Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Day Before Canada Day!

Hello All,
Not tons new to report, got messed up with the meeting times and couldn't WI in yesterday night. I so thought it was at 7:30 not 6:30. Oh well I just have to surrender two coupons next Saturday. I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I don't think the whole province has been sleeping well with all the heat but it's cooler today.

My long weekend plans involve a whole lot of yard work related activities, however I do need to seek out work clothes that fit. So maybe I'll go shopping on Saturday and leave the yard work for the other two days.

Even though I didn't WI yesterday I still behaved myself and didn't go crazy with snack or bad choices so I'm quite pleased with myself on that one. I also plan on getting a fair amount of activity this weekend. The chart and sticker routine is returning for next week, this week I tried to just use my journal to set activity goals and didn't work as well. I need a more visual, in your face reminder.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend, I'll probably pop by on the weekend.

To Success

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Busy, busy day

Oy vey! Hey, I rhymed...I'm so talented :)

Pizza was fabulous last night and I ordered the marinara so no cheese...major kudos to me! Tonight I'm thinking beans on toast for dinner. I don't want to make anything complicated tonight.
So I'll be weighing in tomorrow night as opposed to early am. I have a full day of interviews and if I'm tired it won't be good so I'll be good and not eat anything after lunch tomorrow to simulate my weighing in before I've eaten anything.

I got this from Anne and decided to do it myself.

1) How old do you wish you were? I like where I'm at now
2) Where were you when 9/11 happened? Day off at home, just turned on the TV when the second plane hit
3) What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Haven't used one in a long time, probably hit it
4) Do you consider yourself kind? Yes I do
5) If you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be? Probably a small maple leaf on my shoulder
6) If you could be fluent in any other language what would it be? Japanese
7) Do you know your neighbors? Yup
8)What do you consider a vacation? Any time focused on just me
.9) Do you follow your horoscope? Not very often
10) Would you move for the person you loved? Yes
11) Are you touchy feely? Not overly, but give hugs when they're needed
12) Do you believe that opposites attract? Yes I do
13) Dream job? Write and research for Lonely Planet
14) Favorite channel(s) A&E, TLC, MTV, Food Network
15) Favorite place to go on a weekend? Stay home
16) Shower or Bath? Bath, old house don't have a shower
17) Do you paint your nails? Yup
18) Do you trust people easily? No
19) What are your phobias? Bugs, especially spiders
20) Do you want kids? Sometimes
21) Do you keep a handwritten journal? Off and on, now it's my blog
22) Where would you rather be right now? On a cruise
23) What makes you feel warm and safe? My Dad
24) Heavy or light sleep? Sleep like the dead
25) Are you paranoid? No
26) Are you impatient? Sometimes, can't we all?
27) Who can you relate to? People trying to lose weight
28 ) How do you feel about interracial couples? Produce incredibly beautiful children
29) Have you been burned by love? Don't think I ever truely been in love yet
30) Whats your life motto? If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger
31) What's your main ring tone on your cell? Theme song for Fraggle Rock
32) What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping
34) Who's bed did you sleep in last night? My fabulous bed from Ikea
35) What color shirt are you wearing? Cream with brown and pink stripes
36) Most recent movie you watched? Over The Hedge
37) Name five things you have on you at all times. Bank card, food journal, pen, kleenex, bus pass
38.) What color are your bed sheets? Dark blue
39) How much cash do you have on you right now? $30 and some change
40) What is your favorite part of chicken? Breast
41) What's your favorite town/city? Calgary
42) I can't wait till...I get pathetic
43) Who got you to join myspace? No one...yet
44) What did you have for dinner last night? Marinara pizza at Pulcinella's
45) How tall are you barefoot? 5'4"
46) Have you ever smoked crack? No
47) Do you own a gun? No, and I never will
48) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milk then coffee
49) What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? Do I have one, if so someone tell me!
50) Do you have A.D.D.? No
51) What time did you wake up today 5:30am
52) Current worry? Am I success
53) Current hate? Impatient people and people who act stupid on purpose
54) Favorite place to be? At home or with my friends
55) Where would you like to travel? Australia, Japan, Ireland, East coast of Canada
56) Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs? Maybe married with kiddies or the ruler of the universe
57) Last thing you ate? A chocolate covered pretzel
58) What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever song is in my head
59) Last person that made you laugh? My co-worker
60) Worst injury you've ever had? twisted ankle
61) Does someone have a crush on you? Doubt it
62) What is your favorite candy? Gummi berries

To Success!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's damn hot!

