Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday musings

On my second official day of vacation I went to the grocery store and stocked up on veggies. Had a very brisk 30min walk on the way there because I also needed to drop of DVDs at blockbuster.

Yesterday I did 45min of yoga and 30min of hip hop abs and I haven't done either one in ages so it was good to get the body moving. Tonight I'll do yoga again.

I also cleaned all the basement windows, dusted and vacuumed.

Looking forward to Big Brother tonight and then it's painting window frames tomorrow. Then after that it's organizing the kitchen and shampooing the carpet. If I can get all this done by the end of the labour day weekend I'll be happy.

On the 4th I'm going to a potluck with all the girls going to Vegas sort of a chance to meet each other before we go. I said I'd bring dessert and will probably make the rocky road brownies from the new low fat cookbook I got on the weekend called One Smart Cookie. I think I'll stick to some type of bar as it will be easier to transport to work and will keep the whole day as well.

Today has been good food wise, I haven't been too happy with what the scale has said in the last few weeks and I know it's all about my behaviours. I have to make exercise a priority and I have to track everything. I've been really good with the water as well.

I hope everyone had a great day and remember that this weight loss journey is one day at a time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The start of a 10 day vacation

I'm including weekends in that of course. The mission for this week is to take care of all those projects that I've some how avoided doing on weekends.

Well Saturday I went to WI up 0.2, which is o.k. I actually didn't want to go as I felt the past week was a total disaster. The topic of the meeting was quite good for me. All about how long do you think it will take to lose the weight. I know my answer is when I'm ready. I've often thought of dates that I thought I could be at goal by and I've never reached that goal. So now my theory is take it one day at a time. Focus on making healthy decisions every day and not worry about a month from now or a year from now. I will get to goal and when I do I'll now that I learned every lesson and will stay at goal weight. So it's one weigh in at a time for me.

The challenge this week is having access to a fridge 24/7 put I have my tracker on my coffee table and have successfully planned two days so far. Again...taking it one day at a time.

I also used a fantastic gift certificate and Cookbook Co. on Saturday, that my friend A gave me for Christmas. I picked up two books by Julie Van Rosendal called One Smart Cookie and Grazings. All the recipes are favourites with less fat and less calories while no sacrificing taste and every recipe has full NI details.

Today I tackled the first and probably biggest of my avoidable tasks and that was cleaning out the spare bedroom in the basement. This room became the place where things with no home began to live...old kitchen chairs and just a whack of junk pretty much. I would just keep the door closed and avoid it. Well what felt like a bazillion bags of garbage up the stairs and out the door later the room is 98% complete. There's nothing on the floor, the only thing I need to do is vacuum and make the beds. I need to pick up some pillows first and paper towel to clean the window. I tell you one thing it was a pretty good workout.

The great thing about getting that done today is nothing else on my list was as daunting. Now I'm quite proud of myself.

Other things on my list:
Reorganize my kitchen cupboards
Organize the linen closet
Go through my closet and be viscious in purging anything that no longer works ignoring sentimental emotions.
Go through my desk and also purge anything that is not currently useful or being used.

Also at some point this week I will make a few dishes to freeze into individual servings for lunches and quick suppers.

My Dad is coming in on Wednesday to help me paint window frames which is also on the list.

The beauty of this week though is back to work on the 4th and then off to Vegas on the 7th.

I found out that we don't have VIP anything for Vegas, we're simply on the guest list for this club, which means we may get a bit further ahead in line but we still pay cover and are still at the mercy of the bouncers. So the chances of getting in are still slim, which suits me fine. The most fun thing to do in Vegas is people watch at any rate. Plus with the MTV video awards going on that weekend hopefully they'll be some celebs walking about. More likely people talking about celebs they spotted, but that works too.

I'm already thinking of packing one day and one night look for each day in Vegas, so I don't pack what I don't need...which I typically do. This time out I'll also have to pack a whack of product for the hair and the makeup. I'm going to pull out the arsenal and look smashing every night. In the past when I went to Vegas I'd just schlep around in t-shirts and shorts the whole time. I will take pictures I promise.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oy Vey...

I'll be happy when I finish Rome Season 2 because than I focus on other things. The problem with renting dvds and my adoration of this series is I feel I need to watch them right away so I can return them. Well my little Roman holiday has completely interrupted my work outs. I get home, flop on the couch and start watching this series. I realize that if I was truly dedicated I would make the time, obviously my dedication is somewhat lacking.

