Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weigh In mystery solved

When I went to bed last night I noticed my bathroom scale wasn't sitting even as the corner of  bath rug was under it. Mystery weigh in solved. I always weigh myself before I go to bed and first thing when I wake up. The fluctuations intrigue me. Well when I stood on it last night I knew the number looking back at me couldn't possible be right and then I noticed the smidgen unevenness.

I took today as a rest day as I am crazy sore especially in my quads, here I was saying my lower body is stronger then my upper body.

I think the Zumba made it worse but it's all good it just means those muscles were working.

Tomorrow I fly to work and that alarm is going off at 3:30 am. I decided to try a different strategy for breakfast. I try to eat before I leave as I won't get to my desk till 8 am and that's too many hours to not eat anything. Today I made a breakfast sandwich which consisted of a bagel thin, egg, 2 slices Canadian Bacon and a slice of Velveeta Thin. I made a second one to reheat in the microwave tomorrow morning.

It hit me as when ever I get a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks or Tim Hortons there just reheating the precooked egg. Instead of Velveeta I put a bit of Light Tex Mex cheese as I thought that would handle the microwave better.

I'm also thinking the protein will keep me full longer. I've done oatmeal before but my stomach starts grumbling when the bus pulls up to my office building.

On Wednesday I need to grab the bus to Fort McMurray (a 2 hr bus ride) so I have to bring an overnight bag with me. I'm staying in a hotel overnight as I need to go to a meeting on Thursday. I opted to pack a bag instead of bringing stuff from my camp room as then when I come home on Thursday I just unpack instead of hauling everything back up. I looked at the weather and Fort Mac is supposed to have a low of -35C/ -31F on Wednesday - awesome.

My flight home on Thursday is 2 hrs later then usual so I'll have to be super on my game with a day and a half of eating out so close to weigh in. At least the Fort Mac airport has a Subway.

I have pre-tracked Monday up until supper as I have no idea what the camp kitchen will be offering. I'll most likely grab something from the pack lunch kitchen like a pb&j sandwich to eat after I run.

This is on the menu for tomorrow night



SWEET POTATO FRIESClick to view nutritional info

Hope you all had a great Sunday.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Say what?

I always weigh myself at home before I leave for weigh in wearing exactly what I'll be wearing to the meeting. I'm a total geek that way.

I was shocked to see a .2 gain at weigh in where my scale had me at .6 loss. Normally there's only a .2 difference between my scale and the WW scale.

I was definitely annoyed. Thought maybe it was because it was a cold walk to weigh in maybe I was a wee frozen. Whatever I'm on to a new week.

The meeting itself was super packed, it's been a long time since I saw it this busy. I wonder if the new commercials and free registration brought in more people.

We had another sub and this time it was the leader from Black Diamond, that's an hour outside of Calgary. Hmm, I guess coverage for the 9:00 am meeting on a Saturday is hard to find.

The leader was really nice but incredibly underwhelming. We talked about salad dressing for 10 minutes. The someone had a question about how late is too late to eat. Questions are great but it kind of ran away with the meeting.

It drives me a little bananas when the leader starts quoting Dr. Oz. Last time I checked he was a heart surgeon who constantly recommends supplements on his show and doesn't work for Weight Watchers. Then when she was answering the "how late is too late to eat" she quoted Oprah. Oy vey.

After the meeting I zipped into Walmart to grab a few things I forgot yesterday which was primarily spinach. Then I went to Zumba.

I love this class so much, it's so much fun and a workout. I actually remembered some choreography steps. Plus I went to the middle of the class where I normally stay way at the back. It helped as I could see the instructor better.

Still loving my FitBit One, got over 17000 steps today and tried the silent alarm feature for the first time. The silent alarm is cool, it buzzes but it buzzes a little song so you feel it on your wrist when you're wearing the sleep sleeve. Now I've been wearing it on my dominant wrist this whole time and just found out the recommendation is to wear it on the non dominant wrist so I'll do that tonight and see if there's any difference.

