Friday, June 29, 2007

What I've been up to

My big plan for yesterday was to post a talking blog and then I was too tired and that plan went out the window. I will try again at some point over the weekend.

Had a crazy work day, it was go go go I tell ya. Then I went for a waxing appointment - eyebrows and shall we say down below. I was a bit freaked out about that but it wasn't so bad. So if any of you are thinking of it, don't be afraid.

Went to the La Senza sale on the way home. I've never been a big fan of La Senza but ordering from Victoria Secret is getting pricey. So I searched their bins and found a style called So Free. I'm so impressed this is very close to the type I buy from VS and way cheaper even at regular pricing ($34.50 cdn). La Senza also ships internationaly.

I didn't watch Pirate Masters or SYTYCD last night, I was wiped and went to bed early.

Not sure what I'm up to this weekend, but I'm looking forward to a long weekend that's for sure.

Received a kind of sorta invitation to a Canada Day Party from a friend of a friend, we'll see what pans out. I would like to look for some Stampede ish wear as the entire city dresses Western for Stampede and it's a bit of an expectation. I usually last 3 days out of the 10 and then resort back to normal business wear. You just can't wear jeans it has to be "western".

Half marathon is exactly one week away on Sunday, I have to say I did not train as well this time. I have no doubt I'll finish just not sure how speedy I'll be. I'm going in with the intention to just do my best. The good thing is I know a heck of a lot more than I did when I did the first half marathon.
Oh yeah, the corn zipper rocks it takes off two rows of kernels at a time and works great. I put the kernels in a salad. I will definitely post pictures when I try the toaster bags.

I hope all my Canadian friends have a fantastic Canada Day and that everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Santa Fe Salad is the devil

Went to check out my friends new condo yesterday, she took possession yesterday and I wanted to share in her excitement. It's in a beautiful area, surrounded by trees and gorgeous path ways. She's got a super deep tub, I'm so jealous.

Time wore on as we waited for her Dad to come and check it out, so we decided to go for dinner afterwards at Earl's. Usually I have the Thai noodle salad because I know it's 11pts. I saw these really delicious looking santa fe salads go by and decided to have that....21pts. Of course I looked it up after I ate it but wowsers once again a salad masquerading as a Big Mac. The good news is the salad was chock full of good oils (avocados too) as opposed to the Big Mac. Miraculously I was down .5 this morning...go figure.

I didn't get the opportunity to swing by Walmart to get camera batteries but I will tonight. I'm also going to look for the current Runner's magazine, the cover says something about a 5K plan in 6 weeks.

I plan to walk home from the mall and then do an hour of yoga as I can already feel the effects of not doing it for awhile. Laundry and washing dishes are also on the agenda tonight. As is Canada's Next Top Model and So You Think You Can Dance :)

I was totally excited about this Canadian kitchen ware website I found called I ordered a muffin top pan (looked everywhere for one of these babies), a really cool adjustable measuring scoop, toaster bags (make grilled cheese in the toaster without oil or butter) and a corn zipper (pictured) on Monday, it got here today. This thing shipped from Ontario to Alberta in 2 days. Got to love that I tell ya. I'm gonna zip me some corn tonight. I get super excited about kitchen stuff...can you tell :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things I just don't get

1. Nutritional information that indicates a serving size that doesn't make sense ie. NI based on 250ml but container is 350ml.
2. People who don't check the weather and find themselves freezing while waiting for the bus home.
3. Why blechy weather makes you want to snack
4. How people can over think anything
5. Why there seems to be more new food product launches of things that are bad for you as opposed to healthier.

Well the good news is the blechy weather is gone and I can go get camera batteries tonight. Yesterday I had an altercation with a bag of mixed nuts so I had to dip in the flex points.

It was a mish mash day food wise, I think I didn't have protein when I needed to which is hopefully fixed today.

I've been so tired lately and I know it's weather related, I actually napped during the news last night. There's something about the air pressure when thunderstorms role in.

Not a whole lot going on at the moment, looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Yeah Canada Day! The weather reports look really good as well so that's promising.

Do you ever feel like you know you need a vacation, a chance to recharge your batteries? I think that's what I'm feeling. I need to go drink some water.

