Monday, February 16, 2015

Take back control

At this week's WW meeting, well before the meeting started, a small group and I chatted about the latest commercial . I had talked about it last week but a few buddies were away so we talked about it again. A phone was being passed around so folks around us could see what we were talking about. I swear I get goose bumps everytime I watch it.

Take back control - that resonates with me. As control has been the last thing I had or have been in for awhile. 

Note my weigh ins since re-joining Weight Watchers meetings in October 2013, 3 months after my Dad died. I definitely think grief has had an impact as well as being laid off at the end of April from a company I seriously thought I'd retire at. While I did find a new job quickly I can see how life has impacted this chart. 

Up and down and up and down, it's my own fault. This week I started a new 3 month tracker and made a vow. I added a trendline to show me that if I keep going the way I'm going this isn't a happy ending. 

I leave for the Glass Slipper Challenge tomorrow night, now I typically don't track at races and to be completely honest view them as an excuse to eat. 

After the half marathon I can probably treat myself but after the 5K not really and neither the 10K. 

This time I'll look for the Mickey check signs indicating it's a healthier option and I will track. 
As you see I've reverted back to my old blog template and added a weight tracker. I'm currently above my start weight - this annoys me to no end. 

Tracking is the key to my success, just above the snowman is a 25 lb loss magnet that I got when I joined WW for the first time. 

This week I also posted this on my fridge. 

My little Abominable snow man with the note that I will below or at 194 by my next weigh in which is Feb 28 and the picture is from the Vancouver RnR Half. This was toward the end and I was tired and slouching and all I can focus on are the rolls visible. 

Now I'm off to Disney World for another race and the goal once again is to finish upright and smiling. When I get back it's 3 months to Pixie Dust and I plan to be better trained for that one to see a positive difference in timing and stamina. I'm in for the Dumbo Doubledare in September as it's the 10th anniversary of the Disneyland Half and the 60th anniversary of Disneyland. 

Avengers is on the maybe list, it's Nov 12 - 15. If they add a challenge I'm in and right now there's much speculation. 

For one thing on the RunDisney website there's no dates next to the 5K and Half. 
Plus there's an extra day. 
My theory:
Thursday Nov 12 - Expo
Friday Nov 13 - 5K
Sat Nov 14 - 10K
Sun Nov 15 - Half 

Of course nothing has been announced. If it's just the 5K and Half I'm out but if it's a challenge I'm so in. 

I go back to work tomorrow for one day then it's a red eye flight to Toronto then Orlando. I'm 98% packed with just a few things to add tomorrow. I'll see if I can nap a bit between getting home from work and leaving for the airport. My flight doesn't leave until 1am. 

The ipad has magazines and tv shows plus the kobo will be in my carry on if I can't sleep on the plane. I really hope I sleep on the plane. 

 On to a parting fun note, I ordered the above sweatshirt as it speaks so much to my upbringing, my stoic German parents and being born and bred Canadian.

 I picked up this Darth Vader antennae topper in Disneyland during the Star Wars Half weekend. I knew if I put it on my antennae it would be stolen, there was a suggestion to glue it on but I figured a car would obliterate it so on the front dash it is.
I ordered this guy as well to cover the hitch. I may well wind up with Star Wars vehicle as I hear Canadian Tire has Darth Vader seat covers....yes I'm a geek :)

I promise a Glass Slipper Challenge recap and I'm thinking of catching The Kingsmen at Downtown Disney on Wednesday. 

I hope all of you have a great week while I'm gone. 

Let's take back control.