Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dusting off C25K

I admit my running has been on a major back burner lately and my goal to finish C25K fell by the way side.

Today I dusted it off. So far I've yet to go past week 2 well not past day one week 2. That's where I started today. My goal this week is to finish week 2.

This morning I headed out after a cup of coffee. It went fine. I just tried to focus on technique as opposed to speed.

The deets in miles: 33:48, 2.25 mi, pace 15:03, 195 calories burned.

Tracking is still on and water is great as well. I'm happy I got that Venti Starbucks cup. My water intake is doing so well.

Now I'm looking to the week ahead. So Tuesday and Wednesday I have late meeting nights that will go till 7. That means morning workouts must return at least on Wednesday. I did realize that if I'm working later I don't need to be at my desk at 6am which I usually am.

When I land on Thursday I'm heading out to dinner with some co- worker/ friends. Right now the plan is Craft Beer Market. I've already scoped out the menu and I plan to warn them in advance I'm focused on a good weigh in.

Saturday is my birthday and my Dad is coming in, not so much for my birthday but planting needs to be done. That's so my Dad and I know he'll bring a cake. Now I'm thinking about weighing in on Friday. On Friday I get my temporary crown as well - fun times.

So weigh in on Friday would have to be a drive by weigh in as I need to be at the dentist at 1 and meeting ends at 12:45. Plus I need to have lunch sometime. Weighing in on Saturday just seems simpler at least I don't need to worry about that till I get home.

So it will be an early night as I have an early flight tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

A funny thing happens

When you follow the plan. I tracked all 7 days last week and someways were not exactly on plan like the fries/pie and nanaimo bar incident but I tracked it.

The WW scale showed a 4.4lb loss. As I stood there it briefly showed 179 before landing on 180.8. I did have the momentary thought that I had not has the incidents mentioned above would I have seen myself back in the 170s?

When I do look at my whole week it wasn't so bad point wise. I get 231 points per week. That's 26 per day and the 49 weekly points. I was over by 8 points last week.

Hey 4.4 is nothing to sneeze at and it inspires we to keep it up. I'm determined to get back into the 170s next week.

Tracking continues today and so far 6 cups of water and a 40min walk. I did intend to do house work when I got home but I sucked into a marathon of The Lying Game. I'm new to this show but it sucked me in on abc spark.

My mind is going more and more to Vegas but the funny/strange part is I want to stay on plan. Normally Vegas would be an excuse to go a little crazy and my crazy would be on the food side not the drinking side. The bonus is the very good friend I'm going with is vegetarian. Now it's also very possible to eat not so healthy as a vegetarian - hello mac'n cheese but the other plus is P is fitness conscious.

We're staying at Aria and they have a cool pass you can buy to access extra spa facilities. Their gym looks pretty darn funky as well.

The thing I want to buy the most when I'm there is a Nike Fuel Band. I think my Garmin FR60 is dead. On Tuesday when I turned it on it gave me a very funky error. I did email they're help people so we'll see.

So now I keep my eye on the prize and just keep tracking, moving and drinking water.

Hope you all had a fantastic Saturday.


Friday, May 25, 2012

The call of the tater tot

I was doing so well this week but hit some challenges.

On Tuesday there was Tim Horton's box in the kitchen. I made the very bad decision of opening the box where I found my all time favorite donut - the honey crueller . I ate that thing in probably 60 seconds flat and it wasn't as good as I remembered. That donut is 9 points. Later on absolutely nothing in the camp kitchen appealed to me at dinner so it wound up being fries and gravy, ah I didn't stop there then I had pie. The good part of this story is when I got to my room I changed into workout clothes and walked on the treadmill for 40 min. Running was out of the question as I had just eaten. the other good part is I tracked everything.

I could have gone to the pack lunch kitchen and grabbed something healthier but I

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge as there were lots of treats around due to meetings and good bye parties.

I had my new traditional camp breakfast of a poached egg on toast. The poached eggs were next to the tater tots. I love tater tots. When I worked in Calgary one of my favorite fast food places is Taco Time and their mexi-fries aka tater tots. Now I rarely have them out and instead sometimes have them at home but baked not fried.

On Wednesday I asked for 5 tater tots. The server lady said she'd give me 6 with a little smile. I ate 4 of them. I had to shake my head a little on the exchange. When we offer food or to share food it's not necessarily a good thing. It comes from a good place but one doesn't have to eat it.

The good news I'm still down from the last weigh in.

Today got my hair trimmed in preparation for Vegas and went grocery shopping. I do have a plan for the next 3 days at home. The plan is to stay on p,an this weekend as well.

