Monday, November 27, 2006

-40 with windchill

I love my city, really I do. I love how we can have +35 in the summer and -35 in the winter. It makes us a strong people and the owners of mutliple jackets and layers.

I wore a light pair of long johns under my dress pants and I could still feel the wind. If it's like this tomorrow I'm wearing the thermal tights.

I walked to weight watchers in -37 on Saturday and I swore I should have lost 2lbs by the time I got there. I had layers on and I was trucking fast. In the end I was up 0.2, which is a victory since I should have been up around 2lbs.

Activity continues to be a challenge due to the weather conditions, can't go outside. Not crazy about going to the gym in this weather either. Buses are typically unreliable and I don't want to be stuck downtown in -40. So I'll head directly home and I will plunk in a dvd!

This means that marathon training has been seriously off kilter for the last week so I need to do something this week. I'm tapering know any way but tapering does not mean doing nada. So I can use dvds for 30min-50min trainings. I couldn't really simulate the 16km this Sunday so I put up my tree and went up and down stairs multiple times by carrying only one thing at a time and doing laundry so that was at least 8 trips, still doesn't equal 16k but better than nothing.

Points wise - tough weekend just due to boredom. There was nothing on tv and too cold to go to the video store. I tried to keep busy but I could have controlled the snacking.

I can't believe I'll be in Honolulu soon, time is going so fast. My training partner heads over in less than a week. I started my pack list yesterday. I also need to find someway to test my hydration pack, it's supposed to get warmer over the next few days but if it doesn't I might just wear it around the house.

I'm still need to ask my neighbour if they'll shovel my sidewalk while I'm away.

My home computer is being stupid, it refuses to recognize anything I plug into a usb port so camera dock, scan disk and Sansung Mp3 player are doing nada. It still recognizes my rio MP3 so it looks like that one will be going to the marathon if I can't get the other to work. Less play time on it but I can always have an extra AAA battery on me.

Well that's my news for today - Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!
If you're in Alberta - Bundle up!

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Sonya said...

Cccccold! It's very balmy here in Toronto - people are wearing spring jackets. I think we'll get our turn soon, though.

I can't believe Hawaii is 13 days away now...where has the time gone? You're going to do great!

And don't worry too much about not getting out for 16K - all the stuff you're doing at home helps!