Monday, October 30, 2006

Aaagghhh in general

I have new runners and they're pretty (Mizuno Wave Alchemy), which I realize is not the primary importance in a running shoe but I like it. They've got a bit of silver and turquoise, they look speedy and felt fantastic on Friday.

Didn't get to test them out on the longer distance on Sunday because we had blizzard snow. Snow would not normally stop me but this was slushy/slurpee snow so very very slippery as I discovered shoveling my sidewalk in hiking boots. I didn't want to risk injury with running shoes and my lazy neighbours not shoveling their sidewalks. Tonight's training is being adjusted because my Training partner forgot all her gear.

Now the snow is melting in the sunny sections but we still have freezing temperatures and it will get colder as the sun sets so that equals ice. I think I'm going to give the biggest loser DVD a try again. I tried it once got confused and haven't tried it since. I also need to finish a trifle for the potluck tomorrow.

WI was a gain, alas I know it's TOM related but it still doesn't make me happy. Especially because it sends me back into the 170s...aaaaggghhhh. I have 6 weigh ins until Hawaii, I want to be in the 150s by then even if it's 159.8.

The job fair was alright and there might be a handful of good people but the rest I couldn't really help. It was long and tiring and 85% of the questions were as I said the other day...Engineering and IT. The booth next to us had popcorn so that was alright.

The plan for this week is 1) Think positive 2) Follow the healthy guidelines 3) If I can't workout outside, make sure I do it inside.

On to success!


duenneschen said...

oh man lady...chin up!!!

we can do this! we just have to bust some major bootay!

and if all else 6 weeeks you'll be in Hawaii!!!!!! how can you not be happy about being somewhere warm when its probably freezing and snowy back at home!

yes, onward and downward!!!!

Sonya said...

It's seriously snowing in Calgary? Still no snow here in Toronto (knocks on wood) - and hopefully it'll stay that way!