I'm really intrigued by their new FitBit Flex but I'm happy to stay with FitBit One, one major reason the FitBit Flex doesn't have an altimeter like the One or Zip. The altimeter allows it tell if  you're changing elevation/altitude like going up stairs or up a hill. Of course when you move your body up something that uses more energy. It can tell the difference between moving and standing still for example the altimeter doesn't work on a stair climber or treadmill on incline. The Flex has everything the One has except for that. The Flex can be worn on your wrist all the time so kind of cool for measuring sleep as you need to put the One in a sleeve that wraps around your wrist. I do like that FitBit One is subtle and no one can tell I'm wearing it.

Alright tomorrow is monster house cleaning and laundry olympics - hey I'll get stairs in.

Hope you had a great Saturday


Friday, January 25, 2013

Well hello weights and sorry triceps

The week began with me abandoning my Nike Fuel Band and leaving it at home. The FitBit is the winner.

At work we are smack in the middle of all the HR cycles and they are all back to back, so it's a bit like herding cats when you need to get a bunch of managers to get there stuff done by a deadline.

Right now it's compensation cycle which has to be one of the crazier ones. This year we had to do a new process that caused less work for the managers and a crazy amount of work for me.

So Monday I had the all day offsite which I think was really productive. I was asked to do the icebreaker and I personally despise icebreakers. I did the one where you tell 3 things about yourself - 2 true and one made up. It went over really well and everyone had a good laugh.

The lunch was catered at the hotel and was a Mexican Fiesta, so good. Dinner was at Charcut, which I can best describe as protein paradise, and Paleo people would really like it and  vegetarians not so much.

We ate a la Famille, so we got platters of things and shared. The beet salad was amazing and I am not a fan of arugula and think of it as dandelion leaves but whatever they did to it was awesome. Then there was a course of cured meats - the spicy ham amazing. There were mini buns with a little pot of cheese that I wasn't sure what to do with. Then the main courses - gnocchi (divine), steak with chimichurri sauce (divine), pork belly (didn't eat it), half a chicken  (didn't eat it- I don't do bones), a fish with head and tail still on (definitely didn't eat it) The main course came with a small pot of fancy carrots. All in all a whole lot of protein and two pieces of vegetable. I did have a beer "La Fin du Monde", translation The End of the World, it's a Quebec beer 10% alcohol but very refreshing which surprised me. I stopped at one, though the boys tried to get me to drink more I just kept saying 6 am flight.

It was a 3:30 am wake up call on Tuesday, now back to comp cycle I needed to enter the data for my client group and we were supposed to get access to the tool on Monday. Knowing I was out of the office on Monday I'd have to do it on Tuesday. I get to work to find out there was a problem and we were waiting for the tool. We didn't get access until 3:30pm. I left the office a few minutes to 9pm. Did I mention I had 2 hours of sleep.

Wednesday I was pretty much a zombie and now had to answer questions as the all the managers now had access to the tool. Someone actually told me I looked tired. I took the earliest tram back to camp and went straight to bed.

Thursday flew by so fast it was incredible. I was packing up my stuff so fast to catch the bus to the plane.

So first week of half marathon training didn't quite go according to plan.

So today I went to the gym and ran/walk on the treadmill for just under half an hour. I should have been there earlier. I did sign up for Tai Chi that start next Sunday. I've been thinking about doing Tai Chi for awhile so thought that it being offered at my gym was a sign. Stress is a big trigger for me falling off the wagon. I then went to my first Iron Reps class in months. Iron Reps is a weight class and you work on one body part per song. My triceps and biceps are going to hate me tomorrow. My upper body is definitely weaker then my lower body.

It showed me that if you don't keep this stuff up you lose it. The run/walk went really well though.

Tomorrow is weigh in and Zumba and I might do another run just to catch up for the week. Then I need to clean my house as it's been a dumping ground for the last little while.