Food wise has been pretty pathetic too, at least I'm tracking it all. The problem-office snacking. The nut man came buy the other day and I bought salted sunflower seeds and chocolate covered pretzels. I've been snacking on the sunflower seeds continually for 2 days, they're now in the garbage. The chocolate covered pretzels are still sealed and my co worker who comes back from 3 weeks vacation on Monday will find them on her desk with a note that says welcome back.

The light at the end of tunnel hit me in Walmart yesterday. I was staring at the new Brain Age 2 game and then realized you can't have this until you've earned it. I had to rethink this goal list thing, I need the prize to be something I really really want. Like when you're a kid at Christmas and this thing is at the top of the list for Santa. The game is $20, I could definitely think of things more expensive but that can wait for down the road. My goal list will consist of completely frivolous items that I would traditionally purchase without even thinking of it, the list will also be flexible so new items could be added in place of existing.

So here's my plan:
170-Brain Age 2
165-Picross Game
160-Nintendo ds browser

I have next week off which will also help as I can get activity in at any time of day and build a pattern so I can keep momentum. The running will start up again this weekend. I find the c25k podcasts kind of irritating music wise so I took out a few books from the library to come up with my own training plan. I also need to pick a race, there's a 10k in October not sure I'll be at that level by then but there's races all the time in this city. I'll be keeping my eye out for one that takes place in about 16 weeks. I think I'll only rent dvds on the weekend from now on, it will be easier on my bank account too.

This Christina Aguilera at LAX while I'm in Vegas is worrying me a little. We didn't get a lot of details on this $600 VIP table thing but I've been doing some research and I think this could wind up costing a lot. In Vegas there's this think called "bottle service" I'm not 100% sure how it works but the jist is you pay for a VIP pass and then you get a table but your expected to buy a certain amount of alcohol. The average seems to be a $375 bottle of some sort of spirit for every 3 people. Add in the cover charge $20, add in the tipping of the hostess, bartender and whoever else helps you and this looks like it would be really expensive. Not to mention it's like they let anyone in. This is a new club on the weekend of the MTV Video music awards, unless you look like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, or dress the part - I don't think your getting in. Even $120.00 just to walk in is starting to seem a little ridiculous to spend the evening with expensive drinks and super skinny 20 year olds. Instead of even stressing about it, I'd rather just go check out the hermitage guggenheim at the Venetian or sit in one of the casino floor bars that don't have cover charges and just people watch. Not to mention that my income is probably half of some the other people's income, I could use that $120.00 for other things.

I've been to Vegas numerous times and can easily occupy my self. I've also taken out a few current Vegas travel guides to look up some options...what can I say I'm a planner.

Anybody know more about what's involved with a VIP table or have you ever had the "bottle service" experience?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rollercoaster ride when getting back on track

Saturday's street hockey was a bit of a disaster as only 3 teams showed up. However the strong organizer's of the group who were left out of this time round have now taken control for next year. Food wise on Saturday was also a bit of a disaster but no biggy - it's only one day.

I was up .8 at WI, but alot of that had to do with wearing jeans as I couldn't wear my normal weigh in uniform due to the street hockey business.

Cleaned out the fridge and bought only healthy stuff on my grocery shopping expidition on Sunday. Bought a new tracker but decided to use the rest of the old one as I still had 9 weeks worth of space, however I've folded the page between last week and this week to indicate a definitive break between past behaviour and now.

Finished season 1 of Rome and bought the cd of the music today. The style of this show is phenomenal. Tried to start season 2 but alas they were taken out. Returned dvds at VHQ and they were closed due to "technical difficulties". Hmm, considering I only ever see one person working at a time I'm wondering if it's more staff related then technology. I also rented The Queen and Hot Fuzz and really enjoyed both.

Got my seaon 2 of Namaste yoga today and I'm so excited but I've been lax in my yoga practice so I feel I should start again wit season 1 and work my way up again.

Been thinking alot about what the heck to wear going clubbing in Vegas. The plan now is to go to a brand new club at Luxor the night that Christina Aguilera is performing. Someone had a contact there and the table has been reserved. I've got time but I don't think I own anything appropriate at the moment.

Apart from all that I need to swing by blockbuster to return dvds and water flowers this evening and squeeze in a workout in there too.

I hope everyone has a groovy day and until tomorrow

Friday, August 17, 2007

Game Plan

I got my hair cut and it's pretty much a cleaned up version of what it was before. Did rediscover my love of Aveda products more specifically the mousse and the volumizing tonic.

Swung back to work to pick up books that have been living under my desk for 3 days. Then went home. By the time I got home, I had no desire to make dinner. So dinner was vermont ham slices with a bit of hot mustard and then rolled up and after that two cookies. I have a fridge full of food, most of it probably condiments purchased for various recipes and then used once. This weekend I need me a game plan.

