Friday, October 20, 2006

Stress works for me

I've been MIA for the past few days just due to being stressed to the gills. The good thing about that is when I'm stressed I don't eat (not good but at least I didn't inhale multiple McCain's cakes) So WI on Saturday should be good, now all I have to do is keep it.

I have this theory about life/stress. I think we have spheres in our lives like life, work, and whatever else. The spheres can intersect or be seperate.

When all the spheres are good all is good, when one sphere is out of whack it's still good, when 2 spheres are out of whack it's getting dicey, when 3 spheres are out of whack it's a panic attack.

My spheres are home, work and training and over the past few days it's felt like all the walls were crumbling around me.

Home:Fight with my Dad, I only have my father as my mother passed away 4 years ago and my other family is in the old country. It's settled now but it was very stressful as he is the single most important person in my life and whose opinion has always mattered above all others.

Work: OMG so busy, 3 new orders a day (I'm a recruiter) plus covering my colleagues desk. My day flies by and I'm not sure what I've completed. Lucky for me that after a moment of panic my super hero organizational skills kick in.

Training: Lack of and Hawaii coming up fast. My training partner did a half marathon recently and kicked ass. Fastest time ever for her and faster than me. Of course I'm happy for her but for a moment I completely doubted my ability to do this. Now I'm in the mind set of I shall go and conquer and the goal is too complete.

Training partner has bailed again today with the shocking news that she had to break up with a boy. I'm thinking...what boy? She has mentioned nothing, nada, zip o la to me about this boy. I guess on Sunday I'll find out more during the 26km.

So that is a speedy recap and now my spheres are balanced and all good.

I promise the dang recipe on Monday.


duenneschen said...

I know for sure you'll conquer the marathon!!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!

duenneschen said...

oh, by the way, I had meant to ask you...

whats the Garmin thing your training with? Is it pretty big? Are you happy with it?

I'm really looking into a device that show me the distance I'm running if i'm not running on a markered route. Plus, Christmas is around the corner so no better time than now get a list together!

The Glitterati said...

Hey! How'd the 26km go? Sorry to hear you and dad had a fight, that's never fun. :( Happy to see that it's been resolved though!

And goodness, any work craziness cannot stand up to your German order! You are always such an oasis of calm and method during times of stress, I'm not at all surprised that you busted through all that work. As for training, you know deep down that it doesn't matter how or what anyone else does -- you're doing this for YOU, and that's the most important (and admirable) thing. I know you can do it!!