Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 - let the games begin

Back in Calgary safe and sound, and ready to get back in to a routine.

Time to charge all the electronics i.e. Garmin & Nike Fuel.

Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? I admit there were parts I liked - the industrial revolution and the lighting of the cauldron. There were parts I didn't care for like the teen dance party.

I find the games themselves hugely inspiring. It's not all about the winning either. I am rooting my little heart out for Team Canada. Go Canada Go!!!!

For me the inspiration comes from how they win - humbly and graciously, how they handle defeat - again graciously then let it go & focus on the next event and all the work they've put in just to get to the games.

When they had a bad day they still trained. They didn't just train physically but also mentally. When something wasn't working they fixed it.

Hmm some lessons to be learned that's for sure.

I didn't get in to town in time to go to weigh in today. I did get some groceries so I can prepare a healthy lunch to take to work on Monday.

I was walking in Walmart and of course all the back to school stuff is out. I used to love back to school time. Something about a fresh start and new notebooks. I saw all these day timers and it gave me an idea. I think I'll keep a training log. Right now I do note stuff on my WW tracker but I really haven't been paying attention to trends. I would like to have some record of improvement to back and look at.

It's 8 weeks and by weeks I mean weigh ins to Fitbloggin and 15 weeks to RunDisney Wine & Dine Half.

It's time to train for the Olympics of life.

Hope you all had a great Saturday.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time to think

Besides naps and rediscovering daytime tv I've also had a ton of time to think at my Dad's house.

I've been thinking. I've been thinking about priorities and commitment.

My commitment to weight loss lately has been 80-20. The 80 has been thinking and the 20 has been doing. The doing needs more focus that's for sure.

I've been watching Dr Oz. I have a tough time with this show as he's always recommending unusual supplements or teas that may or may not have the proof to back up the claims. Today was a repeat about 3 important health tests. One he talked about was waist size and how it should be half your height in inches. So I'm 5'4 in theory my waist should be minimum 32in. Well it's not but what that brought home to me is I'm now 40 and it's about time I get super serious about getting healthier.

I'm taking a week off of half marathon training by visiting my Dad and I'm ok with that as it's so close to the beginning. I needed the time to figure out what's been going on with my foot and take a minute to breathe. At Dad's there is nothing light. It's regular ground beef,butter and coffee cake every afternoon. There is also no evening snacking (a particular downfall for me). It's funny how I notice that because I can't mindlessly head for the fridge or cabinet here.

I came across Chirunning on Kobo which takes getting your head around but i like the theory and will test it when i get home. When I return home focus must be 100%.

That means making food (as in tracking & eating right) and training must be the priority. This means better scheduling on my part.

There was a time were I put everything in my outlook calendar at work. I'd schedule snacks, meal time and activity. I'll be doing that again.

Lately at camp I've been eating in the cafeteria for lunch on Mondays. I used to bring my lunch from home. The camp caterer doesn't post NI info on lunch but they do on dinner. So I'll be packing again this Monday. Sure you could try to pick healthy options but Mondays are such a long day especially as I'm up by 3:30am it makes preplanning even more important. It's so easy to choose fries when your exhausted and don't care for anything else offered. On Mondays I've typically shot my day by 1pm due to lunch in the cafeteria.

I've also been distracted by the social aspect of camp lately in regards to going for dinner with friends. My prime workout time is immediately when I get to camp. As I also find it better to workout on an empty stomach. If I go to dinner first I get distracted by the conversation, as my coworkers are some seriously funny people, and out goes the workout. What I need to keep in mind is this just not a workout. I am training for an event. I need to think like an athlete. What better time then to be inspired by the Olympics. I get goose bumps with all these theme songs on all the networks. I think about how it's the athlete's job to focus and be committed. I need to think of my races as my Olympics not to win but be respectful of.

My social time can be post training or at lunch.

I got invited to go camping next weekend. I know if I go that throws 2 training days. So I will pass. Now I haven't camped since I was a teenager so while I suspect it would be fun it would also be so off plan. I need to learn how to make sacrifices. Have I mentioned I'm an only child and single so that's not 100% natural to me. Mind you I was never spoiled and a lesson I learned repeatedly growing up was you need to work for everything you accomplish. Now career wise I can do that now I need to but the same effort into losing weigh and getting fitter.

I do hope all of your week is going well so far.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Naps galore

Day 2 at Dad's and I think I've had 4 naps and slept through the night - which rarely happens. I tell you it's the country air.