Last night we did a just over 5km walk and then schlepped to co-op (further walk) and purchased Heinz beans on sale for 2 for $1. Then I schlepped those to the bus stop (weight training) and took the bus that requires a longer walk home (boot camp). All in a sweltering heat, I've never been so happy to see shade.

Tonight it's off to dinner at a place called Pucinella which apparently has amazing thin crust pizza with minimal toppings....just the way I like it.

Food wise was good today, I find it's easier to stay on track when it's super hot unless there's cerveza involved of course :)

To Success!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Activity Craziness!

Being my super powerful self I woke up on the early side of Sunday (8am ish) and went for a 7km walk. Then later on I did 90min of yard work which included mowing the front and back lawn...whoo hoo to me. Food was really good until about 8pm, slight unnecessary snacking occured but I'm not letting that bother me. I had also earned 9APs that day.

I was set up really well for today until I realized I forgot about a lunch get together, no worries there. The lunch I brought needed to be nuked and that doesn't really work when you're going to the park so I bought a sandwich of roughly the same points. Got sidelined by home made cinnamon buns brought in by an old co-worker who now lives in Edmonton. No biggy there either I had 9pts for supper so now I do a lower point supper and drink lots of water. My walking buddy and I are heading out after work and she pushes me to go faster so some good APs coming my way. I'm seriously thinking about getting up earlier and going for a walk when it's cooler. Of course that would mean earlier bed time so that I don't fall asleep at my desk :) That I'll work on.

Tomorrow night I'm going out for dinner so getting up earlier and going for a walk would be a good idea. We'll see, I knew the dinner was coming so I'll also adjust my points accordingly.

Food Today: Goal 24pts
Coyote Pancakes with blueberries - 3pts (this mix has 7g of fibre)
Milk - 2
1 TBSP Light Aunt Jemima Syrop - 1
Apple - 1
Egg Salad on Whole Wheat - 6 (It's got very little filling)
2 x Cinnamon Rolls - 8 (Same size as the pillsbury caramel rolls)
Subtotal - 21pts Remaining points- 3
I'll earn a minimum of 4 APs tonight so I'll aim for a 4pt supper (can be done at Subway or at home).
Cardio - Walk with buddy estimating 8km.

To Success!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Positive Outlook equals down 1.6!

Whoo hoo! I was very happy at the scale today. Also very happy because now my bathroom sink drains properly thanks to Wonder Dad, who at 83 is still very active and most people might guess he's in his 60s. I really really hope I age like him.

I'm so close to flinging myself into the 160's and with my workout plan in place this week and the WW Mexican Potatoe Casserole planned for work lunch I think I can do it. The only wrinkle in my plan is that my WW meeting is closed on Canada Day so that means going to work really early on Thursday so I can go to the 7am meeting Downtown. I'm willing to do that so I can keep my WI routine relatively intact.

My positive statement of the day...I feel powerful, not in a rule the world sort of way (That is my dream job) but more I know I'll get to goal. Though I don't like the effect on my bank account I love how all my dress pants are too big and that I've gone down in shoe size. I also love how I look at the nutritional information without even thinking about it.

I adore all of my fellow bloggers who are incorporating healthy options into their lives. We should really have a convention or something :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday.

To Success!

(Food tracking and exercise goals return tomorrow)

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's all about the outlook

One day before weigh in and this morning the scale was very promising. Yes, I weigh myself every morning however I'm not obsessed about the number. I look at it in a very analytical way more to determine how my activities should be adjusted for the rest of the week.

At any rate, if I keep it together today I should see a favourable result tomorrow morning. The thing I was trying to do this week was add extra bits of activity in to my everyday routine. For example go to the far food court for lunch, walk an extra block to get to the office, take the bus home that requires me walk faster and do some living room dancing in the evenings. As I've stated before I'm going to put a more formalized workout program in place next week, one that does no rely on other people either.

I loved Philippa's blog today and you can check it out here. She is such an inspiration and what she says today really hit home. It's so easy for us to get discouraged and disappointed with this tough journey we're on. It made me think that as people it's so easy to get dragged down by the negative. I need to make a conscious effort to be more positive with myself. Like when the scale isn't going where I want it to, I should look at my start measurements and weight and realize how far I've come. I know sometimes easier said then done.

