Monday, July 31, 2006

I need me a posse

O.K so Friday the workout gods left me but I stuck to the food plan really well. Saturday was a rest day and I was up 0.6 at WI which I'm totally o.k with. I think my body is freaked out about the yoga and pilates, it's trying to figure out what I'm up to. I really enjoyed the meeting because the discussion was why do we like meetings and what are some of the things you've learned. It reminded me again how it doesn't matter where you are in this journey, the battle is the same. I thought about my fellow bloggers on this journey and how much support there was on here as well. We should really have a convention of some sort :)

I watched all the yoga workouts yesterday so I don't do an impression of a contortionist when I do it on Tuesday.

All weekend I desperately wanted to bake but resisted. Then I remembered I had No pudge brownie mix but no fat free vanilla yogurt so that didn't happen.

I also searched in vain through all my cookbooks for a point friendly ground beef casserole recipe. I found recipes but was always missing an ingredient. That idea is on hold for next weekend.

Sunday I did my 8km walk according to my training plan and I kicked ass. I had one of my fastest times ever which was not the plan. I so walk to the music in my mp3 player. For race time I need put together a killer mix. At any rate I decided that I really should encorporate a heart rate monitor especially when I walk on my own so that I don't over train.

Fell victim to a home made sundae yesterday after dinner and then felt over full as payback. I think I'll skip the low fat ice cream for a while and stick to portion controlled ice cream sandwiches if I need a fix. I can stop at one.

This week will be tough craving wise thanks to the week before TOM thing. So I've stocked my house with low point options and have conducted self mind control so that if I crave something sweet my option will be fruit. Water is my top priority. I've lost during this week before and that was thanks to loads of water, I want to hit 170 so bad.

Last week on one of my training nights I ran into some of the people from the half marathon clinic I did that ended in May. Many people commented on my having lost weight and I just got an email from one them who mentioned again that I looked awesome. I'm seriously thinking of hiring these people to follow me around and tell me I'm own posse perhaps?

I'm supposed to go to Death By Chocolate tomorrow but that might not happen which would probably be a good thing. Even if it is "on" apparently the event is booked, there is first come first serve in the pub area that offers it so we'll see. Today and tomorrow will still be planned around it point wise just in case.


Friday, July 28, 2006

So so so so so so Happy it's Friday!!!!!

I've deliriously happy that it's Friday for no particular reason. I'm just sick of this week. Ya know?

Woke up to a freaky lightning and thunder show, no rain...just lightnening and thunder. Bright enough to light up my room. So I just lay in bed saying a mantra of "Please don't hit my house". Then it started to rain. My original plan was to bring my walking gear to work and walk home (about 10k) but those storms are coming back and I really don't want to be stuck on a pathway that's at the base of a cliff and one has to climb that cliff in a mega thunderstorm. So I'll wait until I get home and then if the weather holds go for a walk and if not then a DVD workout. I did yoga again last night and stuck to the Exalted Warrior workout, I tried to do another one but I got lost in the warm up. I never watch a workout dvd before I launch myself into the workout. This weekend I'll be watching those yoga workouts for sure.

The scale is playing mind games with me. Thursday morning good progress, this morning "What the?". I know not to be ruled by a number but it still irritates me. My snack-apalooza has probably caught up with me. What's really scary is next week should be the desire to snack craziness due to TOM. I will have to tread carefully me thinks.

I had today completely planned out and started tracking on Fitday. I'm still tracking points and my journal is permanently attached to me but it's sort of neat to see all that broken down in to calories. Shape has a neat free tracker too, but you can't save it only print it. I like the add food system better on the shape site then Fitday but I'd rather it saves the info.

I got off course at lunch with some fries, but I'm still on track point wise even with the dinner I have planned out. I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. I do this all the time - suddenly develop excellent behaviours the day before weigh in. What can I say I'm hoping for a metabolism shake up.

Thank you so much for all the snack suggestions. I think I need to come up with a modified trail mix of some sort. I have fruit cups in my desk at work but I think trail mix would travel better.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Now to figure out the after workout snack

Since my salad from Taco Time was such a disaster I went home and snacked like crazy, over all the damage wasn't bad I only really had fairly healthy things to choose from, but I know I need to focus on a good after workout snack.

