Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I sort of prepared for the tonight this morning since I'll get home mere minutes before the trick or treaters hit the street. Not sure how many there will be tonight. Last year I got 40 kids in total this year it's a lot colder (probably -15 with windchill) and the trend seems to be going away from door to door trick or treating.

Of course we're talking about gobs of candy so I'm sure die hard souls will be outthere. I've armed my house with the 1pt hershey sticks and the sensible solution oreo packs to curtail the damage. Last year I had halloween candy for dinner. Tonight I have chili in the fridge but it might be Gardennay Soup in the microwave since we had a potluck today.

The potluck was excellent and I behaved myself tasting a bit of the things I might like but not overloading my plate and nothing touched each other. I did have a piece of the trifle I made and I got a lot of compliments on it as well.

Apart from that not a whack to report.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Aaagghhh in general

I have new runners and they're pretty (Mizuno Wave Alchemy), which I realize is not the primary importance in a running shoe but I like it. They've got a bit of silver and turquoise, they look speedy and felt fantastic on Friday.

Didn't get to test them out on the longer distance on Sunday because we had blizzard snow. Snow would not normally stop me but this was slushy/slurpee snow so very very slippery as I discovered shoveling my sidewalk in hiking boots. I didn't want to risk injury with running shoes and my lazy neighbours not shoveling their sidewalks. Tonight's training is being adjusted because my Training partner forgot all her gear.

Now the snow is melting in the sunny sections but we still have freezing temperatures and it will get colder as the sun sets so that equals ice. I think I'm going to give the biggest loser DVD a try again. I tried it once got confused and haven't tried it since. I also need to finish a trifle for the potluck tomorrow.

WI was a gain, alas I know it's TOM related but it still doesn't make me happy. Especially because it sends me back into the 170s...aaaaggghhhh. I have 6 weigh ins until Hawaii, I want to be in the 150s by then even if it's 159.8.

The job fair was alright and there might be a handful of good people but the rest I couldn't really help. It was long and tiring and 85% of the questions were as I said the other day...Engineering and IT. The booth next to us had popcorn so that was alright.

The plan for this week is 1) Think positive 2) Follow the healthy guidelines 3) If I can't workout outside, make sure I do it inside.

On to success!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Crazy busy week and TGIF

First of all I started my day with an Almond Roca bar, well actually two. Thanks to our receptionist...not the best move but I have to work a job fair today and tomorrow and I need the sugar.

I despise working job fairs because it's throngs of people I can't necessarily help. (IE. Do you recruite Engineers...ah no, Do you recruit IT...ah no. However our other division might be able to help you.) It's just so random and in a market like in my city the odds of someone with the skills set I need is not very likely to attend a job fair. Of course, I could be surprised and perhaps find a superstar so that's what I'm hoping for. I do hope it's busy so the time goes fast.

Of course because I was distracted by the job fair I forgot my runners this morning. I have all my other walking gear down to the gps but no runners. However I'm open to buying a new pair, I was planning on getting a new pair before Honolulu and I do have to break them in. The pair I have now is actually the older model to the first pair I ever bought (they were on sale). But when I compair Model 4 (the current pair) vs Model 5 (the first pair), Model 5 does feel like there's a bit more support. So why not go for Model 6 for the biggest race of my life.

Food wise, it's been a battle of the snack fest, it's amazing how much effect those hormones have over your rational thought process. I've been up two weeks in a row, not by much .4s and .6s but I really don't want to go if I'm up again. I know it will average out, but even saving an hour this Saturday would be helpful since the bulk of my afternoon will be at the job fair. The snacking hasn't been out of control and I've actually made good nutritional decisions it's just keeping within the points part that isn't so great.

I could pull it out of the flames with water, water and more water paired with keeping it together today. Of course the Almond Roca bars weren't exactly planned.

Oy vey 6 weeks less a day until the Marathon and I'd still want to focus on getting to goal.

My runners are in stock!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aha moment!

An Aha moment hit me last night as I found myself continuously talking myself out of snacking. It's the dreaded week before TOM where all food is fair game and absolutely no morsel satisfies, where I must ask myself "Do I really need this?". I hate this week because the will is weak. Yesterday wasn't too bad and did a fierce 50min walk. Tonight I must disassemble my patio set (Strength training) and make sure to eat a very flavourful dinner. I find the spicier the food the easier it is not to go snack crazy, but if it's blandish it's no good.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're friends with people for a reason or a finite period of time?A few months ago I would have called Training Partner a good friend now it feels more like acquaintences. I'm really, really getting the feeling that Hawaii will be a more solo/be prepared to fend for myself vacation.

