Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 10 - Nice surprise...not

Hello my friends,

I am typing on my new laptop and can I say it's so much more comfortable then a netbook. The netbook is now the travel/ on the road computer.  The only thing that`s a bit different is the HP keyboard vs my Dell keyboard.

I did not have great sleep last night and tossed/ turned once again. Monday is a ridiculously long day for me and probably my toughest food wise. Getting up at 3:30am and then being up for a multitude of hours is rough.  I usually have a hard time in the afternoon.

Work wise went great today as it was the first day I've been on my own in this job. I caught the 5:45pm bus to camp as I was at the point of staring at the same computer screen for 5min and not retaining anything. I went to my room, called my Dad and then hit the gym.

Tonight it was spin bike - 12 miles in 30min. I was wearing my polar heart rate monitor and 204 calories burned in 30min. I wasn't aiming to go to hard. I wanted challenging but be able to walk when got off. I then headed to supper and had a salad and jello (which had fruit in it today). When I eat a salad I eat around the lettuce. I ate the tomatos, the cucumbers, the beets, the green onion, the smidgen of bacon bits and smidgen of grated cheddar cheese. I probably had half the lettuce.  All in all a good food day. I did dip into weekly points but that`s o.k. I haven`t eaten any activity points in this week`s experiment.

Got back to my camp room and hopped into the shower and then I lifted the lid of the toilet seat. was backed up and gross. By the looks of it this didn't happen recently as it was a wee stinky. Keep in my mind my bed is probably 4 feet from the door. So I put my sweats on and walked back to guest services who then sent me to security to request after hours maintenance. Luckily it was maybe 20min later and there was a knock on the door. A lovely woman with a plunger had arrived. She fixed it pretty quick. I then grabbed my Rocky Mountain room spray and sprayed a good amount in there. Sniffles owes me and happily she`s gone tomorrow and I`ll have the bathroom to myself for two weeks.

Tomorrow my goal is run day 4. I`m psyching myself up in case I need to go into the boys gym. Well it`s co-ed but overrun with boys. They have a few treadmills and the women`s gym has one. So we`ll see what happens. Nothing is getting in my way as the scale and I are getting along so far.

Hope you had a fabulous day!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 9 - I am strong

Did not have a great sleep last night and I tossed and turned for a long time. On the plus side perhaps that will mean I'll have good sleep tonight as it's usually Sunday nights are tough for me because I fly so early the next day and live in perpetual fear of missing the plane. At 1am I considered getting up and taking melatonin but then couldn't be bothered to get out of bed.

I got up around 7am and did my laundry and had a bowl of oatmeal with 1 tbsp of brown sugar and hand full of blueberries. I finished off the laundry and then had an activia yogurt as my morning snack. I then headed to the gym and did a few errands. I've been meaning to return something at Walmart for weeks and typically I walk right past it when I head out but today I was going to return it plus I had to mail a letter.

I strapped on the Garmin and walked to Walmart, paused it when I was in the store, headed back out toward the mailbox and turned it back on. I then went to the gym, paused the garmin  and switched the foot pod from my outside runners to my indoor runners. I then hit the treadmill for day 3 of 2 min running and 3 min walking. Oy vey it was tough today. I did 9 sets and got off the treadmill at the 50min mark and then walked home. In total 99 min of activity today.

I kept chanting "I am Strong" or "168 (the elusive weigh in that I've hit once for 5 minutes" or simply "You can do this". I suppose I was tempting fate a bit by doing two days in a row as usually the C25K plans have a day off in between in the first week - I think.

Got home and made 2oz of Smart Spaghetti with 1/2 a cup tomato sauce. I also made an RSP contribution just under the deadline. I knew it was soon but I wasn't expecting that soon. My afternoon snack was Liberte Moka yogurt and I actually measured it out on the scale so I could track it accurately as opposed to eating it out of the container which I normally do.

Tomorrow if I get access to a treadmill at camp I'll just walk or get on the spin bike. Then on Tuesday I'll atttempt run #4 and try running for 2.5min with 2.5 walking. I'm not following any specific plan just trying to play with it. There was a girl next to me running at 6.3 for half an hour straight and at one point I looked at here and thought "I will be you". Though I will take a little look online for a c25k training schedule so I'm close.

Day 2 of being completely on plan and I for sure can obliterate that gain at Saturdays weigh in. My eye is on the prize.

I hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 8 - Seeing your potential

I had a 1.6lb gain at WW this morning. I'm not happy with that at all by any sense of the imagination. I also realize it's all my fault so I'm dusting myself and moving on. In fact I had a little aha moment as I was sitting there waiting for the meeting to start but I'll get in to that in a bit. Wow there were a lot of people there today. Got me wondering if the second busiest season at WW is "Spring is coming which leads to summer and bathing suits".

A weird thing happened at the scale. I got grumpy pants weigh in person again and after she writes down my weight she tells me I need to go to the desk because there's a discrepancy with my weigh recording. I go to the desk and another lovely lady pulls out my sheet where all my weights are on it (I had no clue they had such a record) and there's something weird going on. As you already know I was a wimp last week and didn't want to face the scale so I would have no weight recording but on the sheet there was a weight written down - 195.6 to be exact. It looks like they were tracking someone else on my sheet. You have to wonder that it didn't strike someone as odd that I'd have a 20lb gain in a week.