I tried on last summer's shorts and 2 pairs fit. 2 pairs are too small.. Le sigh and yet more inspiration to keep on track. So I might need to buy new shorts but at least I know I have two pairs that will fit a few pounds from now. This is me trying to stay positive.

Back slides happen. The defining moment is what you do next - continue to slide or get up and keep go forward. I'm going forward.

Enjoy your Friday.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So tired

Slept terribly last night so by the time my day was done I was so tired.

So this will be a short & sweet post.

Tracking still on, scale still being friendly and water bang on again.

Just going to watch the Dancing with the Stars finale & then it's sleepy time.

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday.


Monday, May 21, 2012

So far so good

Day 3 of re-committing myself to Weight Watchers. The scale is heading in the right direction. Water intake has been stellar. Tracking is focused.

Tonight I got in 1hr of activity and it went like this according to my Polar HR monitor.

Badminton: 44:37min, 324 cal burned, HR 129-145
Rowing Machine: 27:10min, 306 cal burned, HR 165-179

My new co- worker is a former Canadian badminton champion so I'm learning loads. Tonight I learned the term " badminton butt" apparently due to all the lunging tones the patootie. I despise lunges so I'm not so great at that part but I'm improving.

The rowing machine was a spur of the moment decision. I left badminton and was going to go back to my camp room but then decided to double back and squeak in more workout time.

I was shooting for 5000 meters. I did do that back in the day of using a trainer. I petered out with 1200 meters to go. I forgot what a full body workout the rower is. So I discovered a new goal of hitting 5000 meters.

First thing when I got to work today I pulled out my WW 10% key chain with my 25lb charm and clapping hands and put right in front of me on my document holder. Now I've put 10lbs back on so the battle is on.

I'm now watching American Ninja Warrior that I found by accident. These people are crazy fit and maybe a wee crazy I.E parcour, climbing walls and etc. It's also inspiring.

Alright I have a question for those who blog using an iPad, What app do you use? I don't mind the blogger plus app I use now but the inserting pictures isn't so great. Do you guys have any suggestions.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Step one

I'm a daily weigh in person. Every morning I weigh myself in my pjs and write it in the corner of my tracker. In the past it's kept me focused. I look at it as data.

Today I was 3lbs down from yesterday's WW WI, now my pjs are lighter then my WI uniform so it would actually be down 2 lbs from yesterday's PJ weigh in.

Tracking does wonders as does drinking 9 cups of water. I still got snacky after supper but I tracked every bite.

Today I had absolutely no run mojo. Instead I finished "Weight Loss Boss" and watched the the last two parts of "Weight of the Nation" on HBO.

Major things learned from both those things is I'll need to focus on eating right for the rest of my life. There will be no "cure". The world will conspire against you i.e. aggressive food advertising.

However it's not about will power necessarily it's about controlling my environment.

I'm glad I took today to just chill and refocus my thoughts. Beating ourselves up for falling off the wagon serves no purpose. Shake it off and realign.

I also wanted to creat a tracking strategy today. I've been recording The Revolution on my pvr. I adore Tim Gunn and Harvey Pasternak (Canadian boy). Harvey has been showing a program called 20 days to summer or was it swimsuits. At any rate he's been showing exercises and a food program. His philosophy is to have 5 meals a day part of his other 5factor program.

One thing he said in the last episode made me think. Take your waking hours and divide by 5 that's how often you should eat so breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.

I used that theory today with my tracking. I know from past experience that when I schedule my meals and sort out the points it's easier for me.

I've done that today and so far so good. I am flying to work tomorrow even though it's Victoria Day. I'm using that day later on to tag on to vacation. I'll be in bed early so after dinner snacking shouldn't be an issue. At camp this isn't hard for me as I'm far from the kitchen.

I also realized I'll be able to weigh in before Vegas. I had thought I'd be missing a WI but my flight gets home in time to make a meeting. Even though that's still a few weeks away I like that I'll have an anchor before heading off for 4 days of fun. I already know I'll pay extra for gym access. Aria has some pretty cool stuff in their spa area.

Next weekend I'm looking forward to see the new renovations in my local gym.

I hope all of you had a lovely Sunday.


Run away train

Oy vey, I did weigh myself this morning in my pajamas and I thought ok I'll see no change. Well when I stepped on the scale at the meeting it was a different story - up 1.2. I was shocked.

That shock was a good thing as it rattled some cobwebs out of my brain.

I've been delusional, complacent and lazy lately. Sort of tracking but not giving it my all.