We originally bonded over WW and then cooked up this half marathon/marathon business, but now that she's at goal and the marathon is drawing nearer I don't know if there's anything in common anymore. It's been awhile since we've just hung out as friends as opposed to training.
Last night I said to her that after the marathon we should get together for coffee every so often. Her answer to me was that she'll still walk but not really train until we've recovered from the marathon.

I'm getting the definite impression that I'm a training buddy now. She is under a huge amount of stress and life in general has not been particularly fair to her (if it ever is to anyone) but it certainly seems to be crashing in on her lately. So perhaps I'm just feeling her stress, hopefully she knows that I'm there for her when she needs it but I just wonder if my sole purpose in regards to her is to offer support.

Time will tell.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Recipe, answers to questions and general recap

Let me begin by saying, I walked 27Km yesterday in 4 hours. It was long slow distance day and I feel like I should have woken up at goal weight. According to my Garmin I burned 1966 calories in that 4hrs and I celebrated immediately afterwards by having Taco Time. Not the best choice but I was hungry, I wanted something spicy and I wasn't feeling like Subway.

Stress did not work for me, up 0.6 at weigh in on Saturday but considering my lack luster activity I'm not surprised. This week will definitely be better.

GU Chocolate is freaking awesome! Tastes like a cross between chocolate pudding and chocolate frosting but I was not revolted by it at all and quite enjoyed it. I also tried Cliff Shot Blocks in Strawberry, they taste like jello jigglers and don't stick to your teeth like jelly beans. There's two servings in the Blocks pack. So with that, the gu and gatorade and water I actually consumed the appropriate amount of carbs and stay hydrated so when I finished I felt great. I now know that I need some options carb wise I can't just do goo especially because that Marathon will take me at least 7hrs.

Now my next project will be where I can get a unit pack of the GU and the Blocks in Canada because Running Room is ridiculously expensive. I'm hoping Mountain Equipment Co-op carries it.

More on my handy training tool. I use Garmin Forerunner 201, I like it because it's rechargeable. My Training Partner has a 101 and that thing goes through a lot of batteries especially if you're out in colder weather. It tracks my distance, pace time and calories. The 301 and I believe the 305 come with heart rate monitors. My 201 does the math of current weight and pace to come up with calories. I love it because there's a map function so I can mark things like home and pathway entrances that are hidden by bushes. It's about 2 inches long and less than half an inch thick, it's not bothersome to wear and it tracks the history of all my training walks.

The Promised Recipe:

Beef and Noodle Au Gratin (4 servings - 5pts each)

12oz Lean Ground Beef (I used extra lean)
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves of Garlic, minced
1-1/2 cups canned crushed tomatoes
3oz uncooked broad noodles, cooked according to package directions ( I used no yolk)
1 tsp oregano leaves
1/4 tsp each of salt and pepper
1/2c shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350F

In a 3qt saucepan brown beef, onions and garlic on Medium heat until cooked through (8-10min) then remove from heat.

Stir in tomatoes, noodles, oregano and salt+pepper.

Spoon into 1-1/2qt casserole dish, sprinkle with cheese and bake covered until heated through and cheese is melted ( 15-20min)

NI 262cal, 7g Fat, 2.5g Fibre

I added a bit more spice because I find most WW recipes a bit on the bland side.

Alright that's all I can think of at the moment.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Stress works for me

I've been MIA for the past few days just due to being stressed to the gills. The good thing about that is when I'm stressed I don't eat (not good but at least I didn't inhale multiple McCain's cakes) So WI on Saturday should be good, now all I have to do is keep it.

I have this theory about life/stress. I think we have spheres in our lives like life, work, and whatever else. The spheres can intersect or be seperate.

When all the spheres are good all is good, when one sphere is out of whack it's still good, when 2 spheres are out of whack it's getting dicey, when 3 spheres are out of whack it's a panic attack.

My spheres are home, work and training and over the past few days it's felt like all the walls were crumbling around me.

Home:Fight with my Dad, I only have my father as my mother passed away 4 years ago and my other family is in the old country. It's settled now but it was very stressful as he is the single most important person in my life and whose opinion has always mattered above all others.

