Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 2 of a long weekend

Hello fellow bloggers,
I was down .4 on Saturday without really trying, imagine what I could have accomplished had I actually but effort in last week.

I went out to dinner with P to our old haunt Earl's. Not so fabulous service I must say and I did have the coconut cream pie for dessert as I absolutely loved it when they tested it at another Earl's. However this time out, a bit disappointing as it wasn't the same.

Saw Sex in The City and I hate to say this but I didn't think it was so great. I liked it and I'm not regretting paying for it but I thought it could have been better. Love the characters but there seemed to be a whole lot of throwaway story lines.

Today I have yet to change out of my P.Js and I don't think there's a point now. Got home just before 1am last night as it was a late movie. Slept in obviously today. Got some stuff down around the house. Waited too long to mow the lawn and it was too stinking hot outside.

My plan is to mow tomorrow at 9am when it's not so hot and I must pick up a book from the library. I'm working on Canada Day as my office is open and buses are running Sunday schedule so I'll have to look into that.

Lunch next week will be WW recipe for turkey meatloaf in muffin tins with veggies and the Europe's best frozen mini potatoes I have in my freezer. That will a fairly low point lunch.

Not a heck of a lot more to report.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a fabulous Monday.


Friday, June 27, 2008

No news yet

Alas Friday has come and gone with no news from giant oil company. No news is good news right? I suspect they had an every other Friday off today and will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for Canada Day. So I'm thinking the earliest I'll hear anything is Wednesday.

I'm off Monday but working Canada Day, I'm o.k with that long weekend for me.

My first attempt at making a Canadian Flag out of strawberries on a cake was succesful. I'm quite proud of myself as I'm typically useless at free handing maple leafs. Picture was taken with my brand new Canon Powershot SD750.

It was the last day of one of co-workers today and her request was that we all sit down for breakfast this morning. I have yet to be hungry after eating a western omelette sandwich. There was a trip to Tim's for an ice cap and then later we had the Canada cake. So it will be cereal for supper my friends.

Weigh in tomorrow morning and then a fun evening with a friend and finally the opportunity to go see Sex in the City.

Monday is the last day of my class and the day to submit our group assignment. One group member has gone M.I.A and I never got his references to add to our bibliography. Tonight the group meets online and if he isn't there we've got some decisions to make.

Have a great evening everybody!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And another step

Giant company had Backcheck call my references yesterday, they called all three. I know they spoke to two yesterday and the 3rd called them back today. She didn't need to answer any questions as Backcheck informed her all was completed.

So now I wait again...either they're deciding on who to bring back for 2nd interviews or potentially straight to offer. Only time will tell.

On the weightloss front my tracking has been non-existent, but the scale shows I'm down. I am making healthy choices but I do need to get my butt in gear to track.

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back when there's news.


Monday, June 23, 2008

One more step

Big company phoned for my reference info today....
They wouldn't want to know that unless they liked me - right?

All weekend I kept daydreaming of me entering their building with my yoga mat (Bootcamp starts Aug. 4). I'm wearing their security pass and I can envision my new business card.

Now I just hope my references say nice things about me.

I must calm down, my heart was beating like crazy when I saw their number come up on call display.

Went to weigh in on Saturday to discover my ritual stop at Tim Horton's was thwarted by the fact that they are in closed down. They were stripped clean with garbage bags over the drive thru menu. I can't believe it. They are always busy.

So now I must get in the habit of leaving a wee earlier and hitting Starbucks. Not fun sitting through a meeting without my coffee.

Scale showed a 1.2 gain, not bad having not weighed in for 2 weeks. I know what needs to be done. Maybe it's a good thing that when I'm nervous I don't snack.

I'll keep you all posted.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Interview done

So I got there amazingly early as I was concerned about the nightmare road going in to downtown. One lane is closed on the bridge for renovation, so every morning takes a long time to get to the core.

I got downtown in 10 minutes. So I sat in giant company's atrium and waited until the appropriate time to head over to reception.

How did it go? I'm not sure. They didn't ask me one behavioural interview question because they know that as a recruiter I'd give them the textbook response. Instead they say tell us about yourself...huh? They seemed to like me, communication flowed well. I don't think it went badly. I know they're seeing other people and said they'd back to me next week for either next steps or parting of ways.

So we'll see, it's officially out of my hands...that's a bit irritating isn't it.

As I always say, what will be will be.