I should be conscious of the pre workout snack as well. So pre workout carbs and post workout protein. Ideally I'd like something protein ish that can live in my back pack for the day and doesn't require being kept cool or a large cumbersome container. Turkey bites is an option but they don't taste the same warm. I'm thinking of baking a savoury biscuit of some sort with maybe ham and a wee bit of cheese. So not big but just something to consume afterwards that prevents me from seeking out food like a maniac.

Next week I'm trying an experiment with breakfast I'm going to go back to the homemade egg mcmuffin. Lately it's been one piece of toast and Nutella, today it was too pieces of toast, light marg and a bit of grape jelly. Both accompanied with a glass of milk and a cup of coffee. I have breakfast at 5:45am ish so at 8:00am I have a yogurt by 10:00am my stomach is grumbling.

It's kind of a science isn't it.

One of my colleagues is in a wicked funk today and it's affecting everyone else. I totally understand why he's in a funk but I don't think he realizes how it effects everyone else. I owe him dinner so I suggested that today we pick a night. He said no idea so I said any Tues or Thurs how about Death by Chocolate tonight? ...Very brave move on my part since I'm doing the Death by Chocolate thing on Tuesday with other friends. I do have a sneaky suspicion that tonight won't work simply because I don't think he's in the mood to be sociable...I offered it because he loves chocolate and just maybe it would make him smile.

On the tv show front watched So You Think You Can Dance last night and I don't know who should go home. They weren't all fantastic but I don't think anyone was disappointing enough to go home...o.k maybe Ryan. I found that Natalie out did him but she does that with every partner. It was great to see Benji and Heidi dancing together. I'll have to tape the result show because it's just a wee bit too late for moi. Haven't really gotten into Rockstar probably because I'm not that crazy about Tommy Lee. Big Brother was better because their was some drama with Jase but I'm still not totally crazy about it.

My walking friend will be consumed by Folk Fest so I'm on my own for Friday and Sunday which doesn't phase me but I'm thinking about getting a heart rate monitor so I can have a better indication of what I'm doing especially when I'm training by myself. When we walk together we naturally go faster.

Well I'm totally all over the place today topic wise :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Abs hurt

Did 7.17 KM tonight fastest pace time 5:35min/km, average pace 10:55min/K.
So we're about a minute slower than 4 months ago...not too shabby. It was quite hot in the full sun. Luckily pathway has shaddy bits :)

Stupid move of the a bean and salsa salad from Taco Time, forgot that there was salsa on it and added more...was way too hot to eat...duh!

I did the 20min Winsor Pilates workout followed by a Namaste Yoga workout and today I feel it.
It's been awhile since I've done pilates and I was impressed that my flexibility improved on some moves but it was hard so I know I was rusty. The Yoga was better I had done that workout before but still had to awkwardly get a look at the tv to see if I was doing the move right.

Tonight it's walking with my training buddy, probably about 6km or so. I remembered my Garmin today so I'll be able to track distance, pace and calories.

Apart from that not too much to report today. Staff meeting went better than I expected so that was good.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The mysteries of change

So last night right when I got home I did step aerobics, had to drag myself through it but I did it and then I had a very healthy dinner that only put me over by 2pts...not too shabby I must say for myself :)

Today is going better, I armed my desk with the Cadbury thins so if I need a treat that's my option not going and buying a 7pt ice cream thingy. I'm not the type to eat more than one of the cadbury thins so having a few in my desk is not a problem. Plus I have a few different types so it doesn't get boring.

Tonight I need to swing by my local mall and get some protein options, I have an abundance of fruit and veggies but almost nothing for protein. I'm also going to see if I can find some tops to go with my skirts. There's a store that's like mini Winners which I think I can tolerate a little better. I'm avoiding hemming pants so I need tops to go with all the skirts I used to avoid wearing. Now I'm embracing them...go figure.

On tap for tonight is Yoga and Pilates. I think I'll start with Pilates and then do the yoga.

I'll also walk home from the mall which is roughly 3km so not terribly far but every little bit counts :)

In terms of my title that's more work related. I always find it interesting how people approach change. There are those who embrace and live for it and those who avoid it like the plague. I think I'm in the middle, I'm not afraid of it as long as I know how it effects me. My co- worker is deathly afraid of it and driving me crazy because she keeps using me as her back up. For example "Well CW and I think that....". No way Sista you're on your own. I feel like I need to follow up with the people she's saying these things to in order to state that she's not speaking for me. Tomorrow's staff meeting will be interesting, there's a whole whack of changes in the works and it should be boisterous. Last week turned into a talking over each other match with nothing being sorted. I hope tomorrow is more productive :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Found pants!