Work: OMG so busy, 3 new orders a day (I'm a recruiter) plus covering my colleagues desk. My day flies by and I'm not sure what I've completed. Lucky for me that after a moment of panic my super hero organizational skills kick in.

Training: Lack of and Hawaii coming up fast. My training partner did a half marathon recently and kicked ass. Fastest time ever for her and faster than me. Of course I'm happy for her but for a moment I completely doubted my ability to do this. Now I'm in the mind set of I shall go and conquer and the goal is too complete.

Training partner has bailed again today with the shocking news that she had to break up with a boy. I'm thinking...what boy? She has mentioned nothing, nada, zip o la to me about this boy. I guess on Sunday I'll find out more during the 26km.

So that is a speedy recap and now my spheres are balanced and all good.

I promise the dang recipe on Monday.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A wee bit in the wrong direction

So my long weekend did cause we some issues, up 0.8 not too bad really and hopefully I'll lose it by this Saturday.

The Foodfest was awesome but I did not overindulge in a crazy way. There were numerous restaurants offering exotic option and I'm not an adventurous eater so those were easy to avoid. We spent just under 4hrs there and were wandering around the whole time so I'm thinking some sort of AP was earned. I'm hoping anyway since I slept in and didn't do my 13K on Sunday morning

Sunday went to the farmers market and had a little sample of saskatoon pie but didn't buy any. Had a gourmet Hot Dog and a cupcake for lunch so not the wisest choice but I'm not worried. I'm quite pleased with myself for not buying anything to take home.

Today it's right back on track and I have hamburger helper (Salsbury) for lunch with added veggies. Now I'm thinking I could have made my own hamburger stew sort of thing with Club House Gravy and some veggies or maybe a mock sheperd's pie with cauliflower as the mashed potatoe. Of course the creative chef kicks in after my meals for this week have already been planned.

I left the house without the recipe that I was going to post today so if I have time tonight I'll post it if not I'll post it on Tuesday. It's for Beef and Noodle Au Gratin (5pts per serving). So stay tuned for that.

Tonight is 60min of training and I'm hoping the pathways are in good condition. We haves snow falling and it looks like the heavy stuff that likes to stay around. Training partner is on nights this week (poor thing) so we'll see if she's awake enough to go with me. If not I might do a dvd instead.

Woke up to news that Hawaii got a 6.6 Quake, thankfully it sounds like there were just a few injuries and no deaths. That's a pretty big shake-up and Oahu is one of the places that had power knocked out but it appears that it's been restored. Aftershocks are expected for the next week. How this progresses will make me seriously wonder about Hawaii in December. Everything is paid for and I didn't buy cancellation insurance for my flight so if I cancel I lose out. But if it's money vs. self preservation, self preservation will win.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th...insert scary music here

Not a whack to report these days, just going to work, coming home and exercising on occasion.

My co-worker is now on her way to Mexico for 2 weeks and I get to cover her desk...whoo hoo maybe not so much. The good thing is whenever one of my colleagues go on vacation I tend to take care of their stuff better than my own. I'm also babysitting her fish Peewee, he's less than inch long and I get the honour of cleaning his bowl soon. Double whoo hoo...not so much.

This weekend is going to be fantastic and not WW friendly in anyway shape or form and I'm o.k with that. On Saturday it's the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest and then on Sunday the Calgary Farmer's Market. I'm not to worried about Saturday because the portions are small and the quality outstanding, the real trick is the wine - luckily those are also small but in the end it will be like one outstanding dinner. Sunday I'll be more careful, my friend from out of town is in and wants to go to the Market to pick up some pasta and pies so she'll be more inclined to eat at home than out. I can't be picking up pasta and pies, o.k maybe a pie or piece of pie because they're all homemade and incredible. I suggested to her that maybe next time she's in town we investigate cooking classes. She's on a weightloss quest of her own and from what I remember not so into cooking so I'm hoping to encourage her to embrace cooking..at least that way you know what's going in to it.

As I said not a whole lot to chat about so I wish everyone a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vow to lose 20!

I was reading Rachel's blog today and joined her vow to lose 20lbs by January. I'm not so sure about this week but I guess Saturday will surely tell. My scale is showing a gain and yes I know it's probably due to the weekend and there's still 3 days before weigh in but it's never encouraging to see a gain. It just fuels me to do better.