So my aha moment was courtesy of Jillan on this week's Biggest Loser. It was the moment when she said to the black team - you have had a life changing moment, now you have a glimpse of your potential. You got out of your own way and did it.

So with that in my head I zipped into Walmart afte weigh in picked a couple of things and then I went to the gym. I wanted to try this running thing again.

I started with a 5min walk as a warm up at 3.5 and 0.5 incline on the treadmill then I started my 2min of running at 5.1 and then walk at 3.5 for 3min. Well I repeated for 50min then I started to think how I was going to do my cool down as I was aiming for 60min total. So I told myself I could run for 3min if it felt like I'd fall off the treadmill I could slow down. Well after 3min I didn't feel so bad so I tried another minute. OMG I ran for 4min straight at the 50min mark. That's huge for me. I typically bail on day 2 of any C25K program. I honesty expected to see pigs flying.

I could see the reflection of my calves down on this treadmill. I could also see the treadmills on either side of me. I watched my feet running and for a moment thought "gee whiz" that's me. Then I looked at the feet on either side of me who were also running 5.1. They might have been a little skinnier calves but it was sort of an empowering moment. I'm going back tomorrow and I'll just listen to my body.

While on the treadmill I tend to have super random thoughts like deciding to go to Staples to get my laptop and Co-op is across the street so I should grocery shop there as opposed to going to Safeway after the gym.

I walked home, changed, put the washer on "tub clean" and then had some lunch. After lunch I headed off to Staples. I did weigh myself at home again out of curiosity and it was a pound down from weigh in.

I knew what laptop I wanted so after waiting a bit for help and then saying no to everything the salesperson suggested in addition to the laptop I left with a HP laptop that has everything I want.

At Co-op I stuck to my list and accidentally went down the chip/pop aisle and the whole time I had a mantra in my head of "It's a shot in the head". I have no idea why that particular phrase popped in my head but it worked. I decided to cab it home and then I wrote points on all the NI info of my groceries. I then unpacked the new laptop and started adding it to my wireless network, loading security, installing itunes and pretty much getting it ready to take to site.

I'm completely on plan today and my goal for this week is keep it going. Last week I started off well and then fell apart in the last half of the week. That won't happen this week, you know why? It's because I can do it - Booyah!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 7 - insert witty title

Hello my friends,

This week felt long. I didn't get great sleep all week which probaby didn't help.

Thursday flew by as I was flying out early so I had to catch the bus at 1:45pm and then landed in Calgary with no flow control - yeah! I then realized it would be rush hour - boo!

Got home by 5pm with a wee bit of a headache and had to be out the door 75min later to head off to Winefest. It would have been nice to have a wee more rest time as I'm always tired after 4 days of crazy hours and the coming home always feels so nice.

By then the headache was still there but I didn't think it wise to take advil then drink wine. I'm not fond of red wine and I always find there is a red free for all at these things. I did find a couple of nice wines but I didn't really try all at that much. I drank water soon after. My party then decided to go to the casino next door but at that point 3 of us had enough. My headache was now in full swing and with Vegas in a few weeks why not lose money there instead of at home.

Today it took until almost 2pm for me to get out of my pjs. I first woke up at 6am and puttered around and then had a nap at 9am. I did change from pjs to workout clothes and did 30min of step aerobics. I chose to do an at home workout as I didn't feel like bundling up and going outside.

Tomorrow I will head to the gym as it's right across from weigh in so really no excuses and I plan to go on Sunday too. The weather will be nicer as well. I want to try this running thing again.

I've started writing in a paper journal again too. While I love blogging somethings are better kept to myself, especially random emotions that can result in stupid food decisions long before I can formulate a blog post. It's 18 days to Vegas I need to get myself in high gear to do as well as I can until then and to keep going to my goal date in 71 days.

I then did some pvr clean up and watched Heavy and I Used To Be Fat. Heavy was a totally different format this week with them spending the entire 6 months at a health resort. I was impressed with Randy's motivation especially that 180min on a treadmill. I also watched Shedding for the Wedding and I'm a little meh on this show. I'll check it out one more time to see. Notice a trend of weight loss shows..I'm trying to gear up my motivation as a new week starts tomorrow.

I will definitely be going to weigh in tomorrow. Carol's comment last week has resonated with me. I do need my meeting when it's been a rough week as it centers me. When I have a fantastic week perhaps I can help center someone else - crazier things happen :)

Alright my friends I'm looking forward to start of a new week. I hope you all had a great few days.

Until tomorrow...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 5? - attack of the hormones

Being a girl I know I should be aware of the hormone fueled snackapalooza will arrive, alas it sneaks in and I find myself having inexplicably consumed something I shouldn't have.

Will I ever learn?

Yesterday was ridiculously long day or at least it felt like it. So it was dinner and bed for me. I've been zonked today as well and am now doing my site laundry so I have clean clothes for next week.