Have a great day everybody!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Storms a brewin'

Feeling sore today, I did not stretch enough by far. It's kind of neat to feel just how many muscles are impacted by a long walk.

What I forgot to mention yesterday was how touched I was in my ww meeting this week. Last week I had told them I was doing this 56pt challenge by focusing on the guidelines not the weight. A woman in my meeting turned to me and said thanks to you I'm done 2.4lbs. I was gobsmacked, it's funny really I certainly appreciate what I learn in these meetings I just never thought I had anything to contribute.

Tonight I will once again attempt to put my talking blog on, I think my file might be too big. All this hinges on my getting batteries as well and there are thunderstorms forecasted for this afternoon. If that happens, it will have to wait for another day. I also need to pick up flat outs as I have some veggie pepperoni.

I irritate myself with how I'll buy stuff at the grocery store all inspired to make a meal with it and then when it come to doing it. I wimp out and make something else. Well this week that won't happen. I have great food in my fridge and I want to make delicious point friendly creations.

For lunch over the next few days I have spaghetti squash puttanesca with turkey bites added in for protein. For supper it will either be a small steak or pork loin with steamed asperagus. I'm trying to get those guidelines in :)

I love how you rediscover old favourites. The other day I bought all beef top dogs - there two pts each. Then with a piece of whole wheat bread I can still have a hot dog.

Not too much exciting to report today, it's been an off feeling today I suspect it's because of the looming storms. It's like it makes your bones tired.

I will endeavour to have a far more upbeat post tomorrow.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Up .4 :(

Well I was up .4 on Saturday, I wasn't thrilled but I know why. I did not make the wisest choices at the BBQ the night before especially with a scale looming the next morning. That's o.k, it's done with and this is a new week.

Went for 12K walk this morning was planning on going a little longer but the sky looked ominous and I was at the point were if I kept going there'd be no way of stopping for quite awhile. I was super tired after so I actually had a nap today. One of my neighbours had a party the other night and I kept waking up when people talked as they walked by to get to their cars.

Saw Fantastic 4 on Saturday, the silver surfer is really neat the rest not so much.

I also attempted a talking blog tonight. Successfully recorded on the digital camera and uploaded into my computer but you tube and I are having some issues.

It's a really goofy first attempt but I'll keep trying to post it.

I'll be catching up on all your blogs tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

If I had those abs...

Busy busy evening pour moi yesterday. I was on a mission to mow my lawn. Got home, quick call to Dad who said my geraniums were doing well...that's the equivalent of being told I'm a genius. He nurtured those geraniums so the fact that I haven't harmed them in anyway is a major kudos.

I'm an only child during fall and winter, but in spring and summer I have siblings namely geraniums and tomatoes. He did give me advice on what to do with all the strawberries I'm now in possession of.

Well I mowed my front and back lawn with a quick visit with neighbour and his two adorable West Highland Terriers and watered above mentioned geranium. By the time I went back into the house it was 7:20ish and I still didn't have supper. I still had cakes to bake. So I whipped up one and popped in the oven, then had supper, then made second and then made Dr. Oetker cream pudding which is part of the filling. Whew! Cakes are now split and in the freezer, pudding in the fridge. Tonight I need to cut strawberries, make chocolate glaze and assemble cake.

Plus I have a dentist appointment this afternoon so I've budgeted in a milkshake for supper. I want something fast and drinkable that can be consumed on the way home. There are no smoothie places in my neck of the woods...strange I know.

Tomorrow I must lug cake to work on the olympic event I tell ya. Friday after work I have to attend a client bbq, I don't really want to go as it's the day before WI. I know I can make smart decisions but I sort of just want to pop in see if there's anyone I know and pop out.

Watched SYTYCD last night and wowsers does Lacey have abs. She's always wearing kind of bulky stuff but last night in her performance ...she's ripped. I was fading out by the 90min mark but I think everyone up until then did a pretty good job.

I was a bit sad to see a Calgary girl get knocked off Canada's Next Top Model. I think Tia or Cori will go next.

I will check out Pirate Masters tonight apparently there's a twist in the treasure...I don't see myself watching this until the end of the season but while it's relatively entertaining I'll check it out.

I heard on the radio this morning that Sesame Street is launching some new characters. Meal or no meal hosted by a Howie Mandel muppet. Amerian I - all about the letter I. Anderson Cooper will do something with a bit called GNN. I heart Sesame Street.

