Saturday, July 26, 2014

What can be done in 90 days?

Day 1

I was waiting for the C-Train home one day this week and saw this. I had to capture it. The sayings often change but this one resonated with me.

This week has been a bit nuts. I have a huge amount of stuff on my plate as my boss seems to be considering me the go to person. While good, it's also a wee stressful and run training severely suffered this week.

Before I headed to weigh in today I got caught up on the last episode of Extreme Weight Loss, this one was with Georgana who was 44 at the beginning of the episode. It wasn't so much her story that struck me it was more on what Chris Powell said during the episode. What can you accomplish in 90 days?. On the show 90 days is the first phase of their one year weight loss experience on the show. Now factoring in most of us are not spending it in a fitness facility for 24 hours a day it's still an interesting question.

I've battled weight for pretty much my entire life up this point, with successes and setbacks and bouncing. Yet you'd think that if I really wanted to do it I'd overcome the bouncing between the same few pounds. That's where I think I'm snuggling with my demons.

Which is interesting because a few months ago I went to a yoga practice that was focused on your inner voice and we were asked to draw it. Mine looked liked a rather ominous snuggly.

I headed to weigh in where I was up .8lb but I decided to buy a new 3 month tracker (90 days). In the meeting itself my leader quoted something I said in the last meeting about going back to basics. Hmm if people are going to quote me perhaps I should be better at walking the talk.

So today is back to basics with concentrated effort for 90 days. What does that mean?

Track everything - every single day
Go to a meeting every single week (which I have been doing but I've got travel coming up where I'll need to find an alternate meeting).
Get back on track with water - minimum 6 cups per day, the big goal 9 cups a day
Get back on track for training - 3 run days, 2 days strength training, 2 days yoga
Journal each day, either on here or in my paper/pen journal or both

Bring on Day 2

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have officially adopted the mantra beastmode, not sure why but it resonates with me. I even created a version of that word using all things demanded for safe passwords on my work and home computer.

Today I did workout 2 of my strength routine, yes it was a few days later then I planned as workout 1 was on Monday but going forward it will be every 2 days interspersed with run/walk days. I also decided to do strength days at home. My plan pretty much just needs some dumbbells and a stability ball.

It's now less than 40 days to Dumbo Doubledare. What I have lacked in my training plan for my other runs was strength training so I'm hoping by the time I need to do Wine & Dine then Avengers the following weekend in November I'll be in the right shape to pull that off.

Today I did a massive grocery shop so breakfasts will be fueled, lunches packed and dinner options easy and fast.

At WI I was down 1.2 which was awesome and a bit of a surprise after my 15 hour day on Thursday and most of it stuck in a car.

This Wednesday I must go back to Edmonton for the day but it's just me this time so I think I'll fly and get a rental as opposed to driving for 6 hours in one day.

I also finally installed medal rack #2

At the rate I'm going I will most likely need a 3rd rack perhaps even a 4th.

Though in my last post I was questioning my RunDisney future past Tinkerbell in May 2015 and I did decide to tackle one I haven't done yet and that is the Dopey Challenge in 2016. I figure it's also wise to keep my focus on that one after Tink.

Hey my goal was to do every single RunDisney race at least once. Though I'm repeating Dumbo Doubledare, Glass Slipper Challenge twice and Tink would be the 3rd time.

My big focus is beastmode which is tracking and following Weightwatchers, following my strength training plan and following my run training plan.

Today was a foodapalooza battle simply due to that time of month, I'm glad I recognized it so I can deal with it.

Alas that's all I got for today.

Hope all of you are well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are my RunDisney days coming to an end?

Registration for the Princess Half Marathon weekend opened this morning and it was mass chaos.

I got registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge but then the site started having issues like freezing and kicking you out - multiple times.

I logged in at 10am MST and was finally registered for the GSC, 5K, Race Retreat and pre bought the jacket by 11:04. It has never taken me an hour to register ever before.

Facebook and Twitter were alight with people having the same freezing issues. GSC was sold out by in 1hr and 45min, mind you the Rebel Challenge sold out in 36min.

The GSC, half and 10K are sold out, and as of this moment the 5k is 52%

My heart was racing through all that process and I started think that this race and Tinkerbell in May might be last RunDisney events....well until they launch a new one of course but no more repeats. This will be my second GSC and if I get into Tink it will be my 3rd Tink.

My other thought is even just stick to the Disneyland ones as it's closer but definitely not cheaper as I prefer to stay in a Disney hotel but again there are 3 races in total at the moment.