Yesterday I headed to the mall once again and this time I took my measurements before I went and reconfirmed that I am fabulous. Went to the Bay again and found a black and grey pair that fit well, not perfectly but they're not going to fit me for long because I'll be smaller :)

They were on sale and then I got a further reduction at the till. $37 for two pairs of dress pants that are normally $50 each. Whoo hoo! Still no luck on the tops to go with skirts front, I think I need to wait for the new season to officially get in.

Discovered an interesting trend in my snack attack both Saturday and Sunday I had boughts of post 7pm snacking and I know why.
During the work week, I have scheduled snack breaks and lunch breaks. This weekend I had breakfast a little later than usual and then didn't have lunch till I was pretty much starving at 2pm which then totally threw my metabolism and dinner off. I still had supper but would go for something light. I had long periods of time between meals do to staying up later than usual that resulted in mindless snacking instead of planned snacking. I plan my work days in my tracker to the last point practically. I don't do that on the weekends. I think I'll start. It's not a massive deal because I typically have a free day within reason on Saturday and have never had it effect a weigh in badly. I just don't like it when I feel like the snacking is over taking me.

Well marathon training starts today! So weather permitting I'll head out for a walk when I get home if there's a storm than it will be step aerobics.

Here's my workout plan for the week:
Monday:walk 5-6km or cardio (40min or more)
Tuesday:yoga, pilates, strength
Wednesday:walk 6-8km or cardio (if weather sucks)
Thursday: yoga, pilates, strength
Friday:Walk 6-8km or cardio
Sunday:Long walk 8-10km

As the weeks progress the walking distances will change but not the days. I think I'll start posting what I did each day, add a level of accountability.

Just fell victim to a massive ice cream sandwich, well wasn't really forced...this is what happened.
Me speaking to co-worker- I feel like ice cream
Her - Let's go
Me- I don't really need one...but I am working out tonight
Her-I read that you shouldn't try to justify and just do it or not
Me-No I'm thinking of points can I encorporate into my plan
Her- So can you?
Me- Yeah...let's go

Of course now I feel guilty and I'm not impressed with how I talked myself into that. Yes I could fit into my points for the day. I just need to adjust dinner. I just really wished I could have stuck to my plan without being distracted by ice cream.

I will not be derailed again today. I will drink my water, I will work out, I will have a healthy filling dinner.
See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Down 1.4 and can't find dress pants

Big surprise at WI with that down 1.4, I was completely mentally prepared for a stayed the same. So I'm 2.2 away from 35lbs down. Which would be next sticker at meetings...I want that sticker!!!

Frustrating day spent trying on what seemed to be thousands of dress pants that were all wrong. Thought I found a style that worked...none in my size. Funny thing is lots in sizes bigger than I need, that never happened when I was those sizes then only size 2 would be available. Found other style that could work, it had cuffs on the legs which don't work for my short self but were long enough that I could cut those out and re hem. But alas this style had butt flaps also knowns as back pocket flaps, completely wrong on anyone pretty much. After my 10th store I started to see everything I didn't like looking back at me in that mirror so I called it quits and went home. I'm considering going back for a second round tomorrow.

The stores were all ugly with that picked over summer/spring stuff and a wee bit of fall stuff in. I even went to Winners, I hate Winners. I hate scavenger hunt shopping, my years in retail have made me impatient. I know what I want so just let me buy it. Are pants with a flat front and straight legs and not low low rise too much to ask? I was also on the hunt for tops to go with all the skirts I own that I rarely wear. Most of the skirts are slightly too big but I can get away with it. Could I find any of the colours I needed...of course not. By the time I got to the last store which had a bit of promise I no longer felt like trying things on.

You know that feeling you get when you're trying to grow out your hair and your in that shaggy phase? I feel shaggy, between sizes and half way to where I want to be. It's taken me forever to get to where I am and I am not going to let it take forever for me to get to goal...that's a promise.

