Friday, October 27, 2006

Crazy busy week and TGIF

First of all I started my day with an Almond Roca bar, well actually two. Thanks to our receptionist...not the best move but I have to work a job fair today and tomorrow and I need the sugar.

I despise working job fairs because it's throngs of people I can't necessarily help. (IE. Do you recruite Engineers...ah no, Do you recruit IT...ah no. However our other division might be able to help you.) It's just so random and in a market like in my city the odds of someone with the skills set I need is not very likely to attend a job fair. Of course, I could be surprised and perhaps find a superstar so that's what I'm hoping for. I do hope it's busy so the time goes fast.

Of course because I was distracted by the job fair I forgot my runners this morning. I have all my other walking gear down to the gps but no runners. However I'm open to buying a new pair, I was planning on getting a new pair before Honolulu and I do have to break them in. The pair I have now is actually the older model to the first pair I ever bought (they were on sale). But when I compair Model 4 (the current pair) vs Model 5 (the first pair), Model 5 does feel like there's a bit more support. So why not go for Model 6 for the biggest race of my life.

Food wise, it's been a battle of the snack fest, it's amazing how much effect those hormones have over your rational thought process. I've been up two weeks in a row, not by much .4s and .6s but I really don't want to go if I'm up again. I know it will average out, but even saving an hour this Saturday would be helpful since the bulk of my afternoon will be at the job fair. The snacking hasn't been out of control and I've actually made good nutritional decisions it's just keeping within the points part that isn't so great.

I could pull it out of the flames with water, water and more water paired with keeping it together today. Of course the Almond Roca bars weren't exactly planned.

Oy vey 6 weeks less a day until the Marathon and I'd still want to focus on getting to goal.

My runners are in stock!


Living to Feel Good said...

WooHooo buy the runners.

I bought one of the books by Heidi Klums trainer, and it again isn't that inspiring. I have found I like the Jillian Michaels one better, and as I already said that one is just o-k.

Good luck with WI. :)

duenneschen said...


thanks for Garmin info! so many choices....

I'm sure youll do great at WI.

The Glitterati said...

Whoo new runners! I think suffering through an all day job fair must count for some AP. Any good recruits come out of it?

Sonya said...

New runners are so exciting!! Last summer (when I took up running), I bought the Asics Gel Kayanos - in pink.;-) They're awesome. They took me awhile to break in, though.

Six weeks to go, until you rock the planet!!!