Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yard conqueror

My workout today consisted of cleaning eavestroughs and leaf wrangling. I say wrangling as when I got to that part the wind was crazy. It would be totally calm one minute then gust like crazy. It wasn't very productive so I mowed them.

The eavestroughs were a workout lugging the ladder around my house and lots of climbing. I also unclogged one of my down spouts. Plus had to tighten the screws one of the brackets. Yes my Daddy raised me to be independent.

I consulted my training plan and it doesn't start till the 9th. That doesn't mean I can't start now. I had thought about going for a run today but I knew if I did that the motivation to clean eavestroughs would be difficult to cultivate. It had to be done today as snow is flying soon like flurries tomorrow.

I keep forgetting that I have an extra long weekend next weekend as I booked Monday off due to next Friday being a holiday.

Food wise so far is a battle as I always find weekends to be a bit of a challenge if I don't have a plan but I'm making a dent and getting my groove back. The battle is won one day at a time.

Cancelled the organic food delivery as their new delivery day does not work for me.

A little sad to not being home tomorrow to hand out candy. I'm hauling another stash to work tomorrow. Last week I brought up 6 bags. Tomorrow it's 7. I must take a picture of my office treat bowl. Last week it was down to practically nothing by Thursday. All these boys definitely like treats.

Alarm is set for the wee hours as I am back on a plane to work tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


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Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is war

Not in the way that I want to blow anything up or anything but I need to think like I'm going into battle.

My motivation is still flimsy, good days and bad days, bad days are winning. You can tell that by my lack of blogging lately.

The thing that bugs me is that it's completely ridiculous and within my control. I finally came to the conclusion that it's stress induced, that is irrelevant as I am in control of how I feel and if I let someone or something get to me that's my problem as I let it get to me. Then of course being a emotional eater it's an excuse to have not so great food behaviour. I've often dealt with stress just fine kind of acting like a duck - just letting it roll off. Lately it's been harder so I need to keep my eye on the ball and give no notice to distractions.

The battle that I need to prepare for is half marathon training officially begins next week. All my grand plans up to now have fizzled and flopped of sort of pre pre training. Now I need to get serious.

Last night I opted to go out for drinks with friends and I did think I'd just have one as weigh in is tomorrow. Then I decided to have another and another and decided weigh in was not happening today and I also knew we'd have a sub leader.

Those type of excuses also end today as new leader starts next week and based on what I say last week I think she'll be a positive influence. I'll say it again the WW plan works when you follow it, when I don't follow it I obviously don't see results.

In another news I've revamped my skin care for the coming winter. I could feel my skin drying out over the last few weeks. It's not a cheap venture as I have to get duplicates of everything so I can have one set at home and one set in my camp room. I'm going back to a Origin's Perfect World moisturizer, White Tea Skin Guardian and trying Plantscription eye treatment. I went to Sephora today and picked up Clinique's new Turnaround Night Cream. I also left with a magnetic nail polish that's super cool.

I had been trying cheaper brands but I found they just didn't measure up so it's back to what I know.

I'm focusing on proper cleansing as opposed to cleansing wipes and speed vs. quality. Again you get what you put in.

Did a whack of walking today as when I got home from Sephora I then decided to go to Walmart and pick up a few things. Wow, I will go back to my routine of going to Walmart after weigh in as 2pm is an absolute zoo.

Alright, I will be accountable to all of you my blogger friends. Excuses begone, this is war.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where did the last 2 days go?

I can't believe it's already Tuesday night. It's been a fast week so far.

Monday it was super foggy when the plane got close to our landing strip. I'm talking Harry Potter ominous foggy to the extent I didn't think we could land. If we couldn't land that would mean a 2hr bus ride from Fort McMurray.

Miraculously we landed but moments later the fog got worse. Other planes that day not so lucky. One that left 15min after mine took 6 hours to get to work due to delays, waiting for buses and that 2 hour ride.

Monday was long. Up at 3:45am and got to my camp room at 7:30pm. I had to stay up s little to watch Castle. I've more recently found that show and it's funny. I think I now have a crush on Nathan Fillion.

Today late meeting resulting in getting to my room at 7:30pm again. It was a good day. I absolutely adore the group I support.

I hauled up Halloween candy this week and my treat bowl. Heck I'm working on Halloween so I'll hand it our at work. It's very popular. I had a very full bowl Monday morning and there is a significant dent today. I will be restocking for Monday.

