Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tails of the Trail

I got a call from training partner at the end of the day yesterday saying she had to skip last nights workout. I, being a very focused individual at the moment, decided to walk home. I can take the pathway to my hood and then must access Douglas Fir Trail to get up the densely wooded cliff to where the neighbourhoods are. I've noticed for the past few weeks that all accesses to the trail have been closed due to repairs. I've also noticed how people push the barriers aside and use the trail anyway.

I headed off and went on my merry way wearing a shorter sleeved shirt than normal (planning for a workout without a back pack), of course I now had a backpack to lug home. I walked along the path right behind a woman with a Ironman t-shirt on. She was also walking and quite a distance since I was walking the same path but she had no water on her at all and it was warm. I passed her once but then she passed me, oh well I knew what lay ahead.

All of the accesses to the trail had been closed and reinforced. That meant I had to go to Edworthy park and then make my way up the hill. I got there (having now walked for about 7km) and had two options. First option was a very steep hill that had a dirt path and second option was walk along the long curving road that was an incline the whole way. I chose the road and considered it hill training. Wowsers I was winded when I got to the top and still had 6 blocks until my house. The miraculous thing was that pace didn't suffer at all. I thought I was going the speed of a snail up the road.

Thanks to that hike/walk my pack of mini oreos didn't get me off plan.

I made sure to stretch really well afterwards and actually got up today without any difficulty.

So tonight is strength training. I think I'll do the workout in G-Force with my stability ball and if that doesn't take 40min I'll add pilates.

My goal is to follow my training exactly up until the marathon and I'm taking it one day at a time.

To Success!

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alea said...

Good on ya! For me, a workout skipping partner would have been the perfect excuse to NOT do any exercise... So yeah, you rock!