Ah yes, because I helped my colleague track down an R2 Patatoo for her son. She got me Spud Buds, it's a smaller Mr. Potatoe head with a carrot head and corn head friend. My hutch looks hysterical, I'm going to try to remember to bring my camera to work so y'all can see.

Have a groovy day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How time flies

Wowsers I can't believe it's Wednesday, the last two days have flown by.

Monday met H and J for a fabulous dinner at a vietnamese restaurant. I splurged a little on spring rolls but they were soooo goood.

Yesterday I had to pick up the ingredients for the next birthday in the office. The birthday is on Friday but I want to bake the cake tonight and then assemble tomorrow. I have dentist appointment at the end of the day tomorrow to replace the last few silver fillings so I just want to have easy peasy stuff to do after that. I also seriously need to mow the lawn tonight, I fear if I wait for the weekend it will be jungle lawn.

Food wise has been good, was tempted by a donut yesterday. I'm proud of myself for stopping at one as they were right outside my office and I could see them all day. I checked my Canadian dining out guide and picked the lowest point one I could find. So there was method behing my madness.

Got home yesterday and found tomatoes, cucumber, peaches and strawberries on my kitchen counter. Ahh Dad was in town. I guess he cleaned out my downspout and left the ladder behind. Of course my first thought upon finding this was ...Damn the house isn't all that clean and organized. It's a German order thing. Of course there's nothing like reverting right back to being a kid and thinking you're in trouble. I was so expecting a lecture of some sort - my Dad likes to lecture, it's the desire to impart wisdom sort of thing. Alas he was impressed that I had cleaned the storage room. I'll be talking to him again tonight so we'll see if he takes advantage of the opportunity to share wisdom. Now I have a ton of strawberries, I might need to bake something, hey I have rhubarb I could make pie. Of course I'll give these pies away :)

I just barely got 8 guidelines in for Monday and Tuesday, we're talking just scraping by. The focus for the rest of the week will be to solidly achieve all 8 guidelines. I bought lunch on Mon and Tues since meal planning was sketchy during the no water days. Last night I was doing laundry and thought why should I buy lunch again. I have chicken and veggies. So I tossed the chicken in a bag with this awesome Cuban Garlic Lime marinade that's a Safeway house brand - very low in points. Tossed some cut up eggplant, red pepper, baby potatoes, baby carrots and asperagus in Light done right Italian dressing. Put the veggies on a baking sheet lined with foil, put the chicken on after it had marinated for 20min. Put in oven at 400 for 45min and tada roasted chicken and veggies. Measured out the chicken to 3oz servings and evenly distributed the veggies. 4 meals at roughly 4 points each. The meal cooked while I folded laundry.

It was an excellent example of multi-tasking I tell ya.

Have a groovy day everybody!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Down 2.4! Yee Haw!

That was after a small TCBY at the movies on Friday.

Yes at WI I was down 2.4, I'm so happy it's ridiculous. I'm now totally excited about what I can achieve.

Saw Oceans 13 on Friday and I liked it. A bit slow in parts but you can't beat the hip vibe, dialogue and the hotties in this movie. Behaved well at the theater with a bottle of water but did get the TCBY I mentioned above.

Saturday was a bit of a disaster. Peter's Drive In, if you're from Calgary you'll understand the temptations at this place. Dinner at Chili's but I got a salad without the tortilla chips and ate half. Had to order dessert because their special was key lime pie and it was perfect. I don't think I hit a single guideline on Saturday.

Sunday it was raining so I tried the new Walk Away the Pounds dvd I picked up at Walmart. This was the fast 4 miles. Then attempted some yoga, 15min into it my left knee did something funky so that was the end of that. Slept with a tensor bandage and it feels fine today with just a little sore spot. Stayed OP all day but didn't hit all the guidelines. I did get my new toilet so yay to being able to turn on water and use taps. I got an emergency shut off valve installed on this one, so should this happen again I won't be completely without water.

I was productive on Sunday, my basement storage room or museum of forgotten items is located directly underneath the plumbing for the bathroom so I knew the plumber would need access to install the shut off. Well this encouraged me to clear the floor and now all I have to do is go through the shelves to see what can go. I've been avoiding this room for ages and the portion I got done took an hour and half. This one of the projects I had slated for a week I'm taking off in August. So it's half done at any rate.