This morning it was actually snowing. Oy vey it looks like I'll be winterized next week just to be careful.

Tomorrow should not be a late day so I can actually go to the gym. My hamstrings have been uber tight. So I must focus on the post run stretching.

Alright that's all I got. Hope you all had a great last few days.


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I think I might like this leader

I did not go to the gym on Friday, instead I more or less had a pajama day and caught up on Days of our Lives. I didn't feel any ill effects from being out with the boys the night before I just really wanted to chill.

Saturday I went to weigh in and was down .6. I did not have a stellar week by any sense of the imagination so a -.6 was o.k with me. I definitely get what I put in and last week I didn't put in much.

The new leader is super super outgoing and at first I didn't know if I was into that. Through the meeting I really wished I had a notebook with me as she must have said multiple things that I wanted to note down. I used to bring one with me so I think I need to do that again. She's outgoing but also seems really invested in helping us. She told us she just doesn't want us to lose the weight but also not find it again (been there did that) She even told us about a day she has last week where emotional eating reared it's head and she said life happens. No kidding but the other thing is it's one day. You can recover. I think I'll like her. She's on vacation next week but then will be back the following week. She did mention there are 9 weigh ins till Christmas and that was sort of a kick in the pants.

I had a bit a crazy point day yesterday so a bit of an auspicious start to the week. I was very snacky all day even though I had a good protein breakfast with the reduced fat turkey bacon egg sandwich from Starbucks and my grande non fat caramel macchiato - this is my go to WW breakfast that I eat at the meeting. What messed me up is I knew I was going out to dinner so I was trying for a really low point lunch but thought Greek yogurt alone could sustain me so of course that didn't so the snacking began. Dinner was high points (half a cheeseburger, fries, wine, beer, martini, ice cream) that's for sure but you know what it's okay. I tracked it all and know that the rest of my week needs to be more focused kind of like the 80/20 rule.

I did go to the gym yesterday for a run/walk and tried doing 2min run/ 1 min walk intervals. I have one week till I officially start half marathon training and coming to the realization that C25K must go on the back burner. I have to workout for myself what interval will work for 13.1 miles or 21km. The C25K days are low on mileage. The workout went pretty well I had to take a longer walk break midway and wound up running for 15min in total.

Today I went again and ran for 16min total. I started with the 2/1 ratio but then switched it to 2/2. I was super hot in the gym today. The air conditioning is not so great and it was pretty busy. Tomorrow at site I will run again my mission to increase the intervals and run for longer periods by adding intervals. The half marathon training will focus on distance so it will be an experiment to test out what intervals I can maintain for a long distance. I will also attempt adjusting intervals as I go. My Sunday runs for now on should be outside unless there's one heck of a good reason to do it inside i.e. - 30C. I really can't imagine doing 10 miles on a treadmill.

While I was waiting for the meeting to start on Saturday I did give myself a challenge to stay on plan for 30 days. So that's staying within my points (including weekly) and tracking every day. Last week I tracked for 3 days and then gave up. I've been wobbling for far too long but I don't want to get into a should of, could of mindset. What's done is done I'm on to the present and future.

I also realized I need to give myself some rewards to work for. Previously I was thinking I didn't deserve any reward until I got back to 168 (lowest weight to date on WW) but while sitting there on Saturday I realized I was doing myself a disservice. I need to suck it up and I love techie stuff.

The goals and rewards:
170 - manicure/pedicure
165- new Ipod Nano
160 - manicure/pedicure
155 - Xbox 360 with Kinnect
150- manicure/ pedicure
145- Ipad2
130-140- Tiffany Key

Now the reason I kind of skipped over 135 is for the longest time I considered 140 my goal weigh and then I changed it to 130. I have no idea what I'll feel like at 140 so maybe that will be my goal weight and part of me wants that so I can stop paying and get to goal, do maintenance and then maybe shoot for 130 if that's right for my body. When I get to 145 is probably when I can best judge how much further I need to go.

My workout plan for the week is:
Monday - Run/Walk - goal run 18min
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Run/Walk goal run 20min
Thursday - yoga
Friday- Run/Walk goal 22 min and Iron Reps
Saturday - Zumba and Iron Reps
Sunday - Run/Walk - goal run 24min

Every 2min increase in running is adding another interval.

