Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho - Oh Oh Oh

Hello All,
Well my Christmas festivities involved food and not the world's greatest choices by any sense of the imagination. Even when I got back to the city my decent into madness continued. Attempted to curtail it yesterday and did better but still not on plan. However today is a new day and I will be on plan.

I was inspired by Totegirl to come up with a few of my own plans and resolutions.

Since I've already declared I will hit goal this year this what I plan to do to get there.

1) Follow the plan as it's attended, no tweaks, no gimmicks. Stick to my points, use my flex and AP in accordance. Just not the tracking of the good, the bad and the ugly, I need to follow the entire water, fruits, veggie, oils.

2) To create an exercise/training plan. I'll probably train with my friend for the Vancouver Half Marathon again, not so sure I'll go but I'll train. I'm also going to incorporate more strength training and keep myself interested by incorporating different types of cardio as well. Just ordered some new Ripped Dvds and the Biggest Loser 2. Quit the gym because it bored me to tears, plus I want to save some cash.

3) Embrace fish, I don't mind it but have to admit generally avoid it. I also want to create more menus I so get into ruts with food where it's the same thing time and time again.

4) Track my progress beyond the scale. I don't take my measurements very often and that can be a huge motivator when the scale isn't moving. Establish mini goals and rewards. Work on better self talk and track trends by journalling more often.

Do all the above with a positive mind set and remind myself I'm doing this for life and to not set unrealistic goals. If I see a gain this Saturday, then I'll suck it up and go on.

I will be the Biggest Loser!!!

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