Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Aha moment!

An Aha moment hit me last night as I found myself continuously talking myself out of snacking. It's the dreaded week before TOM where all food is fair game and absolutely no morsel satisfies, where I must ask myself "Do I really need this?". I hate this week because the will is weak. Yesterday wasn't too bad and did a fierce 50min walk. Tonight I must disassemble my patio set (Strength training) and make sure to eat a very flavourful dinner. I find the spicier the food the easier it is not to go snack crazy, but if it's blandish it's no good.

Do you ever get the feeling that you're friends with people for a reason or a finite period of time?A few months ago I would have called Training Partner a good friend now it feels more like acquaintences. I'm really, really getting the feeling that Hawaii will be a more solo/be prepared to fend for myself vacation.

We originally bonded over WW and then cooked up this half marathon/marathon business, but now that she's at goal and the marathon is drawing nearer I don't know if there's anything in common anymore. It's been awhile since we've just hung out as friends as opposed to training.
Last night I said to her that after the marathon we should get together for coffee every so often. Her answer to me was that she'll still walk but not really train until we've recovered from the marathon.

I'm getting the definite impression that I'm a training buddy now. She is under a huge amount of stress and life in general has not been particularly fair to her (if it ever is to anyone) but it certainly seems to be crashing in on her lately. So perhaps I'm just feeling her stress, hopefully she knows that I'm there for her when she needs it but I just wonder if my sole purpose in regards to her is to offer support.

Time will tell.


Sonya said...

Cowgirl - I can't believe I missed your entries the last few days, sorry.

I'm so sorry you're feeling the stress. I am too, and it's the worst! But good for you for staying focussed!

And you know what? Training partner or not, you're doing this marathon for YOU! And you could do it on your own if you had to (even though I know you don't want to!).

You're an amazing inspiration, and you've got so much determination...I know that I will shed a little cyber-tear or two when you write about crossing that finish line in December.


Sonya said...

Calgary isn't that far away from TO, you know!:-) When you are visiting, I would definitely LOVE to have lunch with you. And we can do some good shopping at H&M, since I *still* think it's ridiculous that there are no locations in Calgary, lol!

Keep on trekking, Cowgirl - with every step, you're that much closer to the finish line. I'm referring to your marathon, and your weight loss journey!