Bring on the week.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy week

Oy vey it was a bit of a crazy week and probably not the best week to declare "I'm focused" as I wasn't.

What I am looking forward to is pretty much from tomorrow till Christmas I should be able to focus on momentum. I honestly believe momentum in regards to healthy habits is huge. I lost my momentum weeks ago and it's been an uphill battle ever since.

Monday was a right off, Tuesday was a right off, Wednesday was a right off and today was a right off. Right off in terms of crazy schedule and late days plus just a wacky week.

All that changes tomorrow. Tomorrow I can go to the gym and I am in control of my food. No catering or team dinners so way more controllable.

Now life will happen, there will be situations outside of my control but at least for now I can build momentum, get the train back on the tracks in a way.

So I do hope you all had a great week and be prepared for me to bring it.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last hurrah now down to business

I went to weigh in yesterday, paid the membership fee as it was a better deal then surrendering coupons. Weighed in at 176.6, a 3.8lb gain. Yup that's what I expected. When I got home from Kingston it was closer to 178 so some better habits returned. It just shows I must stay diligent.

I was surprised to learn we're getting a new leader next week. I guess my old leader Tony quit two weeks ago - apparently due to all the travel he does for his day job.

Now I have seen a few leaders. I'm hoping this new person is fun.

Then it was off to the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest, I thought it was better this year but it seemed food wise there was a whole lot of lamb and seafood - neither being my favourite. However I certainly found stuff to eat :)

I did find some cool beverages like a Bellini in a bottle - yummy, also enjoyed this cider that was numbered I think 12 was Strawberry Lime - very yummy, Maple Vodka - yummy and probably good with pancakes and I also liked the Canadian Club pre mixed with ginger ale or cola in cans.

Loved that the aisles were wider but by 8pm it was pretty crowded. Fantastic people watching at this thing and that's probably one of the highlights of going.

I just factored in that I used all my WP and hit my daily target so now the mission is really on to track properly as I have no wiggle room for the rest of the week.

I tried something new for breakfast. I've read a lot about steel cut oats on the blogs but have never really paid attention until I passed these yesterday.

Of course they take longer to make then my instant oatmeal. I started a little late as I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee today and I was running behind so I had toast with some nutella as I just couldn't wait for the oats to finish. Just before leaving she texted that she wasn't feeling well. So I went to the gym and did another week 3 of C25K as I haven't run since Sunday. When I got home I had the steel cut oats for lunch. I like them.

The challenge will be the prep time as I live alone, hauling out the slow cooker for one portion seems a little overboard so I'll just keep it in mind for my Corrie watching fest on Sundays.

The run went alright. When I hit the second set of 3 min it was hard and I had to stop midway through. I just walked for a few more minutes and tried again and got it completed. So I guess I ran for a whole 1.5 min extra.

I work in Calgary during the day tomorrow and fly to camp at 5pm so my plan is to get there and then change  and hit the gym and run again. After all that I'll go find dinner.

Hope you all had a great Sunday.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Bit of a bummer

I got my order today - yippee. In the container was a note saying they're changing the delivery to my neighbourhood to Wednesday - not so good.

I've already emailed them about it but their little note was a bit misleading. It starts with "we are adding another delivery day to our schedule along with a new website launch". At this point I'm thinking cool but further down they state "This means the date of your delivery will change from Friday to Wednesday" - crappola. It's one thing to ask a neighbour to keep milk for you, it's a whole other enchilada asking them to store a Rubbermaid container full of groceries.

As I don't land in Calgary until 7pm ish on Thursdays, Wednesdays are just not an option. So providing they say I can't keep Friday I'll have to put more of an effort into scheduling my days off and make sure a grocery run takes place on Fridays.

On other news I got my hair cut today and as the stylist talked about my hair I had a strange epiphany about my weight loss journey.

Apparently my hair lacks protein (probably all of me lacks protein must re-look at that) but I am trying to grow it out to my collar bone. I'm now just at the shoulder. Stylist Tim said I'm at the difficult part right now in growing out hair as it hits your shoulder. Oh yes even though I straighten I now have little flips at the end by the end of the day. The epiphany part is when he says it takes patience to grow out your hair. Meanwhile I'm thinking so does weight loss.