The weird part was yesterday I was a bit sad that I couldn't run again (no chance at a treadmill and dead tired). Keep in mind I ran on Monday for the first time since the summer so not sure what's up with that. One never knows I might learn to love running and even do it without headphones. However on a treadmill that faces a wall I miss my headphones.

Sniffles (what I will know call my "roommate" or the person I share a bathroom with" has been sniffling away since Monday. Monday night she flushed the toilet at 11:30pm. I realize when you have to go - you have to go but my goodness it's load when it's less than 4 feet from your bed. I took a few photos of my camp room tonight and I might post so you get an idea of my cozy home.

To be honest though it's small it's my little oasis. I'm kind of fond of it. However I would trade it for my own bathroom in a heartbeat.

Tonight Sniffles has been skipping in her room. While part of me is inspired by that the other is going slightly crazy hearing it. I'm not sure why she just wouldn't go to the gymnasium. Of course did that inspire me to get my skipping rope out of my closet...nah. There she goes again. I hope she stops by 9pm.

I'm getting excited about laptop shopping this weekend. I just need a HDMI cable and I'm golden. I can then watch netflix and all my dvds on the bigger tv in my room.

My friend K is off to Florida in mere days and I'm so happy for her. I'm kind of looking forward to this opportunity to cover for her. Mostly to prove to myself I can do it.

Flying home a little early tomorrow as it's team building at winefest Thursday night. Then on Friday I must be a workout diva.

Hope your past few days were totally awesome, 15min till I load clothes into the dryer. Hopefully no more missing socks. Well I'm really hoping I find the other ones.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 3 - schedule out the window but I accomplished something

Alas my friends, my plans fell apart today. That's my meal plan by the way.

I did not have the lunch I planned due to unforeseen circumstances and found myself in a difficult situation. Instead of my preplanned lunch we wound up going to the cafeteria today. We had a co-worker who is based in Calgary with us today and she had no pre-packed breakfast or lunch.

Oh and I've been up since 2:30am, so add those two together and it spells bad things.

Food options were odd today at site so choices were few plus I was tired so my choices weren't so great. I haven't tabulated it yet on my e-tools but I will as soon as I finish this

However I did hit the treadmill tonight and challenged myself. I ran. I don't run or not very often. Last summer I tried but never really took to it. For the past few weeks I've been thinking of giving couch to 5k another go. I don't plan on enjoying running I just find it an efficient exercise.

So after dinner I changed and was about to head off to the gym when I realized I forgot my headphones. Noooooooooo!!!!! I'm now without them until I go home on Thursday. Note to self put a second set in my work bag.

I sucked it up and tonight I hit the treadmill and I walked for 5min then ran for 2min then walked for 3min (repeated 5 times) then walked an additional 3min. All together 30min but 10min of it was running.

A long time ago I picked up a runners magazine and that issue was focused on beginner runners. The advice given was run for a long as you can, recover by walking and then try again so I did.

Tomorrow the focus will be on eating and I'm not sure about what my workout will be.

Hope your Monday was awesome, we'll see how much I hurt tomorrow.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 2 - Bit of a lazy Sunday

Trying to be very zen today so I can be relaxed and calm to be in bed early because I don't have a holiday Monday tomorrow. I will be on the plane tomorrow morning as per usual.

As I'm on a fly in fly out schedule only the nine Federal (Canada) Statutory Holidays are observed so I get a day off instead that I can take at any time. Technically I could use one for Monday but I didn't see a reason. Though I do work 40hrs+ in my 4 days on it feels like a long weekend every weekend. It should be ridiculously quiet on Monday but that's not necessarily a bad thing as it's a good time to organize or brush up on things.

Today's workout was brought by laundry and going up and down stairs. Not really a workout but I'm not worried about it as today will be more of a rest day. Workouts will be happening Mon to Thurs at site. I grabbed a multi CD holder and filled it with workout dvds I can use in my camp room. They are all primarily pilates and yogs but as I'll do cardio in the gym it's a good addition.

For the second day in a row I had oatmeal with 1tbsp brown sugar for breakfast. I've also made myself a green smoothie two days in a row as a snack. There are a bizillion ways to put these together but I keep it simple.

1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk - 1pt
2 handfuls of spinach
1 banana
1c of frozen unsweetened strawberries
2tsp agave nectar - 1pt

I do really enjoy these as it's like a smoothie/milkshake for 2pts. Plus 4 fruit/veggies servings.

Lunch was two boiled eggs and toast. Dinner will be borscht.

I still have 4pts of my 29 to do something with. Yesterday I used 26/29, I wasn't hungry and didn't want to go into snack land just to use 3 points.

Due to the mega stress of last week I didn't really use the past 3 days as productively as I could have but that's alright.

This week I'm taking snap peas, grape tomatos and maple leaf natural selections black forest ham. I'm taking the ham as another option for lunch sandwiches. I can get a ham sandwich in the site kitchen but I have no ideas what type of ham. What I like about natural selections is I know what's in there and it's 4 slices for 1pt.

