Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back on Track

I did exactly as I planned when I got home yesterday. Walked in the door, turned on the Garmin to get a signal, changed, grabbed an energy gel (haven't tried them yet), filled a bottle on my fuel belt with water and headed out. I did a little over 10km in an hour and thirty minutes. Providing I could keep that pace up for another 32km I would finish my marathon in 6hr and 30min..ish (which would incredibly decent for a walker and might even beat a few runners). The odds of my keeping that pace are in question :) If I finish under 7, I'll be ecstatic.

The sports nutritionist I saw many months ago suggested 30g of carbs per hour of high endurance activity. I normally take Gatorade with me but it's not an option in Hawaii unless I want to lug it. I really don't think that's a great idea. So I'm venturing into other options ie Gels. I bought a couple last week: 2 from Cliff, a mocha and a cola. 2 from Carb Boom, a vanilla-orange and a banana peach. Last night I tried the cola, the texture was a bit strange plus I had it in the back pocket of my fuel belt so it was warm. Not quite pudding, not quite icing. The cola tasted a bit weird a bit like coca cola candy. It wasn't horrible but I think I'm going to try and find something a bit more appetizing. I'm thinking I'll probably need about 7 sources of 30g carbs for the marathon so hopefully I can find a few flavours. I've tried the energy bars but I'm not a big fan of chewing and walking. Number one rule of long distance training on race day or a few weeks before the race is trying anything new. I'm not even considering trying the sports drink that the Honolulu Marathon is offering (mostly because I can't find it in Canada so I can't start using it now.) I'm thinking of trying Cliff Shot Blocks, apparently easy to chew unlike the bars. Enough about training...

The other thing I did last night is watch America's Next Top Model. I'm so happy Monique is gone. I still don't have a favourite to win. I think my favourite personality is Brooke. I taped Biggest Loser. I'm seriously looking forward to Sunday which is when I watch all of these show.

Have a super on plan day!

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