Hope your week went really well!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nike Fuel Band vs FitBit - a one week comparison

Calories Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday    Friday Saturday
Nike Fuel Band 666 962 969 1213 778 343 817
FitBit 2080 2174 2148 2446 2117 1909 2053
Difference -1414 -1212 -1179 -1233 -1339 -1566 -1236

Nike Fuel Band 4096 8025 8125 14276 5715 2175 10215
FitBit 3755 7263 7502 13559 5745 2837 10971
Difference 341 762 623 717 -30 -662 -756

Nike Fuel Band 1.68 3.29 3.33 5.86 2.35 0.89 4.19
FitBit 1.57 3.09 3.18 5.8 2.44 1.18 5.17
Difference 0.11 0.2 0.15 0.06 -0.09 -0.29 -0.98

Out of curiosity I decided to compare last weeks data between the Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit. Massive differences in calories burned. I do wear the FitBit at night to track my sleep but it's not tracking a thousand calories burned overnight. I think the FitBit is far more accurate with calories. The Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit determine calories the same way by using height, weight and gender.

On the steps part I find it interesting that the Nike Fuel Band was tracking higher for 4 days then the FitBit but that could be do to swinging of arms. For example on Saturday I walked home with groceries and Nike Fuel Band shows less miles and steps then FitBit as my arm wasn't really moving.

On miles they're pretty even. However FitBit wins here as you can check the miles all day where with Nike Fuel Band only shows miles once you sync it. I wouldn't depend on FitBit for run training I definitely prefer Garmin there.

Interesting comparison at any rate.

Today I was going to go to the gym for a run but I opted not to with the cold wind chills and Sunday transit schedule. Yeah I was a wimp today. Instead I turned to something I did to winter proof my workouts. I did Zumba on the Xbox. Interesting I have to admit I think I'd rather do the DVD as I'm not really interested in competing but I did get kick out of earning stars as I went along.

I also got Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout and Zumba Core. I did Zumba Rush today. I got these last week as winter isn't over anytime soon.

I finally installed the Xbox yesterday as I've had it for few months but just been busy. After fingering out how to update it without having attached to the internet I was on my way. I played Kinect Sports and I quite enjoyed the bowling and ping pong.

Today was also laundry day and I wound up washing the FitBit, happy to say it survived. It was in the little pocket in my workout pants so super easy miss. Next time it will stay on the sports bra.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Calgary again but I will be better prepared then last week. Then I fly back to work bright and early on Tuesday. It will feel like short week at any rate. My plan is a run on Tuesday and Wednesday as these are short runs in my training plan then do the first long run on Friday. It's a very short long run as I'm just starting the plan as well.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Sunday.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Facing the consequences and the early bird catches the worm

Slept in a little this morning and opted to go to the second meeting. I wasn't the only one as I saw a few people who are normally at the 9 am meeting.

Twice in one week I realize doing things later then my regular routine isn't worth it. The meeting wasn't as full as my regular one so not a lot of dialogue. I spoke a lot which is normally not my style.

We had a sub which we've had before. I like her she's British and newly arrived in Calgary. She was a leader in Britain too. She started the meeting by asking if people understood the 360 plan. A couple of women spoke up as said there wasn't a difference and it's just marketing.

I was a wee disappointed to hear that. I realize WW tweaks plans but I think they've got something good happening with the 360 plan by addressing hedonistic hunger and focusing on not just points to get us to where we want to go.

After that I headed to Walmart for some groceries and I realized that twice in one week doing things later then my normal routine wasn't worth it. I stopped off at Starbucks as per usual and there was a huge line. Walmart was a zoo. When I go to the earlier meeting there's never a line at Starbucks and Walmart is fairly calm.

I've established some routines that shouldn't be messed with and big one is being an early bird.

So weigh in was up 1.2, when the leader asked for who had a great week I put up my hand. I admitted it was an awful week but I did something I've never done before. I tracked everything. In the past I would have stopped by Wednesday and probably thrown out my tracker and got a new one.

I promised myself to not lie to my tracker and get this done.

I honored that commitment this week. Now to keep it going.

Tomorrow I start half marathon training.


Friday, January 18, 2013

A blip

It's felt like a long week.

Monday's meeting in Calgary went well but it's always such a foodapalooza and as it was that time of the month that didn't help.

I was booked on the 8:25 pm plane back to work but the plane was late and I didn't get to my camp room till 11 pm. That is way past my bedtime and a ridiculously long day as I was up at 4 am.