I also picked up a pack of Source yogurt the other day. It's one of the dessert flavoured options. I was drawn to it because of a Mocha and Dulce de Leche flavour. They're 1pt each and use Splenda. I'm not a huge fan of any sugar substitute but what the heck. The only thing is there kind of sweet so I'm not in love but it's a better option than my all time favourite full fat Liberte Moka. Not sure if I'll buy this type of Source yogurt again. I do prefer just the normal fruit flavours or go to Activia (regular version). I'm thinking of taking some of those to site with me as a snack option.

Alright that's all I got. Hope you had a great Sunday.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 1 - Keep it simple

I'm starting my mission to get my head straight at Day 1. I'm might call this a re-start but what Questions for Dessert posted today was an awesome reminder. This is not starting over at 204lbs, this is not feeling winded going up one flight of stairs or the size 16 pants I used to have to buy. In fact my size 12s are a little loose.

I am putting the past in the past and leaving it there.

This mission is to get refocused and focus on the basics going forward. I need all of my mojo back. I like to think I tried to do this since the new plan started but I never really let go of the old program or I completely blocked out any program.

I could eat my daily points and flex points on the old plan and consistently lose. I don't know how my body reacts to the new plan. It really comes down to finding what works for you.

This week I'm just going to stick to my 29pts per day and not plan on using any weekly points. I might not use any activity points either as I figure things out. I'm going to listen to my body - crazy I know. 

Another big thing is don't compare myself to anyone else. Everyone is different.

So apart from thinking today is Sunday I have had a good day so far. All is tracked and I'm measuring (not guessing). I had to go the post office today and decided to walk so all in there and back it was 45min. My yoga mat is rolled out for a little later.

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 50- 25 sleeps to Vegas and mission head straight

Hello my friends,

I kept waking up every few hours last night so did not have a restful sleep. At 6am I woke up with the beginning of a headache so I got up popped an advil and went back to bed. At that point I turned my alarm off and let my body decide when it wanted to wake up. I then fell into a more restful sleep and when I woke up the sun was up and there was no way I was going to make it to the step class. I've had a few sneezes lately and I want to focus on rest as my co-worker heads to Florida at the end of the week and I'll be flying solo at work I want to be 100%

Got a call from Capitol One telling me my card was flagged for fraud. Apparently it has been duplicated and then used at a Victoria Secret in the US for over $500...great. The fantastic thing is they flagged it and I'm not responsible for the charges but it makes me mad that these people will just strike again with someone else.

I focused on implementing plan B exercise wise and I dug out my step and did 40min and then a few hours later I did 40min of yoga - that felt incredibly good as I felt strong even though it's been awhile since I had a practice. I so need to change that.

I knew I was going out tonight and that already had me thinking about if I should be going to weigh in tomorrow. This week as been an emotional roller coaster for me and while the beginning of the week started well the last half was hell. The purpose of the evening was for us to get together and vent/ de-stress about the drama of the past week.

We went to a pub pretty close to my house and I opted to just enjoy myself as opposed to stress about weigh in tomorrow when the deep fried pickles hit the table. I will see a gain tomorrow and I'm going to skip the meeting. I know many of you will be thinking that's it's o.k to go anyway as it's just a blip. I don't want the number written in my tracker based on the meal before weigh in. I have acknowledged my behaviour over the last part of this week and realize I have work to do on the emotional eating issue. I want to move forward in a positive way and for me that means skipping the weigh in tomorrow. I want a restart tomorrow.

I need to embrace this new plan and re-align my focus 100%. The looming trip to Vegas will help, especially as time is running out. The bigger motivator is my next physical appointment in 84 days. I can hit goal by then I just need my head straight. I've made feeble attempts at this the last few weeks but that needs to change.

So tomorrow it's mission head straight. I need to plan not just the food but the exercise as well. While site makes that a little difficult it's manageable food wise and exercise wise I just need to have a few options depending on how busy the gym is. The other part of the mission is focusing on why I want to do this and why it's important to me, when it comes down to it this is the really important part. I need to anchor myself.

I want to go into next week's weigh in knowing I gave it all I got and start this journey rolling in the right direction. This means better accountability to myself.

I hope you all had a great Friday.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 49- All is good and the wigged out person is gone

Today was a far better day. I was assured and re-assured that I wasn't evil and all would be fine.

It helps I guess that I believe in taking accountability for my own actions. Good job to my parents.

Food wise was good today to and thankfully my plane landed on time.

While we were waiting to board a few people around me started to bemoan the chances of air flow control and I shushed them and told them to think postively. I guess it worked.

It did feel like an incredibly long 4 days this week so I have poured myself a cold Bud light lime with my dinner this evening. I am drained my friends.

One weird thing this week is I managed to lose two different socks. I did laundry at site on Monday and I'm pretty good about checking the washer and dryer as their communal so you don't want to leave anything behind but for some reason I wound up with a single white sock and a single black sock. For the past few days I've been checking the laundry room to see if they turned up and now I'm wondering where they could be. I was going to take them home but have not given up on the mystery and they might yet turn up.

Tomorrow I am definitely heading to the gym and there's two 30 min classes that I plan to check out and maybe even do the yoga class right after. I will be setting my alarm so I don't sleep until 10am. I have to keep a careful eye on the points as I'm meeting my friends tomorrow night at a pub. I think I'll eat dinner at home and then just have drink with them as weigh in looms on Saturday.

