Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some times status quo is alright

My 3 days in the Kananaskis was pretty good. It's the first time I've stayed at the Delta Kananaskis and I didn't realize how big the complex was nestled in the woods. You're pretty isolated that's for sure.

The funny part was there were 2 other groups from my company there. One group works with me at site so it felt like we took over the hotel.

I have to admit coaching a team of directors was daunting but they're not so different from any other team. I did feel honored when our nominated team lead wanted to run things past me as I was leaving.

The hotel had a tiny gym that opened at 6am, breakfast was served at 7am. I never got there. My old boss's boss is also a trainer and she was there and held boot camps at 5:30am. Yeah first day dinner went to 11pm. I never made it. I did try to be mindful with all the buffet meals and focused on veggies. They had beautiful pathways but due to bears we were told not to go alone. That sucked as I would have loved to run outside.

I went to WI yesterday at noon as I wanted to test out the Friday meeting. I do really like this leader. I stayed exactly the same which for this week I'm happy with as I was at that training for 3 days.

There was a bit of drama in the meeting when one woman started having some outbursts. No one knew her. When I was waiting to weigh in she had an altercation with the front desk girls. Then the leader was talking about a boot camp she went to and this lady starts saying we don't need exercise classes if people stopped driving and walked. Then the leader was telling us how she had chips and dip for supper. Now this was more an example of how everyone has their moments of off plan behavior. This woman bursts out " you're killing me" and then goes on a rant that we talk about food. Ah ok food is the reason we're all there. Then she rants that instead of talking about clementines we should talk about more local fruit. Well the whole meeting came to the defense of the leader.

It's funny at the training when the coaches were together we talked about having a minimum of 3 women on a team forms a coalition.

Eventually she left. I get that she's very environmentally conscious and there's nothing wrong with that it's just how she went about it that was a little rude.

Well next week I need to go to Saturday's meeting due to having to go to another conference. After that there are no schedule differences till I leave for Vegas.

Today I went to Zumba and it was fun ad always. With that and the walk there and back I burned 727 calories .. Booyah.

Tomorrow it's C25K.

Hope you all had a good week.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Me - Enough

Dear Me,

This is your logical self talking today. I am proud of you for going to weigh in even though we both knew you'd see a gain. What you weren't bargaining for was a 3lb gain, of course I wasn't surprised. Let's face it you're playing fast and loose with the program for sometime know. You had fries for dinner 3 times last week. Had you listened to me instead of going with the flow of some your dinner mates I could have created a healthier dinners.

On Tuesday you programmed your alarm to go run, it went off and you couldn't get out of bed.

I need to ask you how badly do you want this. Let's look at your weight tracker.

You're bouncing and you've done this before. I don't mean to come down hard on you but you need a shake up. You used to be good at following the program and you saw results...remember 168. Right now WW is you're favourite charity. You let your emotions rule too much.

You've created good plans but then you cover them with dust bunnies and put your head under the covers. You called your plan Operation Enough well enough is enough.

Barb weighed you in today and asked you how long you've doing this. You faltered on your answer as it's been a long battle. You did tell her you've been bouncing around the same 5lbs which is very true. This isn't a plateau you're suffering it's complacency. She kindly gave you a new copy of the materials and told you to go back to step one which was my plan for you anyway so I'm glad I had back up.

It's not all bad I mean you're good at healthy breakfasts and lunches. You're downfall is snacks and supper and consistent workouts, and tracking- oh and meal planning. You need to listen to me more often, just stop and think. You need to make a commitment to yourself. The only person who can make this happen is you. So when you plan a workout - do it.

Today you tracked everything, had 3L of water today and had 40min walk, that's a good first step. Now you need to take a second step and just keep going.

I know you can do this and I believe in you. So go back to basics, forget what you know and re-learn.


Friday, April 20, 2012

What the heck

That title is directed to me logging into blogger today and finding it totally different. Not sure how I like this.

Alright it was a busy week but I like busy. Played some awesome badminton on Monday and then got into a debate about HR monitors. One of my coworkers thought it was impossible to burn 500 calories in 90 min of badminton. Which is exactly what my Polar heart rate monitor said.

Tuesday attempted to get up for a run, instead I reset the alarm. Tuesday was a long day due to meetings till 8pm so sleep was my priority and I didn't even try to get up Wed am.

C25K got the back burner this week which I'm completely ashamed about. However in the mail this week I got a few reminders to rejig the running focus.

I adore the IFitness water bottle belt I got at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon but the runs are short right now so I don't really need to cart water bottles. I adore the fit on these and they're not kidding when they say it doesn't bounce of course the trick is to wear it on the hips.
Tada, the double pouch version. It keeps everything dry so phone can go in one pocket and kleenex in the other. 

Now I also picked up an Amphipod arm band holder for my phone. I wanted another option as opposed to always a belt.

