Friday, December 01, 2006

New week in 24 hours

My training partner is off to Hawaii on Sunday and I must admit I'm a bit jealous. I know that I'll now be there in not time whatsoever but there's something magical about leaving snow covered terrain for ocean and palm trees.

Supper was interesting yesterday, I didn't feel like cooking so I cut up a tomatoe, a bit of red onion, a bit of cheddar cheese and topped it with balsamic vinegar. It was alright, a bit odd but alright. I also whipped the cream for the cheesecake and topped it with crushed candy canes and grated white chocolate. Everyone loved it.

The supper thing got me thinking how there's no cookbooks geared at single people. Everything either serves 2 or more. The kraft canada website has a neat feature of one week menus and you can print off a shopping list. Most of the recipes aren't too ww friendly but all of them serve 4. But imagine if it were WW friendly and you could choose how many servings. I should copyright this idea.

I'm happy it's Friday and a new week is about to start. I need a clean start.

I'm also going to start getting organized for Hawaii, start packing what I don't need now so the day before I leave won't be chaotic. Tomorrow I'm grabbing the bulk of what I need (fuel gels and such) so the running around is limited. Not

The Food:
2 Eggo Fibre Waffles - 3
Becel Spray - 0
Wee bit of light syrup- 1
Sukiyaki Beef (with rice and sprouts)-7
Small piece of my fabulous cheesecake - 5

Yeah, well supper will probably be soup and I'll bediligently trying to distract myself from eating anything else while drinking lots of water.

Water: 1/3L

Exercise: Trying on all my summer clothes to see what fits, including the bathing suit...eek!

A.M Scale: 172

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Living to Feel Good said...

Oh my cool would that be if you typed in how many you wanted to serve 1 or 2 and then it adjusted the ingredients to that? Copyright it and work on it eh? ;P