Hope your Thursday was fantastic.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 48 - Grade A moron

That would be me.

Two days in a row an error I made has caused the wrath to be taken out on other people and that makes me feel like a grade A moron and a general danger to society.

Errors will happen but I prefer the wrath be directed at me as I deserve it. People have been beyond gracious but I still feel like an idiot.

What makes matter worse is I can't go home, I can't hide or comfort myself in my house with perhaps a glass of wine or beer, or even leave early or go for a walk. Oh no I don't fly home till tomorrow and I'm stuck in camp. The problem with this is you are at work the whole time. You're having breakfast, lunch, dinner and after work activities with your co-workers. Normally this isn't so bad but not when you feel like public enemy number one.

My friend/coworker has had a bad few days herself so we hid together for a few hours doing actual work. Then for the rest of the day I pretended to be in conference call. I got to camp, ate dinner and went straight to my room. I'm in avoidance mode and need to lick my wounds.

Called my Dad who asked if I was crying, I wasn't and then he changed the subject. I actually appreciated that.

As I don't have access to alcohol food will do after all I'm an emotional eater so I went in that direction instead - knowing full well this was not the answer and now I feel like even more crap. So I took a shower, filled my water bottle and put my pjs on.

I'm now trying to just suck it up princess, learn from it and move on.

Add to my crappy mood the return of my "roommate" who I share a bathroom with. She sniffles a lot (this has been going on for 4 months now) and goes to the bathroom a lot. Our rooms are seperated by a bathroom. Last night I tried to wait her out as she unpacked and rummaged around. She was quiet about 2/3 into Biggest Loser. Then I went to sleep as it's easier for me to sleep when she's settled then be woken up by a flushing toilet. I still have no idea who got voted off and will track that down as soon as I finish typing this.

On the good side got a raise and a really nice bonus today that will allow me to get a second laptop to take to site as the netbook is o.k but when I need a personal computer for 4 days of my week it's not quite up to snuff.

Of course the glowing comments came after the first mistake and right before the second mistake. My boss actually thought it was funny when I said I was a danger to society after the second mistake and offered to have a beer on my behalf at the hockey game. Gee thanks. I guess the good thing when I make a mistake is I immediately confess to pretty much anyone who'll listen.

Alas tomorrow is a new day and in 24 hours I will be home.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46-huh?

Hello my friends

The weekend flew buy but nothing really happened. It got sucked up by errands and housework pretty much. I have this habit of pretty much goofing off from Friday to Saturday and then have a bizillion things to accomplish on Sunday.

Got 4 hours of sleep Sunday night so that was a bit rough getting up at 3:30am.

I fell victim to the Valentine's Day snacks provided at work. So I decided to only eat when I was hungry for the rest of the day.

When I got back to camp I did some spinning for 30min and really pushed myself. I wound up not going for dinner and just snacked on some almonds as I didn't want to eat close to bed time. I was never hungry. I did use weekly points today thanks to my attack of the baked goods.

This morning I scheduled my food in my outlook calendar to help me stay on a consistent schedule. I have a whack of fruit to act as snacks and wad quite happy to see plums and peaches this morning.

Have a groovy day....hugs

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43 - Hunker down and face facts

I went to weigh in today and packed a banana as I got a free drink coupon in the mail for Starbucks. I've hit the 15 star mark so that's my reward. The meeting is as packed as ever which I really enjoy there's a lot of participation.

I was down .4 and my leader asked me how my week was. I looked at him and said I'm having a hard time with the new program but it's more about letting go from the old program. I know the new program works and let's face it I was having a hard time with the old plan before Christmas. The plan isn't at fault it was me being my own worst enemy.

A woman who I see at that meeting all the time commented to me that I looked good, which was nice. She told me she finally followed the new plan to the letter and lost 3.4.

I've been thinking about this since I watched the Jennifer Hudson - Oprah show. When she said for the first few weeks she sort of followed the plan but did more her own thing she didn't see results and then she told her leader she'd follow the plan for one week and see. Well you can see whenever that WW commercial pops up that she did quite well.

Our leader actually asked us if we saw that Oprah and the comments were interesting. A couple of people brought up how she wouldn't mention her weight loss at that start of the show. Their perception was that her WW leader didn't want her to tell. I can see why they didn't want to focus on that. At WW it is about the number on the scale but never about how long it takes you or that this is your primary reason. All those success stories come with "results not typical" I can see why they want to focus on the feeling good and not just the number.

My leader even mentioned example of what he's seen on the scale of people who aren't giving the plan a chance and when they finally do it's an aha moment.

So this week I'm going to focus on the program. I've been giving it about 60-80%. The most important part is tracking I do that fairly well but there are often moments I forget about something or guesstimate. The guessing is probably causing issues as I don't know the new points well enough to do that. The only person I'm fooling by not being diligent about tracking is myself. My water is pretty good and the workouts are fairly consistent. I want to keep it simple just like when you first start WW and focus on the tracking.