I opted to spend this week just relaxing. My left foot is feeling better as it's been bothering me for awhile.

I'm about half way through "Chirunning" and I'm definitely going to give this a try. It's all about tweaking your running style to incorporate the philosophy of Tai Chi. Using gravity as opposed to working against it. I don't have my head completely wrapped around it but that's my plan.

The cats remember me or remember I have access to their good.

Hope your week goes great!!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning machine

Whoa I was a chore devil this morning. I weeded flower beds, watered flower beds, dusted, vacuumed and started mega laundry day.

I'm washing all the bedding today as my Dad is coming in tomorrow. I'm also using my ridiculously fancy dryer to steam clean all the sofa pillows, bed pillows, comforters and quilts. Still have a few loads to go.

I'm now the proud owner of a slightly preloved Canada Goose long winter coat. It's a touch small so that's some serious motivation before winter.

I've been seriously lacking motivation, well there's a flicker but I need a raging inferno.

Off to my Dad's on Sunday which is kind of like going on a retreat. He lives on a acreage and the nearest town is a little over half an hour away. It's so quiet there. I do sleep well there as there are no neighbours, no cars and no buses going by. plus it's got the country air going for it. I'll also see the cats. It looks like we're down to four. Dusty has disappeared. It's not uncommon for them to take off and wander back months later. They are feral/ farm cats. My buddy Fred (my favourite of all the cats) was there last week so I hope he sticks around. The two oldest male cats (Fred and Spook) take turns being around the house.

Running is pretty much out this week as there's high bear activity in the area. The only option would be to go outside alone. Instead I'm packing a skipping rope. I figure it's cardio building and easy to do close to the house or in the basement if it rains.

It's also a week to self reflect. I loaded my Ipad with books on running, meditation and of course some silly summer stuff (Harlequin).

So I doubt I'll blog until I'm back next Sunday, well if anything interesting happens maybe.

I just wanted to wish you all a good week.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 1 again

I'm starting my training count back at Day 1 as I want to see if I can create a trend.

My alarm did go off at 4am then I managed to hobble to the bathroom. My left foot was achy and my left calf was tight so I grabbed some Voltaren and went back to bed for an hour. I decided to run after work. It is a night race I'm training for after all

I must say so far not overly impressed with the Nike Sports Watch.

The battery runs out fast and then the date reset to 2010 and the time went back an hour.

According to the watch I did:
total time: 45:07
3.15 miles
443 calories burned

Just a quick post as it's been a long day. Hope you had a great Tuesday.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to training

So my training plan got a little messed up with going to Stampede on Friday. I did go to the gym yesterday.

I walked there and back. Got messed up on the treadmill. I bought the Nike GPS sports watch as a replacement for my Garmin I had at camp. My theory was it was cheaper. On it you can set intervals so while I was setting the watch up I set an interval. Unfortunately I set an interval that wasn't the one I planned on doing. So I got completely messed up as I was also using my gym boss. I kept going though.

It was a rough run as it was fairly humid when I walked to the gym I was already sweaty when I got there. All in all I hit my mileage goal. I've reset the watch to count 1 mile laps instead of intervals. I'll leave the Gym Boss for that.

Now normally today would be a run day but as I ran yesterday I wasn't to keen on that. I was so tired today. I woke up at 2am and had a restless sleep.

Now my other challenge is my schedule as I have late meetings for the next 2 days so to avoid excuses I've set the alarm for 4am tomorrow to get my run in. I'm telling you this do I have to do it.

There can't be any excuses anymore my eye is on the prize. So workout clothes are set best my bed and runners are untied and ready to put on. Bring It!!!!!!

Hope you had a good Monday.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stampedin' with Nike Fuelband

Hello All
The last few days have flown by. So flew home on Thursday with an hour and a bit flight delay due to some miscommunication with the plane and our aviation department.

On Friday I went to the Stampede and had lots of fun. We watched a pow wow at the Indian Village watched the chuck wagon races and the Grandstand Show with Paul Brandt. I little disappointing that he preformed only 3 songs but mind you he was a guest performer. Now getting home was an adventure and a half. There was no cab to be found so I tried to take the train downtown. Well 3 packed trains went buy and I realized that wasn't going to work. Then I walked downtown in hopes of catching a cab still no luck. I found a city bus I could still take as thankfully they run late during Stampede. I got home at 12:40pm. One good thing is I never had to fear for my safety walking around by myself after midnight due to the gobs of people around. 