The dress pant adventure continues...perhaps an update tomorrow :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Just not feelin it today

Ya know when you have tons to do and you just don't want to...that's my day today. It could be that it's supposed to be over 30 degrees here today or that the majority of the companies in the downtown core have flex days today (of course not mine). Of course it is Friday and I'm ready for the weekend. Tomorrow will be the first time in 5 weeks that I can actually stay for my meeting. I'm so happy about that, it's just not the same running in, stepping on a scale and then running out again. Not sure what the scale will say, eating has been alright, activity has been alright, not stellar on either front. I'm not worried about it because Saturday is the start of a new week.

I've decided that the chart thing I've got going on is alright but what I really need is a workout schedule. I have a training schedule sort of worked out for the Honolulu marathon. Training officially starts on Monday so I need to get in gear. The friend I'm training with works nights occasionally and is volunteering for the Folk Fest so I'll have to do a fair bit on my own. I'll keep my sticker reward program but give myself a sticker everyday I complete the prescheduled workout. I have to suck it up dealing with the weather too. When it's going to be too hot, I have to get up earlier and take advantage of the cooler weather.

The half marathon I did in Vancouver was by the skin of my teeth, I had a good time but I was seriously dehydrated afterwards and my training was wishy washy. I'm looking at a goal time of 6.5 hours in Honolulu, that's a looonnnnggg time to be walking. I need to focus not just on walking but strength and flexibility training this time. I did nada for Vancouver. my weekend will be getting a schedule together and loading some fast paced tunes on to my MP3 player to get myself going.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A bit of an NSV

I discovered yesterday that I now fit into a smaller pair of pantyhose...that doesn't have me hiking up the legs because I'm 5'4. It's funny really, I have to give a presentation today so I'm decked out in a suit and heels...I never wear heels so I'm treading carefully and it makes me walk slower. My colleagues are giving me wolf whistles, which makes me I dress like a schlepp normally?

One said that I looked totally different, exuding confidence. Not that I'm meek any other time but today I'm channeling Agent Scully.
This colleague is a more mature woman who wears suits every day. I told her that I would love to wear more suits but the frustration with losing weight it they eventually won't fit (I'm on a role now so they definitely won't fit in 3 mths time) So I'd rather wait until I hit goal weight to amass a wardrobe of suits, now I just try to get by with some basics for occasions that require them.

Saw the last minute of Canada's Next Top Model last night (the rest is taped). I'm a bit disappointed that Andrea won. I haven't watched a complete episode in awhile but she always seems a bit off and her weight scares me. Did we ever discover if she was eating properly? I know that was a discussion a few weeks ago.

So You Think You Can Dance rocked last night, it was so nice to see the dancers with new partners and on their own. Can't wait for tonight, I'm thinking Martha and Ryan might get the boot because neither of them had any get up and go. I think Ivan might squeek through but the skate shoes were cheesy. Dmitry looked good with his shirt buttoned up, it's not that he doesn't have an amazing chest but I am getting a little tired of seeing it. After last night I think Travis might be in the running to win. Right now I think the top contenders are Benji, Heidi, Allison and Travis. The jazz dance and the contemporary routines perplexed me. I just don't get it, it's beautiful to watch but always seems all over the place to me.

Scale looked good today so I must not let nervousness about the presentation get to me and result in snack attacks.

Have a great day everybody!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Apparently I'm fabulous

So yesterday I changed into my walking gear a little early so I could apply sunscreen before heading out. Two of co-workers commented on how I looked skinnier (got to love the stitching on technical shirts). Then later my friend and I headed over to Running Room to park our bags and we ran into a friend from our half marathon training group. She immediately commented on my losing more weight since she saw me last.

It's so weird how that happens, it doesn't seem like the scale is moving but your body shows changes. Today again I got the you look skinnier comment because I was wearing a new skirt that fits instead of all the stuff that's slightly too big and therefore baggy.

I'm taking this momentum and running with it. I've now come up with rewards for weight loss goals which I've never tried before. This is what I've come up with so far and is subject to change depending on what I covet more.

160- a pair of birkenstocks (the cute kind with 3 bands and bling buckles)
150- Ipod Nano
140-Professional colour and highlights

140 would be my WW target but I think BMI wise my personal goal will be about 10-15 pds lower than that...we'll see when we get there of course. 30lbs already seems far away.

