Friday, December 22, 2006

Hair is better

So stylist phoned and said she'd have to charge me to fix it. I was like WHAT! She promised me copper highlights and they were mahogany, fire engine red. I told her any other stylist in this city would fix it for free. She said it's the company policy. Fine, I will never set foot in that salon again and I'll make sure everyone I know will know not to set foot in that place.

So Belle Colour #65 to the rescue and it's much better but I'm putting another box on just to seal the deal. The highlights now look a little burgundy but more brown.

Enough about hair drama.

I will for sure see a loss on Saturday which makes me quite happy, today I have to race home and clean it from top to bottom, well I have to finish my Christmas shopping first :) Only one gift so not so bad.

The blogs will probably be quiet over the next while but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy 2007.

Here's to success for all in the New Year!

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Amazon Alanna said...

I'm thinking if she's going to charge you anyway, you're right not even to go back and have her fix it, Let someone else get your bid-ness...