Now I had intended to go to weigh in Saturday but I was so exhausted when I got home that I didn't set my alarm and slept right through it.

Now I promised you my thoughts the Nike Fuelband.

I'll start with the pros:

It's a nice piece to wear as it looks more like a bracelet.
The display is great and easy to use.
The display of lights is another indicator of how close you are to  your goal as when you get closer the lights are green.
With on click on the button you can cycle through seeing your fuel, calories burned, steps and the time of day. When I bought it they fit me for it. It comes in small, medium and large. The small worked best for me with a little spacer. It comes with a spacer so you can adjust your fit. It should stay pretty still on your wrist.

So you can plug the band directly into your computer or use USB cable that it comes with. When you first get it you need charge it either via computer or I used the USB cable with my iPod wall charger. You also need to download Nike+Connect and have a account. However if you've ever used the Nike foot pod with your iPod or iPhone you probably have an account already. Once that's all done you pick your goal. You can pick one of their options 2000 if you're not very active, 3000 if you plan at least one workout a day and so on. You can also set your own goal but I'd advise figuring out your rhythm with activity before you do that. It also tracks steps, and calories based on you entering your height, weight and gender when you first set up your Fuelband. You even tell it what wrist you'll wearing it on. 

Now the Nike Fuel part is a bit of a mystery it's a formula created by Nike that translates into "fuel". It has something to do with the part that tracks KM or Miles, whenever my movement comes close to 3K that seems to line up with 3000 Nike Fuel. I'm not sure how that works with those who have it set to imperial and use miles. 

I love syncing it to the free app on my iPhone because I adore this little guy:

When you hit certain milestones he shows up in an animated little feature that celebrates your success. He's shows up online as well on

Now the device itself works off your arm movement so kind of like a pedometer attached to your wrist.

So the data itself is a little iffy.

On Friday I earned 5747 in Nike Fuel and that was mostly due to clapping at the chuck wagon races and grandstand. Yes I was walking around the whole day but I wasn't exactly going fast. Earlier in the week when I was in my camp room I was super close to 3000 (which is the goal I set) so I danced for a song and managed to squeak over.

What I do really like about it is it acts like an anchor for me. I'm more conscious of my movement while wearing this for example I'll get up from my desk and take walk around the floor to encourage a bit more activity and I do get a sense of glee when it flashes "GOAL'' at me. 

So for me it's a keeper as it just encourages me more. I'll wear it and something a little more data specific like a heart rate monitor, Nike Sports watch or Garmin for half marathon training.

Now it's supposed to launch in Canada this fall so we'll see if it sells like crazy as it did in the US. When it first launched there it sold out online. I bought mine when I was last in Vegas in June at a Nike store.  Apparently they had just received a shipment. I would think they're more available now.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and let me know if you have any questions on my thoughts on the Fuel Band.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3 - damn those brownies

While my activity has been fairly good so far this week, 3 days in a row hasn't happened in a while, my tracking has been less then stellar. I did write everything down just didn't add it up.

Today I had a noon meeting that I knew was catered so I didn't pack a lunch in the morning. That was a bad decision I should have packed. There where these brownies well more cake like that were amazing. They were small and that would have been fine if I had one. I had 5. What the heck?

I know it was emotionally fueled. You see today there was a work Stampede party I really wanted to go to and I wasn't allowed to. Ok I sort of get it. It's Wednesday so that's 2 days away from site. I did say I'd fly back on Thursday but still no.

Now the part that annoyed me a little. The person who said I couldn't go went to the party.


Well I do have Friday to look forward to as that's when I'll head to the grounds and take in the chuckwagon races and the Grandstand show.

Tonight was run night and thanks to those brownies I ran out of steam at the 30 min mark. I stayed on the treadmill for another 30 min though. I was supposed to do a 45 min run/walk.

My Nike sensor wasn't working and I actually find Nike + iPod app not very accurate at any rate. For a data junkie like me I need consistent data.

So the other day I ordered a new Garmin. I don't know why but I trust Garmin more. I also ordered a new water bladder for my hydration pack. It's funny for Tinkerbell I had to train in winter. For Wine and Dine in the crazy heat of the summer so I decided to make use of the hydration pack I used for the Honolulu marathon a bizillion years ago.

So home day tomorrow. Hope you had a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2

Ok I'll admit when you've been off plan for a few weeks it's a wee struggle to get back on plan. I had an altercation with potato chips today. Oh well the important part is to keep going in the right direction.