Tonight I'm having dinner with a friend I haven't seen for a while. I have what I want to order already planned out. Today at lunch my two colleagues had to buy, I went with them but was very good and stuck to the sandwich I had brought with me....yeah me!

Apart from that not too much to report today.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Miracle of miracles

I was down 1lb at WI and I was wearing my regular WI clothes so technically down 2 from last week.
This week has already started off well with 45min of step aerobics on Saturday, an attempt at Billy's Boot Camp Tae Bo then gave up on that and did regular strength training on Sunday. I hadn't done Tae Bo in awhile so I think I need to go back to my Flex and Cardio DVDs and work up to boot camp.

Tonight is an 8km walk (hopefully but it's supposed to be super hot). I already talked to my walking buddy that tonight will be about distance not speed.
I've been on plan for the past two days as well. Only water hasn't been great and it never is when I'm at home. I think it's because I don't have a water cooler at home and brita is just not the same.

I'm also in charge of putting my friend and my marathon training plan into works. We're training on our own since Running Room was a bit of a disappointment. My German order is seriously kicked in, I've already printed off maps of the Calgary Marathon so we have a route for a test marathon towards the end of the training. I've got info on nutrition and anything else you can think of. Oh yeah in case you missed the tracker above the marathon is in Honolulu. I better be at goal after training for that. This is hard core so we don't hurt ourselves.

Apart from that not much to report except I fixed my furnace with the help of my Dad. I can now add changing a thermocouple to my list of rare skills :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just plain lazy

I haven't even updated my stats from last week. Now I might as well wait until tomorrow's WI. So my summer derailment continues. OP continues to be a struggle, not horribly bad which I take as a victory. Water is also a struggle, with WI tomorrow I need to get in gear.
I had to get a coffee, I'm yawning like crazy. Enough about me, let's get on to reality t.v.

I'm so excited about next weeks So you think you can's going to be 2hrs long and now the vote is for individual dancers. They dance two routines with a new partner and then a solo routine. Should show us all their talents in a new light.

Canada's Next Top Model is coming to a close and I find myself supporting Sisi, I despised her at the beginning but now like how she's a bit quirky. I can't stand Andrea, I'm not sure why. Alanna just doesn't strike me as a top I would know of course.

Big Brother 7
Caught it for the 1st time yesterday and I don't know. It's the all star edition so I'm a bit tired of these people. We'll see about that one.

Treasure Hunters
Haven't watched that in a few weeks, but a commercial said that they could vote members off of their own team....interesting.

#1 Single (Life Network?)
I feel for Lisa Loeb but I like this one so far, it's not a game just one person's adventure in being single.

The Hills (MTV)
Will someone just kick Heidi in the patootey. This girl has no work ethic whatsoever and is so incredibly annoying. It will get interesting now that Lauren is back with Jason.

Yes I am a TV Junkie, I call it my family :)

Wish me skinny vibes for the WI bright and early tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer derailment?

I've been reading alot about people having a hard time staying on plan, god knows I'm in the same boat.
It's funny you'd think Summer makes us all seek activity more by being outside and zipping about but instead I think your haunted by visions of alcohol on patios with nachos and don't forget all the ice cream goodies that are heavily promoted at this time. Winter is supposed to be difficult with the desire to hibernate and the lack of choice of fresh produce. I find summer difficult, often it's too hot to want to go out and work out or that pint is way too appealing. Sundaes always look too good. Oy vey I say.

So at WI I was up a pound, well really two but since I had to leave right after WI I wasn't wearing my weigh in uniform. I'm o.k with the gain since I knew a portion of it was water retention. I've been better but not perfect with being OP since then. Little bits of activity hear and there. Finally tried my Namaste Yoga dvd and I really like it. It's only half an hour each episode with warm up and then 12 min dynamic flow and then cool down/relaxation. I love the 12 min part because you do a move over and over again so by the last time you don't quite feel like a dork.

Tonight I was planning to walk with a friend but she forgot her gear and I planned to go home and embrace step aerobics.

