposed to cake (lemon poppy seed bread) on the plane.

Started to feel super tired by 2pm. Went to bed at 8:30pm and woke up on Tuesday at 5:30am.
Still felt really tired by 3pm. Got home by 7pm and I was in bed half an hour later.

Wednesday was my birthday (thanks Glitterati for the birthday wishes). It was very low key. No cake at work instead they got me a cupcake Pandora charm, which I thought was super sweet because I'll have that forever.

I've had two days of back to back interview, one more to go tomorrow.

Skipped training session tonight because I was exhausted by 4pm just due to being busy. Got trainer to email me the workout which I'll post tomorrow and will do this weekend.

Bought myself a cupcake on the way home because I still deserve birthday cake.

Fell off the tracking wagon...again. I need to get back on that because the new goal is goal by Christmas damn it.

I left my gym bag at work as I will visit the corporate gym tomorrow after work.

Oh yes, the forecast for this weekend is.......snow. Yup June and snow. Oy vey.