Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cookie Season

I was ambushed this morning by egg nog cookies, you don't understand....egg nog + cookie...my kryptonite. This brought me to the realization that Christmas is upon us and the sugar binge begins.
At this time of year there has always been a meeting around what your goals are for the Festive season. Typically my leader gives us something you can carry around with you. Last year it was a piece of gift wrap ribbon. Green representing that you want to lose, yellow representing that your goal is to maintain and red represents you'll face the consequences.

I always choose green, in fact that green ribbon is taped to my computer monitor.

That really got me thinking today about what seems to be a lack of will power lately. I don't know if it's weather related, or the fact that I didn't weigh in last week or the Christmas goodies that are popping it up everywhere. One major realization is that it is way too easy to fall into old patterns. The other important thing is to handle any goal on a day to day basis. So I will be choosing green this season.

Last night I got home after having a rather tense day with a coworker and had no desire to work out whatsoever, instead I made a veggie stew with gnocchi (0pts with the exception of the gnocchi). I topped that off with treats, I could have skipped the treats part but there was definitely some emotional eating in there.

I will not let this derail me, but rather make me focus on the here and now.


Purl_Princess said...

Egg nog cookies - that sounds so good. But yah all the xmas treats don't do any favors for us gals trying to stay on the wagon. Well it'll be over in two months right? :p

duenneschen said...

oh man...i can totally relate to old patterns...

i so want to start the pig out which starts now and doesnt end till about Jan. 3rd or so....oooohhhhhh nnnnnoooo, not this year! well, at least i don't plan on it, but at teh same time it's making me sort of bitter. and isn't this supposed to be a happy time!?

yes, on to only focusing on daily goals!

Sonya said...

Good for you, making that stew! you have the right attitude - focus on things one day at a time. You've come so far!:-)