I figured out a strategy for site. I can't control how much they put on my plate as you can ask for a little and they put a whack of whatever on your plate anyway but I can control how much of I eat. I use the WW app on my iphone so now before I dig in to what I've picked out for supper I'm going to track it so I know the points before I eat it and I'll leave what doesn't work on the plate. Now I typically calculate when I'm back in my room after the meal has been eaten. It's definitely dinner that messes me up. I always stick to the hot cereals for breakfast i.e. oatmeal, cream of wheat or red river. At lunch I build a salad or take a sandwich and modify it i.e. remove some of the meat, the cheese add point friendly condiment like mustard and extra veggies. Lately I've been digging peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch. I typically head into supper with a good chunk of points but guessing wrong or adding to much of a little something can blow through those pretty quickly.

In a nutshell it's really about writing it down before I eat it which is a relatively simple concept.

I picked up snap peas, baby carrots and grape tomatoes when I went grocery shopping on Thursday so whatever is left after tomorrow is coming to work.

Today's workout was walking as I walked to the meeting and back and then headed out again later. It was +7c I had to get out there. In total it was 78 minutes of walking. 

Today is tracked on to tomorrow.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42 - whoa they actually plowed

Hello my friends,

I hope your Friday was fabulous. This will sound strange but I'm still getting used to being off on Fridays. There's no doubt that far more than 40 hours are happening from Mon to Thurs as the average day is closer to 12 hours so Friday to Sunday off is great. I'm still figuring out what to do with this extra day.

Today I slept in till 8:30, I first looked at the alarm at 6:30 and then shazaam it was 2hrs later. Breakfast was an Ezezkiel raisin english muffin with some Crofter's Superfruit Jam (the North American version) and a glass of milk. Had a cup of coffee and a kiwi before I headed out for the gym.

The Iron Rep class was 45min today. There are two classes today. The one on Thurs and Sat are an hour. It turns out you don't do lunges and shoulders in the 45min workout. It was good workout I accidentally started with way more weight than I intended so it was challenging. I then did 35min on the treadmill plus it was another 30min of walking as I walked to the gym and back. I think go forward I might stick to the Saturday class to get a full body workout. I'm contemplating yoga but may do that tomorrow.

I really need to focus on re-establishing a practice so that will be part of this week's coming goals.

I made fried eggs for the first time in my life today. I eat them boiled, poached and scambled but I was never all that into fried as I used to see my Dad eat them. Today I wanted fast as I got home at 2pm and I was hungry. So for lunch I made the eggs in a wee bit of garlic butter (less than a teaspoon in a non stick pan) with toast and asperagus on the side.

I then got to clearing off the pvr a little. I wanted to eat dinner no later than 6pm as I'm now on food cut off for weigh in tomorrow. I wound up having a bowl of multigrain Cheerios with strawberries. I was debating on making a spinach salad but I wasn't in to all the prep.

I was getting ready to go to the gym I heard this strange noise and looked out the window to see a grader going past my house moving snow out of the way. I don't remember ever seeing this on my street ever...


Totally looking forward to tomorrow's meeting as it's been weeks since I've sat through one. Watched yesterday's Oprah with Jennifer Hudson today too.

Alright my friends have a nice evening.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41 - who knew lawyers could be funny

The nice thing about taking the morning plane is no flow control. Landed in Calgary at 9am had a bit of a confusion with my go to cab guy but we were quickly on our way.

Dropped off K and then I went to Walmart to buy a printer as I need one and forgot to print off my seminar registration at work. I checked buses and the closest to my house was in 30min, the next closest was 20min so I thought the heck with it I'm going to walk home lugging the printer.

That was a bit of a workout my friends as it's a rather awkward thing to carry.

Then it was off to the seminar which was far more interesting than I anticipated and some pretty funny moments too.

Afterwards K and I wandered around the zoo a bit (the seminar was held at the zoo) the majority of the animals were eating or sleeping.

We then headed to Co-op for some grocery shopping and I finally have ground turkey. Now how much do you want to bet my local Safeway finally has it after 4 weeks of nada.

The one thing the store didn't have was Oxygen magazine. K found recipes she wanted to try and while we both own the mag neither of us had it on us so we thought we could look it up in the store so she knew what she needed. Not one to be found in the entire store. We guessed.

After all that now I want to make the recipes so I might need to pick up a few extra things to make the chicken orange almond stir fry.

I didn't track today - no excuse just didn't think of it which is odd. I didn't get home till the same time I usually do when I fly home on Thursday nights so I'm zonked. I'm just catching up on BL and then it's to bed for me.

Tomorrow I'm going to Iron Reps and do some cardio on the treadmill. My fridge is now full of healthy yummy things for the next 3 days before I fly back.

Hope you had a fantastic day!


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 39 - 40 - Confused grumpy pants combined with twilight zone kind of day

Hello my friends,

Yesterday was a long long day so no blogging for me. By the time I got back to camp it was dinner and bed. I could only last half way through BL, so I'll watch it again when I get home as it's on the pvr.

Today was a twilight zone kind of day.

I went to two meetings where it turned out I was the bad guy. In one I was somehow in control of things that I don't control. In fact are controlled by a completely different group. I was then told I handled it better then the guy I replaced, who apparenlty they grilled a lot more as he brought it on himself.  I told them I'm tougher than the guy I replaced. A kudo moment was when the person next to me said I laugh it off and have a positive attitude. I told him I just act like a duck. The outside cool, calm and collected and under the water crazy peddaling.