Also a major kudos to Anne for her organizing the post card exchange. I got my two very positive post cards from Janel and Lisa. It totally made my day.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to say something positive each day about this journey either here on the blog or in my journal at home.

We call all so do this with a littler perserverance and little faith.

To Success!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stupid TV Guide

So here I was trying to figure out what to tape and what not to tape and the TV Guide was wrong. Big Brother was on at 9pm not 8pm so no conflict. Sometime I wonder what I'm paying for if they give you wrong info.

Wicked thunderstorm tonight with hail, luckily in my hood it was short and only itty bitty hail so no damage. Some neighbourhoods got golf balls.

I'm in the process of coming up with a bit more of a formal workout plan, not simply aiming for 6 out of 7 days sort of thing. I want to have a more consistent plan. Plus preconceived options for if the weather sucks or if it's nice. I would like to take advantage of outside since summer is here afterall.

Plus better for my chart and sticker reward system. I'll have more particular goals.

Hugs to all

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rain, rain go away

Just now it looked like a typhoon hit my fair city. I looked up from my desk out the two feet of window and saw rain coming down sideways. I think it's rained every day for the last two weeks. It sure puts kinks into my walking program. Snow I can handle, rain not so much. Since it's still a bus ride home again, I'd prefer not to do that soaking wet and miserable. Tonight I must find an alternative workout.

After work I do need to go in search of a suit. I hate suits, not the look of them just trying to find one especially when one is trying to lose weight. I don't want an expensive one that won't fit in 3 mths. Every suit jacket I try on is too long in the sleeves and I don't have time for alterations. I need it for a client lunch on Thursday. I don't do the work lunch thing very often so I can generally avoid getting a suit. I saw a great suit jacket at Walmart on sale for $14...there were no bottoms to go with it and it was a sort of greyish black so it looked stupid with a real black. I passed. Normally those type of deals never happen to me. My good friend who is now in Toronto has this uncanny ability to find amazing clothes for stupid prices. I'm talking about a $10 suit. She can work miracles. It helps that she has an awesome sense of style which I don't. I'm working on it but still have trouble finding what works for me.
I wish What Not to Wear would come to Calgary so I can nominate myself and then they can give me the $5000 to get a new wardrobe.

Alas, Suzy Shier and Reitmans will have to do for now.

On the food front I've been fairly well behaved. My stomach has been growling consistently since 2pm so I definitely need a snack. Have no idea what to make for supper tonight so I'm hoping inspiration hits me....perhaps an egg white omelette made with my funky magic bullet blender. So far I've made scrambled eggs and a fruit smoothie... not at the same time. This thing is neat, the only problem is the recipe book that came with it has a lot of not so point friendly options.

On the T.V front I'm torn Canada's Next Top Model goes up against Big Brother All Stars. Sure I can tape one and watch the other but Wednesday is a training night I'd have to make sure I get home in time. Of course the Global and CBS has Big Brother on at the same time. MTV starts The Hills on Wednesday too atleast that repeats later.....yes I am a reality tv junkie and I'm o.k with that....for reality I watch the news.

I've babbled enough for today....Success to all!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Can of worms...

Oy vey, that is pretty much how I would sum up my day.
First let me recap Friday. Well it was a fairly busy day work wise and a bit of sadness. Our receptionist is from Romania and she's super home sick right now and we're all not sure how to make it better....however ideas are in the works.
My boss took us all our for drinks and appetizers at Moxie's which was great, however I was of course concerned about WI the next morning. So I had a normal size bellini, a few nachos and couple of pieces of med bread and one triangle of cheese toast (Carb Fest). That was my dinner, then I left early. It was too hard to stay and watch the moxie size bellinis and the ordering of even more food, so I went home and drank lots and lots and lots of water.

I was down 1lb this morning, and my WI lady actually commented on me looking fit and not giggly...hey I'll take it. She also congratulated me on total lost so far. That was really nice since I've been feeling relatively useless plan wise lately.

My Dad was in town today to help we with a few "simple" maintenance things. The first project to deal with a very slow drain in the bathroom sink...result a new sink because the 50 year old one has had it's day. Then it was pretty much the whole day dedicated to getting the new sink to talk to the old pipes. Still not sure if it's good to go, there was caulking involved so I'll test it on Monday once everything has had a chance to dry.

So yay I get to brush my teeth in the kitchen. The other projects were put on of those being my furnace. At least it's supposed to be warm this week. The week of rain and blah weather we just went through caused me to dress in layers while inside the house.