This morning my left foot/ankle was mega sore. I was hobbling in my camp room. By the end of the day I was walking normally with just a wee bit of soreness. I do wonder if my love affair with Mizuno Wave Alchemy runners is over. Yet it's only my left foot that has issues lately Tomorrow is another run day and I brought the Wave Inspire pair with me so we'll see how it goes.

I am very intrigued by the Nike Lunarglide 4 +, almost bought a pair online last night but held off for going the traditional route like going to a store and trying them on.

Tonight I did yoga for the first time in a long time. I put in my go to yoga DVD - Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. It was a television series so the dvd is divided into episodes I did the warm up and 12 min flow of Exalted Warrior then the warm up , 12 min flow and savasana of Sun Moon.

I was happy with how much I remembered but I definitely lost some of my yoga mojo. We shall see how I feel tomorrow.

Still wearing the Nike Fuelband and will write a review by this weekend.

Hope you had a great Tuesday.


Monday, July 09, 2012

Day 1 Half Marathon Training

I'll admit I was a little nervous about today - back to training and that I've pretty much done nothing consistent since training for Tinkerbell in January.

This time around I'm using Jeff Galloway's training as he designs training for RunDisney.

Tonight was 45 min. I decided to try 2 min walk / 90 sec run which is C25K week 2. It felt fantastic. I don't know if it was because I listened to my country play list as I've been obsessed with country music thanks to Stampede.

I grew up with country but traditionally run with more dance/ pop music. Well 45 min flew by.

I'm following the plan for those who've done a half marathon before. I thought I might even be ambitious with that as the last run was in January.

My plan is to do the 2 more runs this week with the same walk/ run ratio and then increase the run by 30 sec or reduce the walk by 30 sec. In order to follow C25K it should be decrease the walk by 30 sec before increasing the running.

Tomorrow my cross training will be yoga.

Now to focus on Day 2. Hope you had a great Monday!


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Yahoo weekend

Let me back track to Friday, Jersey Boys was spectacular and a whole lot of fun.

I was surprised how many Four Seasons songs I knew. Of course my brain retains millions of irrelevant pieces of information that every once in awhile come in handy.

Let me back track a little before the show. I did go to weigh in and I have to say I really enjoy the Friday noon leader, there was hardly anyone there but that was expected as it was the first day of the Calgary Stampede

I was up 1.2 over 2 weeks. I deserve it as I discussed in recent post.

Saturday was a crazy 3 malls in the same day in search of Western Wear, I was hanging out with 3 friends all who I met at work and I'm totally blessed to have met them. They are super funny and a delightful group of ladies. We were talking about my blog and I told them I don't really mention names of people and if I do it's just the first initial. Well they created blog identities for themselves. So here's a shout out to Mitzi, Lucky and Lola and I can't wait to chill with you ladies again.

I picked up everything that I had on my list so it was a successful shopping trip. I stopped in at the Running Room in Cross Iron Mills mall and asked about my recent issues with my Mizuno Wave Alchemy runners. Now I had already asked the guy at Sport Chek a few weeks ago and Mizuno Wave Inspire was recommended but I'm not enjoying them. So far I've only done a 30min run/walk on a treadmill with them so perhaps I'm speaking too soon. The Running Room guy said the same thing to try the Wave Inspire now I didn't tell him I already had them.

Next weekend I'm might wander down to a different Running Room and not tell them what I used before to see what they recommend. I've been considering Nike Lunarglide +3, the theory is that it adapts to your foot. I'll need to try them on see what's what. I know I don't want do the bulk of my half training in my current Wave Alchemy 10. I have the 9 version at work is cool for the treadmill and my last favourite runners. I don't know what happened with version 10 but they don't feel the same and I've been wearing them a lot so they're thoroughly tested. I've been wearing Mizuno Wave Alchemy since version 5.

Today was all about mowing the jungle lawn as it was guaranteed not to rain today. That was a good chunk of exercise as there was a portion of back lawn and behind my back fence that was almost 2 feet high due to all the rain.

I also weeded the flower beds and watered the flowers as it's going to +30C for the next few days that's 86F for you imperial followers.

I've worn the Nike Fuelband for the whole week and will post a more thorough review shortly. I wanted to wear it for a good chunk of time before giving my complete two cents.

Now it's laundry and taking it easy as I fly out tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is day 1 of Disney Wine and Dine training and I will blog all about that as you guys hold me accountable.