So the end of week was 46/56pts. I think a big part of not being a total success on the weekend was not having easy access to water. I started this challenge on a Monday after a weekend of not being OP one single day. This week I'm starting this challenge with only one non OP day behind me.

Today is completely planned and with lunch done I'm still on target.

Another loss of two pounds or more might be a stretch but I'm going to try by keeping all 8 guidelines. I'm heading to 160s and I'm going forward not back.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Oy vey, when my alarm went off this morning the last thing I wanted to do was get up and go to work. Alas, I did and now the countdown begins to the end of the day.

My now good friend the plumber arrived at my house around 10pm only to discover that the transition from 1950 to 2007 needs a part that was not on the truck. I guess my water line is 2 inches too short for the new improved toilet. So now I wait until Sunday. The plumber is a total sweetie, he's been helping me via the on call. The earliest "booked via the office appointment" would be Wednesday. He told me to call him Sunday and he'd pick up the part on his day off if the shop didn't have it and we'll see if it can be done then. I think I've earned his sympathy. I did get an estimate invoice that's exactly the same price they quoted to me on the phone. I'm just hoping for a not so late night on Sunday.

H is going to come over on Sunday for a movie and flat out pizza night to check him out. He was a cutie :)

On the 8 guideline front 4 days down and on my way to 5. I'm telling you, when you follow the plan you see results. I weighed myself this morning at it said 173.5 now at WI that would translate to anywhere between 172-173 so hopefully I'll be seeing an over a pound loss. I'm gunnin' for the 160s!

Now on to Pirate Masters, of course there's a switch up on the 3rd episode when I was ready to give up on this show. Evil captain is demoted and nice guy is promoted. The only problem with that is will he be a boring captain? He divyed up the money equally between everyone and is focusing on a happy team. Sure that's great in an office or on a staff but this is a show where every week someone gets kicked off and it's based on pirates for goodness sakes. I'll stick it out for episode 4.

SYTYCD- That Lacey can dance, wowsers I'm impressed she just threw herself into that routine. Can't say I'm surprised on who got knocked off, but wow so much of this show is uncontrollable (partner/style/choreographer) so it's anybody's game. My good friend The Glitterati was probably uber excited about the appearance of Benji and his flashing his patriotic underwear :)

I will be seeing Ocean 13 this evening so I'll post on the weekend with my thoughts, I might squesk in Fantastic 4 too. I love summer movies.

Alright my friends, I wish you all a fantastic and safe weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tada - 3 days in a row of achieving all 8 healthy guidelines and this morning I was 1.5lbs lower than I was on Saturday. I've got two more days until WI so I must tread carefully and not get too confident.

Mike Keenan is the new coach of the Flames or at least that's what the news keeps saying. I'm so happy about that, he's a tough love coach and that is exactly what they need. I really enjoyed him on Making The Cut, he always had the final say of who got kicked off and he always seemed to give good feedback to the players and kick in the pants when they needed it.

Decided not to fix the toilet and just have it replaced with an environmentally friendly low flo one. Called the plumber yesterday and I guess they've been swept off their feet with all the flooding repairs. He told me to call him tonight on the on call and perhaps we can take care of this tonight. He said if I coordinated through the office it would take until Sunday because the book for regular hours. Heck after 6pm works for me because I don't have to take time off work. If it takes until Sunday so be it but I'm really hoping for sooner.

H will come over and hang with me if it does happen tonight.

Walked home from the mall last night but then got caught up with coordinating all this business. Tonight will entirely depend on if the plumber can make it.

Made plans with A to see Ocean 13 on Friday and we're both going to go home to have dinner and no movie treats whatsoever.

I'm so focused on Saturday!

Have a super fabulous day everybody!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fix it gal

2 days down of completing all 8 healthy guidelines, stepped on the scale this morning and saw a very nice number - not sure why but that will encourage me to stick with this and see what happens on Saturday.

Activity last night was walking home from the mall (15min) and 50min of yoga. It's so weird how you can see improvements fairly quickly. In forward fold my hands were actually touching the floor.