Then in the next meeting. I got grilled by 10 guys once again about something I can't control I was just the messenger. They acted like I had just told them I ran over their dog. The weird part is I later found out that at least one person  knew about the information that made them go all crazy pants in the meeting. You could have fooled me.  Alas I can defend myself and when they teased me I teased back. Don't mess with me boys :)

Then I got out of the meeting and had a conversation that had me feeling like I've somehow been letting people down and even worse that this was communicated to my boss. Which is not at all how it was intended, nor what actually happened that I am certain of but the vibe was weird. Then that made me confused grumpy pants. My mind went to I can't do anything right. I realize I'm still new in this role and by no means know everything but it felt like I was trying to do something right for the meantime, then felt bad about it and then felt I was useless at fixing it. I know this makes no sense and it was completely ridiculous when sane brain returned. Totally twilight zone...

So I came back to camp, ate dinner and then rode the spin bike for 30min. Nothing quite like a good workout and a hot shower to knock the confused grumpy pants cobwebs out of your head.

In other news I am freakishly attached to the Smurf game on my iphone. It's annoying and addictive all at the same time.

I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow and then ,after the meeting I must go, to a weekend of some zen time.

Hope you guys are having a good week.


Monday, February 07, 2011

Day 38 - well that lasted 8hrs

Remember that vow of mine of no cookies or desserts for the week. Well today instead of having my lean cuisine frozen lunch I went to the camp kitchen as I had a meeting on that end of site right before lunch time. There in front of me was my all time favourite cookie an incredibly scrumptious macaroon. I haven't seen these for weeks. So...I had one and you know what it's alright. It worked into my day and I put in an hour on the treadmill instead of the original 30min I had planned.

For the rest of the week there will be no cookies and desserts...even if the macaroons make a repeat visit. I stuck to it through dinner and even though my friend K stopped in the pack lunch kitchen to grab an after dinner cookie I resisted. In her defense she barely ate anything today as she was swamped. I also didn't go off my plan (well the rest of the plan) for the entire day. I drank all my water too. I declare today a success.

Now I just to need to repeat it tomorrow.

Yes, Cara Mia, I'm on twitter you can find me under Cowgirl Warrior. I'm not sure what possessed me to tweet but I do very much enjoy reading them while waiting for buses.

Now I'll watch the rest of Village on a Diet and then it's to bed as tomorrow is my longest day of the week.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 37 - Sleeping in messes me up

Woke up a wee more sore then yesterday and when I went to bed last night I could totally feel it in my upper shoulders, abs and neck. At one point I wanted to turn over and my head was not moving without help.

It was much better as the day wore on. I had to zip back to the grocery store because I forgot a few things and picked up an all natural peanut butter to take to site. Last week I made a banana and pb sandwich for lunch one day and really enjoyed it. The only pb we have at site is the shortening plus peanuts version. That trip also resulted in todays workout as I walked there and back.

Sleeping in always messes me up food wise. Later breakfast leads to later lunch and I need to be in bed early tonight so it messes with me. Instead of 3 meals and two snacks it's sort of a chain of snacking.

Tomorrow will be back on schedule and this week I'm heading out with the plan to schedule my meals and of course vow to the plan I said before - no cookies, no dessert for the week.

My site bag is packed and clothes for tomorrow are laid out. I'll be in bed in about 30min to hopefully get some quality shut eye before the early flight tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great Sunday and here's to a great week for all of us.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 35 and 36 - Winter adventures

Hello my friends,
I hope you had a great last few days. I am here to recap mine.

I'll start with Friday as I was off to weigh in. I headed out a wee early as I needed to hit the mall and I never time that right because I'm always done my errands and still have to wait for weigh in to open. My normal meeting is always open early but I never know with different ones. Alas I probably could have gone earlier as I had to stand in line to buy more coupons. I weighed myself at home first and it was 174.6ish. I was totally expecting something around 175 on the WW scale. I stepped on their scale and saw 173.8 and I said "Awesome" out loud. I couldn't stay for the meeting as we were heading out of town but the topic probably would have been worth it as I think it was about getting back on track. I noticed the leader for this meeting is someone who has subbed more meeting before so I'll keep that in mind.

We were off to Banff by 12:45ish. When we got there we rented the x-country ski equipment, checked in and went in search of the trail. We found a frozen snow covered river instead. This freaked me out. I don't describe myself as adventurous, I'm a planner. The knowledge that there was freezing cold free flowing water underneath the sheet of ice was the freaky part.

I did manage to fall over while standing still with the skiis on while we sorted out where we were going. I had to take them off to get up and climb down the bank to the river and then I had a heck of a time with the binding on my right ski. The left one was no problem and the right one practically had me declaring defeat as I fell again because one skii (attached to me) got away from me. Kudos to my friend K who attempted to keep me positive. Finally we were moving I started out more walking then skiing as falling on the frozen river had me picturing breaking through the ice but it was all good. I did start to get the hang of it. I was still going slow but I was trying to get the gist of the movement. It sort of reminded me of skating but you don't push sideways and the rhythm of the poles with the skiis took awhile. It also reminded me of an elliptical machine (which I despise)  I then tried to travel over deeper snow and tumbled again which meant taking the skiis off to get up. At this point K was a mile ahead and I decided to pack it up. She did a few more laps while I sat on a bench talking to the locals and meeting all the dogs. I would love to try it again though.