Food wise not so great today but not a complete disaster and I don't really care today. I'm considering today a bit of a free day. I did have decent activity today and tomorrow it will be the olympics of lawn mowing and all sorts of thing related to that. Plus I need to grab groceries so I'll be inspired tomorrow to seek out veggies and goodness.

My week of stickers started really well then fizzled out. I'm not giving up on that project. A new chart goes up tomorrow and I begin again. I really need to schedule activity so I have a plan when I get home and don't get distracted. I'm also going to review all my data (I should have been an accountant-I'm a bit fond of spreadsheets :) )

Right now I'm listening to Natasha Bedingfield's "If you're gonna...". So far I really really like 3 songs- that one, Unwritten and Single....just had to share.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thunderstorms and musings

Totally lost track of yesterday. I've been busy, busy, busy...which I love because it's better than being bored out of your tree.

Points were good yesterday, target was 22, I ate 26 but then got off my couch and went for 6.6km walk which earned me 4AP...Yeah me. So I earned 3 stickers on my chart...yippee!

Today I'm planning for 22pts again, I need to go to Walmart but if it doesn't rain I should mow my lawn. Either will earn me some sort of activity point because I'll walk home from Walmart. I also want to do yoga tonight. However I will stop to watch Canada's Next Top Model...I love it.

Watched the finale of Project Catwalk and I'm so happy Kirstie won. I like her from the start.

Was supposed to have my quarterly performance review today but supervisor is sick...oh well it shall be rescheduled. They should just tell me I'm fabulous and be done with it.

Wicked thunderstorms last night that sounded like electric currents cracking, so didn't get too much sleep. I need it to get warm out so my house will warm up a bit.

Not loads to report right now, might be back later.

The Points:
Toast - 1
Blueberry Cream Cheese -1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Vermicelli and veggies - 4 (tossed the meat that came with because it was disgusting)
Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Yogurt - 1
Subtotal: 13/22 so 9 pts remaining that's huge pour moi. Must plan dinner carefully, I really should go to Walmart so I can go to Safeway and carefully plan tomorrow. I'm going to a Partylite thing and have been assigned sous chef status. The menu that's been explained to me so far is not points friendly. So I want to fill up on low point things so at least I can try a few things at the festivities. Must give that some thought.

The musing part: When a bus is full and the driver asks everyone to move as far back as they can so people can get on...why do morons squeeze themselves into the back door part when they know that in a few stops a bunch of people will be getting off. The best part is when other people are filing past them to get to the back of the bus and they pretend not to notice all the people trying to squeeze past them....Common sense is dead people.

To Success!!!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Still going

I was up .8 at WI, which I'm fine with it's the week before TOM so I typically have a gain then.
However my goal for this coming Saturday is to be down 3. I've done it before and after 2 weeks of gains I know it's doable.

My Sunday was perfectly OP, not one slip - stuck to my 22pts alloted for the day, drank my water (7 cups not the 3L I normally plan for but the WW minimum), did some strength training. Now I just need to do it again.

I've put a chart/grid on fridge with the days of the week on the vertical and my goals on the horizontal. So there's OP, Water, Cardio, Strength and Yoga. Then I have how many out of 7 days I want to achieve. I'm aiming for 6/7 for OP (one day to cheat which has worked for me in the past), 7/7 for Water, 4/7 for Cardio, 2/7 for Strength and 2/7 for Yoga. Every day I achieve any of these goals I get a sticker. What can I say I have a thing for stickers. Then at the end of the week I will total up and see if I made my goal and then I'll reward myself in someway ie. new OPI nail polish or a lipstick or something preferably not food related. O.K maybe a cupcake on a Saturday. But damn Crave in Kensington, if you're not there right when they open they can be sold out and closed by 2pm. I fail to see my they say there hours are until 6pm.

Saturday I earned one sticker for getting activity, but my friend (who follows WW online) was in town and we had foodapalooza including a cupcake from Crave (There were only two to choose from and these are expensive cupcakes) . It was good and now it's done. I also bought my first cherries of the season. I love cherries.

Sunday I earned 3 stickers...whoo hooo.
The most stickers I could earn in one day is 4 and that's only if I combine two workouts ie Strength and Yoga.
It's on my fridge as a very visual reminder. I discovered that where I go wrong the most is after 8pm. Even last night I noticed the abundance of food commercials on at that could just be me...there might be that many all the time.