Beast mode is in full effect, I did weights yesterday and tonight was 45min on the indoor track. I already put a post it note up where I'll see it the moment I walk in the door tomorrow to remind me to do strength workout 2.

Thursday is a full day in Edmonton with includes 6 hrs of driving, I've called the back seat as 3 of us are heading up for the day. I'm thinking yoga when I get home.

I'm changing all my computer passwords to a form of beast mode as well to keep me even more focused :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beast mode and Stampede

I can't believe so much time has passed since I last blogged.

Does anyone else feel like time is speeding up?

Well last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I headed down to the Stampede grounds. I'm not so interested in the midway rides anymore nor trying to win a stuffed animal. Instead I took in some free events inside the park.

 For the first time ever I took in the World Championship Stock Dog competition, no sheep where injured. This dog got a mouth full of wool, the sheep were confronting the dog which I'm told is highly unusual. The single focusedness of the dogs were amazing. There was one where a sheep actually rammed him but he just rolled over and ignored him.
 Of course there are horses everywhere. This one was funny, he was standoffish until I pulled out my phone then he posed for the camera.
 I love these guys, they are the Calgary Stampede Outriders, made up of previous members of the Calgary Stampede Showband and other local musicians. I particularly enjoyed when the played the Star Wars theme and had mock battle with flutes.
 The front gate of the Stampede grounds.
 Picked up some Stampede bling as the downtown core does dress western during Stampede.
 Moving the sheep around prior to the next day of Stock Dog competition

 Went to see a few other demonstration like one on light horses like this Stallion
 The Stock Dog and ducks demo was awesome, this dog was amazing including weaving in and out of people to keep those ducks in the show area.
 The incredibly beautiful and strong Clydesdale
 Walked through the barns while these horses were having a shower.

 Came across an adorable mini donkey
Witnessed Extreme Cowboy Racing and Cowboy Up

The final night of Stock Dog competition and one dog finally got the 3 sheep into the pen, he didn't win thought. 

On Thursday I got to help give a few training sessions at a site up north, that brought back memories but it was a ridiculously long day. Left my house at 4am and didn't get home till 10pm. Of course on Friday I started fading by 3pm. 

Went to weigh in today and was actually down a pound. We actually had a bit of mix up with meeting topics and wound up doing last week today where we talked all about bouncing back. 

I am heading back to the grounds after I finish writing as my co-worker won Grandstand tickets but can't go so gave them to me. One last night of Stampeding then it's bring on Beast Mode. 

No more distractions. 


Friday, July 04, 2014

Stampede begins

I added two figurines to my Pop figurine collection that represents upcoming races. The new additions are the Black Widow from Avengers and Darth Vader. The only one missing is Wine & Dine Half but that's ok. They sit on a bookcase that is directly opposite my desk at work so I can look at them all day.

Today is Stampede Parade Friday, in fact the parade just ended and now I'm tuned into the Germany - France World Cup game - Go Germany!

My office is closed due to parade day as about 250,000 people come downtown and line the parade route so getting to work is a huge pain. Lots of downtown workers have today off actually.

I'm still in my PJs. My Parade day tradition is to watch the parade on tv and make myself pancakes. Today it was buttermilk pancakes and turkey bacon.

I had thought about weighing in today but now that pancakes have been consumed that won't happen. I'll stick with tomorrow.

Now later this afternoon I'm off to the Stampede grounds to meet up with friends for the Super Dog show. I love this show and of course I love dogs. I suspect mini donuts will be in my future as dinner and that is my go to Stampede treat. While they are available outside of Stampede it's not the same and I only have them during Stampede.

I hit the gym on Monday & Wednesday, in fact on Tuesday I took measurements and came up with a plan for July. Yesterday was to be strength and yoga but I wound up working till 7pm and then helped a neighbour out and I was wiped. Still averaging over 10K steps per day though.

Today will be walking all over the place thanks to walks to train stations and walking around the grounds. I'm thinking about heading out for a run/walk tomorrow before weigh in but my only concern is I still like to avoid eating that much before weigh in but if I keep the run to 30 min that should be ok. I do miss when I weighed in first thing in the morning but now that it's 12:30pm it's a bit more complicated.

Again it is Stampede week so if I see a gain this week it is what it is and not the end of the world. It's all in moderation.

I leave you today with the genius advertising campaign of the yellow pages, this sign is at one of the C-Train stations I pass on my way to work.

Happy Friday!