Tuesday felt like Mondays when I have to be up by 3:30 am. I slept in for an hour and took a later tram to the office. Normally I take the 5:30 am or 5:45 am tram. At 6:30 am it's nuts, people everywhere. I will stick to the earlier time it's so much more civilized. I had a ton to do and the complicated part I needed help from others to get it done and sometimes that's like herding cats. I didn't leave the office on Tuesday till 8 pm.

I did attempt a run on the treadmill on Wednesday, it wasn't pretty but I was on there for 40 min. One of my friends at work also got a Fitbit so we thought walking around our camp building would be a good thing. It's a big building with 3 major wings. We can't go outside as there are no sidewalks and pretty much vehicles everywhere plus it was -27c. All in all it was just over 6 miles. What I love about T is she walks fast too. We'll have to keep that up as it breaks the monotony of the treadmill. During the day we'll message each other and take a walk around are two story office building.

Half marathon training starts on Monday as I'm in all day meeting in Calgary again on Monday I'll need to make up a run on the weekend. Today I spent the whole day in my pajamas. I've felt off for the past few days and was really hoping it wasn't the start of a flu or cold. At the event on Monday you could hear a chorus of coughing and then on the plan the girl sitting next to me had a healthy one going.

I did have a lovely nap this afternoon.

Food wise was awful as I'm such an emotional eater and stress is the worst for me. I tracked all the damage. There's a first for me, once it started to go downhill I would so typically stop tracking and probably get a new book. Nope like I said I will not lie to my tracker. This morning I thought I had left my tracker at work and I was freaked. False alarm it was in my backpack. I know I need a better plan for offsite meetings especially like pack my own snacks and that's what I'll do for this Monday.

The battle might have been lost this week but I will win the war.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crazy Week

Well my first full week of 2013 was pretty crazy. I'm got so much on the go but that's good as I'd rather be busy then bored.

Every night I grabbed soup from the camp pack lunch kitchen and headed to my room. I was averaging 13 hrs a day so by the end I just wanted to go to bed.

Of course my super busy causes a wee bit of stress which resulted in way too many Hershey's kisses on one two days, in fact I went over my points this week. The good news I tracked everything, it wasn't that long ago that I would have just given up.

I've now tracked for 21 days in a row (the good, the bad and the ugly as it's all data), I haven't done that in eons.

A few days ago I did miss one day but then I went back the next day and filled it all out.

I did have a loss this week of .4 lbs. I got to move glass beads from Pounds to Go to Pounds Lost. I use on glass bead per .2 lbs.

Last night I had two cups of Cleansing Tea from Teavana, I've had one cup before and had no ill effects. Not the case last night, I was up a lot and I won't go into detail but I was miserable.  Today I tossed it. I did order some other teas that are more dessert herbal teas. I find it helps when I want something sweet at night. Instead of finding chocolate or some sort of bar I go to cup of herbal tea.

At first I thought I'd be going to the 2nd meeting today as I had very little sleep but I was up at my normal Saturday time. I went to Starbucks and got my usual Grande NF Caramel Macchiato and thought about getting their reduced fat breakfast sandwich which clocks in at 8 pts. The funny part that's the same as an Egg McMuffin. Today I decided to take my Starbucks drink and go to Tim Hortons. I got the English muffin with egg white, ham and cheese which is 6 pts and it was fantastic.

I went back to Zumba today, I can't even remember that last time I went. I enjoy it so much. Still have no idea what I'm doing but I find it so fun. I saw that the gym is starting a Tai Chi Gong class  on Sundays in February and I'm going to sign up for that.

I miss the old Saturday gym schedule which had Zumba then Iron Reps. Now it's Zumba, another class then Iron Reps. I just couldn't spend 3 hours in the gym and grocery shop. My total activity for the day was 1 hr of walking (to weigh in, on the treadmill while I waited for Zumba and then the walk home) and 45 min of Zumba.

I think I'll make a point of going to the Friday Iron Reps class as I need to get in the habit of adding strength training.

While grocery shopping I picked this up:

A re-usable coffee sleeve, I've seen them at Starbucks but this one has the handy pocket for your coffee card. Every Monday I get a coffee from Tim's on my way to the plane.