Tomorrow I return to weigh in, my last weigh in was Sept. 24th. According to my home scale I've probably gained 5lbs in 3 weeks. Not proud of myself on that and when that happens I go into avoidance mode. I'm not going to do that though, I'm going to face the scale tomorrow and like I said a blog ago. I need to get serious but what's important is that I also remember patience.

While I love the weight loss reality shows I sometimes think they mess with my head. A 12lb loss in a week is completely unrealistic. In reality losing 1-2lbs a week is completely healthy but every once in awhile you just want this to go faster.

When I have a true heart to heart to myself I just haven't been consistent with my efforts. It's consistency that will get me to goal.

That will change.

Hope you had a great Friday.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

17 hours

That's how long I've been up so far today.

Up at 4am, in cab by 4:40pm, plane leaves 6:10am, got to work and swooped straight into meetings. I checked my email for the first time at noon.

Then it was meeting after meeting. I got to camp by 7:30pm. Had dinner and I am know laying on my bed and typing to you.

I had my first glass of water 5 min ago.

Today was just crazy. Tomorrow looks busy too but no late meetings so I can run.

Heck I have yet to track anything. Quite impressed that I stayed coherent and relatively intelligent as I was running on fumes by 4:30pm.

I did bring the coolest thing I found in Kingston with me. It's a collapsible laundry hamper. I found it in the Queen's university bookstore. It's perfect for my camp room. I put my backpack next to it for scale. It has handles so I can carry it to the laundry room. Collapsed it's the size of a small dinner plate. I love it.

Hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday.


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Dusting off the running shoes

I did head out today and it wasn't until I was 5 minutes in that I decided what to do.

The 5 min warm up took me to the mailbox and then I decided to try day 3 of C25K again. I had just started this week when I got the cold.

Every other time I've attempted C25K I stop at week 2 so I didn't want to restart at week 2 unless I absolutely had to.

It was rough but I did it. This was the first run for my new Mizuno shoes and my first run outside in a long time.

Week 3 was two sets of 90 sec run/ 90 sec walk and 3 min run/ 3 min walk with a 5 min warm up and cool down.

I will look at my watch every 30 seconds so today I used landmarks. I could look at my watch only when I reached a certain point.

The stats where:
28:31 min
2.17 miles
Pace 13:10- 9:56 mi

I go back to work tomorrow and my backpack isn't packed just yet but everything I need to take with me is next to it.

Tonight I'm going to try something different to deal with not being able to sleep the night before I fly out.

When I was in Kingston I met one of the other participants who travels a lot. She told me to take one pm advil or Tylenol. I found the advil and I tried it once last week and all seemed good so I'm trying it again tonight.

Have a great evening.


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112 days

Until my half marathon in other words 16 weeks and 16 weigh ins. It would actually be 111 days until the last weigh in before I leave for the half marathon. 111 what a good day for a re-start/ recommitment and a new day one huh?

I still had a food holiday yesterday so today marks a recommitment to the plan, essentially I've had 3 weeks ish off plan. I stepped on my scale this morning and boy do I have work to do. I'm hoping some of what I saw is due to water retention as TOM is looming. A little wishful thinking never hurt - right?

I have renewed focus on water today as well as that has been sorely lacking in the last little while.

I'm just finishing off making some turkey chili and then an hour after lunch I'm heading outside for a run. I need to reboost the running as well and think I need to go with 4 days as opposed to 3. I'm trying to plan that out with my weekly travel. The best way to swing it would be run Friday, Saturday, Sunday (my days off) and Wednesday (my days at camp). Now that would be running 3 days in a row which probably isn't ideal but as long as I listen to my body it should work. That makes Monday and Tuesday cross training days. Thursday will be a rest day as that's the day I fly out and flight delays can happen.

I need to put my serious athlete hat on.

When I came home from my Dad's place I tried taking some action shots with my iphone. Not too easy and they often turned out a little blurry or I missed the shot completely but I wanted to share this pic.

Those are the Rocky Mountains and you can see they have snow. I just thought it was pretty.

I'll come back later and update run stats for today.

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving or Columbus day Monday.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians

A bit of an untraditional thanksgiving this year mainly veggie samosas and too much pie.

Today I wanted to blog about what I'm thankful for and in no particular order.

I'm thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the city I live in, my friends and family, my job, the company I work for, the country I live in, the air I breath, for being able to walk and run and for all of you sharing your journeys to being healthier.