So now it's back to regular job, finish off my last course and keep trucking.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Didn't have to wait long

Big company called at 4pm to book me for an interview on Friday....
I didn't have to wait long after all.
Send me positive vibes on Friday at 8am MST.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Someone actually called

No not the boy from the paper - no word on that to report.
After sending out about 10 resumes I got a call today and it was from a really really really good company. I had a bit of a phone interview made the guy laugh, signed off saying that they'll get back to me on next steps in a few days....

Aagghhhh, as a recruiter I know that if they thought I was a dork they would have said "We'll keep your resume on file for future opportunities". If they don't call me back with serious next steps then this company will be in my poo poo book.

I want flex days and flexible benefits and stock options....dang it.

I was a bit surprised to hear from these guys (big big company) because I think I'm a wee wee wee little fish. Of course I need to shake that. I'm a super star and if you don't want me to work for you then it's your loss.

So now I wait...I hate waiting.


Friday, June 13, 2008

A week full of Fridays

That's what it felt like anyway. Everday waking up to a feeling of wanting to stay in one's comfy bed and drink hot chocolate and watch chick flicks.

Crazy weather yesterday afternoon -all of a sudden heavy rain turned into hail turned into soft rain turned into sun turned into sleet and then went away. By the time I got home my hood was dry but a headache prevented me from mowing jungle lawn.

I've been sore for the last few days and I couldn't figure out why. I thought it might be the weather but then I realized I'm achy from yoga on Tuesday. All the muscles that are sore are the ones that are used for plank pose...oy vey.

Today the local paper printed a list of the top 10 bachelors in my fair city and my co-workers decided that I am perfect for one of them. They begged me to send an email, I turned to them and said "You do it". Off they ran to the nearest computer and now God knows what has been sent to this guy. Oh well, it's an adventure right?

I'm looking forward to planning some meals this weekend, I've got a couple in mind that should provide fun lunches. I'm also looking forward to sun so I can get outside and try this running thing again.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OMG it stopped raining

For 3 minutes, it's rained every single day so far (for June) except June 5th.
My lawn has never been so green.

Had a great yoga class the other night and got info on the summer and fall session. I'm so signing up. I think the yoga will be a great help when boot camp starts too.

I've been half heartedly researching gyms. My spa lady membership ends in September and I've been maybe 10 times. I'm not crazy about getting off the bus on the way home and then back on the bus. I definitely prefer something downtown near work but of course those gyms are much pricier. Of course I could go without a gym all together and just focus on home exercise. Which is probably what I'll do while I boot camp. Who knows maybe I'll sign up for more bootcamps...stranger things have happened.

Food has been interesting thanks to feeling blechy due to cramps. It's like I feel sorry for myself which of course is incredibly stupid. So now I've started a behaviour of bad eating...oy vey.

I have a new doctor...whewf! I can't get in for a physical until Jan. 20th. Now to get to goal so my first weigh in with this dude will be fantastic. So bad eating needs to be kicked to the curb.

I need to sign up for the next set of classes for my certificate and nothing I need is completely online. I'm heading back to the classroom...oh joy. Their all evening classes and some are stupid long 6pm to 11pm. After working all day I'd be asleep at my desk by 8. One that I need is 6-8:30 on Thursdays. I can do that.

So here's my schedule in September
Mon - Boot camp
Tue- Yoga
Wed - Boot camp
Thu- Class
Fri - Boot camp
Weekend - Out cold.

I'm actually looking forward to it.

This weekend is all about planning, I need to go through my clothes, clean out my pantry and finally establish a food plan and planned exercise.

Goal by December!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Down 1.4

Boy was I surprised, I had actually made a deal with myself that if I had stayed the same or lower I'd go to weigh in. If I was higher I was going to skip it....ya ya I know stupid reasoning. Well I wound up the same so I put on the rain gear and went to my meeting. I was shocked to see that loss, I was completely expecting a stay the same. I have no idea what I did but I'm going to try to repeat it.

My weekend was pretty much dedicated to studying for my compensation test. I'll write it when I get home tonight. Of course now I feel like I've forgotton everything.

I had one break on Saturday a part from my WW meeting. I went to the Underwear Affair run that raises money for cancer's below the waist. My friend H and her friend C were running, these girls are brave. It was pouring the whole time. I hung out with H's Mom and we waited for the girls to come back. Of course it stopped raining after they finished...murphy's law.

I really want to take part next year. I'm planning to run a 10K in September - Terry Fox Run so we'll see how that goes. Of course I have a year to train.

Tonight I have to write the test and meet up with my group for a different class project so no workouts tonight. Yoga tomorrow and I seriously need to head back to the gym.