I'm off to a Stampede breakfast this morning, there's an abundance of free pancakes in my fair city for the next week. I ate breakfast at home as usual this morning so I wouldn't be tempted by flapjacks, I might have one and consider it my morning snack. We'll see, hopefully there'll will be a giant line and I won't even want to line up. Tomorrow will be a Stampede lunch so probably and abundance of burgers, hot dogs and beans. My god, one could eat for free for the 10 days of Stampede and probably gain 20lbs by the end of it :)

The tracking of triggers is going well and the chart is on the fridge and bigger this time.

Now some shout outs

Jill - Hug for you anytime
Michelle- You just plain rock
Sonya- You're awesome

Giant hug to all the bloggers as we continue this journey to being better selves.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tough couple of days

I just don't get it, I can be doing really well plan wise and then boom especially with TOM it all goes out the window. Two days in a row have had not called for snacking. Yesterday was really bad, however I'm not going to let it get me down. I will keep going forward. I will most likely see a gain at WI due to TOM anyway but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up on the week.

I started a journal recording my thoughts food wise, it's filled with affirmations. The purpose is to see if I can find common triggers and then create a game plans. I'm dead serious about getting to goal this time around so I will find a way.

I'm thinking maybe I should rejoin a gym, the workout plans have been off kilter due to the heat and I suppose I could get up early and do it then...but an air conditioned gym sounds good :)
I'm not going to jump into anything, this time I really want to make sure I join a gym that has the classes I like, enough treadmills and good weight room with helpful staff. In the meantime workout dvds and the fan on high will work.

So after Saturday, the chart goes back on the fridge and a written commitment to give my new and improved plan a good test period.

I can do this!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day....The Aftermath

Alright not really an aftermath, I was very good in actuality and kept contained. I did go a little crazy point wise Friday night but that's in the past. The fact I kept it together over the weekend with 3 days of 24 hour access to a fridge was miraculous. Activity was minimal mostly due to the weather. I'm not a summer person. Spring, Fall and even Winter but not Summer between the heat and mosquitos not my favourite time of year.

I have been faced with killer snack attacks thanks to impending TOM. Last night I had to go brush my teeth to stop myself from seeking out a snack. After work today I have to go to Safeway to purchase ingredients for tomorrow's work pot luck...I must be strong!

Did get a bit of yard work done this weekend but mostly just relaxed and now I feel like I need a vacation. Oh well half day on Friday thanks to the Calgary Stampede Parade. The entire downtown core shuts down at 7am for all the vicious lawn chair people. Never cross a vicious lawn chair person, they don't care if you need to cross the street to get to work, they will sit there with their line of lawn chairs allowing no one to pass (Which did give the opportunity to memorize the extensive plus 15 system which takes you over and above the vicious lawn chair people). So I'm taking advantage of the 1/2 day option and sleeping in on Friday. I'm already planning to make my own stampede breakfast with the fantastic Coyote Pancake mix (7g of fibre in this baby).

Stampede week is just ridiculous, no work gets done most people party hard and have 3hr lunches. For 10 days a pretty cosmpolitan city turns into a "Gosh Darn Yee Haw Horse Town". Hay bales on the street and everyone (I mean everyone dressed western) Having a desk job and not being an out and about sales person, I typically hear about the wild parties and never expect any phone call to be returned. Companies compete for who can hold the best breakfast. Thankfully I'm very close to Premier Ralphs Calgary office, they throw a great breakfast (which I'm probably helping to pay for :))
I think I'm going to skip the exhibition itself, I'm a native Calgarian and have gone to this thing so many times and have a general rule of once every two years. I do get to attend a clients Stampede BBQ.
On the grounds I do recommend the Ag Exhibit were you can get up close to all the animals. The Round Up centre has all the people selling their wares so if it slices, dices and washes your car it will be sold there. The Midway is excellent for ride seekers with biker carny guys tossed in. The Coca Cola stage offers up some wicked bands for just the price of general admission so if you're there anyway it's technically free. Nashville North does the same for the country artists. Of course the mini donuts, corn dogs and etc shall lure you from the midway...also a good reason not to go.

Word to the wise if you come and enjoy...stay hydrated, the grounds and the city get super hot during Stampede and a few Bacardi Silvers (Drink of the devil is how I refer to them now) or any other libation can hit your system hard. So play safe.

So the next three days will be the calm before the storm of the Yee Haw and Y'all Come Back Now.

Alright I secretly enjoy Stampede and it's shananigans...don't tell anyone :)