1. buy new 3 month tracker to start fresh

2. clean out fridge and anything that can trigger a bad food trip

3. Meal ideas posted on the fridge based on what's in the kitchen this minute

4. workout plan on the calendar and check my stock of small stickers

5. medidate on the positive and focus positive self talk

6. Find an empty notebook and start collecting recipes I find in WW Magagazine, Shape and Women's Health.

This morning my coworker gave me the page off of her disney calendar. The quote says it all...

"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now."

Edna Mode, The Incredibles 2004

So no whining, no feeling bad or disappointed, no berating oneself, no excuses and above all no woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Game on baby and there's no stopping until success!

PS. I love Edna Mode and that movie, she's also the screen shot on my cell phone.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life is funny...

Everyday on my way home from work I pass a dance studio that offers classes in hip hop. I have often thought to myself how I'd really like to take that class but didn't do anything with that thought....more on this in a minute.

This Vegas trip is with my friend A and 4 of her friends that I don't know that well.

Well last night went to A's house for a Harry Potter book club meeting. She made amazing chicken kabobs and potatoe salad. One of her friend brought an amazing strawberry spinach salad, another friend brought an awesome hummous. Not too much book talk, instead we got talking about SYTYCD and watched the second last episode (there were people present who hadn't finished the book and didn't want to know how it ended). Two of the people there are part of the Vegas group and I think we got along like a house on fire. I'm going to go to that hip hop class with them starting in September.

To give a little back story. A has had these friends since University. A and I have known each other since Jr. High but went to different Universities. Quite often if I'm hanging out with her and some of the friends I feel like I don't really belong. They're super nice but the only thing we have in common initially is A. So it was super nice to sort of bond with people and find other things in common.

We also had dessert at this shindig. I can not resist M&Ms Caramel Apple Pie.

I'm getting my hair cut tonight and I need to swing by the post office to pick up the parcel from Amazon Germany.

Have a groovy day everybody!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goals and random musings

I went to VHQ last night and found the Rome dvds I was looking for. One guy told me it was $17.50 for 4 dvds, yet I was charged full price. I will phone today to mention that.

Once again searched for Coffee Crisp singles, but they still don't have them.

It was 6 degrees at 5:30am...fall is coming.

Going to my friend's book club this evening, we're discussing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Tomorrow getting hair cut, I coloured it dark brown because I was getting tired of fading red tones. It will probably fade out to reddish but that's alright.

So I was thinking about my goals and rewards. I can't think too far ahead as the things I covet change. So I'll start at the begining. When I hit 168 (5ish pounds from now), I'll buy the Smashbox lipstick in Eden.
I know for goal I'll treat myself to a spa day.

I apologize for the rambling, my life has been a bit chaotic recently and I'm trying to get focused.

I hope everyone has a super fabulous day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happiness is...a coffee crisp single

Went to Blockbuster last night to return my dvds and get the second disk of Rome. Alas someone beat me to it as both copies of that disc were out. So I abandoned that quest and went to Walmart in search of the coffee crisp singles. No luck there.

I'm sitting at my desk eating lunch and my co-worker walks by with one in her hand, I rather abruptly asked her where she got it. It turns out the little convenience store across the hall has them. There a total rip off as he charges a buck each but today I don't care. I wanted that 2pt coffee crisp. It was yummy :)

Due to my zipping around after work I didn't get a formal work out in but I did walk a lot. Tonight I want to drop by VHQ to see if they have Rome and maybe swing into Payless as BOGO is on. I need to revamp myself, I find like I'm in a rut clothes wise and shoes wise. I need snazzier work shoes. I have two pairs of shoes that live under my desk - one for pants, one for skirts. It's pathetic really. Plus fall is my favourite time of year clothes wise. I can't go crazy just yet as Vegas is looming and also I would like to be smaller. I better get my patootie in gear then hey?

Watched my taped Coronation Street last night and totally forgot about The Hills season 3 starting and I missed SYTYCD once again. I'm just not into the dancers. Super excited about Biggest Loser's new season.

So not alot to report I must say. The talking blog is coming I swear now that I'm sitting still for a bit and have camera batteries. Perhaps I'll try that tonight...no promises but I have nothing else on the go.

I hope everyone has a super stupendous day!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Random musings from my brain

Alright, got a few things on my mind - some frivoulous and some more serious

I just read that the girl who won "The Search for the next Pussycat Doll" chose not to join the group but go out on her own. Apparently she landed the gig of being the face of a new line of clothes that P.Diddy is putting out. Fine, that's great exposure as a model. I totally feel for the girls who came in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I was rooting for Chelsea during that series and somehow I don't think she's jump ship. It drives be bananas when people enter these contests beating out thousands of people and then toss it away.