Alright hope you're having a delightful Saturday!!!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Crazy trip home and time for a reckoning

Wild flight home yesterday, not the flight itself but on the approach into Calgary this what we saw.

I don't think I've ever seen a thunder storm cell from the air before, I've certainly landed during them before.

You looked a little over the left and saw clear skies and where our plane actually was it wasn't raining at all. However we were headed straight for that dark cloud.

Then we landed and were told we couldn't get off the plane due to a lightening risk so we had to stay on the plane till the risk was over. A few minutes later it absolutely started to pour and then hail. There there was more hail and it was bouncing off the plane and we were all a little grateful that we're outside. We sat on the plane for almost an hour before we could get off.

Then wham the hail stopped and in the sky appeared a rather nice rainbow. When we were walking to the car it was like night and day all of a sudden it was back to sunny and warm but you could pick up the hail and make snowballs out of them.

So this week I actually hit the treadmill twice but there was hardly any running as I wound up going both times after dinner. Not a good idea. Tracking was so so but at least I actually wrote something down.

My lovely work friends gave me a ride home yesterday as we decided to go for dinner as one of things about working a fly in fly out schedule groceries are scarce as I'm away for 4 days a week.

We went Dairy Queen as it was on the way to my house and we were ridiculously hungry due our delay, yeah not the wisest choice.  Even worse I contemplated not going to weigh in today as I'm positive there'll be a gain. I have to go today as tomorrow I can't make the meeting. Don't worry I'm going. It's time to face the scale. So that's not till noon, so right now I'm watching the Calgary Stampede Parade on TV.

Half marathon training starts Monday and it's bang on focus from that point on. I think I might start over with the C25K and add it to the half marathon training. My training consists of 2 days running/walking for 45min, then a 3rd day is for the long distances. I want to add 2 cross training days in there plus a rest day. I know one cross training day will Iron Reps and Zumba at the gym. The other one I'll need to figure out in camp.

This weekend I'm quite the social butterfly which so unlike me. I'm off to Jersey Boys tonight and then tomorrow it's shopping for western wear (for Stampede) and my friends are going to Magic Mike. I know reviews are saying there's not much plot but we think it will still be fun girls night thing to do.

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dear Me - I'm back

Happy Canada Day!!!! Gosh we're only 145 years young. I hope my fellow Canadians, no matter where you are, enjoys the day. 

My Canada Day is very low key as I head back to work tomorrow and that alarm is going off at 3:30am. Today is all about household chores for me. 

It's also the first day of a new month which always inspires me. Yesterday I re-read a post I wrote in April called Dear Me-Enough. Today I have a new letter from my logical self.

Dear Me,
Hello again it's your logical self. We need to talk again.

I once again need to ask you - how badly do you want this? You continue to bounce and have bounced  yourself right back into the 180s. Why are you doing this? I know you know better, remember you've done it before and got to 168. I also know you want to be successful so what's stopping you.

Once again you created grand plans remember your Birthday and Vegas, they didn't quite work out did they. I'm not here to bring you down, I'm here to remind you that you can brush yourself off and get back at it.

You're off to a good start as you wrote up your training plan for Disney Wine and Dine, plus signed up for two additional races. Your excited about Fitbloggin' which is great. Now we need to work on the follow through.

You're tracking has been non existent so get back at it. Reacquaint yourself with the gym. In fact you're not going to wait till July 10 to start training, you're starting now so you can start to establish the routine. Dig out those stickers, you like stickers and tick off each day you've done your plan.

This weekend you skipped weigh in and please your logic on that was iffy at best, that can't happen anymore. So what you're not crazy about the leader on Saturday's, if you need to weigh in on Saturday just suck it up. Remember one of the reasons you like that meeting is for the other members and hey you can also go Friday at noon. You like that leader. Yeah the noon weigh in means you have to rethink a little especially as you've scheduled your long run days for Friday's but the good thing about that is you could make adjustments pending weather and schedule.

Listen to your body with my help when it comes to food, don't listen to my emotional buddy. Hey you can bond with that side watching sappy movies or reading sappy books. In terms of your weight loss goals I'm in charge from now on. Your paper journals have also been idle for awhile, get those back into your life to get the emotions out as I know you don't always want to blog about it. Hey, when you're in a group setting remember you're priority is to take care of you. If it's not going to get you healthy don't do it.

The most important thing I have to tell you is this - I believe in you and always will.