I did head out for a walk when I got home, a wee bit overdressed for the weather and I was trucking. Went home and had my turkey dinner. Tonight I think dinner will be a small quesadilla (sp?) home made of course with salsa.

I failed at joining the recipe group this monday (I blame the holiday), however I promise to post one this coming Monday.

Apart from a relatively stressful work day, not too much to report.

Looking forward to America's Next Top Model tonight...who should go next?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Discoveries and still no Turkey

First of all, thank you so much for the positive feedback the other day. You guys are amazing and inspirational in so many ways.

The long weekend was relaxing. On Saturday I really enjoyed the return of Battlestar Galactica and stayed on plan food wise. Saturday is my treat day so I stayed within my planned debauchery.

Sunday did just under 4hrs of training (burned 1663 calories), walked about 23km but that included up and down a cliff and criss crossing around to try to make up the distance. Plus my MP3 player's battery died at the half way point. So the last 10km was challenging with no tunes. The rest of Sunday was a bit of a loss because I was tired! Had a nice protein loaded meal after training so by the time supper rolled around all I wanted was a salad. My pace was slower than normal, I had to keep telling myself "long, slow distance not race pace, build endurance". Still haven't found a carb goo/gel that I'm crazy about so (Cara Mia) I will hunt down this GU Chocolate palooza (or whatever it's called) in the hopes that it really does taste like chocolate pudding.

I slept in Monday (which rarely happens thanks to training) and then went to Ikea and behaved myself, bought only things I really needed like dish brushes. Had a late lunch of meat balls there and then of course didn't feel like supper so just had Ryvitta crackers and some light cream cheese. Didn't do my 1hr walk, did laundry instead. I did attempt a strenght workout but that led to my discoveries. Really I should not have slept in and gone for a walk in the morning but I did enjoy the extra sleep.

The Discoveries
1. I need structure in terms of meals. I have a way easier time during the work week with scheduled times for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Having breakfast at 9:30am on the weekend and lunch at 2pm results in random snacking at dinner.

2. I don't like to do workouts out of a book, I tried to do strength training via a book and I just got bored with keeping track of form and number of reps. I definitely prefer following along with a DVD so Core Secrets and Pilates are the way for me. Weather permitting I might toss in a one hour walk tonight and some pilates since tonight should be strenght training.

3.Sandwich and soup is boring (when brought from home anyway). Today I brought 1 cup Gardennay Buttersquash soup and 1/2 a sandwich pocket (slightly different from a pita) with a couple slices of pastrami. I had to talk myself in to it with a pep talk. That and chanting "Hawaii", as in need every spare dollar for there.

So in my food timing mis-management this weekend I never got to have turkey so that's tonight. I got a Maple Leaf (?) microwave Turkey(3pts), cran sauce (2pts)stove top stuffing (which I might make in FF Chicken Stock and skip the margarine-(1pt without marg?)) and steamed asperagus (0). Then I will have leftovers for a hot lunch tomorrow...the master plan is coming together...mwhahahahahahah!

Have a great day everybody!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Down 1.6!

Whoo hoo, officially 168 today only 28lbs until goal....I think I'll just shoot for one pound at a time :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Long Weekend!

For us Canadians anyway. Happy Thanksgiving!

Not too much to report went to the optometrist and forked over moolah for new contact lenses. Restocked on vitamins and a few groceries. Walked home with some heavyish grocery bags.

Now I'm trying to plan my Thanksgiving menu, I'm on my own for that but I really don't mind.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back on Track

I did exactly as I planned when I got home yesterday. Walked in the door, turned on the Garmin to get a signal, changed, grabbed an energy gel (haven't tried them yet), filled a bottle on my fuel belt with water and headed out. I did a little over 10km in an hour and thirty minutes. Providing I could keep that pace up for another 32km I would finish my marathon in 6hr and 30min..ish (which would incredibly decent for a walker and might even beat a few runners). The odds of my keeping that pace are in question :) If I finish under 7, I'll be ecstatic.