I want to see another loss on Saturday....52.6lbs to go.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Rain, rain go away

The rain has finally started after looking like it was for most of the day. We're now going to have rain for 5 days...whoo hoo.

I had a rough day yesterday as snackapalooza reared it's ugly head, I did have a fantastic dinner of Money's mushroom burger on Superstore's super thin hamburger bun with tzatziki. It was yummy. I tried the Kashi granola bar in chocolate cherry. They have an interesting consistency, kind of fall apart as your eating it.

Today I didn't bring lunch and had thought of going to Subway. The thing is I can't stand subway, I'm bored with subway and couldn't do it. So what do I do....New York Fries....stupid.

Oh well I am looking forward to snackapalooza being over and this is my first week into 6 months. I will not be derailed or defeated. I just need to plan better.

After this weekend I'll have a bit more control over my schedule and I'm really looking forward to that.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day 2

On the way home yesterday I stopped by Safeway and picked up some cherries and a lemon/garlic salad dressing made by Rene's....and Breyer's all natural vanilla ice cream (it was on sale).

I made an asperagus omelette with one egg and egg whites, tomatoe on the side with some salt/pepper and balsamic plus a bit of salsa. I grabbed the smallest bowl I own (pampered chef prepp bowl) and had a mini's my weakness.

Strangely the scale showed a drop of 1.5lbs this morning. My co-worker said it's water and she's probably right but I do find it funny that I drank 2.5l of water and had a sundae.

I watched X-Weighted last night and the girl was from Calgary. At one point they showed her in a boot camp and I think it's the one I'm starting in August. Whoa..this will be intense.

Had All Bran Strawberry cereal this morning as I needed a break from All Bran sticks.
For lunch I made an awesome salad - lettuce, peppers, green onions, grape tomatoes, olives, tex mex cheese and ham. I've got strawberries and cherries with me as well.
The plan for dinner is a Money's veggie burger. A whole lot of veggies and fruit today.

Alright I'm off to my former doctor to pick up my file and I get to pay $25 for it. Whoo hoo.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

First step

So after my food filled birthday I made a promise to myself to be very very good for the next 3 days. Adding to the challenge is pms and the desire to snack during foodapalooza. I have not indulged and I have 5pts for supper. So everytime I even think of straying, I chant 5pts in my head.

Yoga was faster yesterday, we did sun salutation numerous times. I actually worked up a sweat this time. The extra challenge was there were ants in the hall, most had been swept out but there were a few strays that met the end of my yoga block.

After weeks of rain with a few days of sun in between, it actually looks nice today. So I think I'll head outside tonight for a walk/run workout.

I may swing by Safeway on the way home as I was totally inspired by a co-workers salad today. I've had stir fry for two days this week so maybe I should switch it up for tomorrow.

That's all for today my friends, have a groovy day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes it's my 36th birthday today, I'm cool with that because most people guess that I'm in my 20's. Amen for genetics people. It's funny actually my supervisor is turning 40 and you would think there was a huge age difference between us.

Big plans for yoga class- it's the the 5th out of 6 weeks and I didn't want to miss it.

Of course on an occasion such as this I think back on what I've done with my life so far...
The Good:

Actually used my degree for something this year.
On track to getting my CHRP designation.
Have fantastic friends and family.

The Not So Good:
So so job.
Still no where near goal weight.

Well I'm working on the job thing and have a plan for the weight loss thing.

I'm following the theory behind X-Weighted . I've set myself a 6 month goal to lose 54lbs which will put me at 130lbs. I'm seriously heading into the unknown, anything less than 168 doesn't register in my head. Took all my measurements on June 1 and shall do that monthly.

I'm going to join Survivor Boot Camp in August and run a 10K in September. (Officially signed up for boot camp...oy vey)

So now I must train for the multiple hills, stairs, push up and sit ups of boot camp and the run.
Had a little scare this weekend as I though the knee issues were back, thankfully I was mistaken so I'm good to go.
Tonight 1.5 hrs of yoga, tomorrow cardio - I'm going to plan 2 days at a time for exercise as I've found that if I plan too far ahead all is lost.

I'm also going to bring the focus of this blog back to weight loss, life will always be a part of it as that will never go away.

I was up 2lbs at weigh in, admitting to tracking nothing since last Tuesday. I adored my weigh in lady as she said...It happens and the good thing is your hear today, it's not permanent and you'll have it off soon. I wanted to hug her.

It was also a wake up call for me as I need that accountability and focus.

Alas, the journey begins again....step one....