Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Friday!

Went to the optometrist yesterday and yes indeed my vision has changes. The guy tells me that I'm barely legal to drive with my current vision. I then asked him then how is it possible for me to read the posters on the wall that are 10ft away. He then corrected his statement and said it might effect night vision...whatever. Of course I hadn't been to the optometrist in quite a few years, well beyond the every 2 years you're supposed to go. I wasn't exactly surprised that it changed.

I was surprised at the cost of lenses and frames. Shopper's Optical no longer includes the price of lenses with the frames and I had a mini heart attack at forking out over $300 for one pair of glasses. I realize that's probably not so bad but I think I'll keep my current frames and just get new lenses.

He also told me that my astigmatism isn't so bad that I could get by wearing normal contact lenses so he gave me a pair of Acuvue Oasys to try out. I popped a pair in at the office and whoa do they feel different from my other ones. Apparently these ones hold moisture better and offer UV protection. They sent me home with a pair in my perscription to try out for a week and then I go back and give my report. If my vision isn't really effected by the non toric then I can go a head with these one, if I notice a dramatic difference then it's back to Toric. I'm going to try them out tomorrow. Handed in my conservative pair of glasses for new lenses and got talked into the more expensive and thinner poly lenses ($184). Yes, vanity reared it's ugly head. When I get those back I'll get the same thing done with my "funky" pair. With Hawaii looming and not any real issues with my current glasses I can't justify new frames.

Went home for supper and opened up a can of Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom, it was disgusting. I think I prefer the low fat version that you add water too. So instead I had graham crackers and pudding cup for supper all within my points. I couldn't think of one thing to make for dinner and it was 7:30.

I really need to give the grocery list some thought tonight. I pulled out a WW hand out that I got ages ago called Today's specials it's got some great ideas in there so I'm hoping it will get me out of my rut of eating pretty much the same thing every week.

Not sure how WI will go tomorrow, I won't be surprised to see a gain just due to what week it is. My mind set is a new week starts tomorrow :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Sonya said...

Aren't the prices for new glasses insane? I'm looking for a new pair, and can't believe that for a designer frame, I need to fork out $500! Ouch.

Sorry to hear you had a tough week with TOM - but your attitude is wonderful! Keep trucking along - that marathon is just around the corner.