My walking buddy heads out of town soon so I will have to suck it up and head out alone. We're walking tonight and then on Tuesday I plan to mow the lawn which takes an hour and I consider to be exercise. After that if the weather is nice I'll walk, if not I'll Taebo, or something else on the multitude of exercise DVDs I own.

I can't wait to try my Magic Bullet blender that I got from my friend Unfortunately all I can think of to make is dessert related, so that's why I haven't tried it yet. There are healthy recipes in the book provided, I just wasn't in the mood.

Today I will try yet another flavour of Cliff Bar in my search for one I like. 1/2 a bar (2.5pts) is my pre-exercise carb snack (as advised by the sports nutritionist) so far I've tried the oatmeal one and I thought it was disgusting. Today I have the black cherry almond one (my friend says it's good). At home waiting to be tried are about 7 other flavours. Considering I only eat half at a time, I think I'm pretty well stocked up. I also have gatorade with me so there'll be no dehydrating for me.

Isn't funny how we can be so disgruntled and ready to give up and then all of sudden you get a burst of gung ho. I need to learn how to stay gung ho.

I want to finally hit goal and stop giving WW so much money.

I was watching X-Weighted on Sunday, you can find it on the Life channel and more about it here on their site. It's really interesting to see the challenges they face that we can all probably relate to, it follows them for 6 months.

Alright enough rambling for today.

The Plan:
Toast - 1
Raspberry Cream Cheese - 1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Silhouette Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Beef Rouladen - 4
No yolk noodles - 4
Veggies - 0
1/2 Cliff Bar - 2.5 (pending if I like it)
20oz Gatorade - Didn't drink much (one gulp) so took it off,
Earned 7APs in total and then my friend craved Nachos. So we went to Brewsters. She ordered nachos and I ordered a thin crust veggie pizza. I ate half the pizza and a couple of her nachos but then ordered a chocolate sundae. We were sharing but I ate most of it. She did have a piece of my pizza. So the end result was a little ugly even with activity points I went over. I'm probably totally underestimating the pizza too. Sigh
1/2 Veggie Pizza - 8
Handful of Nachos - 5
2/3 Chocolate Sundae - 8
Totals: 39.5/33 (26 plus all of the activity points)
Tomorrow must be a low point day!

To Success!!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Return to Sanity...

So I regrouped after a lovely walk in the rain last night, was on my way to meet friends for dinner, they didn't show...discoverd later that apparently emails were sent because one was sick...I didn't get any of them. Having seen absolutely no responses from me to these emails, one would think they'd call me...apparently common sense is dead.

So after an extended walk in the rain and returning to find that my furnace is not doing what it's supposed to...I had a great OP day. Who knew that when the world seemed against me I would not reach for the container of ice cream. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 2.5lbs down from the day before...weird but I like it. The week before TOM is always a little whacky.

The furnace part sort of freaks me out finance wise, it's an old furnace but the last time it was serviced they said that it was a solid make. I'm going to consult with Dad before I call a repair guy. I have already sourced a repair guy that has financing options in case a new furnace is required...they are not cheap! I blame house taxes and working salary plus commission. When those commissions get taken away due to a fall off (I'm a recruiter) it totally sucks! Oh well it will sort itself out in the end.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Decent into madness....

Why is it that every once in awhile you just fall off the wagon completely?
I've noticed a lot of bloggers are going through this right now and so am I. Is it PMS, is it the full moon coming, is it just that when you've doing this for so long you might need a break - maybe all three?
Whatever it is it's hit me full force this week. I dread writing in my tracker, but have learned from the past it's better to record the ugly simply to learn from it.
Had a pretty good day point wise but then went out for dinner, every plan I had in place for this didn't happen. The thing is I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night too, so again I've planned a low point day to compensate. Weigh in is going to be bloody awful, a part of me doesn't even want to go. I know it's better to face the music and think of it as day 1.
I'm just feeling weak this week....blah. I know I'm pmsing because everyone irritated me today. I should go break out the midol to restore myself to my regular happy self.

My food plan was a disaster so I'm not even going there today.

I'll get my act together.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crazy Busy...Oy Vey

Sometimes it seriously scares me how fast time flies...more the fact that you never get it back. Here's all I've been up to.
Saturday: My Birthday...34 ah no 29 forever! I was up 1lb at WI, couldn't quite figure that one out, however my tracking has not been brilliant and the water was nowhere near where it should have been
My Dad came in bringing me a whack of gardenias, peonies, petunias and something I can't identify, so we planted and went to stupidstore. Later when out to dinner with my friend and we saw Over The Hedge...this is a very funny movie, many times did we laugh out loud and the animation is fantastic. Food was all downhill, I tracked it and it was sooooo not pretty.
Thought that 3 of my friends had forgotton my birthday...2 did...1 has redeemed themselves.