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Friday, October 07, 2011

Back to a routine and building a plan

I head home tomorrow and on Sunday morning I'll be reunited with my Bodymedia and will start tracking again.

I've been away and off plan for two weeks. Next week will be a boot camp inspired return as I need to come to my senses.

My eye must be on the prize from now on. It's far too easy to lapse into bad habits.

Right now I'm visualizing a skinnier me crossing the finish line on January 31st at Disneyland.

I'm thinking about using again. It's a home delivery organic grocery service. The prices are super similar to my grocery store and winter is coming. They deliver to my area on Fridays. I'm kind of liking the idea. Lately I've been leaving the grocery shopping to Saturday and add in weigh in plus the gym it gets complicated.

Plus I want to eat cleaner.

I also must return to running. I left at just beginning week 3 so I'll let my body tell me where I need to start from.

As the gym is closed this weekend I'll have to go outside and I haven't done that in awhile.

It's not a restart but more of a boost.

Hope you had a great Friday


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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Your time is limited..

so don't waste it living someone else's life - Steve Jobs

I find I now find out breaking news via twitter, I'm not sure if that's sad or a sign of the times. Of course Steve Jobs passing away is on every news story around the world. By the way I was on my iPhone when I read the news.

I don't question the genius of Apple or Steve Jobs, after all I own an ipod shuffle, ipod nano (the version before this one), ipod touch, iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 (the phones were not due to a burning desire to own the newest, I had to change providers due to working remotely)  and I desperately covet an IPad 2 (right now hoping to win one via work) and the new iPod nano (it's a reward on my weight loss goals which I'll post on another day). Though I've always drawn the line at a Mac computers as I actually prefer PC. 

The quote above has been mentioned multiple times and what I find interesting are the words "someone else's life". I interpret that as more not realizing your potential. I don't think I'm living someone else's life but I do feel I don't reach my potential and in away I'm coasting. 

I lead a relatively quiet life. I'm shy when I'm uncomfortable and not fond of crowds.Once I'm comfortable I get out going - maybe it's a Gemini thing.  Perhaps it's due to being an only child as I've always been pretty good at occupying myself - rousing games of monopoly with stuffed animals comes to mind and no I didn't always win. My last two boyfriends were found online, I've been single for awhile as I'm not ready to jump back into that world. I might try it again, we'll see. I do work with 95% men but that's dangerous territory as not many wear their wedding rings. I go to an all female gym so that rules that out (it's cheap and makes sense only being able to use it 3 days a week).

Add in the complications of working in far Northern Alberta for 4 days a week. I have zip idea of what's going on in Calgary as we only get Edmonton news up there. (The whole flying to work for 4 days every week was a source of many questions while I was in Kingston). The working away also has interesting impacts on the social network at work. There are two of us a site and our Calgary based team socialize together a lot so they have a separate culture from the two of us at site. I do find I make the majority of my friends at work. The people at site live all over Canada.

While waiting for my luggage at the Calgary airport when I flew back from Kingston I saw a poster for an exhibit of movie costumes at the Glenbow museum that I would have liked to see. It ended 2 days beforehand.

While in Kingston, I got a daily copy of the Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) and I read it everyday. I haven't been that on top of world events in awhile as twitter is not known for a whack of detail and in all honesty it's following Anderson Cooper that gives me the details on that.

If I win this IPad I'd subscribe to Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald as I need to keep informed not just on news but what's going on in my own city. I could subscribe online right now of course and I still might do that but my work internet is archaic (they're working on it) and lunch time would be a great time to catch up on world events. You know I might do that this weekend.

I'm not completely sheltered as the weekend after next is the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Fest and I'm going to that with friends as it's an awesome way to sort of taste test local restaurants. I do find working away for the most of the week I do go out for dinner more often due to lack of groceries.

I need to shake myself up a bit, as in get out of my comfort zone in regards to weigh loss and general life. I need to get out more. I will definitely go to Fitbloggin 2012 and on a least one of my 3 days off a week I should do something like go to the museum or the zoo or a festival that's going on - heck even a movie wouldn't be so bad.

When I return home this weekend my gym will be closed on Sunday and Monday and I really need to do housework after barely being home for 2 weeks. I'll have to scope out if there's anything going on over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

I think the moral of my post today is I need to stop getting in my own way.

Hope your week is going well thus far.


