Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training plan not exactly going as planned

Where I last left training partner and I were to head out for 60min on Monday. I got a call from Training Partner saying that she did not bring appropriate layers for a very chilly/windy day. So I met her at Good Earth to hand over my share of the Hawaiian Condo money and we had dinner instead.
Yesterday I should have done strength training but had a wicked headache probably due to the weather so I skipped that in favour of trying to get rid of the headache. Eating has been so so for the past few days, I find myself craving comfort food with the chilly weather and the sun setting at 7:30pm. For example, yesterday I was perfectly OP until I talked to my Dad which reminded me of his home made plum jam so of course I had to make some whole wheat toast and have some jam. It could have been worse I could have been craving a blizzard. No matter, I'm still a bit disappointed in myself for that.

In terms of training plan I've now missed 3 days, enough is enough that ends today.

Tonight it's supposed to be +14 so my goal is 10km to get up some distance.
Thursday-Core Secrets and Pilates (40min all together)
Friday- I'm supposed to hook up with Training Partner so I'm going to suggest a longer distance or get up earlier on Saturday and do a quick 5km before weigh in.
I would like to get 20km completed before Saturday.
Saturday-rest day and I'm planning a one person Battlestar Galactica party since the new season starts.
Sunday - I'm on my own for 22km so that means new tunes in the mp3
Monday-Probably on my own again since it's Canadian Thanksgiving, but that will be about an hour and my training plan should be back on schedule by then.

The scale is still looking good because my so-so eating hasn't been too bad.
I'll report back tomorrow in regards to progress.

Definitely check out Pink Bunny Foo Foo's thread today, it makes you think and mirrors what I've been thinking for the past few weeks.

On to success!

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