Thursday, November 02, 2006

Love this workout

Alright I did it, I went home put the workout clothes on and did Workout 1 on The Biggest Loser DVD. I remembered how much I despise lunges and squats but I did them. Tonight shall be Workout 2. I really enjoy Bob and I like the fact that the contestants in the dvd represent all shapes and sizes.

My snackapalooza of last week has been hard to curtail, but this morning I opened the hutch in my office and tossed the unhealthy snacks that started to accumulate from visits from the roaming Nut Man. Who stops by every two weeks, the good news is not one bag was near empty. Dug out Week 1 book last night and reviewed the plan.

This week's grocery list will be on plan, mind you next week there won't be a potluck or halloween candy so the temptation part will be easier.

I hoping to maintain on Saturday, I think a loss might be a miracle but I will be completely on plan today and drink my water. Plus I'll definitely have activity over the next two days.
Friday will be the first day back on the pathways since the snow/ice so that will be fun at least Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be plus temperatures so I think I'll shampoo my carpet. Then on Sunday it's a killer distance I think 29km.

I know TOM started my descent into bad behaviours but it was much more difficult to pull myself out this time, weather could certainly have effected it. The first really cold week that just makes you want to stay home in your pajamas and drink hot chocolate...not condusive to weightloss.

All one can do is pick up and move on


Anne said...

Oh, I forgot how much I like that DVD. Must remember to get it back from my sister!

Sonya said...

snackapalooza, LOL!

Good luck with your 29K this weekend - you are AWESOME!!!