Today I'm wearing an OM pendant and someone asked me if I practised yoga. I said yes I do and I figured today would be an OM kind of day...see next paragraph.

I get to attempt to fix my toilet tonight, the water runs continuously in the tank, not the bowl so I think I need to replace the inner workings. I asked a co-worker to recommend a plumber and he said you can do it yourself in 10min for $20. I'm used to home repair, heck I can install a faucet so I don't think this will be too much trouble. I turned off my water last night because the sound drives me crazy and left it off today-heck I'm not home and continuous running water in the tank makes me nervous. I could have just turned off the valve attached to toilet but I discovered this late last night and I live in an older house so I didn't want to monkey around too much. I'll try to do that tonight too so I can actually use water. I'm dropping into Walmart again to pick up the parts, I should seriously buy stocks in that company.

Of course this morning I was thinking I needed a plumber and while thinking about how much it will cost I also tidied up my house. So that's one good thing. I talk to my Dad tonight and who knows he may offer to come in on the weekend and help me out. I would like to fix it before then.

Thanks to Sarah for mentioning that a digital camera might work for a talking post, I think my camera has that I'll look into that.

Only in Calgary I tell ya - 5 degrees when I left the house and when I go home it will be 19. This is why we all own 15 different jackets.

Alas, I hope everyone has a groovy day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a workout!

Wowsers what a workout yesterday, I walked home from work which is 10K, the very last portion is a hike up the side of a cliff via semi contructed pathways and a whole lot of windy, uneven stairs. I thought I was going to live on the side of the cliff, I was wicked winded. I wasn't surprised that my energy was depleted but I had to stop a couple of times to get my breath. Smiling away as people passed me going down the cliff. Got home and made supper and then did 50min of yoga. I earned 9 activity points yesterday. I'm kind of proud of myself because it was also off and on raining but I didn't bail.

I find yoga after a run or long walk is an awesome way to stretch.

There were quite a few hotties on the pathway yesterday, they were all running. I should try to run more :)

I did get in all 8 guidelines so one day down.

Watched a bit of shear genius yesterday (we in Canada are behind in that show). I like it, I think the challenges are interesting.

Not to much exciting to report today, I do hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday and a new challenge

I'm so happy to hear that others have had run ins with Dibs, yes they are evil and it's truely evil to put 2 servings in a small container. Alas, we are now forewarned.

Thanks to those who support the idea of my doing a talking blog, you'll have to help me figure it out. I might pick up a web cam this weekend.

I was at my friend H's house on Saturday as she prepared to run in the Underwear Affair (an run dedicated to bringing attention to cancers below the waist). Her mom joined weight watchers that day and H stayed for the introduction with her at the meeting. We got to talking about motivation and following the plan. Of course the meeting topic that day was a questionnaire on how your doing with the plan. You were to rank your answers from 1-5, 1 being totally disagree and 5 being totally agree. The questions were like "I am losing weight at the rate I should be", "I track all of eating in my tracker"; well I came to a quick realization that I can talk the talk but I'm not walking the walk. It really brought home that if you follow the plan it works, if you kind a sorta follow the plan you get kinda sorta results. I know for a fact the plan works. I stayed the same at WI, which I was happy with but next week I'm going to see a loss dang it!

Well we came up with a challenge that we gave the group we both belong to on the message board. It's called the 56pt challenge, H did it in her meeting a while back and found it really helpful.

The goal is get all 8 healthy guidelines in each day ie. water, fruits and veg, 2 servings of protein, 2 servings of milk, whole grains etc. So 8 guidelines x 7 days = 56. We issued a challenge to our group that for everyday they can do a minimum of 6 guidelines, we'll enter their name in a draw and on Labour day they could win a gift certificate to amazon.

I needed something that just didn't focus on pounds but rather the right behaviours. It starts today so I'll keep you posted.

Tonight my plan is to walk home that's about 10K give or take, dark thunder clouds keep sweeping and sweeping out. I'll keep a careful eye on the weather as I won't be walking home if it's raining, I'd walk home if it was just rain but not thunder showers. The last part is a hike up a dirt road and mud is just not part of the plan not to mention being a walking target/lightning rod. If it can't be done tonight, I'll do it at some point this week. If I don't walk, then some other workout will happen instead...perhaps Walk Away the Pounds 4 Miles.