The sports nutritionist I saw many months ago suggested 30g of carbs per hour of high endurance activity. I normally take Gatorade with me but it's not an option in Hawaii unless I want to lug it. I really don't think that's a great idea. So I'm venturing into other options ie Gels. I bought a couple last week: 2 from Cliff, a mocha and a cola. 2 from Carb Boom, a vanilla-orange and a banana peach. Last night I tried the cola, the texture was a bit strange plus I had it in the back pocket of my fuel belt so it was warm. Not quite pudding, not quite icing. The cola tasted a bit weird a bit like coca cola candy. It wasn't horrible but I think I'm going to try and find something a bit more appetizing. I'm thinking I'll probably need about 7 sources of 30g carbs for the marathon so hopefully I can find a few flavours. I've tried the energy bars but I'm not a big fan of chewing and walking. Number one rule of long distance training on race day or a few weeks before the race is trying anything new. I'm not even considering trying the sports drink that the Honolulu Marathon is offering (mostly because I can't find it in Canada so I can't start using it now.) I'm thinking of trying Cliff Shot Blocks, apparently easy to chew unlike the bars. Enough about training...

The other thing I did last night is watch America's Next Top Model. I'm so happy Monique is gone. I still don't have a favourite to win. I think my favourite personality is Brooke. I taped Biggest Loser. I'm seriously looking forward to Sunday which is when I watch all of these show.

Have a super on plan day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training plan not exactly going as planned

Where I last left off...my training partner and I were to head out for 60min on Monday. I got a call from Training Partner saying that she did not bring appropriate layers for a very chilly/windy day. So I met her at Good Earth to hand over my share of the Hawaiian Condo money and we had dinner instead.
Yesterday I should have done strength training but had a wicked headache probably due to the weather so I skipped that in favour of trying to get rid of the headache. Eating has been so so for the past few days, I find myself craving comfort food with the chilly weather and the sun setting at 7:30pm. For example, yesterday I was perfectly OP until I talked to my Dad which reminded me of his home made plum jam so of course I had to make some whole wheat toast and have some jam. It could have been worse I could have been craving a blizzard. No matter, I'm still a bit disappointed in myself for that.

In terms of training plan I've now missed 3 days, enough is enough that ends today.

Tonight it's supposed to be +14 so my goal is 10km to get up some distance.
Thursday-Core Secrets and Pilates (40min all together)
Friday- I'm supposed to hook up with Training Partner so I'm going to suggest a longer distance or get up earlier on Saturday and do a quick 5km before weigh in.
I would like to get 20km completed before Saturday.
Saturday-rest day and I'm planning a one person Battlestar Galactica party since the new season starts.
Sunday - I'm on my own for 22km so that means new tunes in the mp3
Monday-Probably on my own again since it's Canadian Thanksgiving, but that will be about an hour and my training plan should be back on schedule by then.

The scale is still looking good because my so-so eating hasn't been too bad.
I'll report back tomorrow in regards to progress.

Definitely check out Pink Bunny Foo Foo's thread today, it makes you think and mirrors what I've been thinking for the past few weeks.

On to success!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to 160!

Shocker of shockers on Saturday, I was down 1.4. Plus my friend (training partner) was back at goal. The weightloss gods were smiling down on us.

On Saturday went to a BBQ at my boss's house and I had a burger that was budgeted into my points and it was a pretty good day. On Sunday I also stuck to OP rather well with the exception of water. Made two Splenda Chocolate Mousse pies for a colleagues birthday today. I think this will technically be the healthiest birthday cake we've had. There is whip cream however sweetened with splenda. I got them here relatively unscathed but a bit sloshed around thanks to the bus.
Marathon training wise I was a bit negligent. Didn't do my long distance on Sunday (9.7km) , the weather was blechy and I had so much to do. However, on Saturday I walked home from the grocery store (12 blocks) with 8 bags of groceries. Two bags in each hand and the rest (all the heavy stuff) in my back pack. My shoulders are now sore. I do consider that to be some sort of workout.

I do have my workout layers packed for tonight, the weather is still blechy but it's so much easier to embrace when you know that you're friend is embracing it too. This Sunday my training buddy is off to Kelowna's half marathon...kudos to her. That also means that I have to do 22km by myself on Sunday...must load the mp3 with more upbeat tunes.

Made a WW recipe for lunch this week. Beef and Noodle Au Gratin, it's supposed to be 5pts and 4 servings but I used a bit more ground beef so I upped it to 6pts which is still probably generous. I did use no yolk noodles so I'm hoping that helps. I'll bring this for 4 days and then buy one day.

Apart from that not much to report about this weekend. Today is the work test for the new contacts. Wore them all day Saturday and it was all good with the exception that they're a bit harder to get out of course I was wearing them for 14 hours. Their thinner than my other ones so it's taking a little getting used to.

Have a great day everybody!