It's taken me awhile to find an arm holder I like. My major issue is I don't want to take my IPhone out of it's case to put into the holder as that's just a production. Tada, the phone fits in this one with the case. Thanks to Lululemon Addict who posted about this or I never would have found it.

The other thing I found last week is MIO is finally in Canada. What I love about this is it's liquid so it mixes in the water a heck of a lot better and I actually don't like super flavoured so I like the control. I control how much I squirt into the water. I have them at home and at work. Now there's only 4 flavours available in Canada hopefully we get the others soon.

This week is going to be a bit different. I'm flying back on Sunday and then back home on Monday as I'm heading to the Kananaskis for 3 days, it's work thing that I'm really looking forward to. It will be a really nice hotel for 3 days so I must stay focused.

I'm heading to weigh in tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it. Not sure what the scale will say as I wasn't paying super attention to the plan this week. I've also come to the conclusion it's not good when I miss a meeting. The meeting refocuses me.

Now when I get back from Kananaskis I want to start trying Friday noon meetings. That will depend on Saturday and if they've found us a regular leader yet. The Friday leader has subbed before and I really like her.

I had my annual skin check today and thankfully my dermatologist removed a skin tag that was annoying. Due to the fact that I've had melanoma it has to go to the lab to be tested just in case.

He also gave me a prescription for the weird breakout type thing happening around my left eye. He said it's a form of dermatitis typical in your 30s. I did tell him I'm crossing into 40 in about 6 weeks.

After weigh in tomorrow I need to go shopping. This 3 day event is business casual and most of clothes due to working at site aren't really business.

I hope all of you had a great week.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Funky town

For the past 4 months I've been in a funk and despite good intentions I seem to slide backwards.

A lot of it was due to stress and being an emotional eater that's just the perfect storm, however the light is at the end of the tunnel.

This week was pretty stressful but things are changing in a good way. At work I've felt like a hamster on the spinning treadmill thing. Not miserable but not super happy either. That resulted in some bad food decisions and sleep issues which just makes me tired with no get up and go to workout. Apart from badminton on Monday there have been no workouts this week.

However my Thursday meeting that I was worried about went well so that was a relief.

Yesterday I was in Fort McMurray for a 7 hour meeting that was exhausting. The night in a hotel room so different noises and the meeting didn't start till noon and didn't get home till 9pm. By the time I got home and picked up my mail from neighbour I just went to bed. Of course I neglected to program my alarm and slept right through weigh in. So I was disappointed with that even though I pretty much knew I'd have a gain. I still wanted to face the scale.

A big success of the week were those Starbucks cups my water intake was pretty good. The little journal got filled out a few times and the tracker up till Tuesday. I admit that I let myself sink into the funk this week.

On Monday my job does change a little with a bigger client group and getting involved with some interesting projects. I feel like this is an opportunity to spread my wings, while a wee scary it's also a whack of excitement.

I will turn this around.


Sunday, April 08, 2012

C25K week 2 begins - RFS Week 2

Happy Easter!

Let me start with yesterday's weigh in, I was up 1lb. I knew that was coming with no tracking.

I also know it could have been worse but my 3 workouts helped that I believe.

For this week I armed myself with a few things to get me back on track.

A new tracker with my own sticker. Intention is what I need as in be purposeful and take control.

I have no issues getting all my water in at home as I usually fill my Sigg 1L then pour it into a glass with straw. Every Saturday morning I go to Starbucks before weigh in and I've been eyeing this cup. After WI this week I went back and they had two left on the shelf so I bought one for home and one for work. One fill is a little over 3 cups. I've refilled it 3 times today.

A mini journal, I'm definitely an emotional eater and I want to start writing before I nibble. I could use my tracker but I don't keep that front and center on my desk. So I thought this can sit in eye shot and it's fun. Plus I keep a paper journal on top of the blog and to haul my normal journal back and forth to camp is can take up space needed for something else. I don't want to leave a journal in my camp room. So this little guy will travel back and forth with me to note when I feel snacky and to figure out why plus act as journal when I need to get something out.

Today I started week 2 of C25K and did run 1 today. It wasn't a pretty run. I had breakfast beforehand and wonder if I ran too soon. When I get up at camp in the morning to go to the gym I just have a swig of G2 and then go workout. I have breakfast afterwards. I also had my Iphone in the pocket of Addidas hoody. The pocket is more like a kangaroo pocket and the phone bouncing was not fun. However I did it. My time is longer as I was half a block away from house when cool down ended so I just kept the garmin on.

36:47min, 2.56 miles, Avg pace 14.21, Max pace 9.55 (which is faster then I do on the treadmill), calories burned 207. Now on Friday when I went to the gym and did C25K wk 1 day 3 I forgot to wear the HR monitor but it still estimated my calories burned at 233. Today I wore the HR monitor so I know the estimating is off.