I read on the WW boards that coffee crisp singles have been sighted. That made my day, I love coffee crisp and never have it anymore because it's such a giant chocolate bar.

When I have a minute this afternoon I'm going to write out a goal list for every 5 pound loss. I stayed the same this week, which I'm really happy about but I need to focus on the losing not the maintaining.

I think my motivation is returning, I'll consider my little break a time to regroup and remember why I'm on this journey.

Here's an offbeat question for you all. I got to thinking about all the romance reality shows on the bus this morning. If you've found your soulmate/partner, how did you know they were "The one"?

Hope everyone has a groovy day!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I can't believe it's been almost a week

Since I've been on here...where does time go?

Work is still crazy but not entirely overwhelming which is good.

Exercise has been none existent due to getting home and wanting to not move a muscle.
Motivation has been...iffy. Weather is cooling off and my whole office is in snack mode, add TOM to that and it's been a battle.

I did close the fridge last night as I went to it looking for something even though I wasn't hungry.

I pretty much spent the long weekend reading and discovering the tv show "Big Love". I don't get HBO but I've heard a lot about this show. I was wandering the aisles of Blockbuster and thought why not. Well I got the first two discs, watched both on Sunday. Went back on Monday and got the rest of the series. Now this is season 1 so it will be awhile till Season 2 comes out. I also rented the first disc of "Rome" another HBO series. I'm really liking the one week rental as there's some flexibility in returning them.

Bought my textbooks for my next two classes, even though one doesn't start until April. My plan is to read ahead...normally that never works for me but I'm trying to be a better life organizer.

I'm really enjoying Big Brother at the moment. I so want Danielle and Dick out of there. I can't stand how arrogant they are. I'm really hoping for an upheaval soon.

Missed SYTYCD the other night but I'll grab the recap on fox.com.

Apart from all that I'm just trying to get myself sorted and get back into the groove.

I hope everyone is hanging in there.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Craziness I tell you

My German Amazon stuff has shipped, now the question is when will it get here and how much duty will I have to pay...

Work has been super stressful and my eating habits are reflecting that. This morning I contemplated not going to weigh in tomorrow but then realized that wouldn't help at all. It's better to face it and move on then avoid it.

I think I need to do some yoga tonight, sort of de-stress and focus on some positivity. I'm going to re-start the sticker on the calendar for every day I workout and the plan is to have sticker every day between now and Vegas....baby.

Spent a great evening with The Glitterati, we put together a small buffet in mere minutes. This buffet was fairly nutritionally sound as well.

Watched that song lyric show "Don't forget the lyrics", I've also seen the Singing Bee one and I think I prefer Joey. It's crazy how many song lyrics you remember though.

Alright - I hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend.

I'm out!

Also caught So you think you can dance and I still don't have a favourite. I think that's why I haven't been following along as faithfully as last year.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am a total geek - may the force be with me

After realizing I had forgotton my cousin's birthday I quickly zipped off an email apologizing and promising that I would send a parcel by Friday. My cousin lives in Germany.

I then started thinking about Germany and thoughts turned to my German Harry Potter books and that I was now missing some of the newer books. I wandered over to the german version of Amazon. All the Amazon sites are interrelated to a certain extent. My email and password works on the Canadian and American site as well as the German site. Well I totally forgot that I had created a wish list on the German site. So what do I do...I ordered the Star Wars DVD and Harry Potter DVD set in German. I didn't order books because I couldn't remember what books I was missing.

I just kept going with the process waiting for it to stop me because I'm ordering from Canada. It never did and it sent me an email confirmation. It's shipped by DHL which is an international shipper so we shall see if I get a "shipped" email. I'm so excited though! I told my friend 'A' about it and the first thing she says is "How many copies of the Star Wars movies do you have now?".

O.K I have a few, but don't blame me. Blame the marketing gurus who keep revamping things. I have two sets of vhs and two sets of dvds. But the German ones don't count I tell her, because that's to help my German. Watching movies in German force me to understand normal conversational speed as opposed to any language learning material....I give a good arguement don't I?

It's official I'm going to Vegas in September so I really shouldn't be buying anything frivolous at any rate.

Yesterday I went out to dinner where I didn't behave at all. They were all healthier options but combined not so healthy. However today is a different story I have 10pts remaining and I'm heading out for a healthy dinner and then off to see Hairspray. Vegas is definitely adding extra incentive to stay focused.
I shall report back tomorrow with my progress of finishing out the day OP.
May the force be with you :)