This Monday I'm actually in Calgary for a full day meeting and I'll be flying back to site at 8:25 pm. That will make an interesting Monday as lunch will be catered and dinner must be had before we fly out as the camp kitchen will be closed by the time we get there. There's already a plan for a few of us on that flight to go for dinner. I'm making sure to keep Weekly Points for Monday, I'm not going to go crazy. I'm not concerned about dinner as I can make modifications at restaurant. The catered lunch at the meeting is another story so I just want to be prepared. Not to mention a lot of caffeine will be needed if I'm stuck in a meeting room all day. Maybe I'll swing by Tim's on my way there tomorrow.

My boss told me I can expect to be Calgary based in 9 to 12 months, that's still quite the window. However I was scanning the workout schedule at the gym and thinking about all the classes I could go to when I'm based in Calgary.

Alright tomorrow I should clean the house and die my hair.

Hope you had a great Saturday.


Monday, January 07, 2013

So Tired

My first early flight of 2013 and my first sleepless Sunday of 2013.

It's like my subconscious lives in fear of missing the plane so I wake up every hour on the hour only to truly fall asleep 15 min before my alarm goes off.

Then it was a long day ending at 7pm so 15.5 hr day.

Proceed straight to room, do not do laundry or hit the treadmill. I'm going to bed in the next 30 min.

I had a victory today. Due to the extremely long day my meals are out of whack because I've been up for so long. This morning I walked past the operator kitchen after lunch and snagged a croissant from the dessert tray. I bit off the end and realized I don't need this so I pitched it.

Now later on at 6pm I had a handful of Hershey kisses not exactly a victory but it's all tracked. I am never going to lie to my tracker again.

I'm even too tired to talk about Biggest Loser and I won't make it to watch tonight's episode.

Hope you had a great Monday and good night.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fighting the couch

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I wore the FitBit last night to measure sleep and it's kind of cool, it caught when I woke up at 3 am and turned up the humidifier, apparently I woke up 12 times last night and clocked in just over 7 hrs of sleep.

My normal Sunday routine is to catch up on Coronation Street when I get up but after half an episode I was kind of bored so I started channel flipping as I decided what to have for breakfast.

I came upon a series called "Too Fat for 15", this series ran in 2010 and 2011 and featured obese teens at a wellness camp. There was a mini marathon of season 1. It was interesting to watch as some of these kids were super inspiring for example Tanisha who arrived at the camp at 511 pounds and that girl has determination. She was the largest kid they had ever had at the camp. She did her first mile in an hour and half but she never gave up and completed it. Then there was this other kid named Scott who had nothing but excuses. I'm hoping the Twist channel shows season 2 I'd like to find out how these kids do.

Speaking of weight loss shows, Biggest Loser starts tonight and I'm excited as Jillian is back. I'm also intrigued because there will be 3 kids on the show, they won't compete like the adults but the show is trying to draw attention to childhood obesity. I know I'm going to wind up watching it, thank goodness for time shifting on my tv as I can catch it at 7pm.

I was planing to go for walk today but I was finding it hard to get off the couch. I made lasagna first and then had lunch. I went for walk after lunch and did 5K around the neighbourhood. It was super windy but the temperature was pretty mild probably around -4C/ 24.8F, I was super impressed that 98% of my neighbours had clear sidewalks there were only a couple that didn't shovel which is ridiculous as it hasn't snowed in a while. Clearing your sidewalk is a bylaw in Calgary, you have to do it within 24 hrs of the snow stopping. You can get a hefty fine if the city comes by to clean up or someone slips and gets injured.

I have my first early morning flight of 2013 tomorrow and my alarm will be going off at 3:30 am. I generally try to keep Sunday's low key when I'm flying. I did try the Tria laser today so first treatment is done, now I'll do it again in 2 weeks.

I'm now in the middle of charging Olympics  as I need to charge my work blackberry, my iPhone, my iPad, my Kobo and my Garmin. Normally I'd also be charging my Nike FuelBand and now the FitBit but I did those yesterday.

I'm also doing laundry so my work uniform (t-shirt, jeans, yoga jacket) are good to go for tomorrow. I always lay out my clothes the night before.

I'm taking some of that lasagna for lunch tomorrow so that's sorted. My work backpack will be packed before I go to bed so only last minute stuff needs to be added like lunch and the wrist strap for the FitBit.