Sunday: Dedicated to returning books to the library and laundry and going through every single Shape magazine that I've kept for two pages of information. Went through all of them and just kept the at home workout info, I have the binder and page protectors ready. Was great point wise until very end of the day and the uncontrollable desire to make a sundae. Light ice cream but I think the double chocolate sauce probably made up the difference.

Monday:Crazy day all day, never slowed down. My head was spinning for most of it. Did a great 9k walk with a decent hill after work. Also had my office birthday cake....which I totally forgot to track until the end of the day...sending me over again...

I must be diligent for the rest of the week, I'm already fighting the snack attack fixation of the week before TOM. I'm going out to dinner twice this week...Wednesday and Thursday. This will be the Weightwatcher Olympics for me. I will plan ahead and document whether or not I succeed.

Met with the Sports Nutritionist on Friday, wow I'm surprised I didn't hurt myself during the half marathon because I wasn't doing anything you were supposed to. I was surprised to learn that one should consume 30g of Carbs per hour of high endurance exercise if it exceeds 90min to 120min (so the 3 gummi berries during my 1/2 marathon was probably not enough). The 30g can be a combination of gatorade type beverage and energy bar. She recommended Cliff bars so now I'm in search of a flavour I like.
You should also really start carb loading and hydrating 3 days before the event

Recovery meal within 2 hours of your endurance exercise should consist of double the serving of carbs you normally have so 2 cups of pasta vs. 1 cup. Her only concern with following WW was making sure we eat enough. So she said following the plan on all other days is fine but to pay attention to carbs on high endurance days. I'm only probably doing one really high endurance day a week so it should work.

Food Plan:
Oatmeal - 2
1/2c Blueberries - 0
2tsp brown sugar - 1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Silhouette Yogurt - 1
H.M Cabbage Roll - 5
2 Roma tomatoes -0
2 Green onions - 0
3/4c Organic Tomatoe Soup (as sauce) - 1

That's 9 pts for dinner but I want to go lower to make up the disaster of the past few days. I want to try my new Namaste Yoga Dvds can be found on Access and seem really easy to follow. As well as walking home from the mall.

To Success!

Blogger is driving me crazy, I've tried twice to post a picture of Hammy from Over the Hedge and it says it's "Done" but nada shows up...argh

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Overcome by the desire to nap

Wow, yesterday just flew by then got hit with a massive wave of tiredness at 3ish. It just took the oomph right out of me. I tried to blog but just didn't have the energy to think...ya know?

No amount of caffeine helped, well I only had a light ice tea from Snapple (very refreshing by the way and 90 cal). Went to the Shopper's Drug Mart event and bought stuff I probably didn't need but will use eventually. Went home and cleaned my house. Such an exciting life I lead...hey?

I can't complain really, not exciting also means nothing is going horribly wrong.

Tonight I have to prep flower beds because my green thumbed father is bringing me a whack of plants tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my birthday, I turn 34...most people think I'm in my 20s so thank God for my parents looking young and my addiction to sunscreen.

I don't really have any plans for tomorrow but I'm going to try to go see Over The Hedge...the commercials make me laugh and I think Steve Carrell as the squirrel is hysterical . Plus I've declared the month of June as a time of celebration for my birthday so lots of time for me to connect with all my friends :) I was thinking about stopping off at Crave to pick up a couple of cupcakes as my birthday cake so to speak. I will be faithfully weighing in tomorrow at 8:30am so no cupcake could be consumed until after that. Hey I'll earn APs planting at any rate.

So yesterday looked like this:
Toast - 1
Nutella - 2
Milk - 2
Apple - 1
Home made Taco Salad - 6
3 Chocoalat covered pretzels - 2
Coffee - 2
Oven Fries - 3
2 Turkey Bites - 2
Snapple Ice Tea - 2
Total : 23/27

Today so far:
Toast - 1
Nutella - 2
Coffee - 2
Milk - 2
Subtotal: 7/23

I'm only working a half day today because I'm off to the sports nutritionist this afternoon and since it's the day before my b-day, I thought why not just take the afternoon go prep flower beds...yeesh :)

I shall share any bits of wisdom I learn today

To Sucess!