I hope everyone has a groovy Monday!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Found a red light food

Very random post today :)

I've been very tempted by a new ice cream product that I found in my local supermarket. There called Dibs, I keep seeing the commercial and the other day while in my local convenience store I picked up a small container. The vanilla version is worth 5pts per serving, so not horribly bad in the world of ice cream. The trick is sticking to the serving size. They're little squares of ice cream coated in the same coating as the Revello bars...they are soooooo good. I can never buy them from the grocery store because the pack is much bigger. As an occasional treat perhaps purchased from Mac's would be the best plan.

Headed out for a 5K walk when I got home yesterday and my pace was pretty decent so I was happy. Did yoga after that and attempted the dreaded upward facing plank, I look forward to the day I can actually do that pose.

Total kudos to Sarah and Anne for their talking blogs, if you haven't checked it out please wander over. It's like having a conversation with them. This has me considering picking up a web cam and trying it myself.

I've been craving salads lately and I think that's a true sign that spring/summer has arrived. All those in season gorgeous coloured veggies are calling my name.

My two co-workers who joined Weight Watchers last week have their first week weigh in today, I have my fingers crossed for them.

I'm in love with Tribe Medittarean hummous, the spice blend in this is awesome.

Watched the second episode of Pirate Master's last night and all I can say's alright. I may give it it one more episode but I don't find it all that interesting and find the contestants a little boring.

Watched SYTYCD, I'm not sure about Benji's sister, she doesn't have the same sparkle as Benji does. I have no clear favourites at this point so it should be interesting, I think a very interesting factor is how many contestants have had siblings who competed on this show before, I wonder if that will better prepare them or be a hindrance.

Isn't Canada's Next Top Model daring - 1st episode the nude shoot, 2nd episode dead seafood on your head. Wowsers they're weeding out the weaklings right off the bat. No clear favourite there either but I'm leaning towards Sinead, she seems to have her act together.

Alright I'm off to try and plan my menus for next week.

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What a storm!

Wowsers did we get a storm last night, well half of the city did anyway. My power went out from 7:30pm until 1am. It was kind of spooky as there was a lot of lightening. Two houses got hit, thankfully no where near mine.

I met H after work yesterday and the clouds were forming, we stopped at Safeway a while later and while we were walking back to the car it started to rain, by the time we pulled out of the parking lot it was big rain, by the time we got to my house (less than 10min away) it was a total downpour.

Apparenlty having a slight freak out due to a lot of lightening is good for weightloss. I was down 1.5lbs this morning.

If you're Canadian, today is camp day at Tim Horton's. All proceeds from coffees go to kids camps.

Not too much to report today as most of evening was spent sitting in the dark. Going to make a modified version of spaghetti squash puttanesca tonight with asperagus, capers and tomatoes.

My R2 potatoo and spud trooper arrived today! So now the top of my hutch has Darth Tater, R2 Potatoo, Spud Trooper, Spudder Man and Opti Mash Prime. I'll have to proceed carefully from this point on if the Mr. Potatoe head trend continues, I might need to install shelving

Have great day everybody!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Planning is key

I need to grab hold of my inner chef and plan my meals better. Yesterday was good during the day. Went to Walmart on the way home, didn't find the top I wanted (lesson learned when you see it just buy it). I did find a different top but way not work for work. As I was wandering down to the sunscreen aisle I found the rolodex laptop holder.

Since becoming a member of the ergonomic commitee I've become obsessed with laptop holders. I still have a desk top but about 10 of my colleagues have laptops. I've been hunting for the type that will suit everyone one and not freak out my boss in terms of price. This holder is just under $30 at Grand & Toy and under $20 at Walmart. So I bought one to test it out.

Then I went to Safeway to get capers, the swiss farmer bread (very pts friendly), hummous, mini whole wheat pitas and some light cheese.

Then I walked home and it was hot lugging the not so light metal laptop holder and my groceries and my bag. Had I thought ahead I would have brought my back pack. At any rate by the time I got home I was tired and hungry but had no plan for supper. So I snacked my way through supper - had some hummous, some cheese, some farmer bread that lead to a bananan cut up with light ice cream on top and caramel sauce.

