Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back on Track

Well I was pleasantly surprised at Weigh in this morning, down 1.6 which is exactly what I was up last week. This past week was rough so I'm quite happy.

Went grocery shopping afterwards and discovered that some Smart One freezer selections are now available at Safeway, I actually discovered that in the meeting as one member described the chocolate cake in very descriptive detail. I also picked up lots of fruits and veggies.

We talked a bit about the importance of tracking everything, that has been tough for me for the past couple of weeks, but today is off to a good start.

I like to use the 12 week journals as opposed to the week ones and apparently there on sale which means only one thing WW is going to change them some how. I hope they change them and not discontinue them. I find them way easier to cart around than the paper ones. I suppose I could flip to a normal little coil notebook but I'm all about brands :)

I can still feel my abs from my adventures with The Biggest Loser DVD. Last night I decided to skip to the high impact aerobic workout....dumb, dumb, dumb. That is one tough workout and I realize that I should probably follow the first 3 weeks as they lay out and not get too big for my britches. However that "last chance workout" is probably why a loss showed on the scale today.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow 29km...I'll have the Epsom salts ready to go when I get home. I am doing laundry today so I don't need to go up and down stairs tomorrow. That will be the longest distance I've done to date, a big indication of my ability. The longest we do in training is 32km which should be 2 weeks from now and then we taper until Hawaii. A marathon is 42km, they're betting on the adrenaline carrying the other 10km and too be honest after having done a half marathon, 10k is nothing. I can do it, I'm not betting on fast but I can do it. For the next 5 weeks I'm going to kick up the strength workouts especially for the core.

To a great week up ahead!


Amazon Alanna said...

I'm with you on the 12 week journals. I like the sleek look of them and I like that I can easily review meals that helped to make me successful. Good stuff, absolutely.

I wonder if they are going to be on sale when I go to meeting tomorrow. If they are, I'm going to ask if they are coming out with a new product....

Sonya said...

Of course you can do 42K!!!! You're a rockstar. End of story.

Anne said...

Congrats on the loss!

duenneschen said...

i too love the 12 week journal! and no i couldn't see myself using a normal notebook from the store. i might just have to take 12 - 1 week journals and have them bound at kinkos or something.

CONGRATS!!!! on the loss!!

Keep up the great work!

alea said...

I work with the 12 week journals too. Although I have to admit that my journals always get thinner and thinner because I'll start a new week full of intentions and then stop journalling midweek... And I can't stand empty pages because they remind me of 'failing' another week - so I'll tear them out. Pathetic, huh?

Anyway, CONGRATS on the loss! It's well deserved with all the walking you do! I'm very impressed by your distances, but I've always wondered how you can fit those long walks in... How do you do it? I don't think I could find the time to walk 29 km during the week. But maybe that's just one of those excuses...