Dinner was fondue at The Grizzly House. So yummy and decadent I must say. We had the complete fondue dinner which covers 4 courses. We started with french onion soup, then had the cheese fondue with bread, then I had the chicken and beef cooked on a hot rock by oneself. We finished off with the chocolate fondue.

Not WW friendly by any sense of the imagination but so good. Though in hind sight we should have had the veggie broth option instead of the cheese fondue due to having french onion soup.

We headed back to the hotel as we were both wiped. Friday is sort of your recovery day after our work schedule.

I felt a wee sore this morning but probably more due to the falling then the skiing. We went for breakfast at Coyotes Southwest Grill. I had the stuffed french toast and it was kind of funny. There's a cream cheese/ berry option and a swiss cheese/canadian bacon option. I had a hard time choosing so I went with the berry. When it came I dug into it I found the swiss/bacon option which was fine with me as it was awesome. You have two pieces on your plate. When I dug into the second piece it was the berry version so really I got the perfect option. The berry one was sweet so I'm happy that I got to try both.

We then walked around and I bought the Savasana wrap (pictured above) from Lululemon in a size 8. Normally at Lulu I'm a 12 but the wrap is roomy. I purposely bought the 8 so as I lose more weight it will still fit. I tried on the 10 as well and I knew it would be too big in no time. I've been eyeing this wrap forever.

No lunch was had as breakfast was huge and dinner will be light

We were then on our way back to Calgary. K graciously offered to go grocery shopping with me so I could get a ride home.

Now I'm zonked so it's loungy pants and cleaning off the pvr.

Tomorrow will be super on plan and exercise will be the priority. I follow Bob Harper on twitter and every so often he posts a thing on youtube that shows you an exercise. I'm thinking about getting his most recent dvd series. There's about 38 sleeps to Vegas and I need to go into high gear. So let the challenge begin.


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day 33 and 34 - Going to try something new

Once again days fly by fast.

Yesterday was dedicated to doing laundry at site so my camp wardrobe is sorted. Of course tonight we flew home with only a 20min delay. It's looking like we'll never arrive home on time thanks to Calgary airspace being over capacity on Thursdays at least until the new landing strip is built.

Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, not that I'll see fantastic results as this week has been rough. I don't know what it is but my head was not completely in the game. Site can be difficult when there's temptation everywhere i.e. every night there's pudding/ jello/ dessert that you have to walk past to get to the food line and every morning there's a wall of baked goods when you pack your lunch. I can resist I know that but this week it was super difficult when you're not feeling especially strong. I am looking forward to getting back into routine.

I'm vowing next week that there will be no cookies and no dessert. Then on Saturday I can treat myself to something if I'm successful and it will be something I enjoy (moderate not crazy) and better then a commercially prepared cookie or pudding.

Tomorrow K and I are heading to Banff, it was a spur of the moment decision and a ridiculous deal on a hotel. We both had the desire to get out of town for a day. The plan is to go cross country skiing. I have never done this and while I'm excited about trying something new I'm a wee bit scared as well. I want to be uninjured, let's face it I'm pushing 40 not that my bones are brittle but as one ages you get a little more cautious. I'm also hoping not to make a complete fool of myself. Heck I'm going to give it my best shot. Of course this also means I weigh in tomorrow at noon as I won't be home for my normal weigh in. That's all right I just need to face the scale.

This season's biggest loser....I don't know how I feel about it. I'm not sure I understand this we are family business. While nice it's unrealistic, you'll have to pick each other off at some point. I'm also a little concerned about some of the player's adoration of Bob and Jillian. They are awesome but they are not the magic pill that will make these people successful. What I like about adding two different trainers is it shows that it's what you put in that matters not who's telling you to do what. If there's a  trainer you can relate to, respect and motivates you then that's awesome. I don't have a favourite yet again this season. I do have respect for the yellow team I like their no nonsense get 'er done attitude. I wish I had a little more of that as mine seems to come and go.

So no blogging tomorrow as I'll be away but I'll tell you all about my cross country skiing adventure on Saturday.

Talk to you soon....hugs!!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day 31 and 32 - In the blink of an eye

Hello my friends,

Thank you for your fabulous comments. I do my best to follow people who follow me so I'll get myself up to date this weekend.

So far Monday and Tuesday have blown by. They were long days but good days.

I tracked, I almost drank 2l of water - closer to 1.5L. I was on the spin bike for half an hour yesterday and I hit the treadmill for an hour tonight.

I played with the hills option tonight and I think I prefer random.

My good friend is nursing a broken heart and I so wish there was something I could do. I know from experience that the only thing I can do is be there for her.

Plan wise just taking it day by day. This weekend I'm going to a different grocery store as my regular one has been out of ground turkey for 3 weeks in a row.

Now watching BL.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday and Tuesday.