Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Bang

Got woken up by a banging sound this morning at 4am, well actually two bangs exactly. Sounded like something falling into the tub or metal expanding. Checked all over the house this morning and could find no evidence of what caused the banging. I suppose it could have been the vent from the furnace as it went from cold to warm overnight. It didn't sound like anything breaking or exploding thankfully.

Everytime I hear a noise like that in the house it makes me think of what my father has told me in the past. Everytime a close relative passed away he would hear 3 destinct knocks in his house or more like a popping sound. One on the west side, one in the middle and one on the east side and they he knew someone had come to say good-bye. Sure enough, immediately after that he would get an announcement in the mail or a phone call. Now of course that has me thinking that when he passes he will bang on my house. When I heard those noises last night I immediately thought of that and then realized there were only two and coming from the same spot. Of course I'm scheduled to talk to Dad tonight and you can bet I'll be a bit nervous until he actually picks up the phone. I think I'd know if something happened to him, the day my Mother passed I woke up that day and knew. A psychic once told me I was intuitive...too bad it wasn't completely psychic because that would just be neat

I really want to pick up Deepak Chopra's new book "The Burden Of Proof", I think I have death on my mind due to one of my co-workers who just lost their Father and it was quite sudden. It really hits home that you can go at anytime. I don't think we all realize just how precious life is.

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Sonya said...

Oh, Cowgirl - (((hugs))). I know exactly how you feel - your entry really hit close to home for me.

My dad doesn't have a healthy heart at all. And I try to live each day without thinking about "things" - but sometimes, when reality hits me - it's HARD. And then it's ALL I can think about - which of course, is no way to live.

When he had a major heart attack (his second one, which was near-fatal), my mother called me at 6 in the morning. Now, if the phone ever rings really early, my blood runs cold.

Thanks for sharing!!