Sufficite to say the day did not go well. This is snack a palooza week for me thanks to hormones and I know I can over come it. Where I failed yesterday was not having a plan. Well that was yesterday this is today, and I have a plan today. I've written everything in my tracker and I'll check it off as I go through it, this includes water. It's never too late to shake off a bad meal or bad day. Really my day wasn't bad, my supper was. None of that matters today.

Shake it off I say and renew focus.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes :) Have a groovy day!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer is here

Hello hello,

Today is the start of the Comments for a Cure campaign! Please leave a comment today, tomorrow, or Wednesday on my good friend Glitterati's blog to help her raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. She will donate a dollar for every comment made on these days, up to $50. Plus, at the end of it all, she'll do a draw for a cool t-shirt from our Comments for a Cure Caf├ęPress Store. So comment it up and tell your friends!

On to regular programming:
Well the weekend was super nice and we had a doozy of a thunderstorm yesterday. Luckily my neighbourhood is not prone to flooding.

Saturday - My Dad got in to the city at 7:30am and we planted a load of geraniums, whisked off to WI where I was down .4. The loss was totally due to turning the flower beds over on Friday night and then the planting of Saturday morning. Dad went home around noon, I puttered around the house. Later on H made me the most fabulous birthday dinner ever. We had spaghetti squash puttanesca, turkey meatloaf, garlic toast made with this Swiss Farmer bread from Safeway. We also had this awesome hummous by Tribe - the mediterranean spices one.

Sunday - My actual birthday, left my house at 8:15am to head over to the zoo for brunch with A. The Calgary Zoo puts on a nice brunch I must say. Walked around for 2.5hrs looking at sleeping animals - it was mighty hot so I don't blame them. Did a little shopping at Walmart and found 2 work tops, heading back tonight to get a third that I couldn't decide on.

Everytime I go to the zoo the animals are either sleeping or eating. I did miss not having the opportunity to sleep in but alas that can happen later. I totally crashed on the couch at 5pm. I think I got too much sun, I was coated in sunscreen and had a hat but I'm just not crazy about heat - it was 32 degrees.

I do have super renewed motivation though and I'm actually looking forward to this week. H is running in the Underwear Affair to raise money for all cancers below the waist on Saturday, I will be there with bells on to support her.

Plan your weeks everyday, let's all see success at the next WI!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ahoy Mateys

Alright so I watched Pirate Masters last night and the jury is out. I'll watch it again to see for sure. I like the premise and think it's a nice touch to be able to have a mutiny and sabotage the opposing team. I think it might have been a dumb move to get rid of John during tribal council....I mean pirate something or other. The guy did have the compasses as his secret weapon and now they've left with him. I don't have to much faith that the dear captain knows his directions. I'm thinking the majority of the challenges will involve maps, compasses would be very handy indeed.

Also caught the Atlanta auditions for SYTYD, I'm happy that they're in Vegas next week and we can start the actual competition.

I finished watering my lawn but other than that didn't do much last night, which means I have loads of stuff to do tonight. I must prep flower beds, clean house and assemble my birthday cake. I'm choosing to make my own as I like this sort of thing plus I can make it exactly how I want it. I'm going to do a recipe I found on Kraft Canada. It's just an angel food cake cut into 3 layers. Then between the layers you put vanilla pudding (dry) mixed with crushed pineapple and cool whip. Top with strawberries. You can make it low point or high point depending on what you want.

I don't know what WI will bring tomorrow, I've had a goofy week. Workouts were not as they should be and eating has been better but not super fantastic.

I'm conscious of the fact that it's due to my lack of motivation but I'm turning that around. I realized I need to be more conscious of my self talk. I was reading the boards today and I saw one about The Secret. I loved the Secret and got tickets today to an event on Oct 24 that features a few of the philosophers featured in the dvd. I haven't watched it in awhile and find myself sinking into negative thought. I lent it to a friend and I'm hoping to get it back this weekend so I can renew my energy. I really need to visualize myself at goal, following the plan, finding all opportunities to becoming healthier. I especially need to visualize and focus on my fabulousness as this weekend I also need to shop for clothes.
So as the picture above I challenge all of you celebrate yourselves and know in your heart and your head that you'll reach your goals....and dance like nobody's watching :)