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Too much time to think

There isn't a ton to blog about when I'm at my Dad's house in the middle of the country. The major highlight this week has been the installation of Telus Satellite TV before that it was 3 channels and only 2 came in clearly.

The other highlights of my day are feeding the wild/ domesticated cats that live outside. I'm strangely attached to this motley crew. Fred (the oldest male and my favourite) has discovered he likes to be scratched behind the ear. The others won't let you touch them. The rest of the time is spent reading or sleeping so it's kind of like being on retreat.

The other exciting part was now that we have satellite tv out here we now have time shifting so I could watch Biggest Loser at 6pm.

I apologize in advance if I give any spoilers away.

I'm not a NFL fan, heck I just barely understand CFL. I prefer my sports to have simple scoring like hockey, puck goes in net you get a point or soccer - ball goes in net you score a point.

What I did find inspiring was the 50 year old retired football (incredibly fit player inspiring the blue team and Jennifer who on crutches still loses 16lbs, what about the 60 year old losing even more. Now those loses are completely unrealistic in the real world where you don't have 6 hours in the gym but still it goes to show that no matter what your circumstances are you can be successful in getting healthier. I saw a bit of the red team trainer on Rachael Ray and I think he said something along the lines of "there's no excuse unless you're making an excuse".

It makes me think of the last 3 weeks. I had a cold that led to a week in Kingston and then a week at my Dad's. I go home on this weekend and I'm looking forward to truly being in control of my environment. I could have exercised more control in Kingston and I do the best I can at Dad's (He's 88 I"m not going to disrupt his lifestyle to suit mine).

I do find the black team to be pretty inspiring. I'm not 40 for another 8 months and I strongly believe age is just a number that doesn't mean I'm not going to fight ageing every step of the way. A primary way of doing that is of course focusing on your health.

I won't get home in time to go to weigh in so I'll be paying the registration fee on the 14th and then I'll have 16 weeks till my half marathon.

When I get home I have to be game on. I've been coasting for far too long. I still completely believe in Weightwatchers and I am successful when following the plan. The trouble happens when I so so follow the plan or completely abandon the plan as I've done for the past 3 weeks.

The trick is not to give up.


Saturday, October 01, 2011

The constant traveller

Today I was off to Dad's house. When I got home last night I tried to stay up for a bit as I was trying to acclimate back to mountain standard time.

Woke up at 6am which was alright as I had to do laundry to repack for Dad's. I also needed to zip into Walmart to pick up somethings to bring with me.

I did want to finish laundry before heading out so I caught up on Biggest Loser. So far I'm leaning towards Jennifer on the black team. Mainly because she's never married and no kids which I totally relate to. Is it just me or do you think the blue team will be picked off? I hope not as I think it's important we all know it's never too late to take care of yourself.

My Walmart is still under renovations so it's a bit of a scavenger hunt. Today I see they moved the candy aisle and directly behind it is now the dental stuff, fitting I suppose. I had breakfast at MacDonald's as there is no point in groceries as I'm gone for another week.

I was looking at the monopoly game board and a little old lady handed me another one. Not sure why.

I did not manage my time well as I missed weigh in. I did step on my home scale and I did some damage in Kingston.

I was walking home when another little old lady flagged me down and asked me if I was Shelley. Nope but she liked my black owl lulu hoody.

Then it was off to the Greyhound station. Always interesting people there. A girl having a scuffle with all her stuff in a locker and a guy using garbage bags as luggage yet also had a laptop with him that he carried in the box it came in - not a new box.

On the bus there was a total moron. The guy smelled like whiskey and sat in the very first row. These to Chinese ladies sit behind him. They were talking and then he turns around and says "are you going to talk the whole way?". The ladies apologized and moved, I can't say that's how I would have responded. Then he proceeds to talk to the driver for an hour. Moron.

Read a new mag I found in the shop by my gate in Toronto. It's called Off the Couch, from the same people who publish Oxygen. It's got some inspiring stories.

Now at Dad's and the cats came to say hi. Fred recognized me and purred. He let me pet him, just a reminder these are the " wild cats" my Dad started feeding so they're now his cats. Mama Meow no longer appears pregnant so not sure what happened there as we're holding at 5 cats. 2 of them avoid us (Spook and Max) 2 semi friendly (Mama and Dusty) if you have food and of course Fred.

Hope all of you had a great Saturday.


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