Everyone will be back tomorrow too, so it should be a full plane and a busy day.

I do plan to hit the treadmill for a run tomorrow night and I need to do my camp laundry so that works out well as the gym room is across from the laundry room.

I do hope all of you enjoyed your Sunday.


Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nike FuelBand resurrected after evil 52 code

Just got back from Skyfall and this was the 2nd time I saw it but I enjoyed just as much. The theater was packed which surprised me as this movie has been out for awhile now.

I do enjoy that at Cineplex you can buy your ticket at the concession stand, that's just genius.

At any rate when I got home I decided to attempt one more time to fix the Nike FuelBand.

The first thing I did was uninstalled all Nike+ Connect software on my computer. Then I plugged in the FuelBand and the firmware updated with no issues at all.

The only drawback all the data was wiped, it's going back to June which is odd since I bought it in August.
The online Nike Connect kept some data like total "fuel earned to date".
I then did factory reset just to be careful.

Good thing I didn't buy a new one huh. My feelings haven't changed about it though and still very happy I got the FitBit.

My first day with FitBit was great. I earned over 12000 steps today.


RIP Nike Fuel Band

Well I'm not sure it's completely dead but I find it ironic that I was talking about still wearing it even with the arrival of my brand new FitBit and then today it has issues.

This morning before I went to weigh in I thought it's been awhile since I synced the Fuel Band and so I tried doing that on my phone and a message popped up saying it needed a firmware update. O.K I had time for that so I tried to do that on the computer and I got error after error.

First error was 803 which when I clicked help suggested I need a new Fuel Band, say what? I bought it in August last year so it's less then a year old.

So I restarted my computer and tried again. This time I got error 52 and kept getting that error after mulitple attempts. I consulted the all powerful Google and found I was not alone. I tried the tips I found there but no luck so far.

I haven't completely given up and my first instinct was buy another but I stopped myself. This thing is $149 and while now available in Canada from a Nike Store or and comes in new colours (white, grey and original black), I did think back to what I said yesterday and the data I get from the Fuel Band is seriously iffy.

One the Nike "fuel" is a mystical formula that only makes sense to Nike. It's dependent on arm movement so if you're out there running or walking away and your wrist with the Fuel Band isn't moving you get really low results for example pushing a stroller or carrying a bag of groceries. It also means if you move your arm around the Fuel Band you can watch the "fuel" numbers rise. There have been days where I was 10 points away from my goal so I just waved the arm with the Fuel Band around.

I do like the little dancing green guy when you hit a milestone...but is that worth $149? For runs I use my Garmin as Nike Fuel Band does not show you distance or pace while you're running, you can't click to find out how far you've gone on the device itself but when you sync it that does show up.  For non-running, like Zumba or weights I wear my Polar. Both the Polar and Garmin have a heart rate strap so better measures my output and gives me a truer calories expended.

The Fuel Band is a guess on your output based on height ,weight and gender, now that's the same thing for the FitBit but the FitBit is a more accurate pedometer as my arms don't need to be swinging and it shows distance in miles. FitBit passed the shake test as there was no steps recorded unless I actually took a step. It's calorie display is also dependent on your height, weight and gender data but I don't really want to wear a heart rate strap all day so for general everyday movement that's totally fine with me.

I wore my FitBit around today clipped to my bra and couldn't feel it at all. That may be another win for FitBit as when you're wearing the Fuel Band it can get complicated wearing things with cuffs especially if their tighter. Now the Fuel Band can be a reminder to move more as it's very visible but I can also wear the FitBit on my waist band or in my pocket.

Nike does have that "cool" element and like I said I'm not completely convinced it's completely dead but I'm not so sure I'd buy a new one if it came to that.

I went to weigh in today and was down .4, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in that as I tracked for 7 days, didn't use all my weekly points and earned 18 activity points this week. My week did start with New Year's eve so had some higher point days and then had to recoup over the rest of the week. At any rate it's a loss.

I was walking through the mall I noticed Payless Shoes had running shoes in their display racks, everyone is getting into the weight loss resolution game. Weight loss is the number one resolution by the way.