My operation enough was replaced by Operation Whatever. Why- I'm not entirely sure. I could be more wigged out about turning 40 then I realize. The 1.2 could be TOM related but still my weight is heading in the wrong direction and the only thing responsible for that is me.

So today I tracked everything and I do realize I have an issue with after dinner snacking. Water has been food with 9 cups. Activity was 40min walk.

Tomorrow I run and that has also been ignored for the past few weeks.


I got home and started watching The Weight of the Nation on HBO. It's a 4 part documentary on the obesity epidemic in the US. The statistics are staggering but the message was hopeful in part 2 which focused on what people can do about it. A series of small changes can create dramatic results. There were two women who've been successful and the key was small achievable goals. It's a really interesting doc with leading experts in obesity.

A light bulb went off when i heard the 2 ladies. They talked about mastering one thing at a time. For example they started with tracking, then added water and so on.

Taking on a lot is always a downfall for me particularly with weight loss. Track a whack of things and things slide. Create a complicated plan and it all falls apart. This is probably why I'm terrible at challenges. I have great enthusiasm at the start & then I fall apart.

What made me successful at the start of WW was taking things in stride and keeping it simple. Back then you didn't start tracking activity till week 4 because the purpose was supposed to get you used to tracking.

This week I have one goal which is to track and stick to my points. That doesn't mean everything else slides it just means I need to get back into the basics and that starts with tracking. I drink water out of habit and exercise will still be a part of the week as well as that's a bit of a habit but I'm also conscious of Fitbloggin in September and Disney Wine and Dine half in November.

I know what to do. Heck I can talk the talk. I now must walk the walk one step at a time. I want to post successes!

I also need to blog more often. That definitely helps the accountability. No more head in the sand.

I know WW works when you follow it, my issue lately is so so following it and getting so so results.

I will do this. I know I can do this if I put in the work.

Well I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Lawn mower drama

So last Saturday my lovely neighbours helped me buy a new lawn mower. They helped me get the thing home. Well on Sunday I attempted to mow and the thing would not start. Of course the customer service dept. was only available Mon-Fri.

I paid just under $400 smackeroos for this cordless electric mower so I was a wee disappointed.

Today I decided to try again but nothing so I phone the customer service people and she walks me threw some trouble shooting. She told me that there's one piece on the handle that sometimes gets bumped in shipping that prevents the mower from starting so if I bend it back a little with pliers it should work.

I then hunted for pliers and couldn't find any I suspect my Dad took them home with him so I try with gardening shears (yeah I know but I had the girl on the phone). I thought I had bent it a bit but the mower still wounldn't start. She gave me the number of the repair place.

I phone the repair place and the guy tells me that he's seen one of these mowers recently with the same problem and the culprit was that metal piece.

Well then I decided to bob down to Walmart buy a new pair of pliers and try this again. Sure enough, I bent that piece of metal a bit and shazaam working mower.

Wow it's so different from my gas one. My gas one is ancient and it's always an exercise to get it started and then a lovey plume of smoke comes out. This was so light and way more quiet.

Now apart from the lawnmower olympics the week went fast.

I attempted setting my alarm early to go to the gym but everytime I did that I had crappy sleep and just got up when I normally do.

I'm thinking I could adjust my schedule a little so I'm not setting the alarm for 4am to hit the gym. Also very soon the treadmill 4 doors down from my camp room will be operational and way more convenient.

I decided to weigh in tomorrow morning as my day was sucked up by lawn mowers. I had intended to go to the gym afterwards but the gym is closed. They're taking advantage of the Victoria Day long weekend to finish some renos so it will be up to me to figure something out.

Speaking of workouts in my quest to find camp room friendly workouts I'm going to give Harvey Pasternak's workout a try. It seems pretty straightforward and not a huge time investment.

I need to super charge my efforts as Vegas is 4 weeks away...

Hope your week went well.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

One day at a time

I downloaded David Kirchhoff's (CEO of Weight Watchers) book "Weight Loss Boss" and have had my nose attached to it for most of yesterday.

I can totally relate to what he says and you don't need to be following Weight Watchers to read this. If you've ever read his blog and liked what he said there you will definitely like the book. Now I'm only half way through at this point but it's given me some good reminders. The biggest one is treat weight loss as a priority. The reason this resonated with me is I haven't been doing that. You know how it goes - you get what you put in.

I'll write more when I'm finished the book. He's a data junky like me but it's written in a very engaging way and again it's not about Weight Watchers of course he mentions it as he does work there. He comes from a place of he's faced the same challenges in losing weight. The other part that resonated with me is it took him awhile which is the same for me.

