Monday, November 06, 2006

Not to sore

I survived the 29km! I have to admit at about the 26km mark I would have been quite happy to lay down and die on a park bench.
The paths were snow packed in many parts on the way out (great workout for your abs and ankles as you try to stay steady) and on the way back slushy and icy (again great for abs and ankles). That 29km probably turned into more exertion just thanks to the path conditions. As training partner and I kept saying "there won't be snow in Hawaii".
Suprisingly I got up today without too much difficulty but of course the longer I sit the more I can feel it.
Alea- These super long distances are done on Sunday mornings. I never get to sleep in Weigh in on Saturday and training on Sunday.
Next week will be 13km on Sunday and the week after 32km. It appears I have to do the 32 on my own. Training partner has wonky schedule that week. This I need to plan carefully, that would take about 6hrs. So I think I'll try to figure out a 10k loop in my neighbourhood and do it 3 times so that I can stop at my house for bathroom breaks and water refills. I don't want to be on the pathway in the middle of nowhere by myself. I'm o.k with my neighbours thinking I'm crazy as I walk past there house multiple times.

Received a lovely lecture from my father (who has the ability to make me feel 13) on the Hawaii thing. He thinks any trip is a waste of money. He asked what would you do if you lost your job tomorrow. Duh..get another one, not too difficult in my short labour market city plus I'm typically a dream employee (come in early, go above and beyond, stay late). I appreciate that he worries, but sometimes it drives me bonkers when he doesn't realize I'm smarter than that. When we have conversations like that it actually makes me dread talking to him, which is awful I know. I just want him to be proud of me.

Oy vey, not a great way to start the week but I'm setting it aside and focusing on what needs to be focused on.

Day is planned point wise, 50min is the goal tonight for walking.

My meeting is closed this Saturday which causes a few wrinkles into my WI rituals. I know have to WI Thursday night so that means no food after lunch and I'm bringing my WI clothes.

Here's to everyone having a great week!


alea said...

You're so organised and so dedicated! To never sleep in but instead wake up early and go on 29km walk on a Sunday - you're a star! Now I know what my problem is... I'm a lazy bum and I'm making too many excuses. If only I could be as dedicated as you are, but I guess that's just up to me, right?

In any case, hats off to you! You're doing brilliantly and I'm very inspired by your motivation.

Sonya said...

Hoorah on finishing the 29K! And in the snow! You're amazing.

As for the 32K, I'm with you on the "loop" thing - I used to do that when I ran. I start to feel nervous when there's no bathroom around, and I'm miles away from home. Do you take music with you when you're alone?

And as for the lecturing from father thing - my goodness, I could have written that paragraph in your entry myself. Where to begin? I know *exactly* how you feel...would it kill our parents to actually SUPPORT us sometimes?

Proud of you again - you never cease to amaze me!