Now my week is a little different this week. On Friday I need to be in Fort McMurray for a meeting. Instead of flying home on Thurs only to be up early and back to the airport on Friday morning I'm going to take the 2hr bus ride from site to Fort Mac and stay overnight in a hotel. The good part about that is I get to sleep in as the meeting doesn't start till noon. The 2hr bus ride isn't so bad as I usually fall asleep on coaches. Now the challenge will be eating in a restaurant the day before weigh in. I don't land in Calgary till 8pm on Friday. However I am up to the challenge.

Hope you all have a great week, I'll blog when I can.


Friday, April 06, 2012

I did it- Week one C25K complete

Happy Good Friday,

I actually finished the first week of C25K and this is coming from someone who has attempted this program in the past and pretty much bailed before completing the 3rd day.

It's been quite a week.

Didn't sleep at all Sunday night. So Monday was me dragging myself through the day. I did play my Monday night Badminton. I really enjoy that and it's a good calorie burn as we have each other running all over the place. Everyone is a wee competitive too so that adds a bit more fun.

Tuesday I woke up on my own at 2am and could not go back to sleep. At 3:20ish I thought this is ridiculous so I went to the gym and did C25K day two. I didn't put my running shoes on until I was past all the bedrooms in my camp dorm to limit noise.

Wednesday I was going to do yoga in my room but the lack of sleep was bothering me. Everyone was telling me I looked tired. So I pretty much went to bed early. All this no sleep business also resulted in no blogging over the week.

Thursday I intended to get up at 4am and go to the gym for C25K day 3, yeah didn't happen. So it absolutely had to happen today and luckily my gym was open from 9-5. This time I turned my Iphone around so I wasn't looking at the app and instead just focused on the audio cues.

It was funny during the jog parts I felt like I was going slow, which I was at 5.1 on the treadmill but I'm doing that on purpose to build a stronger running base. I can build on speed when the 9 weeks are finished. I have a habit of going too fast too soon and just not building up enough endurance.

On Thursday I did receive an email from my Tinkerbell running friends about entering for the Nike Women's Half in San Francisco in October. It's a lottery entry so no guarantees but that's is the same weekend my cousins are supposed to be in San Fran so kind of kismet I think. Plus the bling is a Tiffany necklace..nice.

In other news my work is going to changing a bit in a week. My client groups size gets a whole lot bigger and I'm super excited. I still keep my old group but I get groups that I supported in my old role as a recruiter before I became an HR Advisor. I'll be busy that's for sure but I love being busy.

So much change lately my own business unit changed as well as my immediate team... It's safe to say change is everywhere.

Now change can be scary but I think it can be good as well as it shakes you up a little.

Speaking of change I have been on the hunt for skin care for awhile now. A few months ago I broke out next to my nose, mouth and around my eye only on the left hand side of my face. I thought it was allergies maybe but that made no sense as it was on one side of my face. Then I realized it's probably stress. Well I've been trying a whack of different products with no real results, then I watched this infomercial for Murad about hormonal ageing. I thought why not let's give it a shot so I ordered the 30 day supply of their Regenerist line. I'm going to be 40 soon after all. Though thankfully a few weeks ago some of co-workers didn't believe me and I almost had to show them my driver's license, I'm quite blessed that people still guess that I'm in my 20's - Thanks Mom and Dad. Well shazaam everything cleared up in a few weeks after using the Murad products. Yesterday I got the 90 day supply because I want to use what's remaining of the 30 day as travel size for my upcoming trips. I'm officially hooked and happy that I can order it only through at a better price then I get anywhere else. It's not cheap but this is the only skin I have.

My missing tracker was in fact at my desk I discovered on Monday, however over the week I didn't use it. Food wise wasn't too bad but I also know I'm not a fantastic estimator. To be successful I need to track.

However I am very much looking forward to weigh in tomorrow so I can get my head back in the game.  I'm thinking a new tracker as well to inspire me. I love fresh notebooks of any kind. I also love purple and I saw the new concord grape define jacket on lululemon's website. My size was sold out, so I got one size smaller, that is motivation my friends.

2 months and one week to Vegas.....

Week 2 of C25K starts Sunday.


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Day one C25K

Happy April!

Today was the return to C25K, now my last run was two weeks ago I wanted to start back at the beginning. Got off too a goofy start as I locked my phone which caused the app to pause but I figured that out fast.

This was my first run outside in a long time too. My first few running bursts felt a little rough but I found my groove and I was surprised when it was done. The bonus of not looking at the phone and just listening to the verbal cues.

It was about 8c and a wee windy but I felt good.

It was 29:51min, 3.38km, avg pace 8:50/km, 117 calories burned. My warm up was a little long due to the phone locking. I'm looking forward to run 2 on Tuesday.

I've been tracking on my phone for the last few days and I went to write it in my tracker and I can't find it. I must have left it at work. Even though I have the WW app I still like to write it down.

Normal schedule next week so even better for no excuses.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.