I always get a little bugged when someone asks how long it's taken someone to lose weight. The reason it bugs we is 1) Everyone is different and everyone's circumstances are different, and 2) It's not just about losing but keeping it off and 3) it's dangerous territory to start comparing yourself to others. In my meeting when someone hits goal I'm more interested in what they've learned and to celebrate their success. Well that's my thing anyway.

I did track all of yesterday and breakfast is recorded for today so far. Later I'm attempting my green smoothie in the vitamix.

Today's priority is cleaning the house as I've let that slide. My house is definitely a reflection of my emotional state.

I also need to mow at least the front lawn with the new lawn mower I bought yesterday. My old mower barely made it through last year. The old one is a gas mower and every time I started it a big cloud of smoke would rumble out of it.

The new one is a cordless electric model made by Greenworks. I haven't used an electric mower in ages at that was with negotiating the cord out of your way. So I'm intrigued by this one and it got good reviews.

My fabulous neighbor helped me out yesterday. I'm not fond of driving so don't have a car. I had no idea if a lawn mower would fit in a cab. Canadian Tire was hopping yesterday and quite a few people were eyeing mowers. I also a lot of people buying flowers. There's a rule of thumb in these parts - plant nothing until after the May long weekend as we usually get a killing frost between now and then. I don't like planting anything until June just to play it safe.

Hope your enjoying your weekend.


Friday, May 11, 2012


That was the topic at my WW meeting today. I hadn't originally planned to weigh in today and was aiming for tomorrow but I then decided to go today at noon. I just wanted to face the scale and take responsibility.

Up 1.8 and not surprised. Last week I was hardly behaving like anyone following a plan. Workouts apart from badminton on Monday non existent. I did set my alarm for 4 am on Tuesday but after waking up at midnight then tossing and turning I chose more sleep over the treadmill. Eating wasn't horrendous but could have better.

I think it's a sign that today's topic was motivation.

This is what was written on the whiteboard.

What motivates me?
Why do I want to lose weight?
Do I want it badly enough?
Why is it important to me?
How do I reframe?

I've been a chubby kid most of my life and I'm tired of it. Vanity is definitely a component but so is health. I want to age gracefully and be active.

Lately I've definitely been complacent. So the badly enough comes into play.

My roller coaster behavior has to stop - now. I'm turning this ship around.

The only thing in my way has been me it's time to use that energy on succeeding.

And that starts immediately.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Snow Day

It was a pretty busy week I must say.

On Monday I spent the day sharing an office with a co- worker who was sick. Knowing I had to deliver a speech to 300 people on Thursday I was hoping I didn't catch it.

By Wednesday I wasn't feeling 100 percent and thought I had the beginnings of a cold. However nothing really materialized symptom wise I did feel tired.

I was so nervous on Thursday probably the cause of the tired. . My presentation was about an occupational fatality. Heavy stuff for sure. I wanted to deliver this with empathy and not like a statistic. Well I almost got through it but when I closed the sadness of the event hit me again so I started to tear up. I barely got my last line out.

Then I spent 20min dabbing tears at my table. What totally blew me away was the response I got. So many people came up to me to tell me how moved they were and how awesome I did. so many told me they cried with me. One of the things I hate most is crying in front of other people but so many told me that's what made it hit home for people.

That continued into the 2nd day. Even the head poobah of my group and the group I support ( who happened to be the guest speaker) said I did an amazing job. What I'm proud of is I did what I set out to do I told the story of a person not a statistic.

I generally like to fly under the radar at not draw attention to myself and now 300 people know me but it was for a worthy cause.

I was pretty exhausted for the rest of the week. I had a headache pretty much all Thursday and of course had no meds on me.

Friday was exhausting as well. I'm an introvert so while incredibly touching all the attention was exhausting.

I decided that I would not set an alarm today and just focus on recharging. I woke up looked out the window and declared a snow day. It's so bizarre yesterday was +14C.

I didn't go to weigh in focusing on sleep but I did weigh in on my scale. Up 3.8, yeah did I mention this 2 day conference had a lot of food and the food was really good. Plus the emotional toll didn't help either.

Now that's all done and no more distractions until Vegas in 6 weeks. The tracker is front and center on my coffee table as today is the start of a new week.

The goals this week are back to basics: tracking, water, exercise. I'm watching the season finale of Biggest Loser for inspiration. Kim looks incredible. I was hoping she'd win. I do hope next season gets not so dramatic & obnoxious contestants.

All right my friends the war is not over and I still believe. We can do this.