Let me ask you all a question, with all of the fitness gear and technology (especially the barrage of ads currently) what's more important to you style or functionality?

Off to Skyfall tonight and dinner with my friend T. Hope you all had a great Saturday.


Friday, January 04, 2013

7 out of 7 - 2 weeks in a row

I've tracked for 7 days two weeks in a row, I can't remember the last time I did that.

Maybe if I keep it up for two more weeks I'll create a habit...let's wait and find out.

I can't remember where I saw this, it was on someone's blog so I apologize for not being able to give a source but I tried doing this all week

This cup holds 3 cups of water so I was shooting for 3 refills. I used the elastics idea I saw and it worked like a charm. Every time I finished the glass I took an elastic off so I knew how many I had to go. I have a little Mio in my water hence the colour.

On Wednesday I did do 50min of yoga, I made sure to leave my yoga mat on the chair in camp room as that's the first thing I see when I walk in the door.

Thursday I flew home and I'm always exhausted by the time I get home so I think Thursday needs to be a rest day.

This morning I went grocery shopping (walked there and back) and stuck with my list. Then this afternoon I headed downtown to Aveda for my hair cut.

Tomorrow is weigh in and might be going to see Skyfall again with a friend who hasn't seen it. Those plans are still up in the air.

I'm losing hope that Activelink is coming to Canada anytime soon so I ordered a FitBit from and it arrived today.

I'm intrigued on how it measures sleep too. I won't be doing the calorie tracking on the FitBit website as I'm sticking with Weight Watchers. This will be to help me track my activity. I still wear my Nike Fuel Band but I do find it's entirely dependent on moving your arm. If I walk with it and I'm not carrying anything in my hands I get one result if I walk the same distance but I'm holding a grocery bag I get a far lower result. I'll start wearing the FitBit tomorrow and see how it goes.

The FitBit was a Christmas present to myself along with this..

The Tria Hair Removal Laser for at home use. I got a $50 dollar off deal so I figured if it works it saves me money from waxing. It's a 6 month process but all the info says you see some really visible results in 6. I'll keep you in the loop on my adventures with this.

Tomorrow is the first weigh in of 2013 and I expect it will be busy. I have no issue with the January joiners or the "Resolutionaries".  Whatever gets you through the door to the gym or WW, I cheer you on as everyone needs a first step.

Normally I'd go to Zumba tomorrow but I seriously need to clean out my closet so I'm going to focus on that as that will be activity sorting and organizing. I'm trying to clean up all my spaces to promote success and tackle piece by piece.

O.K have you all seen the Sensa commercials, what the heck is that. I can't see how still eating things like hot dogs, sundaes, fries and hamburgers become healthier by sprinkling some sort of chemical on them. Just plain weird to me.

On that note - I'm out. Talk to you tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Inner Ninja Training

Well Hello and welcome to 2013!

I was in bed by 9pm last night but the sound of fireworks woke me up at midnight so I wished myself a Happy New Year. I did have a Moscow mule as my new year drink with dinner. Made it with diet ginger ale.

I did not go to the resolution 5K, it was dark and I was not so interested in heading downtown for 6pm especially dealing with new transit and a dark pathway. I think I would have preferred a morning run. Instead I ran 5K tonight to still do my own resolution run.

I flew back to work today so my 5K was on a treadmill. I haven't run in 2 months, yeah total slacker there. You know what I picked up where I left off. I find the more fun the music the more I enjoy it.

I reintroduced stickers on my calendar. One for tracking and one for activity. Oh today was day 4 of tracking for me.

I've been reading "Born to run". It's basically about a writer who tracks down these naturally gifted tribe of runners in Mexico. It's an entertaining read. One of the characteristics of these amazing runners is they run because they love it like when we were kids and would run everywhere. So tonight during my run parts (I run/walk) I focused on feeling loose, light and free.

I also kept telling myself all day that I had a date with the treadmill.

See below for my Garmin results as I'm blogging from the app that puts all the photos at the end.

Right this very moment there's a blizzard outside my window so I think I'll be sleeping with ear plugs. So good to be back North....ok maybe not so much with the blizzard. However I did remember my toque (winter hat).

I hope all of you enjoyed your new year and I wish you all success and good health!